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Slave Simone

Watch me during my horny love games, I will show you sex pictures and sex movies, in which I am carried from one orgasm to another! You get here an erotic guide to shaving the cock, I also show shamelessly, how I shave my poo hole spotless clean. Take a look, how I squirt my sperm and swim in a see of my own Love juice ... My sex life is always horny, I put my pleasure sex toys deep into the poo hole behind, bananas and carrots go the same way. Then, when my poo hole is wide stretched, even find whole bottles the way deep into my open butthole and I start twitching to orgasm ... As a climax, I train myself in the anal stretching and hand fisting, I had already started to put the whole hand in the poo!

Read also my erotic stories, how I drive women into pulsating multiple orgasms, until her huge clitoris erects and out of her vagina gushing tons of love juice ...

Huge Clitoris
Sexy Games Wonderful Cock
Sex Underwater Banana Insertion

Here you see my private erotic pictures and deep insights into the lustful, exhibitionistic world of my lovegames. If you have not yet reached the age of eighteen years, you have to press the button "leave". All others, I wish much fun while watching my horny pictures and Sexy Movies! For additional suggestions on kinky sex games, I am grateful, record them in my Guestbook! I want to try new sex games with me, you only live once ...

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Who sits down on this wet Giant Cock?

Hard and Sexy Cock

Use this hard swollen sexy cock as you want, I am a nasty bisexual bitch. Whether woman or a man - use this huge love missile, it is hard, to penetrate deeply and shameless into all existing pleasure holes.

My love girls with her Huge Clits

Mega Clit

Mega clits are my personal erotic hobby, I write about the erotic adventures with my beloved, how I bring her clitoris to erection, drive them into multiple orgasms, until her vagina pulsates and squirts female pussyjuice.

Beautiful sex practices and Love Games

Sexual practices

Watch me while my joyful love games, I show pictures of fellatio, give detailed instructions how to do Deep Throat. I tell a story, how I let a woman orgasm with cunnilingus by my tongue and a description of the anal sex - I deflower Anja, she has first time anal sex.

Story of the Slave Girl Simone

Slave girl Simone

Simone is a dedicated girl, her girlfriend Lisa seduces her to have a life as a slave girl. She will be received by the Lady Dana, and is already on the first evening shackled with her legs to the bed, Lisa works her clit with the tongue, until the juice squirts out of her hole.

Shaving the bikini area

Shaving Cock

A guide to the perfect cock shaving, how you depilate the bikini area pickle free, with close ups and film strips, which show, that the shaving succeed and makes fun. Also the trick, how to get the balls blank shaved, is shown.

Sex Under Water

Sexgames Underwater

During a pool party with three wonderful ladies, I am asked to do underwater sex, my cock is on the spot hard as steel. Nicole gets screwed underwater, I lick the Pussy of Tanya and Danielle gets wonderful anal sex in the water.

Erection of my hard cock

Erection of my Cock

I am in the fortunate position to bring my cock without touching of my hand to an huge erection and ejaculation. This series of pictures chronicles, how my cock is mutating in seconds to a hard pleasure rod and squirts by itself in a high arc.

Poosex with bottles

Bottle in Anus

Now I try to use very different intruders, with horny lust I try, to push a beer bottle completely into my butthole. A real ride on the beer bottle I've accomplished, Then I grabbed the wine bottle and stucked it deep inside me, until I was shaken by an intense anal orgasm, I just got ahead and am was crying again ...

Banana in the butthole

Sex with Banana

It is now time to enter a real banana into the stretched butthole, my poo pussy swallows it entirely! Every time I pull it out again, forms the skin of the poo hole real to the outside, then it looks like the wet labia of a virgin. Then I ate a banana with my mouth, it tasted good.

Movies of Love

Movies of my Love Games

I touch my penis gently with my own hand and rub until my sperm squirts in high arc over me, then I go on with finger and love plugs in my tight Butt. Watch me during my horny love games, I show you shameless all my ways to make myself happy!

Guide for Butt shaving

Poo shaving

To shave the poo hole is not difficult if you are placed on your buttocks, the legs up and look in the mirror while you shave. I horny yet up myself, then the poo looks quite tasty, Like a shaven pleasure pussy.

Gaping the butthole further

Guide for Gaping

A detailed instruction for preparing the delicious Gaping, I explain in detail how to clean the poo internally, to begin with Gaping. Then I show how to gradually stretch the anal lust opening, so it is ready for the reception of extreme objects, I might be even the whole hand.

Butthole with vibrator

Vibrator in the Butt

Shamelessly, I present you my open Butthole, I wil pleasure myself with the vibrator and my fingers. Inch by inch it penetrates until it stops and I start to quiver full of lust, yes, it happens, an orgasm shudder runs through my body, whimpering and crying I take it in reception!

Funny Anal Games

Lovely Anal Games

The Games are going on, it is for me very necessary, to put erverything into my wide open butthole. Why not a brush or an umbrella? If it fits, it has to go the way in my greedy hole. The highlight is a thick zucchini, which I push shamelessly into my Butt.


Enjoy my wonderful Games of Love

I want to make love with you, let's play the game!

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