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Sex under water - I give Nicole, Tanja and Daniela an endless twitching orgasm.

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Cock in Water

Nicole lives next door, just two houses away, she invited me to a party with Daniela and Tanja in the garden. As I arrived I could guess that we will soon have strong underwater sex. The naked girls drag me into the pool, by the sight of the shaved pussys is my cock now stiff as a bone.
The love-hungry ladies captivated me immediately, they start to make love with me. Joyfully, I give myself out to the erotic sex play in the water and enjoy the gentle touches.

Lovely sex under water

Steep rises up my rod hard against the water surface, I invite Nicole to take that place on it. This must not be said twice and she breathes to me: "Yes, make me sexually crazy and fuck me under water to orgasm."
My thick cock does her really impale, while my hands kneading her breasts with relish, they are floating weightless in the water. Soon her pussy began to pulsate, I chase Nicole in several orgasms, before I even screaming squirt my juice in her!

Blowjob Under Water

After Tanya and Daniela have licked my cock clean, he has grown again to full size and is ready for the next lady. Tanya is immediately on the spot and keeps her little vulva shaved against my face. This brings me to the idea to lick her pussy under water until she orgasms. No sooner said than done, my tongue is working diligently, every time when I must breathe, take my fingers to the service of love. After three dives I had her so far, shouting broke out of her an orgasm and her pussy juice flowed into the water!

Cock and Tits in Water

Tanja now demands even more underwater sex from me, I will enter my love sting in her willingly risked pussy. Licking her pussy excited me so much that he stood as a giant stick in front of her and I wish her happy defaulting. Her abdomen was stretched really close by my thick belt, quickly I had hunted her in the next quivering orgasm. Daniela then stuffed her pussy with a cucumber while I put my tail between her full breasts. During the pleasurable tit fuck I cameand shot my love juice into her face, an incredibly horny sight.

Anal penetration under Water

After the girls have licked my Love rod clean, Nicole and Tanya satisfy thereself with garden vegetables, while Daniela is pushing herself up to me, She wants to have anal sex for the first time under water.
The thought of the anal pleasure with the narrow hole brings my cock once again to a bone hard erection. Daniela embraces him and leads him slowly to their small Poo-Pussy, I penetrate her slowly, but she has more in stock.

Zucchini underwater

At first I thought she picks up a particularly thick zucchini, but on closer inspection turned out that this is a homemade vibrator. Daniela wants a biplane - with my sword in the Po and the zucchini in her pussy.
With some difficulty she had sunk the fruit in their tiny love column, and pondered it in the same rhythm with which I fucked her back and forth. That was the trigger for both of us, after a few bumps we arrived at the same time with loud cries in a heavenly orgasm!

Masturbate Penis Under Water

Nicole and Tanya have licked us clean with their tongues and I made sure to process all three ladies love holes with their garden fruits to keep them up to orgasm level. Now the girls had agreed, they wanted to see together how one man gets one down under water. I gladly gave in to pressure, covered my shaft with the hand and began slowly and pleasurably with the masturbation.

Under Water jerking Cock

Slowly and tenderly I play around with my hand beneath the ribbon of my glans, which is with me an orgasm guarantee, here I have my most sensitive spot. Soon I feel the orgasm roll up, now it's time!
I jerk off, as the fountain of a geyser, the first load of cum shot from my penis, under water you can watch the cumshot in slow motion. Full of joy register the girls, that we four orgasm together!

Sperm in water

My orgasm will not end, ever and ever runs the stream of my sperm out of my penis, while the first ejected jets, which initially had almost reached the water surface, slowly lower to my hand and my cock.
The girls are delighted with this natural spectacle, Nicole becomes a pleasure-trout and sucks enjoyable with her mouth the white thread.

Fellatio underwater

While Nicole and Daniela are completely exhausted strengthen on a glass of champagne, Tanja secretly takes a dive and find immediately the object of her desires - my love-peer.
Skillfully she starts to spoil me under water with her tongue, by her fellatio-art my pride and joy stands quickly like a huge trunk.

Ride Under Water

The legs of Tanja grip my hips tight, while I spread her buttocks under water and penetrate a tergo with my phallus in her quivering plum. Soon I can feel her little vagina begins to twitch, after Yvonne received multiple orgasms from me, I inject into her violently.

Pussy and Clit underwater

Now the love-obsessed girls Daniela and Nicole have the tables reversed. While I was busy with Yvonne, they emptied another glass of champagne and give themself pleasure towards the varieties of the same sex love. Daniela rubs with her buttocks the pussy of Nicole until it unfolds in full bloom in front of me.

Under Water Pussy

Daniela turns around and holds her legs wide apart, this opportunity is exploited by Nicole immediately. She abused her finger as a cock-replacement and penetrates deep into the pussy of Daniela, while her other hand treats the clit. Soon comes to Tanja and puts the finger in her butt, Daniela immediately explodes in a incredible climax.

Blowing Cock Underwater

I will not going on to observe idly the underwater lovemaking of the girls, but also participate actively in it. So I put the mouth of Daniela in front of my desire Peer, she begins to blow hard and makes a perfect blowjob, he is in seconds rock hard again. It is noteworthy that at this moment Daniela multiple orgasms, which is easily visible on her face.

Guide to Underwater Sex

It is sometimes not easy to penetrate underwater the tight pussy of a lovesick woman. This guide shows how each man is able to penetrate deep into the hole in the abdomen, Nicole is willing to help me and holds her little pussy to me, I penetrate deep into it with my heat-seeking love missile.

Sex God Dream

After I turned Nicole 180 degrees around her axis, she is persistent nailed from behind. I come here to dream, as a sex god I appear in front of 25 ladies, my huge cock with two meters long stands like a splashing fountain in front of them. The girls immediately begin to masturbate, after a few seconds starts the sound of great orgasm screams. In the dream my juice poured out simultaneously in a high arc over the ladies!

Sperm Jet underwater

The semen from my huge cock squirts as a massive jet over the present ladies, all received their part and masturbate more than happy. Like a geyser I eject several minutes, the juice is distributed as a sperm rain over the girls, but suddenly I wake up: in truth, the juicer of the horny Nicole just sucks and emptys my cock. Underwater I squirt her pleasure cave full of sperm, As my cock leaves her lovingly hole, the white juice pours out of her.

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While Nicole is blowing my cock under water, Tanja and Daniela fuck each other under water in their pussies. In the film can be seen that the orgasm pussy juice is running in the water, the entire pool tastes like horny cunt.


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