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Erotic Story - The education of the obedient slave Simone

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Simone gets a surprise gift from Lisa to her birthday, she should present herself in the bar "Rose". She still does not know, that she will soon be brought up by her mistress Dana to a slave-girl, and she has to serve Dana involuntarily.


Simone gets her birthday gift from Lisa, a certificate for an evening in the "Rose", she does not yet know what awaits her there. In her mind a picture of Lisa's pussy glides with her, they had often unbridled sex.

Small labia

After dinner, Lisa admits that she is a slave, Simone is terrified at first, Lisa persuaded her to join in and try this sex variante.


While Lisa in the bar is lowered by kissing Simone's Footwear, notes Simone that her nipples become erect, her nipples are hard and firm.

Swollen pleasure-slit

Lisa and Simone are received by the Lady Dana, Slave-Girl Lisa must immediately kneel down in a submissive posture in front of Dana.

Licking her pussy

Simone will lick the pussy of Lisa, the lady is Dana firmly in that moment that Simone is taxed as a slave, Lisa received the order to caress her breasts.

Swollen clitoris

Lisa needs to jack up in front of Dana and show her poo hole, then she must in the front of the eyes of both women massage her clitoris until she is just before orgasm, Simone is excited and gets rid of her clothes.

Small clit

Dana falls over Simone, they treat each other with the tongue readily proffered her clitoris, then gets Simone blindfolded.

Penetration of banana

In the pussy of Simone a banana is pushed, Lisa needs to eat between her legs. The wide-spread legs of Simone will be chained to the bedpost, she lies helpless in front of Dana.


The labia of Simone get wet, with an icicle Dana moves over her body, the nipples are harder and stand out well.

Ice in pussy

Simone says that it's getting cold, in response she gets shoved a gag in his mouth. Then her pussy hole is filled with ice and held shut.

ussy juice flowing

Lisa is beaten and must the tethered Simone push into an orgasm with her tongue until she squirts Pussyjuice, Dana sits on Simone's face and Simone must  lick her until she too orgasms and a surge juice runs in Simone's mouth.

Shaved vulva

The humiliation of a slave Simone begins with a request for a hard punishment, she gets slapped by Dana twelve times.

Simone tied

Simone is bounded on hands and feets, Lisa has her wet pussy to stroke just before orgasm, while Simone relishly receives the slaps of Dana.


Lisa denied because Simone orgasms despite the ban, it is commanded by Dana Criminal Position 4th In the meantime, Simone learns the basic concepts of bondage.

Shaved butt hole

Dana removes the hair on the pussy of Simone, the pleasure slit and the poo hole of a slave must always be smooth shaved .

Nipple brackets

In the bar, just a servant girl is tortured, Dana makes right in and puts on braces, which are attached to the nipples.

Lisa in criminal status

The penal position 4 by Lisa is hanging in the showcase with a vibrator in the poo hole, and electric shocks to her pussy.

Punish Simone

Simone omits the punishment of Lisa, she should thank her knees in front Simone, that was a mistake. While this Dana's pussy and poo hole get licked by a maid.

naked slave-girls

As punishment, the two slaves are delivered to ten gentlemen and ladies , that pass themselves without restraint to Simone and Lisa.

Finger in the anus

Lisa is now hard raped in the mouth, while newcomer Simone has to strip naked and show her pussy in position 2, and her bottom. Immediately, she gets a finger inserted into her anus.

Orgasm after slapping

Dana gives Simone a resounding slap, a mistress tested with a stopwatch how long it takes until Simone reaches her orgasm, it only takes a few seconds.

Face with sperm

Lisa has to swallow multiple cocks, her face and her hair is splashed with sperm. In the meantime, the poo of Simone is punished with the whip.

Nipples with clamps

For the first time metal brackets are attached to Simone's nipples, now the pain in her nipples and a whip is channeled into pure pleasure, Simone wants more.

Pussy Dream of Simone

The next day, Simone can still feel the welts on her ass. In the evening, she receives a visit from Lisa, she has brought her a gift from Dana.

Shaved Pussy Slit

Both girls are naked together, the views from Lisa suck strongly to the shaved slit of Simone. The urge for sexual fulfillment comes over both, quickly disappeared their fingers in the lust hole of the partner.

Dildo penetrates anal

After both girls pushed each other with the fingers to the climax, they are licking their leaked juices. Simone is now prepared for the forthcoming visit to Dana, she must push herself a huge dildo in the butt.

small pierced clit

During the journey reports Lisa, that she should get today evening in a solemn ceremony a piercing on her clitoris. Simon makes the decision to get pierced as well.

Lisa with Pussy Juice

Once there, Lisa had to take off immediately all naked and put her plum on the bone-hard joy stick of a gentlemen. Immediately begins her pussy juice to run, the guests look very attentively.

Slave Butthole

Simone is signing the contract with Dana as a slave for life and kisses as proof of her servitude and humility the boots of Dana. In the meantime, Lisa is further abused, an incredibly thick cock penetrates her butthole and nailes her almost to unconsciousness.

Slave Pussy lick

But that's not enough, Lisa has to lay on her back and spread wide her legs. A lady enters with her whole hand in the butt hole and is digging like mad in it. In the meantime, slave girl simone has to lick the pussy lips of Dana with her tongue until she moans.

Simone with Clit Orgasm

Now it is Simone's turn. First, her pussy gets rammed up to an huge orgasm, then the hard cock penetrates even into her virgin anus! Meanwhile, her slaves tongue is licking the hard clit of Dana until they come in threes ...

Slave Girls for Sale

In the screening room 6 slaves are tied on hands and feets and hang on, shown to the public. It starts an auction, where the masters can bid on new slaves, each girl is presented separately.

Pussy with braces

The first slave girl - Linda, is offered in position 6 penalty for auction. She is firmly clamped in a metal frame, on the tongue and nipples are clamps attached. Her slave pussy gets mauled by a monster-dildo, she screams of pleasure and pain.

Vagina with Vibrator

Slave Girl 2 - Kimberly, gets also a vibrator introduced. She hangs in criminal Position 5 - only with the arms tied in the frame and may not touch her with feet the ground. But must be constantly present with wide spread legs her small pussy to the public.

Sara with waxed Labia

The next Slave Girl - Sara, is tied up and gagged on the floor, she is tormented with clamps on the nipples and the labia. But it gets worse, the hot wax of a candle is dripping over her body and her Pussylips apart, she cries out in pain.

Hand in the Vagina

Simone can now no longer pursue the auction, she is turned around by Mr. Lenz and gets the order, to push her whole hand in the pussy of slave girl Lisa.

Gently licking a Cock

But that's not enough, then she is forced to take his cock in her mouth and has to bring it with tongue games to erection. Fast is the big penis hard and fills the mouth of Slave Simone completely.

Butthole with Hand

Now is Simone treated very extreme, her anus is stretched with four fingers of a stranger and then inserts Lisa the whole hand in her small pussy. As the two fists begin to rummage in Simone, she can no longer hold, she gets a quivering orgasm and pees over the face of Lisa.

Sacrifice of Dana

Mr. Lenz wants to keep Simone as a slave girl for two days. Dana is shocked, because she knows how extreme he abused his slaves and offers herself as sacrifice to serve him.

Sacrifice of Dana

Dana will be auctioned as a slave girl of Dr. Lenz, now she has to swallow the sperm of several men, her butt hole is drilled and unrestrained stretched at the same time by a huge cock, she must show it every spectator.

Pain with three cocks

The slave girl is referred by her master as a dirty bitch and gets three cocks simultaneously pushed into her holes, then Dana will be dragged into the screening room and tied up at the St. Andrew's cross.

Labia with Clips

All over the body of the new slave girl are clamps attached. Special pains prepare the brackets nipples and on the labia. Lisa must remove all the brackets with the whip, Simone looks depressed to this event.

Punishment of a Slave girl

The torture of punishment is endless, new lashes hail over the slave girl Dana, her pussy is spread wide and helpless exposed to the painful procedure.

Candle Wax over the Slave

The next pain begins, the whole body of the new slave Dana is doused with hot wax, her breast, pussy and the tongue is treated until she screams in pain. Then she still gets an orgasm, as Mr. Lenz her pussy skillfully massaged.

Candle Wax over the Slave

As the highlight of the humiliation the slave girl is presented to the audience, they penetrate all into her open asshole until it remains wide open. Her face and hair are splashed with joy juice, then she is discharged from her new master and dragged into the car.

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