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Instructions for lustful ass shaving with close-up of my poo hole.

Distribute foam

Laying on the back, no towel underneath, spread legs up and properly distribute shaving foam over the asshole.

smearing foam

Left and right, all is fine smeared and do not forget the freshly washed butthole ...

Now shaving Poo

I start to shaving the poo hole, it brings much fun, always neat stroke for stroke.

shaving poo

Now the other buttock, shave all the hairs finely and rinse the Lady Protector now and then.

Anus while shaving

And shave the anus well and good, please do not worry, it does not hurt!

offener Po

Closeup and Picture: A last line, now I am finished the wonderful butt shave.

finger games

Do I play a little bit behind my anus around with my finger?

Finger in ass

Sure, I put my fingers in the ass, I'm really a pig!

Used Poo Hole

My cock has hosed and my poo hole has twitched with lust, please, now you are on to play!

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After the cock hungry asshole is shaved, it is violently fucked, how the video below demonstrates. The shaved pussy Leonie is fucked hard, she can not get enough.


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