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I push my bottle beer deep into the butt until it is anal stretched.

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The beer bottle has to penetrate me deep, it gives me an orgasm.

Bottle anal

I am hungry for anal penetration and let my favorite bottle deep in my poo hole. My bare ass is looking eagerly to the neck of the empty bottle and soaks it up in small increments.

Close-Up of extended Butt

Close-up of my extremely stretched butt, you can see, how the stretched hole the bottle tightly surrounds, I want to receive an orgasm in my open anus.

Orgasm while anal stretching

After this Gaper I start to ride on the beer bottle and get a massive anal orgasm.

Poohole finds the Bottle

Aim properly and find the nice little butt hole. I became an anal little piglets after I drank beer, I always use the same bottle as a dildo.

Bottle penetrates my ass

Penetrate slowly, if you're careful, it does not hurt either. Slowly opening my anus-rosette and surrounds the thick intruder.

Ass stretched with Bottle

Now the beer bottle is already quite far in it, I sit down with full weight on the pleasure-giving bottle, I am so horny!

Push the Bottle anal

In the crouch I press with the hand and move the beer bottle deep into my hungry butt, until butt and cock come together to an explosive orgasm.

Orgasm with Bottle

Because it was so beautiful, I make the whole thing again in the supine, the poo hole stretches on and on! Again increases my desire, I melt with the beer bottle in anus towards to a mega-orgasm.

Fingering my Asshole

The poo-pussy is now stretched wide, sometimes I stick sometimes the fingers, later the whole hand in my butt. I find a place that is slightly rough, should this be my anal G-spot?

Riding Bottle

For hours riding on the bottle to eject my horny juice out of every hole!

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I'm obviously not the only one in the world, who constantly fucks with bottles in ass. The blonde Eva makes it at least as good as me, her greedy asshole swallows smacking the whole bottle.

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