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The Spellbooks Universe
Warning: Most of the stories and caption images within this site are of an explicit sexual nature.
The spellbooks universe is based upon the Spellbooks story by D and then the universe has been further expanded by myself, Freya.
It is set in our own world where people come across a pair of magical tomes and find spells within.
It is primarily for magical transgender stories however it can also be used for animal transformation, breast enlargement, inanimate transformation, pregnancy, mind control a mix of all these and much more so all stories are welcome here.
My thanks go to D of who I know little about and who has never contacted me, for such a hot little story which  inspires me to to create this universe.
If you would like to write and submit a story for this universe then I advise taking a look at the rules and guidelines in the link below.
To submit a story, caption or anything else related to the universe email me at the link below.
I also advise you email me to let me know of the submission at my main email address as I check that far more often.
The Stories
Where it all started
SpellBooks - Porn Star by Freya (Incomplete)
The second story in the universe with appearances of Denise and Felix but based around a new main character Josie, whose room-mate betrays her and where she is forced into a new life she could never have dreamed about.
A short. When Chris asks his friends to transform him into a woman just to see what it is like, he gets more than he bargained for.
SpellBooks - Forced by Freya
A story using caption images below. This is a darker Spellbooks story.
SpellBooks - Broken Condom by Freya
What happens when you get addicted to sex as a woman. When you let someone know about who you really are and they prefer the female you. And what they will go to to keep you that way forever.
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