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Wife Swappers


Written by D
Images supplied by Freya

Disclaimer: The following story was originally posted to the Nifty Archive by somebody calling them simply D. I, Freya did not write this story but have added some images to it, the copyright still belongs with the original writer. I have tried to contact him/her to ask permission to post it with images to other web sites, but alas to no avail. I hope the images I use are what the original author came close to imagining when writing the story. I plan on basing a new story universe based on this story and shall write a second story with images that is a sequel soon.

    It was the greatest day of his young life. What could possibly be
better for a teenage boy than to find a spell book that actually worked?
But it wouldn't work, would it.

    Dennis was understandably skeptical when he found two tomes
marked "NECROMNICON". He'd heard about this type of thing from playing
Dungeons & Dragons. But of course it would never really work. Right?

Spell Book 1   Spell Book 2 

The ability to actually cast a spell was something he had dreamed about and
now he had the power in his hands. At 16 years of age, Dennis was the
typical acne plagued high school student. The kind of nondescript teen that
would fade into any school crowd without anyone remembering he had been
there. But now he was a student with two old spell books. Dennis could
actually feel power coming from the books. His hands were warmed by holding
them. It was enough power to believe.

As a teenager, the first thing Dennis did was to call his best friend
Felix. A secret this good couldn't be held to himself. Felix was overweight
by a few pounds. Not fat, but just big enough not to get any dates. In fact
neither boy had been with a woman before. They knew about sex of
course. They read Playboy, watched porno, and were regulars at the mall to
"scope out the babes". It wasn't lack of interest that held them back, just
the realization that they weren't attractive to the opposite sex.

    As soon as Dennis told Felix what he had found, they went to
work. There were the usual spells for money. Curses for their enemies. But
the chapter that interested them the most was "Body Morphing". This could
be their big break. If this worked, they could finally score.

Felix pointed at a spell and told Dennis to try that one. It was a spell to
increase the size of a mans penis. Dennis read the words out loud...and
nothing happened. Both boy's checked themselves for any difference. Nothing
had changed.

"What's the deal?" Felix said, "I thought you said these books were real!"

"Sorry dude, it's not like I practice magic every day." Dennis went back to
reading the words over and over. Without realizing it, Dennis cast his
first spell.

Felix was bored with the spell book and decided to look though one of
Dennis' Playboys. He wouldn't have noticed the spell had worked except he
went to adjust himself through his jeans and realized something was
different. His semi-hard cock was now twice its original length.

    "Holy shit!" Felix yelled as he stood up.

    "Huh?" Dennis was irritated that his reading was being interrupted.

    "Look!" Felix started to pull his new massive cock out. Dennis
looked up and was amazed at two things. One, that the spell actually
worked, and two, the size of Felix's member. Dennis wasn't gay but he found
himself staring a Felix's cock. Felix had never thought about being with a
man either, but with his new cock, he felt a new need. He wanted to fuck
something now. He was tired of being a virgin.

    "Dammit!" Dennis cried, "That spell was supposed to be on me!"

    This startled Felix enough to stop looking at Dennis. "Maybe you
can't cast a spell on yourself," Felix replied and then started back
lightly stroking his cock. He was fascinated by the heft of himself. In all
his years all he wanted was a cock this size, and now he had it. Felix
started stroking his cock to its full size. With every stroke the desire to
fuck something grew.

    Dennis had to admit there were still a lot of things about his book
he didn't understand. With renewed interest in the spell book, Felix looked
at the book that Dennis had been reading.

    "Do this one now." Felix commanded.

    Dennis inspected the section. "This one," Felix pointed, "make me
look like this." Felix held up a picture of a male pornstar with a cock
even bigger that Felix's new and improved model.  Dennis started reading
the words as best he could. Nothing happened at first so he tried again,
this time trying more of an accent. On his third try, it happened. The
whole transformation couldn't have lasted more than 3-4 seconds, but to
both of them it seemed like an eternity. In the end, Felix looked like the
pornstars' brother.

    "I don't believe it" Dennis said.

    "This fuckin' RULES!" Felix said as he admired his new body in the
mirror. "Is this permanent? I mean does it wear off or anything like that?"

    "I don't know, let me see if I can find anything about it in here"
Dennis answered as he went back to the book. A few minutes of searching
provided some of the answers he was looking for.

    "Apparently body enhancements, like yours aren't permanent unless
you have sex or something."

    "What exactly does 'or something' mean?" Felix was staring at
himself in the mirror. Alternating between flexing and maintaining his

    "I'm not sure, but I think is has to do with the power of sex in
magic. There's something in here about transfer of seminal fluid, which
seals the bond forever. I think it means when you cum in a girl, you've got
that body for life. No changing back..."Dennis read on silently.

    "Like I'd want to go back to my old body." Felix was admiring
himself and was getting hard. "C'mon Dennis, I gotta try this out. Why
don't you take care of me. Make it permanent. I won't tell anyone."

    "Fuck you!" Dennis said, "Did you become some kind of fag or
something? Guys don't fuck guys. The book says it has to be with a girl
anyway. If you want to try that thing out, let's go to the mall."

    "Then put the damn book down and lets go to the mall! I need to get
laid now."

    "Hold on. There's one more spell I want to try. It'll make a woman
do anything you want. Hell, with this even I might get some."

    Dennis wrote down the words for the spell and then hid the books in
his safest place in his room. He didn't want his little sister finding
it. Then they both headed off to the mall.


Spell Book Mall

    The mall was almost dead. Most stores were supposed to close in the
next half-hour.

Sensing the time crunch, Felix wanted to be first to try the new
spell. Dennis gave him the card and immediately went up to Tracie the
cheerleading captain. Things looked good at first. Tracie somehow
recognized Felix, which was surprising since he didn't look anything at all
like he did yesterday. At least she was talking to Felix.

"Tracie, I want you to listen to this, OK?" Felix asked.

 "OK" she replied. Felix went to work. He read the words. Nothing
happened. He read them again. Nothing happened. He kept repeating the

"What are you doing?" Tracie asked. Felix kept reading the card. "Are you
OK Felix? You're starting to freak me out."

    " Are you sure you copied this down right?" Felix accused Dennis.

    "Yeah I'm sure. There's just something about having a fake accent
that seems to work."

    "Well whatever you guy are doing, I'll see you tomorrow." And
Tracie walked away. Felix went after her and tried to get her to stay, but
she went home anyway.

"Let me try the spell." Felix reluctantly gave the card back to
Dennis. They walked together to a woman's clothing store. The attendant was
in her mid-20's and very attractive. More importantly the store was empty
and she was alone. Dennis casually walked up to her and said, "I'm
practicing lines for a school play, would you tell me if my accent sounds
fake?" With nothing better to do she agreed. Dennis looked harmless enough.

Felix watched from the outside, as the first four attempts did nothing. The
fifth reading hit paydirt. After the last syllable there was the slightest
pause and the girl said, "I'll do anything for you."

    Dennis was startled. He wasn't sure of the spell had really
worked. "Um, stand on one foot." She silently complied. "Put your hands on
your tits." Again she complied. "Take off your top, close the store, and go
wait in the back for me." She looked slightly confused, but removed her
blouse, closed the store and walked past Dennis to the back. He stared out
the window at Felix and put his thumbs up. Felix raced to get into the
store, but the girl had locked the door. Felix started pounding and might
have broken the glass had it not been for one of the mall cops walking
by. "I found the book, I should be the one to go first." Dennis went to the
back and found her waiting. Dennis took out his cock and pulled out his
hard 4.5 inches.

    "Suck me off" he commanded. The clerk proceeded to take him into
her mouth. He couldn't take much and quickly came into her mouth. "Swallow
it," he commanded with growing confidence. Again, she complied.

    "Now get up, put on your clothes, go back out front, and forget
this ever happened."

    Obediently the woman got dressed and went back to the front
counter. As Dennis came out she looked at him and said, "Oh! I didn't think
anyone else was still here. I'm closed for today so you're going to have to
leave, OK?"

    "No problem" Dennis said. He looked for some kind of recognition on
her face, some kind of indication that she remembered having his dick in
her mouth less than 5 minutes ago. But there was nothing. She unlocked the
door and let Dennis out. A frustrated Felix was waiting.

    "What happened?" he demanded.

    With a smug smile Dennis said, "It worked." He tried not to but he
couldn't keep the smile off his face. Felix was dying. His new body
demanded sex and the mall was closed and there was nobody else around. They
walked home in silence. Dennis smiling while Felix kept adjusting himself.


    When they got back to the house, Dennis' parents wanted to see him
immediately. "Uh Oh. I guess they got my grades." Sure enough, Dennis'
parents had seen his grades, which included a D in Chemistry and an F in
PE. After a 45-minute ass chewing, Dennis finally escaped. But Felix wasn't
in his room.

    "Felix! Where are you?' No response. "Felix?" Dennis started to
walk out back when he heard familiar noises from his activities at the
store coming from Lisa, his younger sisters' room. "Oh shit" Dennis thought
to himself as he opened the door. There on the bed was Felix trying to fit
his new cock into 13 year old Lisa.

    "What the fuck are you doing!" Dennis whispered harshly. "Get off
her! NOW!" Suddenly coming to his senses, Felix got up. Dennis' sister
seemed stunned. When Felix got up, Lisa stared at Dennis trying to figure
out what just happened. Dennis tried to cast the spell on her. Luckily it
took on the first try. When she said, "I'll do anything," Dennis told her
to go back to watching TV and forget the whole incident.

    Dennis hustled Felix back into his room glaring at him the whole
time. "What the hell were you thinking! That was my sister!"

    Felix looked genuinely frustrated. "Sorry, I just couldn't help
myself. I gotta have sex before I change back. I can't go back to my old
body after being in this. Not even for a few hours."

    "OK, here's the plan," Dennis took charge, "cast the spell on me,
then after I've got my new body we'll go out together and fuck 20 women
each. Then you'll be happy, I'll be happy, and we can start changing
grades, money, everything!"

    "Fine, let's do it, but we need to start now!"

    Dennis could sense Felix's frustration mounting, but he wasn't
going to give into any of his demands until he got his new body too. He
opened the book to the body morphing page and told Felix to read the
spell. Doing the best he could, he tried to cast the spell. Dennis was too
preoccupied to notice that this wasn't the same spell he read earlier
today. The sixth attempt took. And in two seconds the transformation was
complete, but not how he wanted it.

    Dennis turned around to the full length mirror was face to face
with a beautiful girl. Dennis was too busy staring at himself to get
angry. He was hot! He took of his T-shirt to expose magnificent
breasts. The kind he always dreamed about. He was attracted to himself. He
was in a 100% woman's body, but his mind was still 100% male. He pulled off
his pants and threw them on the bed. His ass was spectacular. He was better
looking than almost every centerfold he had ever seen. He was a she!

    "Wow" she finally said. "After you change me back, we should go
make a copy of this body and fuck the shit out of it." Dennis turned back
to Felix and saw that he wasn't the first to have that line of
thought. Felix was naked again and stroking his massive cock. Dennis knew
exactly what was going through his mind.

    "NO! Don't even think about it! Stop what you're doing and read the
reversal spell NOW!" Dennis held the spell book out for Felix who locked
the door instead.

    "This isn't funny Felix, read the spell!"

Felix began to speak. The first attempt failed but Dennis knew what spell
he just tried to cast. Dennis started to plead with Felix, but Felix
repeated the words that Dennis had used just an hour ago with the store
clerk. Dennis was in mid-begging when Felix got the words exactly right.

    Dennis' mind froze. She tried to scream but heard herself say,
"I'll do anything you want."

    Felix was on her in a heartbeat. He licked Dennis' tits. Dennis
wanted to push him away but couldn't move. Felix took her hand and placed
it on his cock as he moved to suck the other nipple. Dennis could feel the
heat coming off the erect penis. Felix told her to stroke it up &
down. Dennis complied. As Felix sucked, Dennis realized the severity of the
predicament. Transfer of seminal fluid made body morphing permanent. If
Felix followed through on his plans, Dennis would be stuck as Denise!

    Felix stood up and looked into Denise's eyes. "Thank God he's come
to his senses." Denise thought. She immediately knew how mistaken she was
when Felix put pressure on her shoulders. She sank to her knees and found
herself face to face with Felix's massive cock.

Spell Book 1

    "Suck it" Felix commanded. Denise took it in her mouth and began to
lubricate it with saliva. Her mouth was stretched to the limit. Felix
grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face. Denise was
gagging whenever the head touched the back of her throat.

Spell Book 2

    "Don't gag anymore. You can and will deep throat me." As the words
came out of his mouth they came true. Denise used her new ability to easily
take Felix to the hilt. Denise was screaming in her mind for this to stop
while her nose was buried in Felix's pubic hair. He grabbed her hair and
fucked her face until he was about to explode. Abruptly he pulled
out. Denise's brief hope that this was over was smashed.

    "Lay on the bed and play with your pussy." Denise complied. It took
only a few seconds to learn what felt good. As Dennis he had masturbated
countless time, but now as Denise, she was experiencing feeling she could
never have dreamed of. New thoughts conflicted with her male mind. She
started to wonder what it would be like to have a cock inside of her. She
wouldn't have to wait long to find out.

    Ready for action, Felix pulled Denise to the edge of the bed. He
rubbed the full length of his cock against her moist slit. He smeared some
of Denise's wetness on the engorged tip of his dick. It was time. He
positioned himself at her opening and applied pressure. "Maybe it wouldn't
fit" Denise hoped. And then it gave. There was a sensation of pain, mixed
with pleasure as the head entered. She gasped as he pushed in further. She
lifted up her head and saw the look of utter desire on Felix's face. Then
looked further down as more of his enormous prick moved further inside
her. She stared in disbelief as the last of the 9 inches filled her

Spell Book 3

    Felix paused for a moment to allow Denise to adjust. When she
stopped shuddering from being filled, he began to push in and out of
her. The feeling of pain was replaced with an unreal sense of pleasure. It
was great. Better than the blowjob Dennis had received earlier. Felix owned
her. Her body was his playground and they both knew it. Felix picked up the
pace. He grabbed her thighs and started moving as fast as he could.

    Dennis' mind finally found the will to speak through
Denise. "D-D-D-Don't c-c-c-c-c-u-m in m-m-m-me." Felix got more excited by
this. "Don't c-c-c-c-c-c-um i-i-i-i-i-i-in m-m-eeeeee! S-s-s-sto-o-p!"
Denise saw the look in Felix's face and knew it was too late. Felix groaned
as he thrust and came. Ribbons of thick sperm filled her pussy. Denise felt
the warm rush of his come. Sweat glistened on her body while her breathing
returned to normal. Felix unloaded about a half-pint of come but remained
inside of her, trapping most of it inside of her. The spell fixed her body
permanently as Denise.

    "You are my girlfriend," Felix commanded, "you've always been my
girlfriend, you want to have sex with me everyday, any desire I have is
automatically your desire. Forget being Dennis. You will never have the
desire to be Dennis again. You are my bitch."

    As each word came out, Dennis was erased forever. But he was never
missed. Not even by Denise.

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