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Spellbooks - Broken Condom
by Freya
Since finding the spell books and mastering their transformation spells, I decided to use them to try out many different sexual encounters.
After awhile I decided to try being a woman and found play using my fingers then moving onto a dildo to be incredible.
After a few weeks I got up the courage to go out and allow myself to get picked up by guys, and if I thought playing with a dildo was good, getting fucked by a big hard cock was out of this world. Of course I always made them wear a condom knowing if they came in me I would be stuck as a woman forever.
Eventually it turned into a regular thing with a guy called Jacob. He treated me like a real slut and for some reason this really turned me on. After awhile I confided to him who I really was. He was skeptical of course but one little demonstration with the book and he believed me. Rather than being freaked out it turned him on even more that I was a guy who liked being transformed into a woman to get a good hard fuck. He started rubbing it in as he fucked me, telling me I was getting it off a real man. Often he tried to persuade me to let him fuck me without a condom saying I was a far better woman than a man and I should make it permanent.
I always refused of course, I loved the sex but did not think I could go the whole step.
One day the decision was taken out of my hands.
Jacob was waiting for me when I got home from work and was sat on my couch. I silently cursed the fact I gave him a key realizing when a woman I was more submissive and tended to give into most of his demands.
“I did not expect to see you until Friday.” I said throwing my coat on a chair. I hated being around him whilst still a guy, it felt a little odd.
“Yeah well I got horny and needed a fuck.” He said reaching over to grab one of the Spellbooks.
I looked over and sighed. Well it had been a stressful day I guess it might help me unwind I thought. Jacob had taken over transforming me these last few weeks playing around with different forms. I noticed I was getting bustier and bustier each time.
Without even waiting to see if I agreed he cast the spell and within a matter of seconds I found myself in the body of a short, slightly chubby and very busty Puerto Rican girl.
“Perfect.” He said with a predatory leer.
I looked down at my body and hefted my huge titties. “Holy shit you gave me big tits this time.”
“Oh you love the way they bounce when I fuck you hard. Now come on you little slut.” He said gesturing to the bedroom.
I followed him in and went to drawer to get a condom when he stopped me.
“I have one ready.” He said pulling free a condom already out of its wrapper. I frowned a little wondering why he would have got it out before I came but he placed it on the side. “I want to fuck your titties and for you to suck me off first.” He said picking my small form up easily and tossing me onto the bed.
He poured some lubricant between my cleavage and rubbed it in before straddling me. I felt his heavy weight push me into the bed as he placed his thick cock between my breasts. It was all so fast and sudden but I was starting to get turned on. Even tit-fucking a guy made me hot these days and I clasped my huge titties around his cock as he started to thrust between them and leaned my head forward to lap my tongue over the tip of his cock.
He grinned down at me as he thrust back and forth. “You look such a slut like that, you even get off letting me fuck your titties. You were born to be a slut you know.”
I simply whimpered with desire seeing his cock head moving back and forth towards my mouth as I licked the salty head.
Eventually he pulled back and flipped me over onto my hands and knees. “Don’t forget the condom.” I said anxiously. He looked down at me with some amusement in his face as he took the condom he had already removed from its packaging and slipped it over his thick hard cock.
I was surprised he was not doing his usual attempts to persuade me to fuck without it. But soon all such thoughts left my mind as I felt the tip of his cock press against my wet pussy lips and he slid his entire cock deep inside me.
He started to thrust in and out of me even more savagely than he usually did and I loved it. I loved being treated rough like this and like a dirty slut.
“Do you like this new body I gave you, slut.” He asked pounding in and out. “Get used to it, its my perfect woman.” I imagined he could only mean from now on when he changed me it would always be into this form.
Barely breaking stroke he pulled out and flipped me onto my back before driving back inside me once again whilst he grabbed my hips. He pounded even harder and faster and I was forced to grab my massive titties which bounced around wildly each time he drove into me.
Suddenly as he thrust into me I felt a strange tearing inside me. It took me a few seconds to realize what it was as suddenly I could feel flesh rubbing inside me. The condom had broke. “Jacob...stop...the condom...its broke..”I said staring up at him fearfully.
But he did not stop, in fact he increased his pace and as I looked up at him I could see a look of triumph across his face.
“Jacob...stop...STOP...don’t cum in me..” I cried out but it was too late. He groaned out as his cock twitched and I felt a massive load of his hot seed start to spurt inside me.
Despite my fear the feel of a bare cock and then his seed actually flooding my womb, it was too much and I screamed out as a massive orgasm hit me hard causing my pussy to spasm around his cock milking it as more and more of his cum flowed into me.
I felt my form locked by the magic and within moments reality shifted around us to be as though I had always been a woman. Only Jacob and I knew my true past.
He apologized after. Said he was too caught up in fucking me and had not realized the condom had broke, But I knew he had realized. In fact as I thought back it dawned on my he had engineered it. The condom out already he must have tampered with it. I threw him out and told him I never wanted to see him again.
A few weeks later I started to think again. I missed the sex, he was better than anyone else I let fuck me and few others treated me like a slut, something that really turned me on. It was after awhile that I realized I had not had a period yet that I decided to take a test. Turned out his seed had not only bound me to the form but had also got me pregnant. I eventually called him and asked him to come back into my life.
He admitted he had tampered with the condom, but told me its because he had fallen in love with me and wanted me to be with him as a woman forever. He still treated me like a slut in the bedroom, but he was more loving and kind towards me whenever we were not having sex. We got engaged and have decided to have the wedding after I give birth to my first child. He is still very dominant and old fashioned and told me I would be the housewife and mother whilst he provided for the family. He also wants at least six children. I was a little shocked by this but realized I liked the idea of being a mother and enjoyed being pregnant. Looks like we wont be using any protection for a long while if I am to have as many babies as we have planned.

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