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14 April 2009

Only a sort of update here today. My site problems have increased to a whole new rate when my hard drive and backup harddrive died meaning I lost years of work on the site as well as the archaic software I used to create some of the webpages. I don't knwo the future of the site right now but for now I can give a little update with some material which may be new to many of you.

Long back, 10 years plus I used the name Chrissy and Oberon and created stories and captions. I lost all these files but thanks to something known as the web archive managed to download them from my extinct Oberon site and have uploaded them to my yahoo group which I created 2 years ago for possible backups.

The yahoo group can be found at
and you will find a file full of captions for Chrissy and Oberon. They are more softcore from days before I was Freya and old but some may enjoy them.

Do not know when the next update shall be, I still need to decide what to do. I am currently considering options such as keeping the current site as is, a sort of archive of old material and effectivly opening a Freya's Sexual Transgender 2, going more down the yahoo group route, or the now very popular blog road. I welcome thoughts on what people would most prefer.

01 February 2009

Okay this time fun stuff first. You should read the serious stuff below however as the future of the site depends upon it.

�Two are the big hitters are back to the site.

Ed Miller returns with another 20 of his fine caps. You can find them in his section 3 Captions 321 to 340.

Rebecca returns with another of her brilliant contributions The Transformation. which can be found at the bottom of her page.

Thanks Ed and Rebecca for waiting so patiently for the update. Both sent thier contributions pretty soon aftr the last date. I feel quite privileged to have been able to enjoy their work so long before anyone else.

I would like to also mention that Tina, a contributor to this site has joined the growing ranks of TG Caption Blogs. Enjoy it at the link below.

Tina's TG Hardcore Erotica

Now to serious stuff. Once again I had problems with this update. It is becoming increasingly hard to be able to do so. When it actually lets me upload files I still have the nightmare of the site being spread over so many to be able to deal with the huge quantities of work on here.

I have had a very generous offer from someone talented in website design. However I still have a number of obstacles. First off it is clear the site needs a new home. Pornhome has been great for the site, but limited in space and upload capacity.� Now do I pay for space? I do not know if I can afford it. I would never charge for the contend of the site, so donations is a possibility to look into.

However another obstacle is in the time between the last update and now UK law (where I am based) has changed. It has become rather grey and suggests owning and viewing material where an individual can be seen as forced into sexual situations and/or being held captive and hard is illegal. It is a grey area but can be interpreted as that which not only causes sites like mine problems but also the much bigger BDSM community in the UK. If viewing and downloading it is possibly illegal now, I wonder how much worse producing and hosting it is.

This is scary enough for me to consider closing the site so I welcome someone with a better understanding of the new law contacting me telling me how this might effect the site.

If after all this I do continue my options are finding new space, and probably opening a new site (be to unwieldy to transfer all the old) and leaving the old up for people to enjoy. Creating a yahoo group. I have already done this but not really used it. Or going down the blogger route which has its advantages, but also limitations.

It may be that I need a partner to help me with this.

For now don't expect an update in two months. It may happen. But then again it may not. I have a lot to consider so those who contribute may not want to send anything for awhile.

I welcome any advice, please email so I can consider the options on the future of the site as well as the new laws.

28th November 2008

I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time for this. I have had a few problems but at last the update is here. I apologise to you the fans and contributors for making you wait.

Now some important things. For a long time I have far exceeded the space used for this website. I have time after time had to create new pornhome accounts just to put new contributions on. This has started to become very unwieldy and I am not sure I want to do this anymore. So I am considering trying to find a new home. If there is anyone out there who can host my site I would very much appreciate you getting in touch. Alas I would probably look for someone well known in the comminuty as I get a lot of traffic and need to make sure this is secure. Otherwise I may have to look for paying for space. If this is the case then I may start asking for donations. This is not something I want to do. I very much believe in this website being there for all for free, but at the same time I don't want to have to be fully paying for it out of my whole pocket.

If I do find a new place I am also looking for someone to help me make the transfer and perhaps update the site. I am average at best at dealing with the creation of webpages. If someone really knows their stuff, knows how transfer files easily and wish to help please let me know. Credit would be given. I may even be willing to go as far as someone joining me as a co-webmistress/master.

Now on to the fun stuff.

Stephanie is back with another 25 of her incredible captions. She has got many fans here I know who will be very happy to see her new work. See the new stuff images 101 to 125 in her section.

Nikki Mounds is back with three more of her great captions. Images 2 to 4 in the Visitors images section.

Last and never least Rebecca Molay returns once again with another of her greats. See Servant of the Skull in her section.

Thanks also to Rebecca for letting people know on her site I was late with the update. Appreciate it babe.

Should be back late January/Early February unless big changes are in order.

18th September 2008

First of all my apologies for being late with this update. A number of factors led to it and I know many of you have been wondering where it is. That said there is a upside to this as it allowed a number of contributors to get their work in which otherwise would have had to wait for the Novemember update.

It has been awhile so I decided to contribute some more of my own work. A little caption story set in my Spellbooks Universe called Broken Condom. I hope you all enjoy this tale.

Rebecca Molay is back with her another of her incredible Spellbooks caption stories. I think she has produced more than me now. The Feeling is her latest contribution which can be found in her section at the link below.

Many have been asking when he would return. And on this very day of update Ed Miller contributed 20 more of his fine captions. You can find them in the 3rd Ed Miller section captions 301 to 320.

Tina is back and starting to become a great regular. You can find her new captions 23 to 32 in her section.

And finally only just contributing last night newcomer Nikki Mounds has send me a wonderful little caption which you can find in the Visitors Images section. Let's home this is the start of many more.

1st July 2008

Slightly early update this month with plenty to share with you.

First of all a Collaboration for you between Rebecca Molay of Rebecca's World
, Tiyo of Transgender Second Life, and myself. Spellbooks - Spellbound can be found in the Spellbooks Universe section.

And from Rebecca Molay herself The Tit Collector can be found in her own section.

Stephanie returns with 25 new captions. It is good to have her back. See her new caps 76 to 100 in her section.

Newcomer Shelly has some great� new captions for you. See her new section below.

So much here I hope I remembered everyone who contributed.
Enjoy and see you in two months.

5thMay 2008

May already and another update for your pleasure.

Back once more the same three new contributors who gave us such fine captions in March.

First Rebecca Morlay returns with another contribution to the Spellbooks Universe and also brings a first to this website with one of her caption slideshows. Well worth checking out in her section below. It's called Hillbilly Horror.

JD is back with another 12 captions that I am sure you will all enjoy.

And Tina also returns with another 10 of her fantastic captions.

Enjoy and I shall see you in another two months.

2nd March 2008
First update of 2008 and its a very good one.
First of all we welcome back the sites biggest contributor as well as one of the most popular, Ed Miller. And this is a truly great update because Ed has hit the 300 mark on his captioned images. I am truly astonished at how many wonderful captions he has created and having been a fan of his for many years I feel honored that he has contributed so much to this website.
See his new images in his latest section images 281 to 300
I am also happy to announce three new contributors to the site.
First of all we have Tina who has 12 great caption images in her new section.
We also have another fantastic new contributor in the form of JD and you can find 12 new images in JD�€™s new section.
And finally I am very pleased to say we have our first guest contributor to the Spell Books Universe in the form of Rebecca Molay. It�€™s a great start to others contributing to this new Universe and I hope it inspires may more to submit new captions and stories. You can find her new captions at..
Also I would like to bring to your attention Rebecca�€™s own site. Rebecca�€™s World is amongst the very best Adult Transgender websites out there and I very much enjoyed my visits there. Rebecca can certainly count me amongst her new regulars and if you like my website you will love hers. Check it out.
Rebecca�€™s World
See you in 2 months.
30th December 2007
My apologies for such a late update. I had hoped to get the update in time for Christmas but I got hit hard with flu and then with preparations for Christmas I never got a chance.

Another big update with the official launch of the SpellBooks Universe. I have created a new site for it.

The Spellbooks Universe

Guidlines for all those that may wish to submit to the new universe.

Spellbooks Rules and Guidlines

The second story of the SpellBooks Universe. I started some years ago and have not yet finished. If you like it and want to see the finish be sure to email me and let me know :)
I must apologise that as I only decided to include it at the last minute I have only done a rudimentary spell check. I had intended to have an editor go over it so can expect some grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Spellbooks: Porn Star

I have also linked into the new SpellBooks Universe website all the other Spellbooks material I have created so far.

I am proud to say we have two new contributors to the site.

First of all well known to many, Gunslinger has contributed 5 very good quality caption images which can be seen here.

Next Badargs has contributed 21 great captions for your enjoyment which can be found here.

Finally with many wishing to contribute to my site I have decided to create some guidlines as to how to do so. Filesize, filename, the sort of contend for the site etc. So if you wish to contribute I suggest you read these first.

See you in two months.

14th October 2007
Many fans have been emailing me asking when I am going to update. Well here it is. :)

First of all my own humble work. I had original planned for my latest creation to be a story through captioned images. However a recent update to the graphics program has caused problems adding text to I turned it into a story with images. I always intended my first Spellbook universe story with images to be the story I am working on so far that carries on to a degree after the first spellbooks story. But I guess when I release that I shall just make a note that it occured before this latest.

Please enjoy Spellbooks - Gangbang which can be found in my story section.

Ed Miller is back and he just keeps getting better and better with these delicious new captions which have plenty of very buxom transformed beauties.
Find them in his new section.

05th August 2007
Huuuuge update this month. Perhaps the biggest update ever on this site.

From myself new caption story called Altered Fated - Estarbids about a man who uses a porn stars dress he won in a bit to take on her form. However after I finished it I had new ideas for the character and so created a second part. Find both parts at...

Freya's Captioned Stories

Ed Miller returns with another 20 of he wonderful captions. I know a lot of his fans will love these. Captions 241 to 260 in a new section created for him.

And last but by no means least Stephanie returns with an incredible 50 more captions. That's right 50 of her astounding work some stand alone captions others running in mini series.
Find them in her section images 26 through to 75

I hope you enjy all this as much as I did.

10th June 2007

Big update this month.

First of all I make a return myself with some of my own creations. I have started making captioned shorts. Short stories with the text alongside images. I hope to try and create one of these for ever update most of which will be based around the new Spell Books Universe I am trying te develop. (Next month I hope to have written the universe rules))

So enjoy the new section to my site which has my first creation called Spellbooks - Forced

Freya's Captioned Stories

Next we welcome back many who visits favourite Ed Miller who gives us not 20 but 40 of his wonderful captions. Captions 200 to 240.

Enjoy, will see you again in August.

17th April 2007

For this months update I bring you something special. Introducing a newcomer to Freya's but someone well known to the community to many years. Stephanie is probably most famous for her DNA series of stories on Fictionmania amongst other wonderful works. Now she is back and providing some amazing caption pictures for this site which will leave many of you feeling very horny.
25 captioned images for your enjoyment in her own new section which is linked to from our visior images section. Lets hope there will be many more to come.

5th February 2007

First of all I apologise for the length of time between updates. I said two months but it has been more like three and a half. There are several reasons but no need for me to go into those.

Two make up for such a delay we have a bumper update.

First off 40, yes 40 new caption images from the talented Ed Miller taking his number up to a whopping 200 images in all. So many images from Ed now I have had to make a second Ed Miller account just to be able to host them. All of Ed's new images can be found on his new page linked below. These are images 161 through to 200

For those still wishing to see his older images you can still do so at

Also for shemale fans two new images from Scott, images 29 and 30 can be found in the visitors images section linked below.

25th October 2006

Just a minor update here. Ed Miller was kind enough to sent me the missing image Ed154 which can be viewed here.

23rd October 2006

First of all I am announcing that I am no longer going to update every month like I have over the past few years. Work has put some constraints on my time and I have been lagging off a little and not being able to update every month. From now on I shall update every two months instead.

Welcome our new contributor Pritty Kitty who has submitted a new story based on caption ED 84 by Ed Miller. I hope you enjoy her new story, Jake's Choice which can be found in the visitors story section.

The two giants of caption images here have once more come through.

First of all Ed Miller has added another 20 images, images 141 through to 160 in his section below.

Unfotunatly image Ed154 appears to be missing so the link is left dead until perhaps the time Ed can send it to me.

Next once again Paci has added another 13 of her images (79 through to 91) which can be found in her section below.


12th September 2006

Thanks to ed Miller for another 20 of his wonderful images. You can find his new images, images 121 to 140 in his section linked below.

And for all you shemale fans Scott returns with image 27 and 28 in the visitors section.

29th July 2006

Happy birthday Freya's. 4 years ago on 13th July this site came to settle on Porn home. It is actually about 2 years older but was hosted on serveral unrelieable servers before it settled here. Originally it was called simply Sexual Transgender. As I do not remember the actual day it started this can be its birthday.

Too celebrate we have 20 more images from the popular Ed Miller images 101 to 120 in his section

The talented Paci has given us 19 more of her wonderful images. Images 60 through to 78 in her section.

And for all you shemale fans Scott returns with� image 26 in the visitors section.


25th June 2006

Nice little update here with Ed Miller contributing 20 more of his wonderful caption images. These 20 bring his total up to a tremendous 100.

Also on the 13th July this website will be 4 years old. I am happy to say it has grown far more than I ever imagined it would and is still going strong.


22nd May 2006

A month away. Have you missed me?

Well I am making up for the month off with a wonderful update with some of your favourite contributors.

First off Ed Miller fans will be pleased to see another date from him and another 20 captions images 61 through to 80.

Paci graces us with more of her much appreciated captions. Images 48 though 59.

And for all you shemale fans Scott returns images 22 through 25.

I would also like to apologize for my guestbook. Alas the spammers have found it at last and are bombarding it. I have tried to find a way to delete the spam posts and to moderate it but so far have met with little success. I shall continue in my endeavours, but if I am unable to do anything about it I shall be forced to delete it and perhaps replace it with a new guestbook I can moderate.

Enjoy this months update.

28th March 2006

Another big update for all you magical TG fans out there.

First of all another great 20 captioned images from the legendary Ed Miller which can be found in his section off the visitor contribution area images 41 through to 60.

Next Jan Padowski graces us with another 8 of her stylish caption images featuring shemale and full transformation captions. This can be found in her section off the visitors area and the new images are 19 through to 26.

And Scott has contributed 5 more of his amazing shemale caption images, 17 through to 21 which can be found in the visitors area.

20th February 2006
A nice big update for you here.

First of all Overlord has generously created� many new limericks for our pleasure. There is Feather which now is placed on the front page of the Overlord site.

It is also placed in Overlords personal page alongside 8 new limericks all in their own page. A wonderful set of limericks with great images I am sure you will all enjoy.

Next the popular Ed Miller has created 20 more captioned images for your viewing pleasure. You can find them in his section from images 21 through to 40.

And finally for all you shemale fans. Four more images from Scott in the visitors images section. Images 12 through to 16 can be seen there.

24th January 2006
A new year and another large update for you all.

First of all Overlord graces us with another of his limericks which can be seen on the main page of the Zhor website as well as under the link Rut in Overlord's personal page.

Next we welcome back a popular and talented contributor to this site in the form of Jan Padowski who has created two more caption images (17 and 18) as well as another of her great stories using images called Medallion Menace. All of these can be found in her section at the link below.

Two more of Scott's captioned images here for all you shemale fans, number 11 and 12 which can be found in the guest section.

And last but by no means least a newcomer to this site as well as a newcomer (as far as I am aware) to captioned TG images yet someone well known to many in the community for his delicious big breast and very sexual TG stories. I am very proud to announce Ed Miller and his 20 new captioned images which can be found in his new section at the link below.

19th December 2005
A merry Christmas to all that celebrate it. Here we have a Christmas treat with a large update.

The final chapter of the Ranbarth of Dusain's engrossing tale, chapter 10 of The Lancers Tale is now up.

Another fine (Shrew) limerick from Overlord himself can be found on the main page of the Zhor website as well as at the following link.

We welcome back Paci with a sizeable contribution of no less than 18 new captioned images which can be found images 30 through to 47 in her own section.

And finally for all those fan of shemale captioned images Scott returns in the visitor contribution with 8 more of his captioned images 3 through to 10.

14th November 2005
Once again we are blessed with another chapter (chapter 9) of The Lancers Tale by Ranbarth of Dusain.

Overlord has contributed a new limerick which can be found on the front page of the main Zhor site and in his own section.

Something new to the website from a new contributor, Scott. I am sure fans of shemales will enjoy his caption images which can be found in the guest images section.

19th October 2005
Big Zhor update this month. First of all Overlord himself has blessed us with a number of limericks. 9 Zhorian Limericks on one page. Last months UFO limerick moved from the front page and a new Scholar limerick added and replacing the UFO limerick on the front page plus three other limericks hypocrite, racers and tickled added. These can all be found at the link below.

Some great contributions to the guest section of Zhor.
First of all chapters 7 and 8 added to the Lancers Tale by Ranbarth of Dusain.
Next a new author, A McDonald has given us a little tale called A Zhor Story.
All of these can be found at the guest section to Zhor at the link below.

18th September 2005

You lucky lucky people we have a big update here with Paci making a return and sharing with us all 21, yes 21 captioned images. A true master in this field.

All his new captions are images 9 through to 29 and can be found at the following section.

Also a new front page image added to the Zhor section as well as a captioned image placed on the front page. These captioned images should change each month.

13th August 2005

Brand new caption images from a great new addition to this site, Chesspants. Four wonderful captions and I hope to see a lot more from this artist.

Another chapter (chapter 7) in the wonderful Lancer's Tale by Ranbarth of Dusain. Let Lancer know how much you love this story by commenting in my guestbook or emailing me to forward to him. :)

17th July 2005
You lucky lucky TG fans. A second update in the same day. Paci has sent me three new captioned images for you to enjoy. You can catch them as Paci 6 through to Paci 8 in the Paci section.

17th July 2005
Big update this month. First of all as you can see I have moved details of updates to this section with just a basic note on the front page of the date updated and a link to here for more details. Reason I have done this is I want to start putting in links directly to the updated sections and also retain a record of updates. That way if somebody has not been here for a few months, in which time there has been a number of updates they wont just see the latest batch of updates but the updates which have gone on before and thus not miss anything.

I am proud to announce a brand new contributor to the website, Paci. Paci has produced some wonderful caption images which you can find in the visitors images section of the site. This is a wonderful start and I hope there are a lot more to come from this talented author.

Big new change to the wonderful Story Universe of Zhor.
I have moved Zhor to its own satellite website. All Zhor files have been removed directly from this website and transferred over to their new home which is still linked to from here but can also act as a stand alone website. I still maintain the site on behalf of the creator of Zhor, Overlord.

Another chapter (chapter 6) in the wonderful Lancer's Tale by Ranbarth of Dusain. This is now the longest story yet in this great Universe and well worth a read.

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