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 Get your own domain name!
We now offer a sub-domain name for $4.95 per month which includes:
"anything", now no longer have to give your customers your name like:, you can now direct them to:

For $9.95 a month you can have a 'true' domain, like "".   We host
your domain name, and handle all DNS work for you, we will even register your domain name
for FREE (domain name registration charges from InterNIC apply). This is a true domain hosting,
visitors will never know your being hosted by us, will go directly to your file.

With both of these plans you will also get 2 additional megs of storage space for your website.

"Ad-Free" hosting is also available separately or along with the above plans for $9.95, your account would have
no banners above or below your webpages, and would receive ten additional megs of storage space.

If you are interested
in any of these great opportunities, please e-mail us, and we'll provide you with all the details...

(hosting must be paid in 3 month increments, we accept personal checks, certified checks, paypal or money orders)