Q: The Hosting is really FREE ???
A: Yes of course! But the top and bottom of each page is reserved for our use..You don't have to give us any money!!!

Q: Can I use my FTP software? Please Please!!
A: YES, we now offer FTP access on this free hosting service!!!

Q: Can I setup CGI Script with my Free hosting??
A: No, we don't offer cgi script hosting with this free service, for security reasons...

Q: Why does it still say I haven't moved in after I uploaded my files ???
A: You will need to delete the pre-installed index.html file with your main page, that needs to be called index.html or index.shtml

Q: What's is the html code I need to put on the top of All my pages??
A: The top portion of each page is reserved for our banner or html code . This is an automated process, so you do not need to worry about accidentally deleting our html code...

Q: Can I have more than one account??
A: No, at this time only one account is allowed per person, e-mail us if you would like another account

Q: Can I use my own sponsor on my page??
A: Sure!! You are here to make money $$$!!! But remember, A page with only banners does not constitute a site.

Q: Do you have any restrictions on content??
A: Anything goes, as long as it's legal!!! SO no warez (illegal software), cracks, serials, etc. No bestiality, children pornography, ...

Q: What sort of guarantee do you have that our site won't go down?
A: Professional technicians monitor our servers on-site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Q: Ok, but what happens if the server Hard disk crash?? I loose all my work?
A: Absolutely not!!, We have great backup of all our server..!! But, of course we suggest you to have your own copy.

Q: But what if there's a power failure?? Will the server go down?
A: Geeze! You are optimist! :) Our backup electrical system means that even if the power goes out, you don't go out.

Q: If I have others questions that we doesn't have answered?
A: Well just email us!!