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"You always were a hot little slut Allyson. "he grinned. "So? ""Do you really think I 'd come all the way here just to see it though? ""You didn 't try Incest pics and stop him from fucking me.

""Who cares about you, you little brat?

Incest pics "She muttered something. "What? ""Could you... um... untie me? "He sighed, and glared at her. Peter closed the door behind him. "Thanks.

"Paige said in a small voice. "Hey, don 't thank me. I wouldn 't let anything happen Incest pics to you.

"he kissed her on the forehead. She opened her eyes in surprise, then looked nonchalant as he turned to face her. "You 've got a nice Incest pics body Allyson. "he grinned. "What do you want Peter? ""Oh, Incest pics nothing much. "he stood before her, then his hands suddenly Incest pics gripped her shirt and tore it open, popping buttons all over the place. I collapsed and turned beet red in embarrassment. She froze, staring at Incest pics me; then her gaze went Incest pics to the wet spot spreading Incest pics over the sheets and the strings of sperm on her bare thighs.

"What happened?! "I swallowed hard.

"Uh, um, I think you can figure it out.

You Incest pics interrupted me at an inopportune moment, and when you attacked me, I, uh, lost control. God, Incest pics I 'm so embarrassed. "She smiled wickedly. "Oh, that 's okay, Incest pics Dad, chill out. Actually, it 's kinda flattering.

Incest pics ""Huh?

""I mean, come on. My own Dad thinks I 'm sexy Incest pics enough to -- you know. ""You 're the most beautiful girl I know, "I said truthfully. "But the fact is, I was thinking of your mom. You just happened along at the right time and ended up in the, uh, right place.

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