Terms and Conditions of Service: By submitting this application and maintaining
a website on pornhome.com, you hereby agree to all of the terms and conditions
stated below. Failure to comply with any of these terms will result in the immediate
termination of your account without advance notice.


#1-Your site must be an adult site. Surfers must be expecting to see sexually explicit material and adult banners and sexually oriented advertising on my website.
#2-In exchange for having your site hosted with pornhome.com, you agree to have our banner code automatically inserted on the top and bottom of every page. Any attempt to circumvent this will result in the termination of your account. Any site caught using blank spaces, line breaks or anchors will be deleted. THESE ADS PAY THE BILLS!
#3-Your site must have legal content. All your content must be licensed. Remember, there is no such thing as "public domain" content. Copyright violations will result in the termination of your account.
#4-No child pornography, beastiality,  warez, crackz, serialz, or software pirating.
#5-No password trading sites.
#6-Spamming in any form will not be tolerated. This includes email, Usenet newsgroups, and chatrooms.
#7-pornhome.com makes no warranties or guarantees of this service.
#8-pornhome.com reserves the right to delete an account for any reason or to refuse service to anyone.
#9-No crosslinking of images or submitting to Pic Post sites. All images and files must be served off of pornhome.com's server and served from the HTML code from the pornhome.com server.
#10-You must be at least 18 years old to have an account at pornhome.com.
#11-Any attempt to defraud a sponsor or cheat in any way will result in your account being deleted and the sponsor notified immediately.
#12-You must put a correct email address or you will not receive your password.
#13-You will get 10 megs of server space to upload your content, and you can't go over. Directories are allowed.
#14-You must start on your site within 7 days, OR IT WILL BE DELETED, so please have your site built before you register.
#15-You must log into your account monthly to avoid deletion. Inactive accounts will be deleted.
#16-My entire site will reside on pornhome.com server, I will not crosslink images, graphics, audio, video, or other media. Links to pictures and graphics from picture
posts will not be allowed. Your images must be served from your HTML from the pornhome.com server.
#17-I will notify pornhome.com any time my personal or account information changes.
#18-I understand that in the event my account is closed for bulk email or spamming, pornhome.com may initiate legal action to recoup damages caused by my actions.
#19-Your site must be in English only, non-english sites are allowed in the "Asian" category ONLY!
#20-I will not have a "picture post" page on PornHome.com Servers. This means you will not create an account, post several full sized pictures (5 or more) and direct individuals to this page to see the pictures. Sites should have thumbnails and then display a (individual) full sized image. If you need HTML help please contact us...