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Homefree is a script that provides users their own web page instantly. Once a user makes an account, they are able to log into their unique file manager. In their file manager, they will see all their files along with several different options which are talked about in other parts of our faq. These options include things such as new page makers, page editors, the ability to upload your files, manager your own web board and much more. The general point behind this program is to allow people a simple way to post their own web site without having to spend much on hosting and to provide people with an online community for them to interact with. The majority of users will find that this program provides them with all the options that they need to make their own web site and to modify it as time goes on.

Having your own web page will allow web surfers from all over the world to have a chance to interact with you and to find a out a little about you, your hobby, interest or whatever your web page is on. A web page provides people with the ability to have their interests shared and to have other people find out about their thoughts and interests without ever having to meet people or find people with these interests. A web page provides many opportunities for learning, sharing and much more.

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