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g21.jpg (66564 bytes)  I'm behind bars and I really 

 need someone to free me. I 

 will most certainly satisfy 

 THE man that is STRONG 

 enough to do that. 

heather4b08.jpg (46980 bytes)  Like to see what I have in 

 store for you?.. The beach 

 is ohhhh !! So very HOT !!

 Would like to ......

helena38.jpg (54029 bytes)  Are you an artist? If you are, 

 I'm here to pose for you in

 ANYWAY you like....

kristie40.jpg (65810 bytes)  Don't believe what I can do 

 on the couch? Click now !!

amaz1302.jpg (57482 bytes)  Have you ever seen young 

 cheerleaders! My friend 

 ask me to pose because

 she told me that I have....