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Fact Sheet for Zhorian Universe Contributors

Prepared by Overlord

What is the World of Zhor and Why Did We create it?

Basically, the world of Zhor is a "universe" entertaining b&d tg fantasies inspired by the world of Gor, a popular adventure series that first appeared in the 1960's. But Zhor goes where Gor doesn't, i.e. it extends the erotic slave girl experience to male characters. The creator of Zhor welcomes one and all to write stories set in this universe. We make no copyright claim to the information imparted herein. Every story written in this universe is the property of its writer.

Although the Zhor universe was suggested by the Gor novels, sometimes we have changed a Gorean term to a new Zhorian one, like "coin girl" becomes "alcove girl." Some terms are left the same, such as "pleasure slave." Mostly, when a term sounds unique to Gor, we have seen fit to change it. In general, though, writers of Zhor stories cannot go far wrong if they coin new terms and institutions based on Gor's. Admittedly, it would be a tall order for anyone to read the Gor books in preparation for writing a Zhor story, as there are more than 20 of them and all are long books. Instead, a good quick-study net site would be the Gor fan site at, which was still up the last time we looked. Other Gor sites can be found by net search and these can also provide a good summary background.

In this article, we shall try to make clear how Zhor differs from Gor. Most importantly, it is to be found in a parallel dimension, not as another world elsewhere in space. It has a mix of animals, many brought over from Earth. People ride horses on Zhor; they don't fly on the backs of giant eagles (tarns). This makes it easier to illustrate the stories. (NOTE: There exists the possibility that Zhor was once an alien world with alien races and animals. The Overloads brought humans and Earth animals to Zhor, but some remnants of these the older life forms may still exist as monsters, curiosities, and odd encounters. No doubt it was the decline of native life that caused the Overlords to people their world with Earthers, beginning early in human history.)

As one reads about Zhor below, he will find numerous plot hints given. These are meant to suggest the style of adventures that occur on Zhor. Fans of Zhor may feel free to adopt such plots for stories of their own.

Zhor and Gor are worlds of paradox. Their way of life and war is largely ancient or medieval, but they command some remarkable advanced science. They do not have any long-distance communications or any type of transportation that didn't exist in Roman times or the Middle Ages. Nonetheless, humans live for centuries due to their mastery of DNA-related sciences. On both worlds an alien master race sees that mankind has the maximum opportunity to evolve to his full potential without the danger of destruction from advanced weapons of war or degenerate ideologies. This admirable aim is achieved by means of an imposed limit to science in certain destructive disciplines, and the prohibition of the means by which nonsense, hate, and falsehood are disseminated, e.g. broadcast networks and the printing press. In general, Zhor has a social culture that is genial to the human nature in its natural state. As a result, mental illness and the problems of social dysfunction are minimized.

Special Note I: We offer Zhor as an open universe. We do not ask that all Zhor stories be submitted exclusively to The World of Zhor. While we would be pleased to consider any Zhorian submission for inclusion in our site, it is perfectly allowable to post such stories elsewhere. Also, simultaneous posting at The World of Zhor and some other site of the writer's choice is also encouraged.

Special Note II: The slave maids illustrating in this article have been selected exclusively from the ranks of formerly male serum girls.


The Zhor system is based on the city-state type of government. Some states are ruled by elected administrators, some by hereditary monarchs, some by usurping warlords. Zhorian empires are small, like the "empire" of Athens in our own ancient history.

Zhorian culture varies from place to place, but Zhorians put much stock in class and guild. Rulers generally come from the higher classes and there is a noble class, many members of which can belong to the warrior class. There is a prominent priest class and a merchant class. Other people are grouped into the "humble class," though sometimes members of this class are wealthy (traders, artists, scholars).

It is not easy to rise in class, but it is not uncommon. A common soldier who excels in arms and gains powerful patronage may be inducted into the warrior class. One can sometimes rise to the noble class, especially through marriage or the favor of a ruler. One of the humble classes may engage in trade and enter the merchant class, which does not have an iron-handed control over all forms of trade. (The merchant class is more interested in restricting trade in certain luxury products, controlling the most lucrative territories and monopolies, and enforcing practices good for its members.) Slaves are considered to have no class, but in practice their masters consider those slaves who were formerly of high class to be status symbols.

Beyond the small number of social classes, are the guilds. These are organized along the lines of specialized occupations, such as physician's guild, engineer's guild, ironworker's guild, and slave-trainer's guild. Guild members are expected to follow guild rules that protect their fellow members from competition and other difficulties. Breaking the rules may mean fines or expulsion from a guild. Guild members or even the law will often harass outcasts if they try to practice their specialized trade after disgrace. Classes and guilds tend to receive help and hospitality from the same classes and guilds in other cities, but political conflicts too often overshadow class and guild loyalties.

Some of the priest class are pious, but many are just careerists, like the higher clergy in the Middle Ages. The writer should bear in mind that the Overlords do not make a policy of communicating their will directly to the priests, though some priests may be agents of the Overlords, as may any Zhorian. The less sophisticated Zhorians sometime believe that priests know more of the Overlords' will than they actually do.

The lowest rank is that of the slave. Sacred law forbids the enslavement of males, though prison sentences of forced labor are sanctioned. Life sentences to slave labor are rare. If a dangerous felon needs to be controlled for the long term, is it normal to give him Ruk's serum and turn him over into slavery -- civilian slavery, usually. Slaves also come from those abducted from enemy people, those that have voluntarily chosen slavery over freedom, and those born into slavery. The latter are, happily, a small part of the slave population, which is kept small by custom. All boy slaves are born free and tradition requires them to be responsibly cared for by their mother's master, or else a foster home should be found for them. Girl children my be kept embonded, but many Zhorian fathers find it unsavory to keep their own daughters, or the daughter of any free man, slave. Most women who enter slavery as adults are considered to be carrying a kind of guilt, and their enslavement is thought to be the will of the gods. Also, men as a rule prefer formerly free woman as their slaves. Free women, who are so often selfish and demanding, are stereotyped as a bane on the lives of men, and men to think so enjoy having a formerly free woman learn deferential behavior as a slave.

But Zhorian society does not favor the idea of child servitude. The daughters of stable slaves are those that are most frequently manumitted. After all, their freedom cheers the hearts of their mothers, whom their father may very well love. In many cases, men who do not like the restrictions of marriage frequently have families by slave girls. But the having of large families are not favored, as people live a very long time. The pre-industrial economy imposed on Zhor by the strictures of the Overlords does not support an expanding population.

The lingua franca of Zhor is called "Rhinfew." Developed by merchants for the convenience of transactions in different lands, Rhinfew is used by many people for who travel. Most terms we shall use will be drawn from the common language of Rhinfew.

Zhorians and Warfare

Men who deal death up close and personal are considered savage and warlike by the uncivilized eye. These people cannot understand honor in war and wage war themselves only foul loot won at any cost, or the suppression foreign ideas that they hold as incompatible with their own. One of the blessings bestowed on people of Earth brought to Zhor is that they will live and perhaps bring children into a world that is the highest achievement of the civilizing art.

Zhor has a warrior culture, true, and warriorhood is a proud role for a man to take. Wars are fought like duels, and sometimes for offenses that would seem slight to an Earthman. But they usually do not last long nor destroy too much. It takes the weight of great nation-states to devastate with warfare, and nation-states have been forbidden to form on Zhor since time immemorial.

One may well wonder whether Earth has not been used as the testing grounds for the worst ideas and impulses of the human race. Ideological totalitariansim is a case in point.
If so, Zhor is benefiting from wise non-human masters who are able to observe the bestial folly of Earth-dwellers and guide Zhorians to a better way.

But the yearning for martial glory does not always lead to conventional wars. The wise ones of Zhor have come up with what is called the "stake war." In it, two champions, or sometimes two squads of champions, fight to resolve a judgment between two cities. The city that comes out victorious in this duel takes the beneficial terms that have previously been agreed to by the loser-to-be.

Some men are killed, of course, but their blood is considered sacred. Their families are honored highly. But duels need not be fought to the death, only to concession. The winner receives a large settlement out of the gains taken from the loser. He also wins a trophy.

In medieval times on Earth, a lady would offer a token for a favored knight to wear into battle. As the stake war evolved, an honored lady of the city herself became the token. She is tied to a post in the ground and her city's warrior fights in her defense, since she represents the beauty and fertility of his city. If he wins, she is honored almost as highly as he is, and receives her share of the rewards. If the warrior is defeated, she is taken to the enemy city as the slave of the conqueror. But there is no more honorable way to fall into slavery than to be taken as a prize in the stake duel.

But Zhorians have always been protective of their women. When Ruk's Serum came to be, ideas about the stake war evolved. Increasingly, cities have agreed to accept serum girls as stake tokens, but under terms that render the taking such a serum girl worthwhile.

In many cities, the warriors fight to subdue one another, not to kill. A warrior taken alive by opponent is taken in chains to the victorious city and given Ruk's serum. Then he -- now she -- is collared and branded, to be turned over to the champion as his proud token of the stake war.

No slave is more prized than a stake-token taken by the man who holds her. The love stories of token slaves and their masters make for a achetypical story of romance on Zhor. Of course, a stake-token is an ordinary slave under the law; one can be, and sometimes is, put up for sale.


On Zhor people can use science to rejuvenate or even change their bodies' appearance to resemble a member of the same sex. This is actually easy and cheap to do, like getting a flu shot on Earth. Thus Zhorians tend to be young and good looking, with well-exercised sexual libidos. These serums work by introducing a culture of new DNA into the human body and giving the body instructions to use the new DNA as the master DNA for the entire body. Despite their long lives, the Zhorians have excellent contraception, and so they do not overpopulate. Fashions change, but very often men scorn physical transformation, unless they want to be larger, stronger, or more sexually virile. Women tend to wish to become younger and more beautiful with greater frequency.

One enhancement that many males favor, though, is the virility injection. It takes the physiological sexual capacity found in the genes of the most potent and sexually active men and transfers it to a new host. As a group, Zhorian men are the most accomplished wenchers in the known universe.

The TG element in Zhor stories is usually supplied by Ruk's Serum. Zhorian science allows people to remain young and -- usually -- healthy for centuries. A person is far more likely to die by violence than from natural infirmity.

Ruk's Serum was an adaptation of this process. It was created by a bio-chemical genius whose paymistress and director was the slaver Vanora. Legend says that Vanora was miffed at the idea that it was always women who got the brand and a good switching and it was men who had all the fun. Inspired by the body-changing serums she sought out the best man available to make genetic sex-change possible, Ruk. She required Ruk to achieve certain aims, such as allowing transformed men to conceive and bear children and a psychological sexual reorientation to female heterosexuality. But as a slaver she was intrigued by the idea of producing a superior type of slave girl. She reasoned that if a woman had the automatic sexual responsiveness of the typical male, carried over from her male experience, her capacity for multiple orgasms in female form would make her the equivalent of a driven sexual addict. And a sexual addict would be the most valued and sought after pleasure slave on Zhor. Another things Vanora insisted on was that her "serum girls" would be "natural slaves." Science had previously identified the gene that governs natural slavery, a trait that helps women to survive in a harsh, violent world of dominant men. Nature has selected women who compulsively submit to men have the most opportunity to have sex and so will bear the greatest number of children.

The typical serum girl of today has the male-level, ultra-intense reactions to sexual stimuli, or at least she does after a period of physiological adjustment and psychological reorientation that is usually called "ripening." A ripe serum girl may often driven into orgasm during her first carnal experience and the wise slaver does not force her until she gives the signs of ripeness. Repeated sexual exercise tends to intensify her drive to mate promiscuously -- just as men are nature driven to mate promiscuously -- until her craving for sexual activity reaches a plateau -- a high plateau generally. But more than anything, Vanora wanted all subjects that were transformed by the serum to be able to attain what Zhorians call "ignition" at a rate that is far beyond the statistical norm. This would make a serum girl superior to ordinary women as a pleasure slave. More will be said of ignition below.

[NOTE: The human body actually does replace itself over a period of months; for the sake of literature we shall allow that the Zhorian body-changing injections are much swifter and take only a few days. This may be far-fetched, but many professional fiction writers have allowed things even more unlikely. Such a vast change of, say, a seven-foot male into a slim five-foot girl, may leave us with a couple hundred pounds of mass to get rid of, as well as other physiological difficulties. We creators are willing to ignore this fact if Zhor fans are. As for the actual sensation of transformation, we can assume that a serum subject usually goes into a delirium and will remember very little until she wakes up with the DNA takeover complete.]

It is good to be medically attended during the difficult process, but we will assume that most people can survive it unaided if necessary. Sometimes, perhaps only out of a malicious wish to increase the shock of the subject, a man is given Ruk's Serum while under anesthetic, and is kept that way, intravenously fed, until the change is complete. Then another drug, one to make the subject wake clear-headed, is given. To the awakened one, it will seem like "he" only dozed off a moment before waking up as a beautiful girl.

Ruk's Serum immunizes the body against all of the familiar body-changing injections, except those that have the markers to tell the body that it is a new culture of Ruk's Serum. Medical researchers have tried to counterfeit the markers to induce a non-Ruk changes, but so far without success. Needless to say, there is no way to reverse any of the effects of Ruk's serum, though a woman or serum girl can assume another woman's shape by treatment with a different culture of the serum. Physicians who cater to slavers have large inventories of stored DNA of women, most of them extremely beautiful. (The standards of beauty on Zhor run very close to the standards of beauty current at Playboy, Inc., by the way.) Beautiful Earth women are sometimes abducted for their genetic contributions, but they are sometimes released again once they slavers have what they want.

Only a small part of the male population ever suffers from sex transformation, and few men fret about the possibility of such a fate inadvertently befalling them, their cultural attitude being one of fatalism. Instead of commiserating with a serum girl, a Zhorian typically assumes that the best way to be kind is to help her accept her new sex and to become a good slave, if slave she is. Not all serum girls are enslaved, but common wisdom holds that no serum girl can be truly happy unless she becomes a pleasure slave. The actual percentages of free people who become slave on Zhor is about 2% but the total slave population is about 5%, since some women are born slave. The level at which new enslavements, slave deaths, and manumissions occur has stabilized at that level. Enslavement of the free is divided about evenly between those born male and female.

Probably, born-women are preferred a slaves by most men, since the male libido in a woman is hard for one man to satisfy. But males go about openly, are less protected by custom, and thus easier to seize for transformation, and their libido is a plus if they are placed into public slavery and require to give sexual recreation to many different men.

The Zhorians are content with their society and do not really desire more slaves than they already have. The powerful guilds, especially, do not want their members to be put out of work by a vast expansion of slave labor.
Slaves do not do the crucial work of society; they are meant for household servants and sexual sport, something in the manner of Earth's Middle East in the 10th Century.

The male and female capacity for sex differs. No matter how virile, a man will soon exhaust himself physically in the act of sex. But serum girls are not satiated by a short period of brolling, since women can experience multiple orgasms. A serum girl, if "ignited," normally needs to seek pleasure with man after man in a single night. This is why serum girls make better public pleasure slaves than do natural women; promiscuity being in their nature and their male-inherited sex-drive is greater. On the other hand, the lesser sexual needs of women make them better personal slaves in the homes of males. Most men, naturally enough, do not want to be importuned to provide service to a needful slave when he doesn't feel like indulging her.

But we cannot fairly stereotype the serum girl. Some men do not have powerful sexual libidos and as women these will make suitable inmates of pleasure stables. Incidentally, Zhorian men are better able to sustain themselves in sexual activity than are Earthers. Sexual enhancement is one of the most popular changes that men seek of physicians. Ironically these enhancements, even if artificially gained, will make them even more needful as serum girls and more easily "ignited" themselves, should womanhood be their fate.
Some of Zhor have wondered how it could be that, in days long past, Ruk could have created his serum, while all the geniuses who have since lived have failed to duplicate it. Did Ruk have an fortuitous breakthrough that made his success leap centuries ahead of its time, or did he have help? If he had help, who could have assisted him except the Overlords? Did they provide him information, either through dreams or through agents, to facilitate the creation of his serum? If so, why? Did they feel that there was a need to introduce a revolutionary change into the society that they had so long guided? Does the threat of slavery build character in men, in so far as the gods-fearing might see such a fate as punishment for inequity. Could the introduction of such a threat be considered a calculated boon to the expansion of ethics? The Overlords do not reveal their deeds in simple ways, and no one can ask Ruk himself, for he died centuries ago.

But because the slave gene, and also Signeer's genes (see Chadwor's Serum) are hereditary, some see a significant future change in the character of the Zhorian population. Neither gene is dominant, but the children of serum girls and enhanced slaves are most likely to inherent these artificially introduced genes. In each generation there seem to be more natural slaves (and natural masters), and also sufferers of Signeer's Curse. But a trend that make the male population more and more masterful in regards to their women is not regarded as a problem by men. Further, Signeer's Curse is sex-linked and likewise does not concern males, who to a much greater extent than on Earth, make the law and social policy.

Ruk's Serum Used on Born-Women

Ruk's Serum may be used on natural women. It causes them to take the new shape dictated by the serum's DNA culture, but they do not become lustier than they were originally. Vanora specifically instructed Ruk not to introduce male-intensity sex drives into women who received the serum, but only to preserve that which was already there. Her intention was, of course, to make former males the more desirable type for pleasure slavery. For a while Vanora fancied the idea of the serum having no effect on women at all, but at last allowed Ruk to let the serum make even women into natural slaves. For this reason, many born-women are given the serum upon enslavement. Vanora herself seldom used it this way. Since she changed the policy of her house and only trained serum girls once the serum was a success.

The Serum-Girl Transformation

Who is transformed? The serum is cheap and widely available. If a city outlaws it, it can be found in another location, or bought from illegal dealers. Captive males, such as war prisoners, may be injected as a way of disposing of them profitably, should ransom not be available or desirable. Then, too, some individual males are seized by slavers and are injected. Runaway youths are especially vulnerable to this mishap. In some known cases, personal enemies have waylaid a hated one and injected him, perhaps with a thrown serum dart. As Zhorian males tend to think that being a female sexual slave is worst than death, transformation of criminals by law is considered a useful deterrent. Besides, prison is expensive, execution cruel, and penal mutilation and crippling creates useless drags on society. Transformation creates useful human livestock, and most transformees come to enjoy their redirected lives. Ruk's Serum is, therefore, both humane and a boon to law enforcement. The criminal's life is spared and the girl's master becomes her "warden," privately covering her support expenses and acting to insure her good behavior.

Sometimes a victim is not enslaved by enemies, but is transformed and maliciously sent back to his own city. Free serum girls are often shamed at home, being so degraded. Oddly, one's city and family feels much less of the shame if their citizen or family member should be not sent home, but enslaved in some foreign city. This may be a case of "out of sight, out of mind." One who is enslaved is legally dead and can be mourned and honored as one of the departed.

Ruk's serum is also used in the treatment of otherwise incurable diseases. One dreadful affliction is Selyf-Digon, a scourge that only affects men of certain genetic lines; oddly, the male-to-male body serum will not cure a case of it, but Ruk's Serum will. The disease is so terrible, especially in is disfiguring qualities and the social shunning it brings about, that womanhood is viewed as acceptable by some.

Ruk's Serum may be used by persons working in espionage while working undercover. The disguise it provides is even better than simply changing a male's shape to that of a different male. Security forces know that spies often change their bodies and tend to check men's documents and cover stories carefully.

Few guards expect for a spy to come in the form of a degraded slave girl, knowing that the serum will bring urges that will probably render her ineffective. In one known case, a warrior volunteered to spy upon dangerous group in the guise of the enemy leader's favorite pleasure slave (who had been captured by agents of the Overlords in order to take DNA samples and replace her with a skilled spy). The spy, despite all, succeeded brilliantly. Not all men have strong sexual libidos, hence the Ruk girls they become are not so ruled by lust that it overrides all other considerations. Of course, all Ruk girls are also natural slaves, but not all are to the degree as to be debilitated by the condition. And those who are psychologically repressed do not suffer greatly at all. Alas, any prolonged repression can lead to emotional problems in the long run.

Free serum girls oftentimes try to continue on much the way they did as men. Others try to live as ordinary free women and may even pretend to be such. Free serum girls, alas, are often not successful at private life, as they must deal with perhaps ravenous urges. In the course of their long Zhorian lives, many free serum girls will eventually seek or be deliberately careless and fall into slavery. The rate of those who do is certainly over 50% and some would put the figure much higher. There is the case of a serum girl with dormant urges who lived in semi-seclusion for a hundred years doing scholarly work. Then a handsome man came to her mansion as a guest and suddenly her well-honed self-discipline seemed to dissolve. Yet she knew she did not want marriage. One thing led to another and today she is a branded girl in his pleasure stable. Though he prizes her, it pleases a man of action to keep such an intelligent and learned girl under strict discipline and has brought in a skilled lash mistress to have her trained to serve a man in all ways. It is said her only regret is that, had she been, and listen to her true nature, she could have found a love-master a full century before she actually did. A Zhorian hearing her tale will say that she was far from smart in those things that mark a smart woman. A truly intelligent Ruk-maiden, they believe, is the one who asks for a male's chain as soon as she possibly can.

Sometimes transformation results from rank foolishness. There is the story of an exclusive club of young rakehells doing in one Zhorian city. New would-be members had to prove their daring by playing an initiation game in concept like Russian roulette. Ten syringes were set before them; in one syringe was Ruk's Serum, and in nine others was a harmless substance. One of the ten inevitably became a girl. Soon, with her blood aflame with need that could not be denied, she became a public slave whom the other club members each brolled many times.

In another city there is a type of duel where if one duelist is rendered at the mercy of the other; he must choose either death on his opponent's blade or Ruk's serum and enslavement by his vanquisher. And this is not the sum total of the folly that will lead to a man becoming a slave girl on Zhor. Alas, there are few ways to become free once enslaved. Also, a surprising number of those few who do regain freedom will voluntarily (or mostly voluntarily) become slaves again.

The Rights of Fathers

Another peculiarity of Zhorian culture is this: In most cities, Zhorian fathers have absolute rights over their wives and children under twenty, as in Ancient Rome. Wives and daughters may be killed or enslaved at will, though society will spurn a man who does such acts without cause. Sons may be killed, or injected with Ruk's serum before being sold as a slave.
Ruk's Serum as an Instrument of Justice

Before Ruk's Serum, crime on Zhor tended to be punished as it was in Europe until the end of the 18th Century. Jails were only for holding people temporarily for trial, not usually as a punishment in itself. People incarcerated for a long period of time were generally political prisoners, like Mary Queen of Scotts and the Man in the Iron Mask. In that time and place, death was very commonly imposed even for what we would consider trivial offenses, such as petty theft. Acts that even Zhorians considered venial were punished with flogging and mutilation. Women could be enslaved, a fate similar to life imprisonment, but the laws of the Overlords forbade enslaving men. Still, terms of forced labor, mainly to work off debts, was and still is widely utilized on Zhor.

Ruk's Serum changed much regarding Zhorian jurisprudence. If men could become women, they, too, could be punished for crime by enslavement. Further, transformation could replace much of the flogging and mutilation that had previously been court ordered.

Transformation came to be a great deterrent to crime. While many people do not like the idea of using Ruk's Serum, they are conflicted. Without the option to transform a dangerous man and allow the security of the slave system of Zhor keep him -- now her -- under discipline, judges would simply order lawbreakers to the gallows or the headsman.
Is it not more merciful to let them instead perform the simple tasks of maidservants, or partake in sexual activity that the Serum adjusts their minds and bodies to enjoy. Only the very cruel would want beauitful, busy slave girls to be useless dead men instead.

Serum girls who are condemned to slavery are generally sold to slavers. After that, the girl is no longer of official concern. The law subsequently makes little distinction between condemned felons and innocent girls born into slavery, or formerly free persons who fall into slavery by misadventure. Slaves are legally animals, and the law does not see one cow or burro as being morally better than another. In practice though, a master keeps a careful eye on a new slave who has a history of serious crime, lest they try to escape or injure their companions. Girls who fall back on their old anti-social behavior usually earn appropriate punishment, such as gagging, lashing, and uncomfortable chaining. A record of bad behavior may go in their documents, and a bad girl can expect to be tolerated only by watchful masters with strong security, such as those who run operations using public slave girls.

But the use of Ruk's Serum is available to criminals, also. Some use it to punish traitors in their own ranks. Some use it as a means of illegal slave procurement. A stranger, seized and held until fully transformed, can be taken to an enemy city and sold for profit. Even an uncomely woman can be made more attractive by a dose, thereby increasing her price. And the serum has the added advantage of giving her the slave gene, which makes even a born-woman more tractable. If a male or female is kidnapped for ransom, the abductors often threaten to transform the victim unless their demands are complied with. As the transformation of a family member is a disgrace both to the victim and the family, it is almost as powerful an incentive as is the threat death. Anyway, a transformed captive with an unpaid ransom can then be sold for profit by the criminals. A kinsman transformed and enslaved, by the way, is held to be like one dead, and under the law his property is distributed according the terms of his last will an testate, slavery being the legal equivalent of death in many jurisdictions.

While on the subject of crime we should touch on Zhorian organized crime. It is common for one central gang to dominate a city, lesser mobs being treated as tributary groups. When a criminal steals something, he must pay a percentage to the gang boss or the lieutenant in charge of his sector of the city. Sometimes an independent malefactor must get permission from the city boss even to attempt a crime in his jurisdiction. Powerful gangs sometimes try to dominate the crime scene of more than one city, but the organization of the city-state system makes this difficult. The groups that most resemble what Earth society things of as organized crime is the smuggler gangs. These tend to be large and rich, able to corrupt law enforcement figures with bribes. They suppress witnesses to their crimes with terror and violence, and pretty much have things their own way. When their misdeeds become too blatant in a city, there may be a crackdown, but such efforts to clean up a community do not last long and things soon settle back down into the status quo.

Ruk's Serum as an Instrument of Terror

Ruk's serum is used both by war makers and criminals to spread terror among those who would resist them.
No new development exists for long before military thinkers evaluate it for its applications for warfare. Ruk's Serum is a particularly useful item. It is an oddity of warrior psychology that a fighting man would rather face truly lethal weaponry than take a wound that would change him into a serum girl. The first use of the weapon in battle, primarily as hand-thrown syringe darts, had great effect at driving enemy forces into panic. Soon most armies were similarly armed and a sort of balance of terror was achieved. The darts are still used, but more sophisticated methods have since been created. A crossbow bolt-syringe has been especially favored, as it has a sharp, hardened point that can penetrate lower-grade amour. Also, it is very accurate in a skilled hand, and sometimes it is used to pick off a particular person, such as an individual leader. A serially firing ballista is capable of launching a rapid discharge from a loaded magazine of syringe bolts. The advantage is here that when fired by a powerful machine, these bolts have a great penetrating power. Full plate armor sometimes yields to them. Then, too, there is a special catapult that fires scores of darts at a time, raining them down from above on lightly armored formations, in the hope of routing an army's supporting infantry. The same effect might be achieved by using deadly poison instead, but the use of poison is still against the rules of Zhorian warfare; Ruk's Serum is not.

If prisoners of war cannot be ransomed due to the poverty or the parsimony of their cities or relation, it is commonplace for a military captor to transform them. Their sale as slaves will net the victor a golden return. Sometimes large bands of prisoners are injected as a group and yet are not enslaved Instead. Instead, they are sent home as free women, as a means to demoralize an enemy city and undermine its will to carry on the struggle. This tactic was famously used by the tyrant Gwanc of Gendir against the elite First Horse Lancer Troop of the city of Prydferth. The sight of Prydferth's young heroes returning wrapped in the comely flesh of chagrined girlhood was a citywide humiliation that brought about a very favorable negotiated peace, yielding another triumph for the despot. (NOTE: Although dispatched home free, there is a pervasive legend to the effect that, within a century after the battle, every transformed soldier of the First Horse Lancer Troop was not only still alive, but had, in fact, by once circumstance or other, become a pleasure slave.)

Another important military use of the serum is in internal discipline. Egregious faults, such as unsoldierly conduct (rape or looting without permission, etc.) or cowardice in battle, can result in an injection for punishment. In less dire cases, the offender is drummed out of the ranks and sent home in disgrace. On the other hand, if the offense is an extreme one, "he" is branded and enslaved. Some of these new Ruk slaves are sold at public auction, but a portion of them may be placed into the military brothels that follow the moving camps. Raw, new-made girls are seldom tossed into these bordellos unprepared. Slaving bands customarily follow most armies and, for a fee, will take charge of a new slave. The instruction is intense and rough, preparing a girl for the bawdyhouse life in about a month. In some cases, slaves are given the basics of erotic dancing to entertain the troops en masse.

Military Barracks Slaves and Their Training

A soldier who is condemned for a serious crime or breech of discipline may be sentenced to transformation. Military brothels go far back into Zhorian history. Gradually, with the creation of Ruk's Serum, their nature changed from being a simply place for a soldier's pleasure to a place of punishment, primarily for an army's own cowards, criminals, and deserters. In addition, sometimes enemy soldiers are made barracks slaves, due reasons as varied as attrocities committed, breeches of truce, fighting too stalwartly, or being caputured and going unransomed. If the supply of serum girls is at any time too large, the army's excess is sent to public slave auctions and the proceedings are added to the city's war chest. Barracks slaves tend to be changed frequently, rotated around the brothels of the army's different camps to offer the warriors fresh faces, or taken to market for public sale. How long a girl remains a barracks slave depends greatly on the amount of "fresh meat" that is available at a particular time.

Few military units train their own serum girls. This work is usually performed by proffesional slavers, whose compounds, if near a military center, customerly have slavers specialized in training barracks whores. The typical training lasts from three weeks to a month and it is instense and harsh, lessons often driven home by the lash. The girls are usually introduced to their new sex by meaqns of vaec pelda. Their training is simple and direct. The goal is to tame harlots for the robust sexual use of soldiers at a very rapid rate. Girls in training learn to broll in several basic positions, and also to do teur. Sometimes the latter training begins and ends with dyff, but if time permits, additional oral techniques are required. Also, gair and hand work are normally taught. After this rushed drilling, the girls are returned to their military command. The most dreaded placement for a military harlot is in the same camp where she had before served as a man. Now she must perhaps work side by side with serum girls that she herself had routinely brolled, and to be herself brolled by men whom she knows, some of them inferior to her former rank. This may be the bitterest pill of all. In the military hierarchy, no one is considered lower than a barracksroom whore.

A military slave is considered spoiled for the more artful duties of a girl in bondage. The greater portion of barracksroom girls, eventually removed from the military's control through sale, become the lowest of all public slave types, the alcove slave. Ex-military slaves are usually considered to be hardened whores set in their ways and to teach them amatory finesse in thought to be a waste of time. They are therefore earmarked for sale to street procurers and to proprietors of rough houses, such as those near barracks, large labor forces, and thriving ports. The fear of becoming a barracks whore has kept a soldier of dubious qualities on the straight and narrow, and encouraged him to stand fast in battle, when he otherwise would like to flee.

Military slave trainers have other customers, too. A master who feels his girl will benefit from their simple, harsh training sees that she is instructed by them. In Prydferth, according to one master's memoir, a man cajoled his serum girl mistress, a former officer of mounted forces, into submitting to the collar out of her indense need for sex and erotic degradation. When she was at last slave, as he had long wished her to be, he brolled her, often and well, until she ignited helplessly Then the jolly rogue dispatched the girl to be barracksroom trained.

While trying to seduce her, he had spoiled her, and so now he wanted her to know that that he did not pamper his slaves. The master writes that after a month in training his slave came back, well broken, unskilled in the finer arts, but well prepared to be a barracksroom whore. The evident conquest of her former conceit pleased the master greatly, for his appreciation of her beauty, of her kisses and caresses, were such that he could not accept less than the total domination of both her body and will. She was perhaps fortunate that this particular master had whore-trained her with a sense of playfulness, and afterwards saw to it that she learned to dance, to serve meals, and keep a house tidy, thus raising her above the low status she had been trained to accept, and making it easy for her all-important master to cherish her.

Criminals and Ruk's Serum

Criminals sometimes punish their own treacherous members with Ruk's blend. More commonly, though, it is used to intimate potential victims. Pirates, especially, hate to undergo hard fighting for their maritime prizes. Before the advent of Ruk's Serum, buccaneers would oftentimes torture to death a merchant sailor or passenger who fought too bravely.

Nowadays it is much more common for pirates to keep a supply of the cheap, easily available transforming serum on hand. They single out thoes foes who cause them to shed blood. Sometimes the injected ones will be taken away for sale in distant ports. Just as commonly, the pirates simply leave them with the looted ship, to reach their homes and be seen by all as an object lesson.

A memoir of a military officer, A Soldier and a Woman, tells the story of a fighting man who bitterly resisted the implications of his transformation at sea and became a mercenary swordswoman. Eventually captured by the enemy, she was enslaved and trained as a silk girl. After decades of pleasing men, she at last fell into the power of a master who was very much amused by her colorful history and ordered her to write out in detail her life story.

Criminals will also inject men simply because they have nothing to steal, or cannot pay ransoms. Their sale to unscrupulous slavers -- of whom there are many -- makes up for the wasted effort of trying to rob them.



For many centuries a male sexual worker usually called the "oernad" has flourished on Zhor. Their numbers were small until Ruk's Serum was created. Now, free serum girls, moved by simultaneous slut-craving and slave-craving, often take these hired lovers so that they may practice their vice in secret. While oernads might feed their need for sex, this contractual carnality usually starves them emotionally. Some free serum girls are tormented by sexual cravings that tend to grow over the weeks and months, from the annoying to the powerful. Usually, the stronger a male's libido was previously, the stronger will be his heterosexual female sex-drive. Thus the oernads have a role to play.

Some oernads have talents that go beyond socializing and stud service. A very popular type of oernad is a type of an actor who can help a woman act out heartfelt erotic fantasies. Among serum girls the most popular type of fantasy is various enslavement and prostitution fantasies. Sometimes a skilled oernad can help build up a serum girl's confidence so that she can bring herself to join a slave club, where her problems can be more thoroughly treated.

Slave Clubs

Ruk's Serum not only preserves in a serum girl the male's inordinate sex-drive, it hardwires her, via importation of new genes taken from natural slaves, to make desire for men and submission to them her second nature. A Ruk girl living free is not immune to these drives. She is apt to have fantasies of living in sexual bondage and may seek to sate these impulses. Merely cruising for male pickups is unsafe, since slave abductors watch for unprotected women. An oernad skilled in master-slave play is a better solution, but he cannot provide the total emergence into the woman's fantasy world that the victim instinctively seeks. The most acceptable relief available to the serum girl (and free women, too, especially those who have been "enhanced" by the serum) is the "slave club." Bondage clubs are known on Earth, but they are much more common on Zhor because the institution of legal enslavement fascinates free women. The clubs existed before Ruk's Serum came to be, but serum girls tend to need them the most, for they combine a male-sized sex drive with female heterosexuality and slave cravings. Observing beautiful women in bondage, able to flaunt their sexuality publicly, frequently drives a freewoman (and ripe serum girls) to envy. Many such persons are tempted to know what it feels like to be a pleasure slave, and they get very close to the experience in elaborate club fantasies.

At the clubs, women of all origins are guided by skilled bondage masters, most of whom belong to the Guild of Slave-Trainers. Most Ruk-maids prefer to attend clubs that cater only to serum girls, not liking the mockery of ordinary women.

Interestingly, some serum girls who go to clubs do so hoping that the experience will be so painful and degrading that they will lose interest in the fantasy that torments them. This is an idea that slave clubs will actively promote, but it is largely . Oftentimes, the club experience will actually exacerbate a woman's forbidden drives and many Ruk-maids who have had the club experiences eventually cross their wrists before free men (sometimes even pleasure-house keepers), desiring that what they have experienced in fantasy can become their everyday reality. Alas, slavery is easy to enter, but hard to leave. Statistical studies in Zhorian cities have found that a female who becomes a pleasure slave will probably remain one for the remainder of her life. This life, of course, may be a very long one, since the science of Zhor allows for many centuries of youth and beauty. There are three common stages in the experience of a woman who voluntarily becomes a slave. 1) a brief period of ecstatic excitement as her most exciting fantasy is realized, 2) a realization that she has been very foolish and this life is one she cannot bear for the rest of her life, 3) ignition, usually in the arms of a man, and the realization that no other life could suit her better than that of a collared and branded pleasure slave. Interestingly, psychological investigation attests that public pleasure slaves do not seem appreciably more unhappy in their life than so their sisters who serve only one man in a private pleasure stable.


Slave Camps

There is a stop-gap measure that the female, in the intensity of her slave-need, may take. The industry (a part of the slave-training establishment), provides women with the chance to attain experiences that last more than a few hours at a time. There are camps, usually affiliated with one or more club, where women live as pleasure slaves in training for weeks of at a time. The experience provide is very much like the real thing, short of the sometimes cruel punishments that real slaving houses employ. Instead, if a woman refuses to cooperate, she is turned out and banned from the establishment.

If a client requests it, arts suitable to a slave are taught as part of her pseudo training, such as erotic dancing (including the drefa-dex) and table service. Usually the signed agreement allows the camp trainers to instruct a girl in the love-making arts, and even provides sexual partners from the ranks of the trainers and even outside parties, such as oernads and even casual male visitors who may hold memberships that allow them entry. If the local law and the woman's contract allows it, even forbidden sex acts, such as teur, is taught, and taught well. Rare is the serum girl who does not want a male companionship. It is probably desire for such that drives her to join a slave camp in the first place. It seems to be the case that a serum girl who is having trouble adjusting wants the camp experience mainly help them become comfortable having sexual relationships with males. If such a girl can tell herself that she is being "forced" to serve a wide variety of men promiscuously, she can give vent to her wanton nature in a shameless manner and not hold herself at fault.

Some camps have wings that are licensed as joy houses or a taverns. Male visitors can (and often do) make use of these places of diversion, just like they would in ordinary establishments of the type. Many males prefer to have sex with free women who are merely playing the role of silk slaves. Some attest that the idea that a woman, perhaps a respectable woman, is voluntarily degrading herself in their clutch is more pleasurable than any comparable adventure with a true slave.

By the end of her camp stay, the most girls have conquered their sexual obsessions by giving in them to the nth degree, though relief is almost always fleeting and a woman will feel compelled to return later. In truth, faux slavery seems always to be less satisfying and fulfilling to a female with the slave gene than is true slavery. Indeed, physicians of the soul, the braed, have held that unless a woman knows herself to be truly enslaved, her psychological can be only imperfectly met by simulated play. In these extreme cases, regrettably not too uncommon, the suffering party will gain less and less relief by visiting a camp or club and will ultimately seek true slavery. While some women will bravely make the plunge, carefully identifying what particular man they would wish to have for a master and yielding to him under the law, most show their needs by unconsciously becoming more and more reckless, more and more flirtatious, more and more willing to go into hazardous places without proper protection. Very many women snatched in the street are conscious or unconscious collaborators in their fate. Such a female may think she is struggling hard, but the blows she inflicts, the speed at which she runs, and the loudness of her shouts for help may not be what they could be.

It is said that if such a girl who is familiar with clubs and camps is enslaved, she has already been so well prepared for a life bondage that the trainer has little more to do to brand, strip her, and place her for sale upon the block. Unfortunately she will be lost to the slave club as a paying customer, which is why such businesses do not actively seek to entice their contractees into true slavery. It always pays more in the long run to milk a cow frequently rather than to butcher her.

A free woman who debauch herself is widely looked down on, and some cities keep slave clubs under close scrutiny. They are rarely outlawed, however, as the Zhorian mind loves freedom and is not predisposed to keep people from harming themselves. That is one reason why Zhorians, as a whole, are more contented with their society than are the people of Earth. Where prohibitions are intense, however, constables sometimes raid clubs and the free women who are found in violation of the city standards can be arrested and the club may be fined or have its license revoked. Social disgrace will follow a woman's public exposure and some courts customarily punish degenerate behavior with true slavery.

How Poor Men Train Slaves

Some men enjoy taming their raw slave girls personally. If wealthy, a master may send his fetching wench to a professional trainer, or lease a professional lash slave to train her in his home. But if a man is poor, a different and popular option is open to him. Many siolat taverns and some pleasure houses accept other men's slaves into their establishments under contract and treat them for an agreed period as if they were their own property. The raw and oftentimes rebellious slave girl is tamed and taught the exacting trade of the house. Not only do they learn to obey men abjectly and serve their most wanton desires, but they get a taste of the life that might be theirs if they provoke their real master. Many an unsatisfactory stable slave has been sold on a public auction block. The training the girl receives in the tavern or pleasure house is paid for by her own labors, and the master will pick her up at the end of the stipulated time. Should he not return for some reason (perhaps being killed in war), she will be probated as property of his estate. Frequently, especially if the heir is a woman, the slave may be sold, sometimes to the very house in which she has been trained.

The Dilemma of the Natural Slave.

There are known cases where free natural slaves have actually impersonated pleasure slaves in public. Sometimes it is as innocent as dressing as a slave and being led by a faithful servant into the market, where the girl pretends to shop while being ogled by passersby. Sometimes it is much more extreme. Women have paid a tavern keeper or pleasure-house matron to admit them in disguise and be allowed to join in the activities. The usual giveaway is that the faux-slaves wear a simulated tattoo brand, instead of the more common hot-iron brand. Sometimes public slave establishments put tattoo brands on some of their true slaves in the hope that customers will suspect that they are free sluts and show more interest in them.

Impersonating a pleasure slave in a public place is considered a much worse moral offense merely attending a private slave club. There are cases where a woman of high rank was arrested in a tavern, tried and condemned to slavery, and then was bought by the very same tavern keeper in whose establishment she had disgraced herself. (Maybe because he had seen how popular she had been with the carousers; maybe he is angry that her arrest had led to his own fining). She is then put to work for long years at the demeaning tasks that she had wished to engage in for but a little while.

But the authorities are not the only hazard that a wanton woman faces. If she has told no one where she is, an unscrupulous matron or taverner may choose to gag, bind, and sell such a one to some unethical slave dealer. Slavers are skilled at smuggling abducted females out of their home cities. Bribed gate guards do a land office business by turning a blind eye when wagon containing hooded, gagged (supposed) slaves pass by. In truth, such unfortunate girls are a disgrace to their cities and their kin, and they are usually not missed.

How Zhorian Women are Protected or Voluntarily Embonded

Zhor protects its women from wholesale enslavement. It is easiest to enslave a woman if she is a foreign captive. Only if the foreign city is an ally of the woman's city is there is some risk for the slavers. Such protection is informal, though, since the sacred law of the Overlords forbids treaties between states that set the ground work for power-collusion and empire-building attempts.
Apparently, the Overlords prefer that Zhorians be able to move about Zhor, safe from persecution for acts done elsewhere.

Because such arrangements tend to be informal, even closely-allied cities may show bias in favor of their own citizens in suits that involve the return of a captive or one "wrongly" enslaved.

In the past, perceive unfairness in an adjudication has caused allied cities to become enemies.

It is much more difficult for one to attain the legal enslavement of a desired woman living in her own city, especially by foreigners. As referenced elsewhere, various types of crimes committed by a woman often results in her reduction to slavery. In such a case, the culprit is generally placed on a state-run auction block with her disgraceful history read aloud to a crowd of bidders. There are, alas, cases where a man, lusting for a free woman, or a female rival who hates her, has planted false evidence against a victim or has brought forward perjured accusers, but this is not common. The investigators of crime are generally quite skilled at revealing hoaxes. In some cities, false evidence and bogus witnesses can lead to the perpetrator's transformation and enslavement.
Nor is it always easy to enslave woman in her own city by using duress to force her to "cross her wrists" Coercion used against a city's daughter negates the act of submission. Likewise, if blackmail is used to impel a woman to submit to slavery, the enslavement is not legal and the act of blackmail is considered a serious crime.

Sometimes the lust of a man for a free woman of his own city is so great that he will abduct her and take her to a foreign jurisdiction, to which he may offer his allegiance. Yet, newcomers are usually not welcomed elsewhere, as stealers of local jobs, and sometimes are regarded as potential spies. To settle easily into a foreign city often calls for the payment of large bribes to city officials. An abducted woman who is enslaved and who somehow escapes from an enemy city, stands a good chance of being freed by home authorities should she return to her own city.

Any apprehended male abductor would be considered a criminal subject to charges. There is a recent case where an expatriate kidnapper stole back into his former city to recover an escaped slave, only to be entrapped by her father's bodyguards and turned over to the law. Transformed into a serum girl, "he" was duly sold naked from a public auction block and now serves as a beautiful and hotly ignited cup slave drudging in a tavern frequented by bawdy sailors.

Many sly tricks are played by unscrupulous persons to attain the enslavement of a woman. Some cities embond insolvent female debtors, their bodies being sold if their property does not cover their obligations. Owing money is often seen as equivalent to stealing and they might be enslaved like a common thief. Sometimes a woman who is a compulsive gambler is deliberately enticed into piling up a heavy load debt by one who seeks her enslavement. Insolvent men, by the way, are generally banished as bad characters or placed on work gangs to pay back what they owe. Sex change and enslavement of males is usually reserved for crimes much worse than insolvency. Zhorians consider enthralling to be a mercy to bankrupt women, since if they were banished they certainly would be enslaved in a foreign land after much suffering and privation. Likewise, it is considered demeaning to put a free woman to common labor. Zhorians wish to protect their women, and the best was to protect an irresponsible woman is to enslave her, taking her out-of-control-life out of her own hands and placing it under the purview of a protector. If this seems unfair, it is because Zhor has other ideas about fairness. Men make the laws, so it is natural that they should make the law fall more harshly where it will not directly affect the lawmakers. Besides, even a lawmaker may fancy the idea of a woman -- particularly a beautiful one -- becoming a public slave and thus sexually available to him.

There is a famous case where a usurious banker paid an assassin to throw a Ruk dart into a hated personal foe and business rival. The victim transformed and subsequently many of his former associates did not care to deal with a serum girl, as their genetically-ingrained obsessions tend to keep them distracted and flighty. By this ruse, the new woman was ruined financially. The villain then bought up her debts and sued her for her freedom in compensation, which was legal in that city. Thus she fell into her enemy's power and as a new slave girl, she received extensive training in obedience and harlotry. Though a century has passed since then, she still serves as a hotly ignited slave in one of her master's many silk houses. Her rival had therefore gained much more than just a hard-working, profitable silk slave; her well-publicized fate paid served as a warning to others who might have otherwise aspired to become his enemies and rivals.

Another trick used is the seducing a woman or the hiring a man to seduce her. If a woman can be persuaded to commit an illegal sexual act in front of hidden witnesses (in many cities, acts of teur -- fellatio -- might be so considered), she may be tried and condemned to slavery. Tribadism is another crime that many cities will punish with embonding. At least for a time, some serum girls have lingering attractions to women. Some cities make allowances for serum girls in this situation, but most do not. If seduced in front of reliable witnesses by a woman, both women may be tried for a crime that carries the penalty of enslavement. But there are other traps that an unwary woman may fall into. In divers jurisdictions, should a female citizen commits tribadism with another's slave before witnesses, she becomes the property of the slave's master or mistress. It is known that some masters use slaves who are seductively trained to fascinate women and lure them into trysts -- particularly new serum girls who have not yet acquired a strong preference for men. Once collared, tribadists are made to be well acquainted with boy-girl sex and usually grow addicted to it.

There will always be some women who want to be slaves in their own cities. Usually they have found lovers who encourage them to go this route. Customs vary, but usually all that is really needed is the act of kneeling and crossing one's wrists for binding before the person who is to become the girl's master or mistress. A prescribed number of witnesses is required to prove the reality of the woman's voluntary surrender. Yet this is an informal proceeding. Some legal disagreements can be avoided by going to a city magistrate and having the girl's status changed under the eyes of the law. Most cities have small offices of enslavement and there the woman and her master-to-be are informed of their rights and obligations. The kneeling and binding ritual is then performed and the woman is stripped in front of the magistrate, his notaries, and his witnessing clerks. There is usually a slave rack and a heated iron waiting during business hours. A skilled brander may do the marking job for a small fee, or the master will brand his new slave himself. But it is hard to do a clean, professional branding if one is unskilled. So, some cities have "branding machines." A spring-equipped device holds a newly-heated iron while a slave is bound with the brand aimed at the spot to be marked, usually the left hip. The master trips a switch and the hot iron connects with the slave's flesh. It is a sophisticated device and it springs away after the proper length of time -- mere seconds -- so the brand will not be overdone.

It is a custom in some places to strike the still-bound girl with a switch or lash of some kind, as the symbol of her new master's total authority over her. This may be a single light stroke, or a good beating, whatever the master prefers. Afterwards, many masters take their new slaves home naked, their wrists bound behind them and their collars fixed with a leash. But most owners will let a girl dress in an appropriate tunic and don sandals. If the girl has skill, she will have the chance to put on slave face, should her master order it. Or he may have along a servant who can do the slave's face and hair before they leave the magistrate's office. Master and slave will depart with the proper documents attesting to the slave's status and the identity of her owner. She may be fingerprinted for later identification, should a suit develop regarding the fact of her slavery. Whatever property she may have owned is no longer hers; indeed, she is not even the owner of her own body.

Under the law she is dead and her estate will be adjudicated accordingly. (Oftentimes a woman who seeks enslavement will make over all her property to her master-to-be.) An enslavement under the eyes of magistrates is considered the most binding. If the paperwork is in order, what judge will declare such and enslavement void? A girl so placed into bondage will be considered a slave even in her own city. There no longer any place on Zhor that she can seek refuge and attempt to have her servile status lifted. For her, escape is an almost inconceivable idea.
That fact tends to make a magistrate-enslaved slave work very hard to be pleasing to her master so that she will not be sold into the hazards of a world where she can be nothing more than a slave.

There occasionally arise unusual stories of voluntary enslavement. One such recent case occurred in a liberal-minded city where sexual relationships between serum girls and women were not illegal. The seducer was well off and of elegant tastes. Her elegance and polished manners fascinated a new serum girl of good family. Too stubborn to yield to her inner urges to make love to men, she was vulnerable to the erotic advances of this stranger. The seducer helped her to develop a taste for lesbian bondage over several weeks.

At first she was allowed to be the dominant, but gradually her lover guided her in assuming the a passive role. This both of them came to prefer and soon the serum girl found herself feeling the call of her natural slavery and became excited by the idea of true slavery, as long as it could bind her to her sultry lover. The seducer accordingly took the serum girl to the city magistrate voluntary legal enslavement. Because a citizen enslaved was, under the law, dead, she had with foresight made out a will naming her paramour as her heir. The branding iron, held to the girl's flesh for a full three
duor (roughly three seconds), made her wish her reality. A collar with her new mistress' name was locked about her throat. It was unusual for a girl to submit to slavery to another female in that city, but such enslavement was legal, and the magistrates had seen too much of human passion enacted in their offices to be surprised by anything.

When the mistress took her new maid home, her manner changed, and she appeared to have little patience with her new slave. She passed the wench roughly over to her coachman, who brolled her right well for an hour. This was not what the slave expected and her indignant screams of echoed throught the house. When the mistress appeared, the slave accused her and so was gagged.

The next day slavers arrived and they paid the mistress a fair price, and took their new chattel off to market. The deceiptive vamp had gained much pleasure from her lover, and had also inherited a valuable estate. She wished to move on to a new liaison as quickly as possible. Already several serum girls labored under masters about the land, all former lovers of hers. The slave girls' families might have sought them out and redeemed them, but that would have only expanded the scandal. And, under the law, their sons were legally dead. It was far better that the Ruk maid be mourned for Ruk girls be mourned and put away as a memory. Our unfortunate heroine ignited easily in the embrace of a warrior and her liking for women's flesh did not stay part of her nature for very long.

Zhorian Slave Novels

The lore of Zhor's slave system is vast. It is a popular subject for fiction among the well-off of Zhor. Where mysteries are popular on Earth, stories about how clever men trick women whom they hate or lust for into slavery have always sold well in bookstalls, in some places illegally. Interestingly, many women enjoy this sort of literature as much as do men. It permits them to fantasize about being abducted or hoodwinked into slavery by clever, handsome males, and then deflowered in chains, stung with the girl whip, and put to demeaning tasks. In short, the characters in these novels are compelled to admit to their true natures, that of lowly sluts and slaves who love their the frequent service required of them in their master's bed.

Men like to read slave novels and fantasize being a master of an exquisite captive. Repressed serum girls consume the literature also. After all, many may have enjoyed it previously as men. The typical Ruk maid reader will favor tales that describe the adventures of males (generally of an adventurous type) who become serum girls and, usually, pleasure slaves. In some cities, this interest in erotica is looked down upon. A known taste for enslavement literature may put a woman into a bad light if she needs to oppose a citizen of good repute in court. Such a females is considered to be prone to flights of fancy and maliciousness, making her be seen an unreliable witness or plaintiff.

The down side of this literature is the propagation of myths. One myth that is particularly important is how ignition affects a serum girl. This has many persons in civil society assuming important things about slave girls that are not true. What is scientifically accurate regarding ignition is discussed in the glossary of TERMS ASSOCIATED WITH PLEASURE SLAVERY, below.


Social decorum on Zhor tends to make both men and women supporters of the existing system, at least as far as public avowals go. The proper attitude of a free Zhorian toward the embonded is that the gods of fate, not men, have led those fated to be enslaved to be enslaved (or, indeed, have caused a man to become a serum girl and then be enslaved).

Slaves are to be managed with paternal discipline and kept at the demeaning feminine tasks which are assigned them, but they should not to be used with unbecoming cruelty. On the other hand, a slave may become some master's love slave -- but she is still a slave.

In general, slaves are not badly treated on Zhor, though no law protects them from death or mutilation. This is because Zhorians are, morally, a very healthy breed and gratuitous cruelty is quite alien to them. (No doubt the best type of human material was brought to Zhor by the Overlords, and they have guided their social and cultural development very carefully.)

Men on Zhor are characteristically proud and paternalistic, reared to protect their households and serve their city selflessly. Women are trained to manage households and to anticipate the needs of men. The male ideal is heroic, while the women's ideal is romantic. Some women are disguntled of course. Physicians of the soul have compared female malcontents of Zhor with feminists kidnapped from Earth and have found a match. The social dissatisfaction and even rage stems from these needful girls being unable to exercise their true nature.
On Earth, the laws of most nations prevent it; on Zhor it is vanity and fear that stands in the way of many girls who would otherwise seek to find themselves in the chains of slavery. Marriage is anathema to most natural slaves; happiness for them is the brand and the collar, and ownership by a masterful man.

Some physicians hold that the male lacks the slave gene, but others maintain, though have not absolutely proven, that what is a slave gene in a woman is the mastery gene in a man. The idea is that it is the regulator of the sexually-linked traits in both men and women. It brings out the sexes' fundamental nature. If this is true, it may explain why the Overlords have forbidden male slavery. On Earth, where male slavery was, and still may be in totalitarian states, imposed by brute force. Inevitably, it creates demoralization on a profound psychological level and the damage it inflicts feeds deviant behavior patterns. Slavery crushes the male's instinct to exercise his natural role of domination and leadership. Zhor might indeed be the Overlord's laboratory for nurturing an ideal society. Earth shows that, left to their own devices, human beings will find the heart of darkness.

Many non-pleasure slaves do domestic work, as in ancient Rome. Those who are considered pleasure slaves may act as harlots (alcove girls, cup girls, pleasure-house girls, etc.) or more respectable pleasure-stable girls, which are essentially harem girls. Many men of humble means have only one personal slave at a time, if any at all. Those with no slaves are common visitors to taverns and pleasure houses where public slaves are available for a fee. Many a public slave has been bought by a pleased customer and made into a pleasure-stable girl, and this is considered a happy result for her. Masters and slaves commonly fall in love and, in the best cases, they relate to one another as "love-master" and "love-slave." Their love might be real and intense, but few Zhorians forget the master/slave part of any such relationship. As many slave girls are natural slaves, it would be they themselves who would be most disappointed with a weak, indulgent master. Girls cursed with insipid masters often start to behave badly out of frustration, feeling cheated of what her inborn instincts prepare her to expect.

The sole slave in a humble house may have many work tasks to perform, such as cooking, sewing and cleaning, but she will also be expected to keep herself attractive and be attentive to the sexual and emotional needs of her master. Intelligent, sympathetic girls make the best slaves. Some women who have never displayed a moment of sympathy to loved ones during their free lives, discover stockpiles of tenderness and solicitude to masters after but a short time in bondage.

How does a pleasure slave behave? Any slave who is not prepared to conduct herself like a heroine in a mainstream pornographic movie will probably be punished and soon sent to market. A slave who continually disappoints a master is gradually sold down into the dregs of the slave work force. Such slaves are hard-driven by whips and are sometimes kept chained out of sight when not needed for labor. There are even masters who will buy the worst sorts of slave for deliberate disfiguring or crippling, in order to send them out as pathetic objects with begging bowls.

How does one make a good pleasure slave out of a woman, especially a former male, one who might have owned slave girls himself, or almost certainly had enjoyed public slaves in taverns and pleasure houses? Bringing a woman into the psychological mindset of pleasure slavery is a progressive thing. The best slavers do not use force to draw a raw slave into the silks. They are instead dressed and treated as slaves, and given proper slave-like tasks to perform, until their ripeness shows.

Normally, before a serum girl can ignite, she must achieve psychological "ripeness." A girl often becomes ripe while still a virgin, even without any slave instruction, indeed, she may do so while living entirely free. A serum girl who clings to mannish ways is often ignored by men. But, if she shows a developing ripeness, she frequently attracts the interest of a would-be lover or even an abductor. When a serum girl has grown ripe -- perhaps without yet realizing it -- it means she has exchanged a male sex drive for a female one. This may happen before she knows it, while she is still in denial. She may come to realize that she is ripe when, for instance, a man seizes and kisses her, making her spontaneously excited.

A ripe Ruk-maiden's body language may, by degrees, become provocatively female. Her reflexes and instincts declare to the world that "I am female; treat me as such." The hips of a ripe girl might sway in a seductive way, in many cases unconsciously. She might be observed stealing glances at handsome men, as if they both attract and thrill her. When a female has achieved true ripeness, she is ready to experience coitus with a man. For the first time, sex with a man will give her pleasure. Without first attaining ripeness, an enslaved serum girl rarely attains the even more desirable psychological plateau called "ignition."

The term ignition will be discussed below.

Slavery as a way of life

Zhorians do not favor slaves with crushed spirits, as they find such girls dull companions. Private slaveholders (as opposed to those who are essentially pimps or whorehousekeepers) want spirit and personality -- as well as discipline -- in their pleasure slaves. From childhood, Zhorian men are trained to be masters, and so few slave girls can use their wiles to gain excessive influence over them. Though Suleiman the Great of Earth let a harem favorite, Roxanne, lead him by the nose and do things that led inevitably to the corruption and fall of the Ottoman state, a Zhorian in his place would have simply ordered Roxanne well whipped and kept in close confinement until she remembered that she was only a slave. If she did not, she would either have been killed or sold. Zhorian males do not find ambition and manipulation lovable in a slave; they get enough of that from their wives. Interestingly, it is often said that the deepest and truest love possibly between a man and a woman is between a master and his pleasure slave.

There are many ways to fall slave on Zhor. Both amateur and professional abductors abound. Young Zhorian warriors gain much prestige if they capture a slave.

It is permissible to steal another man's slave, but to capture a free woman is even more honored. As many cities are enemies, raids for women are common. Since serum girls have come into existence, they also may be taken as prizes.

Once Ruk maids were considered an inferior sort of catch, but opinion has matured. A serum girl who was once a man of an enemy city has come to be seen as the choicest prisoner that an abductor can take from it. Subjecting one who was a killer of his countrymen to bondage, rendering her a tame, needful pet is sweet revenge indeed.

Another custom widespread on Zhor is that if a man saves a woman's life, her life is assumed to belong to him as his true slave. This is considered a judgment of the gods. If she will not freely admit that he has actually saved her life, reliable witnesses must be called to testify. If the rescue is provable, honor demands that the woman be surrendered for binding. There is the case of a male of wealth and power who was struck by a Ruk dart and became a serum girl.

"She" decided to commit suicide out of shame, but was saved by a male passerby. The girl tried to escape her enslavement by denying that any rescue took place. Her savior sued her, providing witnesses to the effect that she was alive only by his intervention. In the face of such evidence, the serum girl's own family accepted the verdict and yielded her up. They actually collared, collared, and led to her master's house. Her lord kept his slave too busy in the silks for her to think about more suicide attempts. She ignited in his arms, became eager and needful, and gave birth at the end of their first year together.


Zhorian warriors often take captives, and not always for enslavement. It is a status-earning act to capture an enemy male for ransom or an enemy woman for degradation and ransom. Zhorians do not do this out of hatred of women, but to insult her family or her city. A captive woman's treatment is governed by certain rules. Most of these rules boil down to the fact that a captor can treat her very much like a slave, even to putting her to pleasure use. She may be enslaved at any time, of course, but this would serve to reduce the disgrace of her degradation, since slavery is considered a legal death in most cities. A living captive in disgrace is considered to be a galling dig at her family and city. Some families will refuse to pay ransom for a degraded captive, since she has already caused the family a maximum loss of honor. Even if ransomed, a woman may afterwards be secluded by her kin, as one considered unfit for normal society. Any marriage opportunity for her will tend to be very poor and beneath her, even if the family is willing to put up a large dowry. A woman so wronged and abandoned might eventually flee and become a forest girl, or she might actually prefer to accept the relative freedom of slavery and the protection of a master, rather than continuing under house arrest, despised by her kin.

Natural Slaves and Natural Masters

What is a natural slave? Zhorians believe that women have evolved an emotional symbiosis with males. The natural slave seeks the protection of alpha-males, superior men, in a situation that will give her the maximum number of children. Men who need to command by their genetic nature prefer obedient women most, and consequently have the most children by them. This causes gene selection and this trait strongly enters the gene pool -- dominant boys, submissive girls. The latter tendency is ultimately reached by the natural slave. The psychology of natural slavery is complex, but one with a pronounced natural slave instinct tends to experience a thrill to find herself dominated, especially sexually, by the male.

Since natural slavery is genetic, the "slave-urge" gene can be isolated and artificially transferred to another person. Ruk took his gene cultures from the most pronounced of natural slaves for his basic serum culture. (Remember, before Ruk's Serum, some women were already natural slaves by natural selection).

Some women are able to repress the urge to act as natural slaves, or at least to sublimate it. In still other cases, for some unknown reason, the natural slave instinct does not "kick in", but exists in only dormancy. Usually though, if the conditions are right, (i.e. the serum girl is slave-trained or she meets a male who arouses her) this repressed or dormant natural slavery is awakened. If it has been repressed or dormant for too long, natural slavery may go incandescent once it is finally released. That is, her need for bondage becomes suddenly intense and obsessive.

There is the case of the serum girl, never enslaved, who was a skilled "lash-mistress." She had been a slave trainer as a man and felt deep-seated anger at what had happened to her. She took the greatest pleasure in reducing other serum girls to performing the most shameless and abject acts of pleasure slaves. A male lash-master eventually developed a passion for this cold-hearted and fierce woman, but she was sublimating her powerful sexual drives in her work and would have nothing to do with any man. He left that slaver establishment eventually and dwelled in another city. Even so, he couldn't forget the fetching lash-mistress who had once been his co-worker. He decided that if he couldn't have her as a wife or free mistress, he would have her as a slave. In the end, he returned and abducted the object of his passion. The former lash-mistress trained well under his direction. Now unable to sublimate her slut-urge and slave-urge in cruel, domineering ways, they have overwhelmed her and she has become quite a different person. Even so, it has taken her master much effort to tame her pride and rebelliousness. Those who have been guests in her master's house say that in all of Zhor there is hardly a pleasure slave more abject and shameless than she who was the former lash-mistress, and before that the former lash- master.

Admittedly, the natural slave instinct in a born-woman can vary; it may be very strong or be apparently missing. Women who work hard and living harmonious in their relationships are usually not natural slaves. Free women who are strongly inclined to natural slavery are oftentimes discontented and frustrated. Frustration can manifest itself by means of frequent exhibitions of ire, i.e. "bitchiness." Such women tend to make poor wives and poor companions. On the other hand, they make the best sort of slave, exercising great imagination in the giving of satisfaction and pleasure to strong and dominating men.

Maybe bitchiness is a generic-based trait. It tends to increase the chances that a woman will become a slave. Her words and actions is an unconscious signal to males that they should get angry with her and "put her into her place." Many a bitchy free woman on Zhor has suddenly found herself an (eventually) happy pleasure slave. There is little female slavery on Earth, and that may be why we find many bitchy women living there. However, the utter devotion of many streetwalkers to their pimps may be a sign that natural slavery is alive and well on planet Earth and woman's nature is not very different on the two worlds.

Males have not escaped evolution themselves. They tend to be natural masters. A natural master is one who is firm, confident, and dominating. Yet, he is not an egoist always in conflict with others. He recognizes the naturalness of social hierarchy and makes a loyal subordinate, but is one who can rise to command if called upon. Even so, it is a subject of study among some
braed, the physicians of the soul, as to why masterful men who are transformed into serum girls make such excellent pleasure slaves after a short period of psychological resistance. Some have suggested that natural mastery and natural slavery are really be the same gene-linked trait, one aspect of it being by male activated by hormones and the male persona and the other activated by female hormones and the female persona.

Clearly, Nature seeks to gives he who is a natural master many offspring, so it has endowed males with a voracious sexual appetite. But when a man is made to feel evil or guilty simply because he is moved by natural-master instincts, as is often the case in the decadent societies of planet Earth, men's psyches turns down dark alley ways and they are prone to perversion, crime, and cruelty. If a natural master becomes a serum girl, his pervious conditioning for natural mastery wars against a growing inclination toward natural slavery. Natural slavery almost always wins out after months or years, because Ruk custom-tailored his serum to achieve that end. Intense slave-girl discipline and sexual use will, of course, speed the triumph of natural slavery over natural mastery. Admittedly, there are males endowed with the desire to be dominated, but they are a rare breed on Zhor and are generally thought to be uninteresting group.


To be ignited as a slave is to experience a psychological release, a freedom from those inhibitions that have kept her from embracing slavery. This is to say, embracing a life of total devotion to another and enjoying the act of physical sex while giving her whole being to the end of giving sexual pleasure to her partner. Some say that no woman can achieve this breakthrough unless she is already in slavery and acknowledges herself as such. There have been some experiments run upon captives and volunteers which are treated as slaves, but know that they remain legally free. No reputable scientists have claimed to have achieved true ignition in a test subject where she truly believes she is a free woman.

The refusal of a free Zhorian female to ignite is a curious phenomenon, particularly because if the same woman is afterwards truly and legally enslavement, the very same treatment she was subjected to before often leads to quick and intense ignition. But, is there really any reason to wonder? What woman feels herself able to respond, totally, as a true slave when she knows that she is not one?

A slave girl plays with the gratification of her own passion or lechery at her own risk. She may think that she only seems men as a venue of sensual gratification. If formerly a male, she may be smug regarding in her new-found capacity to enjoy serial orgasms with a variety of lovers. He blood may be hot, but her heart remains cold. Each new orgasm tends to be better than the one before it. She may start to think that her new situation and her new sexual orientation has been a blessing.

Then something happens that a man or a free woman never knows. It usually occurs in the midst of joyful vaec-pelda with a particularly attractive man. It strikes like a bolt from the blue. There may come upon her an orgasm like she has never before experienced. It's a marvelous, transcendent, transforming experience. She is carried away in her brolling, glorying in the pleasure of being both a woman and a slave. She comes again and again, until she collapses with exhaustion, or her weary partner pushes her away. She may sleep, but when she wakes it is not long before she realizes that something about herself as changed, and changed radically.

She has been ignited! She may be horrified to hear the dread word applied to her, but the ignited girl will stay ignited. She has become what Ruk serum was originally designed to make of her, a woman who glories in sex and slavery. Attaining these will rule her mind, and especially her emotions. Her needs are intense and cannot be denied; they are factors that others may use to control or exploit her. These genetic mandates of behavior and instinct will from then on define how she lives and how she interacts. She can no longer go with a man thinking she can use him mere for pleasure. She knows that she was made to give pleasure, and my only be grateful that a man who takes pleasure with her gives her much pleasure in return. She desires to be commanded, and takes joy in pleasing her master of the moment with her obedience.

But Zhorians can be regrettably careless in their use of the term 'ignition.' Almost any pleasurable multiple orgasm in a slave might be mistermed an ignition. What is most inaccurate of all is to call a freewoman's transports her 'ignition.' The difference between what a free woman can attain in sex is like the difference between a burning house and a burning forest.

Imagine ignition in this way: Natural sluttiness and a natural slavery are passive states; they might be either quiescent or repressed indefinitely, and the woman may live a life both free and chaste. Ignition is these traits' active realization, their uninhibited release. Ignition tends to be attained when the slave is driven into a high state of erotic delirium, perhaps experiencing multiple transports in the grasp of a superb lover. The skill of the master may be an important factor in bringing an enslaved woman to such a state that her ignition kicks in.

By Vanora's specific instructions, Ruk took great pains to see that serum girls would receive their genetic underpinning from natural slaves who were especially susceptible to ignition. Ignited born-women, of course, make excellent pleasure slaves. But a serum girl's ignition is not always desirable, not when she is in a pleasure stable with only one master to serve. Serum girls have male-intensive desires, but have the woman's ability to have more than one orgasm. A tyical serum girl needs several orgasms to satisfy her to the same degree than one orgasm would have satisfied her as a man. Such a girl's needful importuning can be annoying to a lone master who has only a normal libido. Our of pity for her (and being desirous of repose) he may sell her into public slavery where she can find in multitudes of admiring men what a single male cannot give to her. Public slavery may often be the happiest circumstance for a Ruk-maid to find herself in. Oftentimes, masters who insist on keeping an ignited serum girl in their stable must see to it that their intensely needful girl has other sexual outlets -- such as time spent with male servants, or working part-time in silk houses and taverns.


There is no common word for a male slave and such a person exists only in theory or metaphor. Voyagers to Earth know very well that many men on that unhappy planet have been held in slavery over the centuries, and suspect that the crushing of the heroic male spirit is responsible for much of the abberations in Earth culture. So very few men on Earth measure up to the Zhorian standard. Even patriotism on Earth often amounts to nothing more than a devotion to a corrupt and murderous ideology. On Zhor, the enslavement of a small segment of the female population seems to have had no adverse effect. This is true of serum girls, too, since they soon become intensely female in their outlook, and, of course, in their contributions to society.

On Earth, natural slaves become social agitators or feminists; on Zhor they become contented
vaecwis. People who are allowed to act in accordence with their innate nature add to a society; they do not unermine it. The very term "vaecwi" in the lingua franca of Rhinfew means both "female" and "slave" inextricably (just as the Spanish have the term esclava to denote a female slave). On Zhor, however, to say "female slave" is a redundancy.

Under the law, a slave is livestock. She has no more rights than a cow. As we have said, killing one's own slave is not a crime. Killing another person's slave is an act against a master's property rights and may be punished as such.

Zhorian Garments

The familiarity of some Zhorians voyagers with Earth fashions has brought to Zhor the nether-closure garment, such as shorts and panties. Such things have increased in popularity, though the innovation is regarded as erotic and fit only for slaves.

They range from scanty to very scanty. At first, slaves rarely wore such items under their slave silk; they were used for outer garments, intended to be feasted upon by male eyes. Increasingly, though, fashion permitted the wearing of "slave briefs" with pleasure silks. This may be because males had learned to enjoy having something additional to strip from a beautiful girl as he worked himself up to brol her luxuriantly.

In most places, a free woman who wears drawers under her dress is generally assumed to be fantasizing about being a disguised slave. To be denounced for wearing undergarments brings humiliation. Some respectable women have been marked for abduction when word of their secretive wearing of slave garments became general gossip. Men, however, usually wear either like brief drawers or loincloths. Serum girls who persist in dressing like men may feel the loss of these male-signifying garments keenly when they are first stripped for slavery.

Free woman prefer slippers for foot wear and only slaves wear high heels. This is a fairly recent innovation borrowed from Earth. The beauty of stilettos (often called "dagger-point heels"), allied to the discomfort of wearing them, makes them ideal slave apparel. When dressed to induce sexual enticement in an observer, slaves may wear slippers, sandals, or go barefoot.

A free woman or free serum girl who enjoys fantasizing about being a slave shall no doubt learn to walk on high heels on the sly, or at a slave club.

There are many rituals and protocols that govern slave behavior. These differ from place to place, but very common is the safie, the "slave position," kneeling with knees somewhat apart, eyes lowered, hands on thighs.

Even though naked public slaves are not remarkable, a Zhorian slave's nudity is usually reserved for hours spent home with her master. Then, too, if a slave has been displeasing, she may be sent about her public errands in the nude. Public alcove slaves often ply their arts naked, or very nearly naked. There is a fashion that started with alcove slaves -- the wearing of the thong, or arcoy. There is a gradation between common slave briefs and the shameless arcoy, and one can scarcely say where one begins and the other ends. A master will sometimes offer a new slave her choice of nudity or the arcoy. If she choose the arcoy, she is proclaiming herself a slut.

Formerly free slaves usually find public nudity distressing and need to be conditioned to it. Such conditioning begins early; new slaves must typically train in the nude. Even the wearing of the arcoy may be treated as a privilege that must be earned.

Pleasure silks were originally fashioned to incite a master to carry his lovely pleasure slave off to the silks. They may be worn in public, but more common for street wear is a garment which is less transparent than true pleasure silks, but is generally just as scanty.

Many garment styles have distinct names. The most common is the "slave tunic," or
vangla. It is a light, trim, and very short dress, usually sleeveless. The tasque is another garment often seen in the public streets. It is especially enticing to men because it conceals the peren (as most briefly-skirted tunics do not, unless slave briefs are worn).

The tasque consists of a narrow, tight piece of shaped cloth held together by a clasp on the back, a fastening that a master liked because it is easy to remove. It passes between the slave's legs and affords modesty for her peren and breasts. The
chanette is very popular, too. It looks like a pair of Earthly baby doll pajamas. It seems to date back to well before the Earth item came to be, and so it is probably a parallel creation (unless a Zhorian inspired some designer on Earth by showing him the chanette, or a slave wearing it).
Some styles of the chanette leave the girl's neck, arms, and shoulders bare. Men are pleased to show off their slaves brazenly; it incites the envy of their peers, or of the lower classes. Envy increases a man's status.

This display of female flesh has an important secondary purpose. It protects free women. A slave's beauty and sexuality takes men's attention off of free women, whose face may actually be veiled. A stranger may be certain that a slave is beautiful, and so abductors are more apt to carry off these scantily-clad vacweis, rather than the daughters of the city. True, Ruk's serum can make any woman beautiful, but men are by nature impatient, and they seldom want to wait for Ruk's serum to make a their captives as lovely as goddesses before they brol them. To be known for his brolling of beatiful women also enhances a man as a target of envy, and hence increases his status, too.

The Herbs of Fullness

Not all slave girls have figures that totally please their masters. This is especially true of unenhanced born-women, but it also includes a minority of serum girls and enhanced slaves. At times, Ruk's Serum produces women of small chests and/or trim buttocks. This is because the genetic material they have been given is favored due to the the over-all beauty of the resultant woman, even though her breasts and possibly her derriere may not up to her master's standards. Public slaves, especially, are expected to have sensuous figures. There exist Zhorian pharmaceuticals, mostly herb-based, that are called "the herbs of fullness." In common parlance, such a concoction is called "pa-nerl," after one of the common herbs used in such preparations. Some act to promote fuller breast development, and others to fill out the hips and buttocks. Some girls are deemed to require both. If regularly compelled to drink the herbs of fullness, a slave will develop admirably in about a month.

Zhorians tend to have a waggish sense of humor, and so there are cases where a free woman who is held for ransom has been kept on a diet of herbal supplements while in captivity. When returned to her family she may have measurements more suitable to a pleasure slave than to a woman of society. Zhorian science has remedies for this condition, but more than a few unlucky(?) damsels have elected to keep what they have been given.

The Skills of Pleasure Slaves

Sexual athleticism is by far the most important slave skill, but pleasure slaves may also be taught to perform various entertainments, such as musical instruments and singing. One of the most frequently taught arts is dance. Some of the most beautiful slave garments worn by women of Zhor are dance costumes. Zhorian girls learn many slave dances, but, interestingly, Zhorians visiting Earth have learned of a dance that is more slave-like than any yet created upon planet Zhor. This is the striptease. These days, many slaves are taught the Zhorian versions of the striptease, called the
drefa-dex, and a Zhorian stripper is referred to as a "dex." Drefa-dex means "Dance of Slow Revelation." Although new pleasure slaves are generally trained in the nude, public undressing is considered especially abhorrent and most newly enslaved women dread learning the drefa-dex. Naturally, masters who think their girls are too proud (and too many raw serum girls come to the collar proud and defiant) make certain that their fetching wenches learn to perform the Zhorian striptease. Some dance slaves perform before personal guests and friends. Some taverns are famous for their public displays of the dex dancer's art.

The Slave Brand, Collar, and Restraints

Very common on Zhor is the marking of slaves with the brand and the collar. The collar that is locked about a slave's throat is usually black leather, but may be of metal or other materials. It is the most visible and obvious indicator of a girl's servile status and it is also a powerful sexual symbol. In some places, to don a collar willingly is to pass into legal slavery. In other lands doing so is considered decadent and disgraceful behavior, though lovers often don slave garments and implements in play. Most raw slaves wear locked collars so that they cannot be removed. Tame slaves may be allowed non-locking collars, which allow easy changing for various occasions and for easier washing. It is almost always a grave offense for a slave to be seen outside her own chamber in dishabille (i.e. uncollared.) If expecting the visit of a free person she should not be found uncollared. Many collars are embossed or engraved to declare whose slave the wearer is. The brand is usually the size of a half-dollar and the design varies from place to place, but the most widespread slave mark is the "vaec."
The hand-held branding iron is still much favored in respect of the personal bond it establishes between master and slave, but hand-branding calls for skill and simple branding machines do exist.

There are also higher-tech devices for the imposing of the vaec brand but these are most often used by agents of the Overlords or Outsiders. The vaec looks like the stylized tongs of a trident and stands for the first letter of the word "slave girl" (vaecwi) in the language of Rhinfew. The most usual place for the brand is on the left hip, where a male may lovingly stroke it with the fingers of his right hand while he drives his twyl deeply inside her. A brand is a third-degree burn and gives the slave great pain. Fortunately, Zhor medicine has a salve that anesthetizes the burn and speeds its healing. The girl is able to walk almost normally in just a few minutes and, if the salve is periodically reapplied, she will quickly heal with a fine brand, having had little discomfort about it.

To Zhorians, the brand has a mystic quality, though not all slaves are legally required to be branded in every city. In some principalities, the tattoo is a more popular means of marking human chattel. Commonly, a brand will of itself transform a free woman into a slave. It some lands it is not even possible for a woman to accept a slave brand as a disguise (confident that Zhorian cosmetic surgery can later remove it) because the brand makes her a true slave regardless of the circumstances.

For example, once a serum-girl spy consented to receive a brand in order to enter an enemy warlord's camp disguised as a dancing girl. Her spymaster, of necessity, had to perform the manumission ritual when her marking was finished.
(In this case the ritual consisted of cutting of bindings placed around her wrists and pronounce the words, "I release you from bondage. Rise, free woman.")

Slave Punishments

Zhorian trainers often bind slaves for punishment. They also have many ingenious restraints. Most restraints are uncomfortable and humiliating, but as such serve as useful tools of discipline. One of the more commonly used are the kos-mil, which means "nipple-biters." The longer a girl wears the kos-mil, the more it hurts and many a captive has begged for the chance to be brolled rather than to continue to wear them. Obstinate new slaves are often placed in devices like the kos-mil so that their helplessness and discomfort will make them realize the implications of their situation. New serum girls, especially, can be very defiant upon enslavement and it is they who most often experience slave restraints. Among the paraphernalia of the slaver, there are devices that are designed to force a slave into almost any desired position -- usually for the performance of sexual acts. By their use, a slave learns that submission cannot be avoided and a softening attitude speeds her training.

The most common whip used upon a slave is the "vaecwi" whip, which means "slave-girl" whip. This is a device of several broad thongs made of soft leather fixed on a handle. It is meant to sting, but not to bruise or break the skin. Nonetheless, it hurts far more than one might expect. If a girl earns a lashing, ten strokes are considered lenient. A girl with a history of defiance and grave misbehavior can easily draw a hundred.

Lucky is the woman, serum girl or born-woman, who is enslaved while afflicted by Signeer's Curse. Most slavers will punish such a girl with the feather only, unless they are exceedingly cruel, or other factors intervene. Being a thrifty industry, slaving houses usually do not give new captives Chadwor's Serum, not unless a buyer pays the cost. But slavers are understandably pleased when a girl comes in already afflicted by the Curse. Most buyers prefer to punish their girls with the plume instead of the lash.

To encourage more women to take Chadwor's Serum while they are still free (as an hedge against excessive whipping in bondage), many slavers have adopted the custom of whipping any new slave as a routine punishment for not having previously taken the Serum at their own expense. This is a development of the older custom of making a new captive "fear the whip." Since a slave may be whipped for any reason, or for no reason, the severity of any punishment is up to the individual slaver. Most houses, however, honor the custom of a fifty-lash punishment for girls without the Curse. This chastisement does not get the slave totally off the hook, however, since she is henceforth marked for the liberal application of the girl-whip should she commit the smallest offense. This cunning industrial policy has had the desired effect, and consumption of Chadwor's serum by free women and serum girls has increased steadily over the years.


In the Zhorian mind the Overlords are angelic beings able to live hidden on Zhor and who work to fulfill the will of the vaguer "gods," which dwell in heaven. The Overlords are revered by those who believe in them, and sometimes are actually worshipped. But theology holds that they are being much less in power and importance than the gods in heaven. To most Zhorians, the Overlords' true appearance is unknown. They live in the Teirdon Mountains, where passage is forbidden to mortals. Some atheistic or fanatical individuals have climbed into the mountains to meet the Overlords, but they do not return.

Actually, some humans dwell with the Overlords: slaves, captives, and their selected agents. But who but the select few know how they live and serve there? A man becomes an agent by being approached for recruitment, perhaps by first being abducted to the presence of the Overlords themselves. Many lesser agents are recruited by a human agents acting for the Overlords. Only the senior agents, or those intended to be senior agents, ever meet the Overlords face to face.

The Overlords use humans for their spies where technology, such as spy satellites, does not give them what they need. They also use humans as agents in special missions, even to Earth, which they can reach with Overlord technology. Many Zhorians, maybe all of them, are descended from Earthers kidnapped long ago. Kidnapping is still going on, to improve the breed of Zhor. Persons taken by the Overlords are generally selected for their usefulness and are treated well.

The Overlords have a powerful foe in the race of the Outsiders, advanced alien beings from a dying alternate world who would like to conquer Zhor and Earth. But Earth is protected by the Overlords. Sometimes the exploratory ships of the Overlords and Outsiders visiting Earth are mistaken for flying saucers. They also visit Earth in numbers that are too limited to incite the Overlords to mass reprisals and all-out war. They recruit humans or abduct them as they see fit. One thing they do is gain power over human institutions by putting impersonators in the place of important figures in government, the professions, or industry. The abducted person is sometimes transformed into a serum girl and told that he will be changed back if he tells his impostor all he needs to know. This is a powerful inducement that often succeeds. Of course, not even the Outsiders can reverse the effects of Ruk's Serum. When the girl's usefulness is at an end, she is seldom killed. Instead she is turned over to Outsider agents on Earth as a servant or, more usually, taken to Zhor, there to be given to agents laboring in the Outsiders' behalf there, or simply put on the market and sold.

On Zhor Earth humans are considered barbarians and fetch a comparatively low price in the slave market. On Zhor they cannot read or write the local languages and are considered illiterate. With training, though, some of these barbarians become excellent pleasure slaves.

Zhorians and the Planet Earth

Most Zhorians do not know about the existence of Planet Earth. Only a few outside of the agents of the Outsiders and the Overlords know this information, and even fewer have visited it. Those who do use the "exploratory" ships of the two alien races that can both fly and cross the dimensional barriers.

Outsider agents abduct and transform Earth humans more often than do the Overlords. However, the Outsider agents have bigger fish to fry than merely stocking their slave pens. Sometimes an agent on Earth has a personal reason to abduct one of Earth whom he hates or lusts after and permission from superiors may be obtained. Also, to acquire valuable genetic material is a secondary purpose of some visits, though blood samples are normally all that is required for this and the victim is oftentimes not taken away but released with foggy memories of a kind of "alien abduction."

It goes without saying that many Zhorians are contemptuous of human relationships on Earth, since they tend to be angry, frustrated, and acrimonious. But not some Earth ideas are attractive to Zhorians. For example, Zhorian slave trainers have learned of Earth's widespread French maid fetish. This is obviously the deep-seated desire of Earthmen to do what they are culturally too corrupt to do -- namely make beautiful women their servants, providing them with trappings that declare them to be sexual objects. In fact, the shameless way that so many Earth women dress seems to tell Zhorians that natural slavery is much more common condition among Earth women than it is among Zhorian damsels.

Over all, Zhorians look at both sexes on Earth as physiologically female, at least since early the end of the 16th Century, when dandification became prominent on Earth. Unless he proves himself, an Earthman is called a
bywoh, "a women-man," in the common parlance. Yet, some Zhorians think that Earth males make poor pleasure slaves just because they lack the strength of character and inner fire that is the common legacy to Zhorians of both genders. A Zhorian likes to tame a rebellious woman. The cringing surrender of so many Earth-born serum girls makes them unchallenging, fit for little more than public slavery. This is unfair of course, as most bias is ultimately unfair. Many former Earth males have made splendid Zhorian pleasure slaves.


Alcove girl: The Zhorian equivalent of the streetwalker. She must solicit sexual encounters for pay and her earnings are given to her master. This class is among the lowest type of Zhorian pleasure slave. Other terms referring to her are vurdee, clead, and galing.

Binding: Slaves are often bound for one reason or another, but it is also a cultural concept. Binding is the ritual act of making a free person a slave. Usually the woman knees before the male and crosses her wrists, as if to have them tied. The man may actually bind the woman's wrists, or merely twist a thong or cord around them, and the ritual enslaving is complete. Some women are coerced to accept binding, but others see it as the attainment of their most intense erotic dreams. The greatest insult to a woman is to have her submission refused. The male who refuses her may kill her, or dismiss her with the ritual phrase, "Thou art less than a slave to me. Begone!"

A dismissed woman will become a mockery among her own familiars and, even those of high social status may become a social outcast. In her family home, she might retire to seclusion. If she marries, it will likely be to a man far beneath her station.
Small wonder, then, that a woman dreads being dismissed by the man she chooses. That is why it is the custom not to ask to be a love-slave, but simply to increase the man's wealth. Her fate is entiely in the hands of another when crosses her wrists. She will be a slave or will be ruined socially. A potential love-master will know what she is asking, but a cold-hearted rogue may be reminded that a slave is worth something in the market. By the way she phrases her submission, she decreases the chance of rejection, which may be, for some, more bitter than to stand naked on the block. After all, she is almost certainly a natural slave and the block comes as natural to her as does the anvil to a blacksmith.

Chadwor's Serum: There once was a brilliant Zhorian physician who regretting all the whipping that resistant slaves girls underwent. Since a captured woman's slavery was considered inevitable, he wished that there was a way to break them submissively to the color without causing them long-term pain and injury. He found the solution that he was seeking in the genes of a beautiful slave girl called Signeer. Signeer was outrageously ticklish, especially in the breasts, and her peren (her clitoris, particular), and her navel. Chadwor realized that no slave girl with Signeer's Curse (as he called it) could long resist the punishment of the feather. Such punishment could break even the most strongly-willed girl, but inflicted no damage and the distress ended as soon as the assault of the feather or soft, camel-hair brush ceased. He found a way to clone and archive the appropriate genes he took from Signeer and to inject it into women, in whose chromosomes it would affix itself. He took special care to adjust his serum to allow serum girls to enjoy its full blessing. The trait, however, was sex-linked and Chadwor's serum had no effect on males, which may explain its popularity among the rulers of society. After centuries of dissimination on Zhor, there are many women who now carry Signeer's gene from birth, and if their genetic matter is added to Ruk's serum, serum girls and enhanced slaves by means of a normal preparation of Ruk's Serum.

This is under under protests from the monopolistic makers of Chadwor's serum. Chadwor had been a poor man and was forced to sell his patent to monopolists to give it any hope of wide dissemination. For that reason, only a minority of slaves receive the Serum, a fact which disappointed Chadwor in his own day, and was responsible for many women being disciplined by the whip, when such punishment had already become obsolete.

Cup girl (or slave): A embonded barmaid. She is often called a "siolat girl," after the popular beverage. In effect, she is a combination cocktail witness and prostitute. Customers may lead such a wench from the floor to a prepared alcove for sexual recreation. Sometimes a fee is charge, but in some taverns a cup girl's use is offered as a free courtesy to any customer who spends decent money on food and liquor. Other terms for the cup girl are bink, phyce, ka-url.

Dart Man: A dart man is a type of assassin, but his attack is not meant to kill. When someone wishes to punish or remove an enemy, or an opponent, without killing him (either from a dislike of murder or from a wish to have him suffer more in life than in death), he may hire a dart man. The dart man's job is to inject a designated target with Ruk's Serum, perhaps by means of a dart, perhaps by use of a special arrow or bolt, or perhaps through some other means. Darting is specialized work and the dart man usually does not involve himself in enslaving the person he attacks. Many thought will accept abduction as part of the contract and will turn the new Ruk maid over to the party whom his paymaster has designated. Usually this is the paymaster himself, a slaver, or the keeper of an establishment, such as a pleasure house, where the paymaster desires his defeated enemy to labor as a common pleasure slave.

Dex: A Zhorian striptease dancer. The plural is dexi.

Enhanced Girl or Slave:
A woman who receives Ruk's Serum is called an "enhanced girl," or an "enhanced slave," should she be unfree. This is opposed to a "serum girl," who is a man who has received Ruk's Serum, wither slave or free.

Feather Slave:
Also called a "laughing slave," a feather slave is a thrall who has received Chadwor's serum and is therefore hyper-ticklish. For a feather slave, a bird plume (most commonly the passion bird flight feather) is as effective a discipline device as a slave-girl whip, but in many ways is more merciful.

First girl: A first girl is a senior slave who is empowered to manage and command her sisters in bondage, almost as if she were a free mistress. Usually a master will let the girls sort out for themselves who will be first girl. This is elective in some cases, but usually the rank is attained by the best fighter in the stable. Often a first girl will challenge a new slave to either fight or to obey abjectly. It is common for a serum girl who was a warrior previously to use her fighting skills to become first girl. But a first girl who uses her rank too selfishly or who is skilled in fighting but is indifferent to giving pleasure to her master is usually deposed and sold. If she continues in her ways for long she will probably end up in harsh bondage, such as that of an alcove girl.

Forest Girls: Forest girls are bands of outlaw women, fugitives or outcasts from normal society. In some cases, they are of mixed origin, but Zhorians are class-conscious and most bands tend toward homogeneity. Some consist of free born-women, some escaped born-woman slaves, some escaped serum-girl slaves, and some of free serum girls. They live by theft and hunting. Sometimes would-be new members are rejected by old members and these are typiclly sold as slaves. Bands are often hostile to one another and fight pitched battles for turf and raiding grounds. More usually, though, they ambush individuals and small groups of travelers, as well as rival forest girls from other bands. Most captives that fall into their hands are sold to in exchange for needed goods. Unscrupulous slavers will frequently transform male captives whom they buy from the girls in the forest and take them into a city for sale.

Furs: A term similar to "silks." (See "Silks," below). "In the furs" implies pastoral or arboreal sex, while "in the silks" suggest an urban or upper class location.

Joy Girl: By no means are all harlots of Zhor slaves. Some work without direct supervision or training, but typically a free woman prefers the protection afforded by an establishment called a "joy house" (See below). Usually, free harlots and slaves do not ply the oldest profession in the same house. Where slaves serve as the pleasure-givers, the usual term is "pleasure house."

A free woman may voluntarily engage herself to perform sex and other erotic services (such as dancing, singing, massaging, story-telling, etc.) in a joy house. The different types of sex acts and sensual services that she agrees to perform are laid out in her contract.

She agrees to punishment, should she attempt to renege on her contract. Older contracts allowed whipping, but some joy houses now offer a new joy girl an injection of Chadwor's serum, thereby rendering any necessary chastisement less painful but no less effective.

Many new joy girls actually welcome the serum. There is little stigma against a free woman taking an alternative to the dreaded lash.
The social stigma of having formerly been a joy girl varies with individual communities and cities. Good marriages are seldom available to ex-joy girls, but among the common throng there is a wide-spread attitude that "ex-joy girls make the best wives."

Joy House:
A free Zhorian prostitute often works under the protection of a managed establishment commonly called a "joy house." Typically, a joy-house contract runs for a year and then expires. If it is not renewed, the woman is free to leave. She will have no more obligations to it, and it has no more responsibility toward her. Zhorian authorities, as a whole, do not want such a contract to become another form of forced slavery. To protect a free woman's rights, an impartial city magistrate and a prescribed number and quality of witnesses must observe both the initial contract signing and every renewal. However, while a girl is under a legal contract, she is very much like a slave. In this sense a joy girl contract is similar to a gladiator contract in ancient Rome, by which one could be "whipped or burned with fire" if he did not do the will of his contracting masters. Some girls who want to acquire skills they can talk out into the world, such as that of a free dancing girl, sometimes enter joy houses for a short length time as a learning experience -- an idea not very different from Earth military volunteers joining in hopes of acquiring marketable skills.

Kohima: Coupling with a private slave without her master's permission, even if it is romantically performed with her cooperation, known as kohima. Under law, it is a form of trespassing. The master, not the slave, is considered the injured party, regardless of the degree of physical brutality involved. Injury to a slave is in the act of kohima is, in fact, considered to be aggravating circumstances, an act of wanton damage to the master's property. Oftentimes, a man whose love-slave has been ill treated will find the legal penalties much too light and may take the law into his own hands, such as a challenge to a duel, or hiring an assassin, or dart man. Incidently, stealing service from a public slave without paying for it is yet another form of kohima.

Lash-master: A male slave-trainer, also commonly called a "lash-lord." A female trainer is a "lash-mistress" or a "lash-lady."

Lash-slave: A slave whose job it is to train slaves to bondage, usually as an assistant to a free slaver. Some private masters will buy or lease trained lash-slaves to instruct their new stable slaves, but normally such specialists are needed only when the girl is especially defiant. Usually an experienced senior slave in a pleasure stable is savvy enough to be able to turn a raw girl into a good silk slave. Usually such girls are born-women, but a story is told of a master who, on a whim, desired to make as many of his city's transformed former warriors into cup slaves in a tavern he owned. He deliberately found a serum girl of the city's traditional enemy and had her trained as a lash slave, so that the cup slaves of his tavern would know that there would be no sympathy or tolerance extended by she who held the whip over their pretty jours.

Love-slave: A slave who genuinely loves a free man, not necessarily her own master.

Love master:
A man who genuinely loves a slave girl.

Oernad: A hired male lover.

Passion nectar: Also called "lust potion," passion nectar is a scientific aid to a slave trainer. This is a plant-derived substance that, when consumed (usually in drink or food), puts a female subject into intense sexual heat for a span several hours. It acts on female hormones, thus men are not affected. A stubborn, sex-hating slave might be kept in a cage and given lust potion until she begs to have sex. Since many new serum girls are scandalized at the idea of submitting to sex-play with men, passion nectar is often a part of their training. The substance is also used by seducers to get the better of chaste free women, but almost everywhere this reckless use of passion nectar is considered a crime. One of the most common ingredients in passion nectar is the herb vaid. Although no all such potions use vaid, the herb gives its name to many such concoctions in the common vernacular. Other widespread terms for passion nectar are sone, khoom, and dhori.

Passion slave: This is a skilled slave, much like a Zhorian geisha. A passion slave is rare and expensive. She is selected not only for beauty, but also for talent and personality. A true passion slave is well trained in the arts of physical lovemaking, but is also learned in entertainment skill of other types, such as in culinary service, in dancing, in poetry recital, in singing, and dance. She must also be of a personality type that excels in diverting conversation. To purchase a passion slave for a personal stable slave is to buy high status. The ransom of an abducted passion slave has been known to be as expensive as a noblewoman's. Especially rare are serum girl passion slaves, since the strong male libido, translated into female wantonness, tends to be too distracting to allow the girl to study non-erotic arts extensively. On the other hand, serum girls have a very great advantage in knowing a man's likes and how he feels. Legend speaks of a master who committed suicide when his rare and costly Ruk-slave passion-girl was stolen from his stable, beyond hope of recovery.

Some passion slaves have been bred for voluptuous beauty over many generations, and are bred with men selected from the sons of passion slaves. The genetic material of passion slaves is therefore much sought after for the making of Ruk's Serum, but the owners of passion slaves often make the makers of serum pay high prices for their girls' blood samples. A former man will usually be aghast to find that he has developed the proportions of a passion slave, but in time he -- she -- will be proud and probably vain regarding her houri-like beauty.

Pleasure house: Also known as a "silk house," this is the Zhorian-style public bordello. Other common Zhorian terms for this institution are tu-lurr, bhar-phave, and kusain. Sometimes the terms is carelessly used to describe a "joy house." The difference is that pleasure houses utilize slaves and joy houses employ free women.

Pleasure-house girl: A slave in a pleasure house. Also called a "silk girl," she is the equivalent of the inmate of a brothel. As on Earth, it is oftentimes a hard life, but Zhorian science prevents the rapid aging that similar girls seem to suffer in the profession. Also, along with cup slavery and alcove slavery, it is often the best sort of bondage for a serum girl, with her male-intensity erotic drive. Other names for pleasure-house girls are tainon, belit, and elent.

Pleasure rack: These come in various designs, but their primary purpose is to hold a slave in any of a wide variety of desired positions. The best of them can change the slave's arrangement without needing to first unstrap her, by means of slides and pulleys. The most common use of the pleasure rack is to compel an unwilling slave or captive to assume whatever positions a lover may desire for his sexual gratification. Sometimes the racks are merely a convenient means to bind a slave in an uncomfortable position for punishment.

Pleasure silk: See "Slave Silk."

Pleasure slave: A woman whose sole or primary duty is to provide sexual recreation to others. She may or may not be well trained in the erotic arts. Other terms for "pleasure slave" are velderl, selice, shallar, and khend.

Pleasure stable: A man's private harem. Depending on his circumstances, it may be only one woman at a particular time, or hundreds. If he is of modest means, his stable girls may be required to do the labors of domestic work slaves also.

Public slave: A term that usually indicates a public harlot. While there are many slaves who perform clerical or manual labor duties for public concerns, when one hears the term "public slave" he assumes the reference to be to pleasure house girls, alcove girls, siolat girls, or sexual servants of some other variety.

Repression: A serum girl soon develops two overriding urges: sexual attraction to males (which tends to fill her with the same strong desire that a male feels for a desireable woman) and the urge to be conquered and controlled by a strong, domineering other -- usually a male. But sometimes these impulses vanish or never develop. Instead these needs -- so basic to a psychologically healthy serum girl -- seethe in her unconscious mind.

This goes on for too long, other emotions may be impaired also. The sufferer may engage in perverse behavior -- such as fits of excessive violence or fetishism, angry or hate-filled behavior, or the psychological rejection of her femaleness. There is no one universally effective formula for freeing a repressed serum girl from her malady, but, for the majority of cases, repression is only a temporary condition.
Commonly, repression is brought on by a severe shock, such as a serum girl being subjected to vaec pelda before she has become ripe and eager. Interestingly, some of the most promiscuous slave wenches serving today in pleasure houses, alcoves, and taverns have started out as repressed serum girls. When their repression is broken -- by whatever means -- their lust is released like a powerful spring. So, too, is their biology-driven joy in the experience of slavery.

Ripeness: A serum girl who has become psychologically ready to assume a life of female sexual activity is called "ripe." The first symptom of oncoming ripeness is oftentimes the assumption of suggestively erotic movements, such as an unconscious swaying of the hips while walking, or spontaneously returning a smile when a handsome man smiles her way. Many girls do not realize that they have become fully ripe until, beholding male beauty, they feel an unbearable impulse to fondle him as an object of desire, and to take his magnificence into their own virginal bodies. Commonly, slavers do not begin to train a raw captive serum girl until she has given signs of ripeness. Until that time, she may be kept chained, caged, or kept at tasks suitable to a work slave.

Ruked: A slang term that means to have been transformed by Ruk's Serum.

Safies: Any of a slave positions that shows respect for free persons around a girl. These are traditional postures that are learned in the course of slave training.

Serum Girl: This is a male transformed by Ruk's serum. Also Ruk lass, Ruk girl, or Ruk maid. In common Zhorian languages the synonyms are calique, rew, and vlon. The genetic material selected to transform a male into a female is purposely isolated for inducing beauty, slave-need, and sexual need. Women who have talents, such as superior voices for song and athletic grace for dance, are also singled out for DNA archiving. A born-female slave changed by Ruk's serum is called an "enhanced" woman, or "enhanced slave."

Signeer's Curse: A condition that describes one who is hyper-ticklish, due to having received Chadwor's Serum.

Silks: A term that means "bed," especially as a place for sexual activity. When referring to beds of humble persons, such as a hunter's bunk, it is considered pretentious to call it the "silks." Another term for bed may be used, such as "the furs" or "the pelts," as furs are often used in the beds of soldiers and outdoors men, though in fact woolen blankets are used more commonly for bedding.

Silk Slave: This is another term for pleasure slave. It is more commonly used to refer to public pleasure slaves, especially pleasure house girls, but it is still correct to use in the the older, more general sense.

Slave Bitters: A contraceptive. It protects the slave from conception for at least a month after ingestion. It has a repellent, bitter taste. Freewomen use contraceptives also, but an effort is made to make them taste better. The unpleasant taste of slave bitters is one subtle way that a slave girl is reminded of her status, lest she become too proud.

Slave face: This is a term that refers to the styles of makeup worn by a pleasure slave. Free women wear very little makeup in comparison to slave girls. This recalls our 19th Century, when only actresses and floozies wore powder and paint in public. Interestingly, the makeup styles of Earth (as noted by slavers visiting that planet in the service of the Overlords or the Outsiders) have had a strong influence on the current slave-face styles back on Zhor. Many slaves now wear bright lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and shadow. Zhorians remain mystified why Earthers do not brand and collar the majority of their women, since their use of paint, their scanty clothes, and shameless promiscuity are all indicators of a slave nature. Those who know about human beings on Earth maintain that Earth people, both male and female, seem to treasure freedom much less than Zhorians do, and so are prime candidates for enslavement.

Slave Honey: A fertility drug. It counteracts the effects of slave bitters and elevates the user's fertility for two to three weeks. Slave honey is infrequently used, as most slaves are not bred. The stability of Zhorian society does not benefit by a large expansion of the slave population. Yet in individual cases, the breeding of a slave may be desired. A love-slave is commonly bred by her love-master. The sweet taste of the drug tells a knowing slave what is in her cup and what he fate is likely to be.

Slave fire: This is a metaphorical term indicating the sexual craving and slave-need experienced by an slave when she is sexually stimulated, either by sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch. Usually this affects only an ignited girl. A khend unable to sate her sexual need is said to be tormented by slave fire, which, among other things, prevents her from getting restful sleep. A girl with a solitary master, especially if he has a stable of girls, often goes unsatiated for too long to be good for her. Physicians have developed a potion to suppress such distress for up to a day. Nonetheless, the best relief from slave fire is very frequent sex, such as a public slave might attain. Due to a careful genetic selection, serum girls and enhanced slaves are especially prone to experience slave fire.

Slave rape: See vaec-pelda.

Slave silk: A term for the costume of a pleasure slave, also called "pleasure silk." Zhorian words for this type of garment include sapir, beleze, and dahzoi. Commonly, too, it is called a "slave slip." These are very general terms and they actually include many styles of garments, not all of them of silk. Slave garment styles have specific names and go in and out of fashion. Some slave silk is copied from women's lingerie acquired on Earth. Slave silk is intended to please the male eye and inspire thoughts of pleasure. It seeks to cover just enough of a girl's form to lend her allure and mystery. Usually masters are pleased to show off their girls scantily clad, for a man acquires status by having a slave that others desire but cannot have without his leave. The slave silk intended for the sleeping silks differs from the silks that girls were when taken outside differs only slightly. It tends to be of a more durable material. However, some masters allow their slaves to wear bed silk even when shopping in the market, and do not scruple to take a wench lustily indoors even if she is wearing her street silk. Long ago, the bed fashions and the street fashions of slaves were easy to pick out at a distance, but those days are gone.
Slut: The common Rhinfew term for slut is gadite, dierl, or rier.

It is a common perjorative, used in much the same way as it is used on Earth. It indicates a free woman who is excessively active sexually, indiscriminately or blatantly seductive. (A slave might be called a slut also, but this is a careless use of the term). When a free woman behaves in a way suitable only for a slave, she cannot be called a slave, but the word "slut" is substituted.

A free woman cannot wear "slave-face," but make-up that is too sensual can be referred to as "slut-face." What would be called "man-hunger" or "slave-need" in a thrall, is called "slut-need" in a free woman. A free woman's tastelessly seductive bedroom garb is not "slave-silk" but "slut-silk."

It is commonly believed that a free woman who behaves like a slut will make an excellent pleasure slave, once abducted and branded. It is also believed that some women exaggerate their movements with purposely sluttish signals in public, hoping to incite some man to carry them off and place them in the collar. All serum girls have the slave gene, and though they often exert great willpower to twart the will of their hearts to be enslaved, many are not successful.

Serum girls have a great propensity for slut-like behavior. Their male-intensity sex-drive remains, though it soom metamorphose into a craving for male fleshn. And while women tend to be brought up in decorum, Zhorian men are taught that sexual conquest is a mark of prestige. They often become pleasure slaves before they learn otherwise.
Transformation euphoria: A certain percentage of new serum girls tend to experience "transformation euphoria," sometimes called soimence or kaunead. It is not a significant problem for enhanced women. It most often effects those serum girls who were formerly males with extremely strong libidos. Such persons may "ripen" as women in only a few days. The truth to tell, a previously insatiable male tends to desire sexual contact involving men with the same intensity. What is new is her natural slavery intensely, which may cause her to act out elaborate bondage fantasies with casual lovers. Promiscuity is quite normal for such a person.

Interestingly enough, a real possibilty of enslavement tends to suppress transformation euphoria. If a serum girl is poor, she may have little protection from abductors, and her anxiety will stifle any tendency toward euphoria. It's made sufferers are wealthy serum girls in a protected environment. Her emotions can be subject to wild swings in such circumstances, depending on outside stimuli. If she doubts she will encounter a lover who will abduct her, she will take many lovers. She commony engages in slave play. The wise serum girl will go frequently to slave clubs, so that she may give vent to her wild nature in safety.

But reckless behavior around stangers can led one suffering from soimence to take risks. Or she may enjoy instense slave play so much that she submit herself as a slave to a man who is but a passing infatuation. By the time a serum girl in the grip of kauneads has fallen slave due to her own behavior, even her family may be glad to see her go, particulary if it is a prestige-conscious family. After the embarassment she has put them through, itis likely that they will not have her redeemed. The serulm girl, now a slave, may live happily in her lowly status, or she may not. But, regardless, the reality of slavery will usually banish transformation euphoria very quickly. It is an abberation for free women.

Vaecwi: A slave. Other terms that mean the same are kaon, dabul, and shabo.


Zhorians seldom use harsh language in sex, a stark contrast with Earth folk. This may be because Earth culture is in deep decay and Zhorian culture is not. To a Zhorian, sex is considered a healthy recreation, as well as the logical expression of deep and enduring feelings. Due to the inspired labors of Zhorian science, there are no known sexually transmitted diseases remaining that are not easily cured. Thus Zhorians, particularly the males, engage in carefree sexual adventures, usually starting at the very outset of puberty, sometimes with the encouragement of their own fathers. A rich son will often receive the gift of a young pleasure slave of his own, as a commemoration of his having achieved the age of legal manhood. A rookie warrior customarily proves his skill and sexual vigor by abducting a nubile woman from an enemy city and bringing her home to be his pleasure slave. Some believe the Overlords originally encouraged this custom to keep the bloodlines of Zhor from becoming too inbred.

Most Zhorians, however, do not own slaves and so make frequent use of public slaves, in the street, the taverns, and bordellos. Zhorian wives accept this as a fact of life, but do not necessarily like it. Zhor has a different vocabulary of respectable sex when applied to one's wife or mistress. The following terms are polite only when used in association with slave or captive partners and are in the widespread language of Rhinfew.:

Arva-orra: Translated as "slut orgasm." This is an inappropriate orgasm, suggestive of wantonness, such as a woman with an illicit lover, or a captive brolled by a captor and apparently enjoying it too much. A woman known to experience slut orgasms is considered a particularly good choice for enslavement. There are cases where a brolled captive, intended for ransom, responds so well in the arms of an abductor that she becomes slated for slavery instead. Vanora reputedly made certain that Ruk's Serum would make all but the most resistant subjects prone to multiple, powerful, and euphoric arva-orras. See Vaec-orra.

Brol: This means to engage in casual intercourse with slaves, low women, or captives for recreation.

Drin: This means "slave-christening." The first time a slave is brolled by a man, she is said to be drinned, i.e. "christened a slave." Some Zhorians hold that a pleasure slave who is not drinned is not yet a true slave. But this is a mystical concept, not a legal one.

Dorn: is the act of tonguing the penis.

Gair: Anal intercourse is considered a shameless act. There are many euphemism for this, "Morwydd's Conquest" being one of the more common; dhess and krit are two others. Long ago, Morwydd was the harsh, beautiful ruler of a city that was conquered. Enslaved by the victors, she was publicly subjected to gairing as her first experience as a pleasure slave. It is said that she subsequently trained magnificently.

Ffloc: To ffloc is to tongue and/or nibble the scrotum or testicles.

Hentt: This is one of various terms that means "the sex act," usually when engaged in by slaves or low women. Other terms for this popular engagement are zerhlz, wynn, and bhence.

Mouroat: A mouroat means "shameless act." It is an act of sex that is considered low and depraved even for a pleasure slave, and is oftentimes illegal for a free woman to engage in. In various jurisdictions, one who does so may be tried for immorality and the usual penalty is enslavement. Even if not illegal, a free woman known to have performed an act of mouroat is almost always socially ruined.

Teur: "Teur" in common usage usually refers to fellatio. More formally, though, the word "teur" refers to a wide variety of oral techniques, most of which have specialized names. Other common names acts that are teur in the general sense are vyrl, ouilett, sherelle, and pondeid. Dyff is a very common service afforded by slaves and joy girls that refers to the more classic act of fellatio.

But most common of all the euphemisms for teur is
lla-nod. This means "slave-kiss" or "slave girl's kiss." It is one of the services most frequently demanded of pleasure slaves. Almost every new pleasure slave is trained in teuring until she performs it well.

Public slaves are expected to encourage customers to accept this sort of activity, since it takes less time and is not so tiring to girls as brolling and gairing. Teuring is often considered a shameless act and is so closely identified with slaves that some cities forbid oral acts to free women. In many places, if a free woman is witnessed performing a teur, she will be tried and, possibly, condemned to slavery. In some jurisdictions she becomes the slave of the man whom she has teured. A wise free woman will make sure that there are no witnesses before she agrees to give teur to a lover.

Vaec-pelda: An easy (yet misleading) translation would be "slave-rape." The term, in fact, does not necessarily imply violence, though it may. It does indicates sex with a slave. This is not called "love-making," out of sensitivity to free women.
Vaec-pelda is a concept close in meanting to hentt in meaning, i.e. recreational sex with either slaves or low women. Vaec-pelda suggests something more personal, such as a vaecwei submitting ablsolutely to the will her a master, or a raw captive being informed by a physical act that she is indeed a slave girl. Consequently, it is very commonly employed when a newly enslaved woman is drinned, that is, has sex as a slave for the first time. What an Earth persons would classify as rape, when it regards a Zhorian free woman, is called swold. It was traditionally an equal to murder and carried the death penalty. Since the creation of Ruk's Serum, the most usual punishment for swold is tansformation and enslavement. A condemned felon usually does not have to wait long in her chains before a trainer or her first master acquaints her with the experience of vaec-pelda.

Vaec-orra: The "slave orgasm." This is any sexual orgasm that is experienced by a woman who is a legal slave. To have an orgasm as a true slave suggests to the Zhorian mind that she is not suffering from her lowly status, but enjoying it. Because serum girls and enhanced slaves receive the DNA from the most responsive silk slaves, they are believed to experience slave orgasms at a much higher rate than do born-women.

Ysied: Anilingus; other names include nugg and geil. This is another of the acts that is widely considered "shameless."


Byth is semen. It means "balm" and is often translated as such.

Fod is the penis. Other common terms are dhon, gorrn, and salchow. Twyl also serves, though twyl properly describes the erect penis.

Jour is a term referring to a woman's buttocks, especially one of shapely proportions. In slang, it is approximately the same term as brolling. To call a woman a nice piece of jour" is to say she is sexy. To get "a piece of jour" is to get sex. To "want some jour" is to want brolling.

Na-aer is the clitoris.

Peren is the woman's external genitalia.

is the anus.

Saer is the vagina.

Suren are the testicles, often referred to as orbs, spheres, or any number of similar terms.

Twyl is the erect penis, but there are many other common terms, both slang and foreign, the most widely used being fleer, jitt, and tropp. There also are many euphemisms for the erection, including scepter, staff, lance, dagger, etc.

Ymylu: The maidenhead. Other common names for it are phyce, sharlee, and qeller.

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