Mikes's Erotic Story Room (A to L)
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Erotic Story Room (A to L)

These stories are for adults only and include graphic and sometimes shocking content. The stories in this collection are provided for your entertainment. If a story does not amuse you do not read it.

(B/D is bondage/discipline, D/s is dominance/submission, NC is nonconsensual, S/M is sadism/masochism, WS is watersports)

A Psychological Dilemma by Plumes of a Peacock (Fantasy) added 6/17/01
Another Day at Work by angel_tits@literotica.org (Threesome) added 6/30/01
Bi-Ding Time by Aaron (Bi sex) added 6/30/01
Bus by Casanova@computermail.net (Obsession) updated 6/30/01
Caught by angel_tits@literotica.org (Hetero sex) added 6/30/01
Cherry Moon by sherrierose99@yahoo.com (Infidelity) added 6/17/01
Finding the Clitoris by Heroin Daydream (Hetero sex, Oral) added 6/30/01
Girls Night Out! by sherrierose99@yahoo.com (Hetero sex) added 6/17/01
Gwen is 40 by Sweethotcoco (Hetero sex, older woman/younger man) added 6/17/01
Ice is Nice by paul_harvard@hotmail.com (Hetero sex) added 6/30/01
In the Neighborhood by Frisch (Oral, Anal, Hetero sex, Analingus) added 6/30/01
JoAnn by Siren99 (Threesome, Teen) added 6/30/01
Julia: Part One by Captain Squall (Interracial sex, Group sex, Intergenerational) added 6/17/01
Julia: Part Two by Captain Squall (Interracial sex, Group sex, Intergenerational) added 6/17/01
Lace, Frills and Rubber by Plumes of the Peacock (Hetero sex, Anal dildo) added 6/17/01
Lawless Games by Emma Kaufmann (Hetero sex) added 6/17/01
Lovers by colorblue25@yahoo.com (Hetero sex) added 6/30/01
16 Will Get You 20 by Niceguy_x@hotmail.com (Hetero sex, Lesbian sex) added 8/14/00
16 with a D-cup by Asma (Hetero sex) added 10/23/99
1900 by BiShadow (Hetero sex, Bi sex) added 4/15/99
A Best Friend's Wish by jeremy (Hetero sex, Teens) added 5/13/01
A Brand New Year by Headfilter (Hetero, Wife sharing, NC) added 8/30/99
A Bride Possessed by Daddy (Hetero sex, Teen, Gangbang) added 3/7/00
A Brief Encounter by Luvverman@hotmail.com (Hetero sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Public sex, Stranger sex) added 10/14/99
A Career Move by Nunkie (Hetero sex, BBW, Femdom, Watersports, Scat) added 8/27/00
A Chance Encounter by Eros (Hetero sex, Voyeurism, Teen) added 11/24/00
A Choice - a True Story- by Entrare (Hetero sex) added 8/23/00
A Christmas for Carole by Heatheranne (Hetero sex) added 11/24/00
A Christmas Future by UK Snowy (Bi sex, Anal, Teen) added 1/23/00
A Cry in the Night by Will Bubar (Hetero sex) added 3/25/01
A Day at the Beach by Stepnout WhenIcan (Hetero sex) added 8/10/99
A Day at the Races by Sally (Lesbian sex) added 11/15/99
A Dilemma for Ken by Slick (Hetero sex, Anal, Control) added 6/20/99
A Diversion by sherrierose99@yahoo.com (Lesbian sex) added 11/11/00
A Dream by Nicholas Proxy (Hetero sex) added 1/23/00
A Dream of an Eclipse of the Sun by virtual_vic (Hetero sex)
A Fantasy Cum True by Naughty Fem (Phone sex, Lesbian sex)
A Fantasy Fulfilled by New Dawn (Hetero sex, Stranger, Oral, Anal) added 4/22/01
A Feeling for History by virtual_vic (Masturbation, Voyeurism)
A First Time for Everything by Casey B. (Hetero sex, Slut wife-sharing, Gangbang) added 3/27/00
A French Teacher by Luvverman@hotmail.com (Hetero sex-boy/older woman) added 8/14/99
A Good Day by Grey Timber (Hetero, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Oral, Anal) added 12/11/99
A Good Education by teybl@hotmail.com (Hetero sex/interracial) added 5/9/99
A Good Gay Sex Fantasy!!! by Curious Card (Gay Sex, Auto-fellatio, First time) added 12/25/99
A Good Teacher (My First Time Experience) (Hetero sex, First time, Teen) added 8/10/99
A Great Rainy Day Fuck by BlackSheep (Anal sex) updated 9/13/00
A Guy's First Threesome by Captain Squall (Threesome) added 2/11/99
A Hot Summer Day by Raven (Hetero sex, Teens) added 4/22/01
A Knitting Lesson by Longfurrytail (Lesbian sex) added 11/27/99
A Learning Experience by Jack Spratt (Hetero sex) added 8/7/99
A Lesson in Sex by BlackSheep (Hetero sex, Anal, First time) added 1/19/99
A Little Crush by damonx (Hetero sex, Anal, Oral) updated 1/1/00
A Love Story by Wilder Green (Hetero sex, Romance) updated 1/1/00
A Lovely Day by Wilder Green (Hetero sex) added 2/27/00
A Man's Best Friend by Cin~ (Hetero sex, Autofellatio) added 12/25/99
A Musical Sexperience by UK Snowy (Hetero sex, Threesome, Oral, Anal) added 5/22/00
A New Understanding by Goodboy (Femdom, Orgasm control) added 5/20/01
A Night at the Beach by Jeep Wrangler (Hetero sex, Oral, Toys) added 3/25/01
A Night in Jail - Part I by Chitra (Hetero sex-young girl/multiple partners) added 2/11/01
A Night in Jail - Part I by Chitra (Hetero sex-young girl/multiple partners) added 3/25/01
A Night of Subconsciousness by Lonely Heart (Female masturbation) added 1/9/99
A Night to Begin With by Dan the man (Hetero sex, Threesome, Prostitution) added 10/10/99
A Night to Remember by Gemini Jane (Hetero sex, Threesome) added 3/17/00
A Night with Ben by Delta (Hetero sex) added 8/30/99
A Police Woman Betrayed by Jaz1701 (Bi sex, NC)
A Quiet Drink by Stonehead (Hetero sex, Threesome) added 8/27/00
A Rather Successful Date by ADS (Hetero sex, Science fiction, Drug use, Mind control, Bondage, Romance) added 10/14/99
A Roadside Rescue by luvverslut@hotmail.com (Hetero, Exhibitionism, Oral) added 9/21/99
A Semester of Firsts by Adoring Fan (Threesome) added 7/24/99
A Slut Wife Gangbang by SJE (Hetero sex, Wife sharing, Gangbang) added 8/7/99
A Skiing Story by Will (Romance) added 1/28/99
A Soul's Cry by angelicdebauchery@hotmail.com (NC) added 8/23/00
A Stormy Night in the Bronx by Blackzilla (Hetero sex, Interracial, Threesome,) added 4/4/01
A Story For Women by luvverman@hotmail.com (Hetero sex, Oral, Domination) added 9/21/99
A Visit from a Friend by Mrs. Sandy (Hetero sex) added 8/26/99
A Visit to the Monroe Theater by T_____ (Hetero sex, Gangbang)
A Walk in the Park by Harknirf (Hetero sex, NC, Oral, Light S/M, B/D) added 1/23/00
A Young Naked Boy by Truthful Mother and Son (Family nudity) added 3/2/99
Aaron by Nicholas Proxy (Hetero sex, Older woman/younger man, Voyeurism/Exhibitionism) added 9/11/99
Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (rev) maggot (Hetero sex, NC, Humiliation)
Adam the Cop by G-boy (Hetero sex, Lesbian sex, Oral, Anal) added 3/27/00
Added Benefits by heartzdesire (Hetero sex)
Adolescent Danny: Students, Teacher and Videotape by Vulvana's Brother (Lesbian sex-woman/teen girl, Hetero sex-woman/teen boy and girl, Threesome) added 3/25/01
Adventure with the Babysitter by GuyJD (Hetero sex, Oral, Interracial, Older Man/Young Teen) added 11/24/00
Adventures of a Sex Addict by Leo Heart (Gay sex, Masturbation, Cross Dressing, Exhibitionism)
After School (zipped) (Bi sex, Zoo sex-woman/dog, Exhibitionism)
After School Helper by A.B. (Masturbation, Hetero sex, Young man/older woman, Anal) updated 5/2/00
After School Lessons by Del Edwards (Hetero sex, Oral) added 12/16/99
After the Party by Wilder Green (Hetero sex, Threesome) added 12/16/99
After Work by Hanley Strapmann (Slut, Gang, Teen boys) added 6/10/01
After-School Fun by Gavin McDowell (Gay sex)
After-school Taboo by JT (Bi sex) added 2/18/00
Age is No Problem by UK Snowy (Older woman/boy) added 5/20/01
Alexis by Purplecat (Hetero sex, Interracial, Woman/young boy, Lesbianism, Group) added 5/13/01
Ali's First Modeling Experience by Mercury (Hetero sex) updated 3/25/01
Alicia's First Gang-Bang (Bi sex & incest, Gangbang, Anal, Oral) added 11/4/98
All Alone by Lena (Female masturbation)
All In Their Family by jungis1 (Hetero sex, Lesbian incest, Voyeurism) added 9/20/98
Alone by Joe Boone (Hetero sex, Western adventure)
Alone in Berlin by Lucinda Gavin (Phone sex) added 11/1/98
Along Came Darlene (zipped) by cigarsoup@aol.com (BBW) added 5/20/01
Amanda - Part 1 (Hetero sex, Teen) added 6/10/99
Amish Country: Encounter in Kellen County by Fred Clarke (Hetero sex)
Amputee (Hetero sex)
Amy and Staci by Amy S. (Lesbian sex) added 12/2/99
An Afternoon Delight Part II by Helene and JayBee (Hetero sex, Oral) added 8/10/99
An Afternoon Delight! by Helene and JayBee (Hetero sex) added 7/2/99
An Afternoon of Bliss by BUFFtheFireDog (Hetero sex) added 4/22/01
An Afternoon of Leisure by Enigma (Lesbian sex) added 9/3/99
An Erotic Balinese Adventure by Captain Squall (Bi sex) updated 5/22/99
An Office Love by Jay Barbera (Hetero sex) added 5/29/01
An Old Friend In Vegas by Jon Eastman (Hetero Sex, older woman/ younger man) added 11/27/99
An Open Email To My Lover by Adoring Fan (Hetero sex) added 12/6/98
An Unexpected Rendezvous by Adoring Fan (Light SM) added 7/18/99
Anaesthetic by luvverman@hotmail.com (Hetero sex, Oral, NC) added 9/21/99
Anal Adventure for a Mature Jan by Captain Squall (Threesome) added 10/27/98
Angela (Hetero sex-older man/young girl) added 7/12/99
Angela's Pain by G-boy (Hetero&lesbian sex, Oral, Anal) added 2/8/00
Angela's Ventures, Chapter 1 by angela_hart69@hotmail.com (Robotic sex) updated 1/7/01
Ann and the Cop - An Erotic Experience of a Young Housewife by P. Apple (Hetero sex, Anal, Oral, NC) added 1/7/01
Another Taste of Heaven by Jack Spratt (Hetero sex, Anal) added 10/27/98
Anticipation by Rebel Mistress (Hetero sex) added 5/28/99
Any Given Friday by Morr8igan@yahoo.com (Hetero sex, Threesome, Oral, Anal) added 4/22/01
Appleseed or "I Guess That's Poetic Justice" (Hetero sex, NC) added 7/19/98
April and Andrew by Jazz aka Porn_Writer (Hetero sex) added 8/30/99
Around the Corner from Hell by thisold1 (Hetero sex, Lesbian sex, Dream) added 5/29/01
As Luck Would Have It by Captain Squall (Threesome) added 12/6/98
Ash and Me by Giselle (Hetero sex, First time, Teen, Romance) added 2/18/00
Asia's Answer to Communism by Finnish (Warfare, Male prostitution Gay sex) added 5/19/99
Astro-Naughty by Apollo (Gay sex, Cross-dressing) added 1/7/01
At Long Last by SamHarpoon (Hetero Sex) added 7/9/99
Aunt Helen Burning... In Summer's Cauldron by Mick Carlo (Smoking fetish, Incest-aunt/nephew) added 5/13/01
Baby and the Band by Jenna Ink (Foursome, Teen, Anal) added 9/13/00
Baby Slut by Craver (Hetero incest&sex, Gangbang) added 11/11/99
Babysitting Jen by bigraybowski@hotmail.com (Hetero sex, Teen) added 2/18/00
Bachelor Party Present by Jazz (Hetero foursome) added 6/26/99
Back Home by G-boy (Bi sex) added 4/9/99
Back to "Blow Joe's" by Suzy, the Biker Chick Floozy (Exhibitionism, Oral sex, Anal sex, Spanking) added 7/21/99
Bad Tiffany by Ben (Female masturbation, Spanking, Squirting) added 6/26/00
Bangkok Baby by Eros (Hetero sex, Prostitute, Teen) added 10/23/99
Barbara: Model Turns Slut (zipped) by NiteWriter (Bi Sex, Anal Rimming, Fisting, WS, Gang Bang, Rape, D/s, Bondage, Nipple Piercing, Bestiality) added 4/19/98
Beach Blanket Bingo by sherrierose99@yahoo.com (Lesbian sex) added 8/23/00
Beach Padre I - a Life in Paradise by Bruno K (Gay sex) updated 6/20/98
Beach Padre II - a Threat to Paradise by Bruno K (Gay sex) added 6/20/98
Beachside Threesome by W.D. Marshall (Hetero sex, Threesome, Toe-sucking) added 3/27/00
BeachSlut by Suzie SleaZe (Hetero sex, WS, Gangbang) added 6/6/98
Becoming Your Slut by Lauren Takahashi (Hetero, Gangbang, NC) added 8/22/99
Behind The Bar (zipped) by Polly Gaston (Bi Sex, Bondage, Voyeurism) added 6/4/98
Behind the Scenes of Tom Jones by Omni (Hetero sex)
Being Neighborly by Giselle (Lesbian sex) added 4/8/00
Belinda Comes Back to Town by G-boy (Lesbian & gay sex, Voyeurism, Vegetables, Shaving) added 11/4/99
Best Breakfast Ever by Lancer (Hetero sex, Oral, Anal) added 3/7/00
Best Friend's Visit by G-boy (Lesbian sex) added 4/16/98
Best Week of My Life, So Far... by Chris Hunt (Hetero sex) added 11/4/99
Beth (Bi sex, Anal, S/M) added 10/27/98
Bettina's COCK-Tail Party Adventure by Bett J as told to Joe the Cuckold (Hetero sex)
Beverly Hills 90210: Val's Return and Vengeance by Bart (Humiliation, Lesbian sex, Hetero sex, Group sex, Anal, Masturbation, Exhibitionism) added 4/12/99
Bi-Curious by Louise Ann Padden (Lesbian sex) added 7/18/99
Big Enough, Old Enough by UK Snowy (Teen girl/older man) added 5/13/01
Bill and Mike, and Carla by Ooz (Wife Sharing) added 10/22/98
Billy and His Goddess, Theodora by James Lacy (Hetero sex, Masturbation, Fondling, Oral, Older woman/young man) added 5/13/01
Birthday Present from My Wife by Will S (Hetero sex, Wifesharing, Voyeurism) added 10/29/00
Black Sausage Pie by UK Snowy (Hetero, Interracial, Older woman/young man) updated 1/6/00
Black stud, Diamond Stud by UK Snowy (Hetero, Interracial, Older woman/young man, Incest-brother/sister, Lesbian) updated 1/6/00
Blackmailed Into Swapping (zipped) by Dana Swanson (Bi Sex, Gang Bang, Masturbation, Rape, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 7/3/98
Blind Date by Lois Lane (Hetero sex, Anal) added 5/6/99
Blind Man's Buff- A Game Adults Can Play (Yes, "Buff " not "Bluff"!) by Captain Squall (Orgy, Party game) added 9/20/98
B.O.B. and Me by Lucinda Gavin (Masturbation) added 11/1/98
Blind Passion by Del Edwards (Hetero sex, Male masturbation, Voyeurism, Stranger sex) added 3/7/00
Blonde Voodoo Queen by None Whiff (Bi sex) added 10/16/00
Bonnie's First Coupon by TBERRR1@aol.com (Domination, Exhibitionism, NC, Gangbang) added 2/18/00
Bonnie's Lost Bet by TBERRR1@aol.com (Hetero sex, Domination, Exhibitionism, NC?, Threesome) added 2/18/00
Bookstore Sex by Ooz (Hetero sex, Gangbang, WS) added 11/7/99
Boss Man by Pervitron (Hetero sex, Wifeslut, Interracial, Voyeur) added 8/5/98
Bottle of Confessions by V.V. Vidal (Hetero sex, Intergenerational) added 5/28/99
Bottle of Confessions II by V.V. Vidal (Hetero, Lesbian, Older man/younger woman) added 10/6/99
Bound to Happen by Del Edwards (Bondage) added 12/3/00
Boy Scout Camp Out by big_ole_teddybear@yahoo.com (Gay, First Time) updated 1/1/00
Boys Day Out by The Lord (Hetero sex) added 6/17/98
Boys will be Boys by Pecker (Gay sex, First time, Masturbation) added 6/20/98
Breakfast by Kunning Linguist (Hetero sex) added 11/11/99
Breaking in the New Co-Worker by GuyJD (Hetero Sex) added 5/22/00
Broken Window by Ulyssa Kincaid (Hetero sex, First time, Older woman, Younger man) updated 1/6/00
Brother-In-Law by Robin (Gay) added 1/23/00
Brown Cherry (Lesbian sex, Anal) added 2/8/99
Bullseye by Stonehead (Hetero sex, NC, Gangbang, WS) added 1/28/00
Burka by Didi (Hetero sex) added 8/27/00
Busted by Clark St. John (Hetero sex, Threesome) added 5/22/99
Busted Two by Clark St. John (Humiliation, Gangbang, WS) added 7/24/99
Cabin Fever by Shivrama (Hetero sex, Strangers) added 2/27/00
Calls to Remember by V.V. Vidal (Lesbian sex) added 8/18/99
Camp Counselor by Drywater (Hetero sex) added 8/23/98
Camping with Relatives by Canary (Foursome, Incest-sisters/husband/stepson, Hetero sex, Gay and lesbian sex) added 2/4/01
Candlelight Desires by Dangermouse (Lesbian/Romance) added 3/27/99
Candy by Candy (Hetero sex, Older man/teen, Spanking, Oral, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Dildo) added 9/17/99
Car Wash: Part One by jactionj (Hetero) added 5/13/99
Carla by Bill Johnson (Hetero sex, D/s) added 12/11/99
Carla's Diary by Ulyssa Kincaid (Hetero sex, Interracial) added 10/22/00
Carole and Chuck by Clark St. John (Heterosexual sharing) added 5/13/99
Carole's Sister by Clark St. John (Hetero sex) added 4/22/01
Cat (Hetero sex) added 12/10/98
Cathy's Liberation by Captain Squall (Hetero sex, Intergenerational, Interracial) added 11/28/98
Catwalk by shannen71@hotmail.com (Stripping, Group sex) added 11/15/98
Caught by the Principal by Cin (Hetero sex, D/s) added 12/16/99
Caught In the Act by Seychelle (Hetero sex, Nudity, light B/D) added 10/19/99
Celeste by wyldprey (Hetero sex, Anal, NC?, Public sex, Interracial) added 11/11/99
Celina by Siren99 (Older boy/young girl) added 1/21/01
Changed Woman by Terry (Slut wife, Gangbang, Cheating) added 5/2/00
Cheating with Mike by Amy Lewis (Cheating, Hetero sex, Anal) added 10/2/98
Cheerleader Fun by Renegade (Bi sex, NC, B/D, Interracial, 3-Way, Hetero incest) added 6/26/98
Cheerleading (Group sex, Interracial) added 1/5/99
Chelle by BuzMePleze (Hetero sex, Threesome) added 9/21/99
Cheryl's Awakening by Ed (Bi sex) added 1/9/99
Chicago Extra-Marital Affair by F. Nedlaw (Hetero sex) added 8/23/98
China Doll by Joe Boone (Hetero sex)
Chip by Siren99 (Gay sex, First time) added 1/21/01
Chocolate Dreams by Lotuseater (Lesbian sex, Threesome, Foodplay) added 2/18/00
Christine by Drywater (Hetero sex, First time, Minor) added 9/24/98
Christine and Karen's Sleepover by Jouissance (Lesbian sex&incest, Spanking, Zoo sex-woman/dog) added 12/25/99
Christmas Cider and Mistletoe by sherrierose99@yahoo.com (Romance, Hetero sex) added 12/13/00
Chubby by G-boy (Hetero Sex, Teens) added 2/27/00
Cindy by Randy Lavery (Hetero sex)
Cindy and the Twins by G-boy (Lesbian sex, Light SM, Piercing, Toys) added 3/27/00
Cindy's First Times (Hetero sex, First time, Masturbation) added 1/28/99
Cinema by Wife Watcher (Hetero sex, Group sex) added 2/2/99
Cocktease (Hetero sex, Gangbang) added 4/26/98
Cocktease, Part 2 (Gangbang) added 7/3/98
College Dare by niceguy_x@hotmail.com (Hetero sex) added 8/23/00
College Sex by Lauren Takahashi (Hetero sex, NC) added 4/15/99
Coming Home (Group sex)
Coming Home[1] by OcenRick (Hetero sex, Sister-in-law lesbian love) added 6/26/99
Compassion by Heroin Daydream (Fantasy hetero sex, Oral) added 4/22/01
Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife by Drywater (Adultery, Anal sex) added 11/4/98
Coworker Coitus by Jazz (Hetero sex, Oral, Public place) updated 7/9/99
Crissy by Siren99 (Older boy/younger girl, First time) added 1/21/01
Crystal (A story from Chase Middle School) by Vulvana (First time) added 5/13/01
Cuckolded and Loving It by Ooz (Bi sex, Wife sharing, Cross-dressing, WS) added 7/3/98
Cuddling Captive Cheerleader (zipped) by Whiff (Bi Sex) added 3/31/00
Cum Night Out by Cathy Thompson (Hetero, Oral, Domination, Exhibitionism, Moral depravity, Humiliation, Gangbang, B/D) added 12/25/99
Cum To My Window by Mulberry Girl (Hetero sex) added 6/5/99
Curiosity Satisfied/Satisfied Curiosity -- A Two Part Invention by Lotuseater and Oosh (Lesbian sex, Roleplay) added 4/8/00
Daddy's Little Whore by Senshng (Teen, First time, Gangbang, Oral, NC) added 9/3/99
Dan's Surprise by Mulberry Girl (Hetero sex, Wife-sharing, Bisexual) added 8/10/99
Dance for Me by RA (First time) added 5/13/01
Danni's Confusion by G-boy (Hetero sex, Lesbian sex, Gay sex, WS, Toys) added 2/18/00
Darkness by shadowtype (Hetero Sex, Mild B/d) added 3/16/99
Date by Dae Raphael (Hetero sex) added 3/29/99
Dawson's Creek by Homey D. Clown (Hetero sex, Anal, Scat, Impregnation) added 7/23/98
Dawson's Creek: Andie is Crazy and Horny! by Mike Bayers (Lesbian sex, Anal, Dildo, Parody) added 10/26/99
Dawson's Creek: Fun at Creekside by Allen Bergmann (Hetero sex, Parody) updated 4/1/99
Day at the Beach by damonchyld@hotmail.com (Lesbian sex, Group sex) updated 5/22/00
Day in the City (zipped) by Cathy Thompson (Hetero sex, First time, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, S/M, Gangbang) added 10/14/99
Daydream by Vijay Martinez (Gay sex) updated 7/30/99
Debby (Hetero sex, Gangbang) added 4/12/99
Deja Vu Lust: Kayla by Jazz (Hetero sex) added 3/27/99
Delaney's Sleepover by Layshea J. (Lesbian sex, Group sex) added 2/27/99
Denise and I: A Love Story by Handyman (Hetero sex-older man/young girl) added 2/11/01
Denise and I: A Love Story by Handyman (Hetero Sex-older man/young girl) added 3/25/01
Dennis with an "E" (Hetero sex) added 4/12/99
Deus ex Jenova Episode 1: Evil Afoot (zipped) by Max Zhang and R. Richardson (N/A) added 7/24/99
Deus ex Jenova Episode 2: Reunion (zipped) by Max Zhang and R. Richardson (N/A) added 7/24/99
Deus ex Jenova Episode 3: Choice and Consequence (zipped) by Max Zhang and R. Richardson (N/A) added 7/24/99
Deus ex Jenova Episode 4: Words in Stone (zipped) by Max Zhang and R. Richardson (N/A) added 7/24/99
Deus ex Jenova Episode 5: Trinity (zipped) by Max Zhang and R. Richardson (Hetero sex, Lesbian Sex, Three-way) added 7/24/99
Dewi's Indonesian Adventure by Captain Squall (Group sex) updated 3/18/99
Dinner for Two by Devil Woman (Exhibitionism) added 9/26/99
Dinner Is on Amy by mr_rolloverbaby@hotmail.com (Hetero sex) added 4/4/01
Discoveries by Lotuseater (Lesbian sex, Food fetish) added 4/8/00
Don't Get Mad, Get Even by Captain Squall (Bi sex, Group sex, Double penetration, Interracial) added 6/17/98
Double Trouble by Wilder Green (Foursome, Orgy, Oral, Anal, Bi sex) updated 1/6/00
Down by the Lake by Niceguy_x@hotmail.com (Hetero sex) added 5/13/01
Dr Clarrisa's Young Stud by Captain Squall (Hetero sex, Intergenerational, WS) added 6/20/99
Dr Tickle by sherrierose99@yahoo.com (Tickle fetish, Romance) added 6/10/00
Dragonball Z: A Friendly Visit by Lord Rez (Lesbian sex) added 5/20/01
Dream Girls by Proud Asian (Threesome (MFF), Interracial) added 4/1/99
Dreams by Pervetta (Hetero sex, Oral) added 2/18/00
Dreams Can Come True by Devil Woman (Hetero sex) added 8/23/00
Drink Me by Dod Kalm (Hetero sex, Drug use) added 7/3/98
Driven by Seychelle (Lesbianism, Voyeurism, Hetero sex, Threesome) added 9/7/99
Driver's License (Hetero sex, First time) added 4/12/98
Driving the Waitress Home by Alex (Hetero sex) added 2/7/99
Dumb Fuck by Mischief (Hetero sex) added 7/21/99
East Meets West in a Delightful Foursome... by Captain Squall (Bi sex, Gangbang) added 5/16/98
Ebony and Ivory by Ann Douglas (Lesbian sex, Interracial) added 4/15/99
Ecstasy on New Year's Eve by Always_luscious (Hetero sex, Threesome, Oral, Anal) added 1/7/01
Eddie by Fatwilly12 (Hetero sex, Teen, First time, Oral) added 5/22/00
Eden's Garden by shannen71@hotmail.com (Stripper, Anal sex) added 11/28/98
Egg Foo Yummy by Heatheranne (Bi sex, Gender bender) added 11/27/99
Emily's Wish by Del Edwards (Hetero sex) updated 2/18/00
Encountering Lisa by catriona (Hetero sex, Stranger) added 8/14/99
Encountering Lisa 3: Risque Business by catriona (Hetero and lesbian sex, light S/M, Threeway) added 9/11/99
Encountering Lisa 4: Erotic Justice by Catriona (Bi sex, light S/M, Threesomes) added 10/26/99
Encountering Lisa 2: The Applicant by Catriona (Hetero sex, Stranger sex, Oral, Anal) added 8/26/99
Encountering Lisa 5: The Revelation by Catriona (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Anal, Oral) added 2/18/00
Ending Things by Pervetta (Hetero sex, Oral) added 4/24/00
Engaged Tone by Xpac316316@aol.com (Exhibitionism) added 4/1/99
Engineering School by Finnish (Hetero sex) added 12/2/99
Erick and Me by $teve Da Pimp (Gay sex) added 11/19/98
Erotic Assignment by KinkyDzires (Exhibitionism, Hetero sex) added 10/22/00
Erotic Dance by Lillia69 (Hetero sex, Anal, Masturbation) added 3/17/00
Erotic Mrs. Martin and her Student Robin by Pedicabdriver (Threesome) added 7/18/99
Eroticism Remembered by Grey Timber (Hetero sex) added 3/7/00
Escape by sherrierose99@yahoo.com (Hetero sex) added 12/25/99
Evelyn's Second Love by Judge Atland (Hetero sex, Sci fi) added 8/18/99
Excess Inventory by Buzmepleze (Lesbian Sex) added 9/11/99
Exchange Student by Rashmi (Bi sex, Voyeurism, First time) added 8/23/98
Exposed! by lotuseater (Lesbian sex) added 4/8/00
Eye Of The Hawk by Joe Boone (Hetero sex, Western adventure)
Fall Semester Love by MrGiggles (Hetero sex, Oral) added 12/25/00
Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (zipped) by John Cleland (Prostitution, hetero sex) added 4/17/99
Fantasies for a Woman by David Bowman (Threesome) added 9/29/99
Fantasy Assistant by LadyMoon (D/s, Anal, WS, Exhibitionism) added 2/27/00
Fantasy Takeoff by Lei Magnus (Hetero sex, Oral, First time) added 10/14/99
Fantasy Wood by The Portale Nomad (Hetero sex, Medieval/Fantasy, Oral) updated 4/4/01
Fast Food Fucker by KerrAvon (Hetero sex, Anal, Public sex) added 8/27/00
Feathers by Cin (Hetero sex, Light bondage) added 11/27/99
File 'D' by lotuseater (Lesbian sex, Toys) added 4/8/00
Finding Felix by Placebo (Hetero sex) added 11/27/99
First Day Jitters by William Sinner (Hetero sex) added 11/1/99
First Encounter by Terry (Gay sex, First time) added 12/7/99
First Time by scat_hole@hotmail.com (Gay sex, Oral, WS) updated 9/21/99
First Time with Corey by Cel (Hetero sex, First time) added 6/14/98
Fishing Camp by Ms. Sandy (Hetero sex, Wife sharing, Gangbang) added 9/29/98
Flasher by luvverman@hotmail.com (Hetero, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Threesome) added 9/21/99
Flesh by Ashe Dream (Hetero sex, Obsession, Idol worship) added 11/4/98
For Love or Money? by Nobleman (Hetero sex) added 7/18/99
For Medicinal Purposes Only (Hetero sex, Oral, Slut wife) added 12/11/99
Forbidden Passion: The Girlfriends by Hacker_Fear Stories (Lesbian sex) added 7/2/99
Forever by Sweet T (Lapdance) added 1/23/00
Forgiven by Velvet Kitty (Bi sex, First time)
Fourplay by Seychelle (Hetero sex, Role play, Orgy, Lesbian, Dom, Gay male) added 9/7/99
Free Anise by G-boy (Lesbian sex, Wrestling) added 2/8/00
Freewheeling Barbara Toys With Boys (zipped) (Hetero sex & incest) added 10/23/98
French Kissing the Babysitter by M (Lesbian sex, Older woman/young girl, D/s) updated 8/14/00
Freshman First by Tera D. (Lesbian sex, First time) added 4/8/00
Freshman First by tera_x@hotmail.com (Lesbian sex, First time) added 8/27/00
Friends (Hetero sex) added 2/27/00
Friends and Lovers by jangeling@hotmail.com (Hetero sex, Parody) added 5/13/01
Friends Become Lovers by James Lacy (Older man/younger woman) added 1/7/01
Friends of the Brother by Ashe Dream (Hetero Sex, Orgy) added 5/13/99
Fuck the Charity by UK Snowy (Hetero sex, Interracial) added 3/17/00
Fucking Stories by Sally and Peter Kelsall (Hetero sex, NC) added 8/31/98
Full Moon Ritual by Nancy (Threesome) added 8/7/00
Fun at the Beach (Hetero sex, Teen) added 5/16/99
Fun with June by Big Tuna (Hetero sex, Anal) added 8/14/00
Fun with Karen and Ann (zipped) by Horny Sailor (Hetero sex, Masturbation, Anal sex) added 2/8/00
Fun with Mr. President by Panzram (Hetero sex except as defined by Clinton) added 9/20/98
Gabby: One Hell of a Weekend by Gyre_Surfer (Hetero sex-older boy/young girl) updated 4/22/01
Game, Set, and Snatch - a Tennis Threesome by Captain Squall (Threesome) added 10/20/98
Games with Carla by Nicholas Proxy (Hetero sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism) updated 7/15/99
Gates of the Arctic by Katherine English (Hetero sex, Anal) added 2/4/01
Gathering Around the Flagpole by JayBee (Swinging - group sex) added 5/22/99
George and his Ladies Part 1 by Greek Spectre (Hetero sex, Teens) added 3/7/00
George Gets a Surprise by Cat Douglas (Hetero sex, Anal, Toys) added 1/21/01
Getting to Know the Neighbors by Birdie (Hetero sex, Anal) added 10/27/98
Gift for Giving by hepcat2k@cs.com (Gay sex) added 8/23/00
Girl Scouts (Hetero sex) added 5/28/99
Gloria (After Hours Extras) by Del Edwards (Hetero sex, Massage, Masturbation, Enema) added 10/10/99
Gobble Gobble by Deborah (Oral, Erotic confession) added 11/24/00
Going Anal - Part 1 by Cel (Hetero sex) added 8/23/98
Grand Old Party (Paula's Story; Lauren's Story) by Louise Padden and Sally (Lesbian Sex) added 7/18/99
Grandma's Love Story by Luvysing (Hetero sex-older woman/younger man) added 6/20/99
Greek Hookers by Greek Spectre (Hetero sex, Prostitution, Threesome) added 2/27/00
Grow Up by Amanda (Hetero sex, Rape) added 5/12/98
Guilt (Interracial gangbang, B/D)
Halloween to Remember by pnutbtrlegs@aol.com (Hetero sex, Lesbian sex, Oral) added 12/25/00
Handjob by Pokeher (Handjob) added 6/26/00
Happy 4th by PonyBoy (Anonymous sex) added 8/14/00
Happy Hour by Plesurqwen (Exhibitionism) added 8/30/99
Harriet's Big Issue (Hetero sex, Group) added 6/5/99
Harriet's First Fuck (Hetero sex/young girl/older man) added 4/24/99
Harry Potter and the Class of Control by StoryWiz (Hetero sex, Spoof, Magic, Anal, Oral) added 3/25/01
Having Lunch with Insatiable Rick by Sentimental Journey (Hetero sex, Oral) added 1/6/00
Heck of a Job by Dogboy (Hetero sex)
Helen Lust by Steeler (Hetero sex, Anal, B/D, Gangbang, Oral, Gay sex, Sex toys) added 7/19/98
Hide-n-seek by Thisold1 (Hetero sex, Young woman/older man) added 4/8/00
High School by jayoa69@hotmail.com (Gay sex, Oral) added 1/23/00
High School Reunion by Tyra Williams (Foursome) added 4/15/99
Higher Education, Part I by Julia (Hetero sex) added 5/29/98
Hiking Trail by Rashmi (Hetero sex, Voyeurism, Swinging) added 9/20/98
History Lesson by Devil Woman (Hetero sex-older man/younger girl) added 11/1/99
Hit and Run by Deborah (Rape, Oral, Anal) added 12/3/00
Hitchhiking Slut by M (Lesbian sex) updated 10/16/00
Hole in the Wall by Kahuna (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Interracial)
Holiday In Mexico by Clayton Holiday (Bi sex, Wife sharing) added 2/7/99
Holiday Island Assignation by Captain Squall (Bi sex, Group sex) added 12/28/98
Home Alone - But not for Long by Captain Squall (Hermaphrodite/woman sex) added 9/22/98
Home with Emily by Schariah (Hetero sex) added 5/20/01
Homecoming Dance by G-Boy (Bi sex) added 12/16/99
Honey and Brad by Milford and B. (Group sex, Anal, Zoo sex-human/dog) added 11/15/98
Honey I'm Home by New Dawn (Masturbation, Hetero sex) added 4/4/01
Honeybee and the Firehouse Gangbang by Shooter (Slut wife, Gangbang, Creampie, Cuckold) added 5/2/00
Honeybee at the Gloryhole Shooter by Shooter (Hetero sex, Gangbang, Slut wife) added 9/29/99
Hot and Spicy by Louise Ann Padden (Lesbian sex, Interracial) added 7/30/99
Hot Mother-In-Law by Lucky Guy (Hetero sex, Anal) added 2/18/00
Hot Summer Fun by Trebor (Teen, First time, Hetero sex, Group, Older woman) added 7/12/99
Hot Texas Night by scat_hole@hotmail.com (Gay sex, First time, Oral, Anal, WS) added 9/26/99
House Tour by TNYF (Light bondage) updated 5/13/01
Howdy Neighbor by PonyBoy (Exhibitionism, Threesome, Wife sharing) added 12/3/00
Hypnotising Aunt Martha by Orion (Threesome, Intergenerational) added 6/1/99
I Can't Help My Heart by Giselle (Fisting) added 1/26/00
I Dare You by Craver (Gangbang, Exhibitionism) added 3/29/99
I Left with a Smile on My Face by Longfurrytail (Lesbian sex) added 10/26/99
I Love You by Holly Wood (Hetero sex) added 5/28/99
I'm Learning from Girlfriend's Younger Sister by PeeCwai (Hetero sex, Lesbian incest, Threesome) added 12/25/99
I'm Learning II, Including his Brother by PeeCwai (Threesome) updated 1/6/00
I'm Learning III, Fourth is Fantastic by PeeCwai (Incest-brother/sister, WS) added 1/13/00
I'm Learning IV, Veena Takes the Matters in Her Hand by PeeCWai (Incest-brother/sister) added 1/28/00
I'm Learning V, Surprise Get-together for Sunil by PeeCwai (Hetero incest) added 2/15/00
Ideal Customer Service by Skankin Smurf (Hetero sex) added 3/25/01
Immoral Proposal by Headfilter (Wife sharing) added 8/14/99
In Case of Emergency... by Seychelle (Hetero sex, w/stranger) added 10/19/99
In the Director's Chair by Jaime JR (Hetero sex) added 6/1/99
In the Ladies' Room by Lotuseater (Lesbian sex) added 2/27/00
In the Oval Office (Confession) by jungis1 (Clinton sex) added 9/20/98
In-laws and Outlaws by Didi (Hetero sex, Threesome, WS) added 4/8/00
Infatuation by dandeliondreams@hotmail.com (Hetero Sex) added 5/22/99
Initiation (Hetero sex, Teen, First time) added 8/10/99
Innocence Gone by Jazz (Hetero, First time) added 8/10/99
Is This Work? by Hanley Strapmann (D/s, Toys) added 6/10/01
Isaac by Julia (Hetero sex, Interracial) added 6/3/98
Island Girl by Eros (Hetero sex) added 9/14/99
It Started by Cybering by Jazz (Hetero sex) added 7/9/99
It began with a Hustler Magazine by Jazz (Gay sex, First time) added 3/18/99
Jack Night by Burrito Bob (Bi sex) added 8/23/98
Jade (Hetero sex, Oral) added 5/20/01
Jaime's First Try by als2475 (Bi sex, Oral, Anal, Threesome) added 1/23/00
Jake's Two Loves plus One by G-boy (Hetero sex, Older man/younger woman, Romance) added 3/27/00
James Black loses his cherry.... by Captain Squall (Hetero sex, First time, Wife sharing, Voyeurism) added 5/27/98
Janelle (Hetero sex, Older man/girl) added 9/29/99
Japanese Teacher (Hetero sex, Interracial, Older woman/younger man) added 4/8/00
Jaslyn's Story by luvverman@hotmail.com (Hetero sex, NC, Gangbang) added 10/19/99
Jason by Randy Lavery (Gay sex)
Jean's Journey by Coogrr Cat (Hetero sex, NC, Impregnation, Suicide) added 7/23/98
Jen's Story (zipped) by Barb Wire (First time, Hetero sex, Voyeurism, Gangbang, NC) added 4/24/99
Jennifer and the Football Bet by Mr. Barefoot (Hetero, Oral, Wife Gangbang) added 9/26/99
Jennifer's Fantasy by blackonwhite1999 (Hetero sex, Interracial fantasy) added 2/8/00
Jennifer's Fire by Jazz (Hetero sex) added 8/22/99
Jennifer's Lesson by Hellfyre (Hetero, Spanking, B/D, Threesome, Anal) added 9/29/99
Jennifer's Surprise by Mr. Barefoot (Hetero, Oral, Threesome) added 9/26/99
Jenny's Story (Group sex, Hetero incest, WS) added 6/29/99
Jerry Makes Three by SammyO (Threesome, Cheating wife) added 10/22/98
Jessica by DamonX (Hetero sex, Oral, Rimming, Cheating) added 4/4/01
Jessica 2 Las Vegas by DamonX (Cheating, Rimming, Oral) added 5/29/01
Jessica 3, The Night Club by DamonX (Group sex) added 5/29/01
Jessie by Scott Collins (Hetero sex, First time)
Jillian McKenna by Judge Atland (Hetero sex) added 8/22/99
Jo and the Boys by Aquinas (Hetero sex, Voyeurism) added 5/8/98
Jo and the Man by Aquinas (Hetero sex, Group sex, Teen, Voyeurism) added 7/27/99
Judy's Aniversary Present by Captain Squall (Hetero sex, Threesome, Intergenerational) added 6/5/99
Juliann (Hetero sex) added 7/5/99
June by Karl Schinke (Hetero sex) added 7/5/99
Just a Day at the Mall by Cathy Thompson (Exhibitionism, Humor) added 10/19/99
Just a Game by Grey Timber (Hetero sex, Teen) updated 11/18/99
Just A Swingin' by Cat (Orgy)
Just Friends by HMD (Hetero sex) added 8/14/99
Just One Time by BUFFtheFireDog (Hetero sex, Romance) added 5/13/01
Just the Three of Us by Blondie (Threesome) added 2/27/00
Just Use Me... by Ooz (Hetero sex, Masturbation) added 10/27/98
Kara and I: An Interlude with Matthew by Vidya (D/s, Teen, Threesome, Bi sex) updated 4/8/00
Kara and I: Our First Date by Vidya (Hetero sex, D/s, Spanking, Anal) added 2/8/00
Karen (Hetero sex, First time) added 7/9/99
Kate Goes Shopping by Walter Buckman as told to Joe The Cuckold (Hetero sex, Wife sharing)
Kate's Goal by liarday (Hetero threesome) added 3/14/99
Kath Shows the Way by UK Snowy (First time) added 7/27/99
Keichea by ho-boy (Hetero, Interracial, Boy/Woman/Girl, Pregnancy) added 9/17/99
Kerry (zipped) by Aquinas (Bi sex) added 8/23/98
Kesh, the Servant by Storyteller37 (Hetero, First-time, Oral, Anal) added 12/25/99
Keyboard Massage by George Something (Hetero sex, Massage) added 9/17/99
Kim Choy's Aromatherapy Session by Captain Squall (Lesbian sex) updated 6/20/99
Kim's Story by Aquinas (Lesbian sex) added 7/19/98
Lance Cloudview by Drmwrld69 (Hetero sex, Spanking) added 1/1/00
Lap Dance Ecstacy by Jazz (Hetero sex, Public place, First time) added 3/18/99
Lara by Agilum (Hetero sex) added 3/1/01
Last Cold Call of the Day (Hetero sex, Oral) added 2/22/99
Last One Of The Day by LivLou (Hetero Sex) added 7/23/98
Late Shift by BuzMePleze (Hetero sex) added 9/21/99
Late Train by Enigma (Hetero sex, Oral) added 11/1/99
Latin For beginners by Angie (Gay sex, Romantic) updated 1/6/00
Latin Night by Lucinda Gavin (Masturbation) added 11/1/98
Latin Woman by Julia (Lesbian sex) added 6/3/98
Laundry Day by Little Miss Vixen (Hetero sex, Light exhibitionism) added 2/11/01
Legshow (zipped) by DaChe (rev) Kanga (Hetero sex) added 5/22/98
Lesbian Introduction (Lesbian sex) added 7/21/99
Lesbian Nurse (Bi sex) added 7/21/99
Lesbian Pedophile Nuns by Xan (Lesbian sex)
Lesson in Biology by GuyJD@aol.com (Hetero sex, Interracial) updated 1/6/00
Letter to a Cuckold by Harry Kuntz (Hetero, Lesbian sex) added 8/26/99
Letters to My David by sherrierose99@yahoo.com (Hetero sex, Oral, Anal, Romance) added 4/8/00
Lia's Gratitude by G-boy (Hetero sex, Pregnant sex, Oral, Anal, Older man/younger woman) added 1/26/00
Linda by Agilum (Hetero sex) updated 3/1/01
Lindy's Anger by G-Boy (Lesbian sex) added 12/16/99
Lingerie Party (Lesbian sex) added 7/15/99
Lisa Halls by Storyteller37 (Hetero sex, Anal, Masturbation, Voyeurism) added 12/7/99
Little Black Skirt by damonx (Hetero sex, Oral, Anal, Light D/s, Public sex) added 4/8/00
Little Danielle by Nattie (Hetero sex, Teen) updated 1/15/01
Little Julie by Jizz Master Zero (Hetero sex, First time) added 3/9/99
Little Linda by Canary (Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Toys, Threesome) added 3/1/01
Living Doll by Seychelle (Horror, Hetero sex, NC) added 9/7/99
Liz and Gwen by K. T. Mirius (Lesbian sex, Teen) added 8/10/99
London Calling by SOE (Hetero sex, Oral, Anal) added 1/23/00
Long, Hot Summer, Part I by Evelyn Midnight (Hetero sex) added 4/30/99
Lost Wife (Hetero sex, Wife sharing, Slut wife, Gang bang) added 2/27/00
Love Boat: Cum Aboard by Uncle Mike (Satire, Hetero sex & incest, Interracial) added 8/10/99
Lovely luscious Loretta by Ray (Bi sex, B/D) added 11/11/99
Lovepaint by Artsy Boy (Hetero sex, Body painting) added 5/20/01
Lucas, Darwin and Friends by monolog lucasdarwin (Bi sex, Group sex) added 6/20/98
Lunch Time by Devil Woman (Hetero sex, Oral) added 9/11/99
Lust in the Elevator by LadyA (Hetero sex) added 2/11/01
Lust in the Elevator by LadyA (Hetero sex) added 3/25/01
Lyndsy's Tease by Layshea J. (Exhibitionism/voyeurism, Hetero sex-older man/young girl) added 3/7/99

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