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Lyndsy's Tease by Layshea J.

Lyndsy's Tease

Lyndsy Grant had always managed to cause men and boys alike to behave very strangely around her. Even in elementary school, boys in her class would stare at her openly and admiringly, inviting her to their house, or even to go to a movie. She never said yes. In Grade 7, she severely disturbed her teacher by showing up in his erotic dreams. Guys wouldn't just have crushes on her, they'd become obsessed, thinking about her all the time, talking about her all the time... it would take them years to get over her never reciprocating their feelings.

When she was 14, she captivated the attention of a 50-year-old man who was, admittedly, going through a sort of mid-life crisis: the usual situation, his wife was going through menopause and wasn't feeling very amorous and meanwhile, his own hormones were out of control. The first time he saw Lyndsy, he knew he was in deep trouble. She was striding down the sidewalk in front of his house, on her way to school, standing about 5'1, wearing a short black skirt over black nylons, and a tight gray sweater. She had this long, wonderful hair, the colour of which could only be described as almost, or maybe like the colour of a sunrise. It was beautiful. He'd always had a weakness for long hair, and hers looked so silky... he wished he could bury his nose in it and inhale its scent. Her sweater was drawn tightly over a pair of incredibly voluptuous breasts, her waist small and tidy, flaring slightly into a pair of not-quite-developed hips. Her cheekbones were high and though, at the time he didn't know this, her eyes were a deep hazel colour. And then, there were her luscious lips, curving up slightly at the corners. He watched her tight little ass as she headed down the street to school. He promptly went into his room and masturbated.

Lyndsy was a very sly girl. She had read all the books, studied all the magazines, in an effort to educate herself on what turned men on. At first she was felt nearly horrified at the idea that girls her age turned on men old enough to be her father but soon it began to make perfect sense when she read about wives' dwindling sexual appetite. Why WOULDN'T a tender young thing be arousing to an older man, especially one that loved to fuck?

Lyndsy herself was a virgin. She'd never had a boyfriend because she never really saw the need to have one. She also didn't really plan on losing her virginity to an older man. But she DID want to see what it was like to tease their cocks until they could hardly stand it anymore. The whole notion made her tingle!

She didn't really know about her admirer until she turned 15, the same year he had noticed her for the first time. By that time, he had grown accustomed to standing in the living room, peering out from between the curtains in the morning after his wife left for work (he left for his job later), waiting for her. He was trying to gather up the courage to just happen to be outside when she walked by one morning, but he still wasn't ready for that. He started to memorize her wardrobe, too. He really couldn't wait for warmer weather, when she might start wearing shorts and tank tops.

However, one morning, he had to put the garbage out. He hadn't done it the night before, and his wife had asked him to do it that morning, before the garbage collectors came. He became extremely nervous, knowing that that might be the morning he'd finally be outside at the same time this bewitching girl would come by. It was a beautiful morning, warm and pink and fresh. He strode out onto the driveway, carrying the garbage, and as he set it down, he saw her coming towards him. He was terrified!

Lyndsy saw the man putting the garbage out. He looked to be about 50 or so, and he was wearing a pair of khakis, a blue shirt, and a tie. He was nervously looking at her out of the corner of eye, something that wasn't lost on her. She was wearing a white sweater and a short plaid skirt that day, something she wore when she was feeling naughty. She had her black knee socks on, too, so a length of bare, smooth flesh was exposed for anyone to see. And finally, her dirty little secret: she wasn't wearing any panties. She loved the feeling of the warm morning air on her bare, wet pussy. She was feeling horny, so when she saw the man putting out the garbage, she grinned to herself, and thought, "A perfect specimen for me to experiment on!" So, as she strode past, she "accidentally" dropped her book-bag.

He could hardly believe it when he heard the thump of the book-bag. He straightened up and saw her standing there, her mouth in a little "o". His cock strained against his pants when he took in what she was wearing. This was his opportunity.

"I'll get that for you," he offered, smiling benignly (or so he hoped). Lyndsy smiled back at him. "Thank you!" she chirped. He handed it to her and their fingers brushed. She kept smiling at him and he finally got to look into her beautiful eyes.

"Have a good day at school, now!" he called after her as she started off again.

She turned around, her skirt whirling, and said, "Thanks! I will!"

When she whirled back around again, her skirt flipped up and he saw a flash of her bare ass. His cock nearly exploded in his pants.

And so started the tease, in earnest. He'd "just happen" to be outside for whatever reason when she'd go past, and sometimes they'd even exchange words. Her eyes would dance and flirt and he would blush like he too was 15! The rare occasions he and his wife would make love, he would think about that beautiful sexy girl, whose name, he had learned, was Lyndsy. Sometimes, when they were having their little conversations ("I have a HISTORY test today!" she'd sign dramatically, and he, adoringly, would say, "You'll do fine!") she'd reach out and touch his hand for emphasis. Of course, she knew exactly what she was doing. Just like she knew what she was doing when she'd go to the park across from his house (he could see it from his window) at night, when the weather got warmer, wearing a pair of tight white shorts, platform sandals, and some little shirt. Lyndsy would swing on the swings, extending her legs for full effect, and he would admire them, his cock hard in his pants. She'd toss her hair and sometimes, she would stand with her back to his window, bend over, and pretend to adjust her sandals. Her shorts would ride up, and he would go crazy, reaching into his pants to adjust his cock or even stroke it a few times. His wife would usually be home, so he never got to fully masturbate to her little performances in the park, but he would save the memories of them and then take care of business later on.

Lyndsy decided it was time to crank up the heat a bit. She was getting a little bored, simply showing off for him like this. A boy had asked her out one weekend and she decided to say yes. She was feeling hot and aroused all the time and she thought it might be nice to burn off some steam with a boy her own age. Or, well, he was 18, but it was close enough. Usually, after her little performances, she would go home and lie in bed, wearing her little babydoll nighties, and bury her hand in her wet pussy, thinking about the reaction she knew she must have gotten, showing off for the man, knowing he was watching. The thought turned her on and she'd have orgasm after orgasm, until she lay exhausted on her bed, her pussy raw and wet, her room filled with the scent of her juices. She'd fall asleep and sometimes wake up, restless in the night, her hand between her legs once again.

So she accepted the date with the boy because she thought it would be nice to try out some of her tactics on someone else, just for fun. They went to the movies and they ended up groping in the back. He could hardly believe his luck! Her hand was grasping for his cock, and her breasts were straining against her little button up shirt. After the movie, he drove her home, but she said, "Stop at that little park." He did, still shocked that this sexy little girl was doing this. He pulled up in front of the park, which was, really, quite little, with a swing set, some room for kids to run around in. It was deserted, as it was about 11 o'clock.

However, the man was sitting in his chair, wondering and worrying why Lyndsy hadn't shown up for her nightly performance. When he saw the car lights, he peered outside. He saw Lyndsy and the boy get out of the car, and his heart tightened. What was going on?

Lyndsy took the boys' hand and led him to the swings. She sat him down on one and asked, "Have you ever done the spider position?" He shook his head. His cock was straining at his jeans but he was struggling to keep his cool. "I'll show you what it is..."

And with that, Lyndsy jumped on his lap and straddled him, her legs wrapped around his waist. She was wearing a ridiculously short skirt, and her legs were bare. The boy placed his hands on her thighs and couldn't prevent his cock from stiffening into the soft, warm place between her legs. She wrapped her arms around his neck and started making pushing motions, which was very nearly torture for the boy.

"We have to get a good rhythm going so we can swing," she explained.

"Ohhhh..." he said, like that explained it all. He began to push with her and it felt so good on his dick.

He began to inch his way up her thighs and she giggled and pushed against him harder. Her legs were so smooth, the boy thought to himself. He became bolder and pushed his hands all the way up, so he was holding on to the sweetest little ass he had ever experienced. He grabbed it tightly and she moaned and next thing he knew, her warm, wet mouth was over his and they began to kiss frantically, pushing faster and faster... she started to moan louder, into his mouth, and her ass really started thrusting. The boy thought, "She's going to cum! " and the thought was so agonizing sexual, his own hips pushed forward and he came in his pants, pleasure washing over him in exquisite ripples.

Lyndsy's own body was rippling with ecstasy. It felt soooo good! She sighed happily and removed her mouth from the boy's. She rested her head on his shoulder and they sat there for a moment. He felt slightly embarrassed but very relaxed. After awhile, she looked up at him and said, "Thanks for the great date. I can walk home from here."

She stood up and pulled her skirt down. She glanced at the wet spot on his jeans and grinned. "Better clean up!" she giggled. He blushed and watched as she walked away. What a girl SHE'D been!

Meanwhile, the man was sitting there with cum soaking his own underwear. He couldn't help but masturbate as he had watched the two of them dry-fucking there in the park. He felt incredibly jealous, though, of the young guy. He had never seen anything so erotic, Lyndsy there, with her skirt pushed up, thrusting, her mouth working away at the boy's. Wow! He wanted her so badly for himself... the things she could do to him!

After that little incident, he really couldn't keep his mind off her anymore. He found himself hard at work, thinking about her sitting on his lap there, moving that sexy little body while she kissed him passionately. He didn't see her at the park with the boy anymore. She went alone, just as before. But, now, he had a plan. He had thought of it in a passing sort of way before. However, now he was really considering it very seriously.

Why couldn't HE go to the park? After all, it was a free world. Why not? The mere idea that he could DO this was intoxicating. He could go there, and wait for her. Really, why not? He thought of all the different scenarios, and finally, he thought, "I have to do this." It was no longer "maybe". It was "definitely".

He would do it on a Friday night. Lyndsy stayed a lot later that night, probably because there was no school the next morning. On Thursday evening, he sat in his chair, and watched as she walked into the park at about 9 p.m. She sat on her usual swing. Tonight, she was wearing a little sundress. It was another warm evening, so she wasn't chilly at all. The sundress tied up at the shoulders and reached her mid thigh. She started to swing, and the dress billowed up with each push. Lyndsy threw her head back, her hair streaming behind her, and the pure eroticism of it made his teeth ache with longing.

This evening, Lyndsy had something planned. She had spent so much time lying in bed masturbating, thinking about being watched, thinking about the boy and the swing, thinking about doing that to her admirer. She had known that he had watched them. The idea of it all was just so... erotic! Lyndsy wanted to try something new, though. She had never masturbated outside before. She figured now was the time. So she had worn her little sundress, without panties or a bra. It had felt so good, walking out of her house, into the warm, nearly-summer evening, her nipples getting hard in the slight chill, her pussy getting that delicious breeze. She walked into the park, and glanced over as subtly as possible. Yep, he was watching. She climbed into her swing and began swinging.

As her dress billowed, her pussy became more and more wet. It felt sooo good! Eventually, she let her swing slow down, and she sat there, quietly, for a second, letting her arousal watch over her. 'This one is for you,' she thought, smiling, thinking of her admirer.

Lyndsy spread her legs and slid her hand down over her breasts, onto her thigh, and she slowly lifted the skirt of her dress, exposing most, if not all, of her leg. It felt so good to be exposed like this! She slid her fingers up her inner thigh, and felt the stickiness of her pussy. It was so wet. She was ALWAYS so wet! Lyndsy began to stroke her pussy lips slowly, and a smile began to spread across her face. She pushed her shoulders back, leaned into the seat of the swing, and clenched her thighs around her hand.

Meanwhile, the man could hardly believe what was happening. If there had been any doubt about his plans for the next night, it was totally erased. He had to have his way with this incredible girl! He held his breath (and his cock) as he watched her taking pleasure in her own sexy little body. He began to stroke himself slowly, so as to keep pace with her.

Lyndsy felt waves of an orgasm already! She held back, though, and spread her legs again. She slid down in the seat of the swing a bit, and began to slide her index finger up her warm pussy. She squirmed with delight as she began to finger fuck herself. It felt so sensitive in there, almost like the first time she had masturbated. She pushed up against the top of her cunt and nearly shrieked with pleasure. Her other hand was stroking her inner thigh, and she finger fucked herself slowly, the way she wanted to be fucked by a cock. "Mmmmm," she moaned softly, biting her lip in her teeth.

She moved her left hand so she could rub her clit with it while she finger fucked herself. She teased it and played with it, even pinching it, very gently, between two fingers. Eventually, it became too much... she pulled her index finger out of her pussy and slurped her pussy juices off of it. They tasted sooo good! She used her right hand in circles on her clit, at first slow and gentle, then hard and fast, then slow... her legs quivered with pleasure, and she had to really concentrate on not screaming. Finally, she couldn't take it any longer. She squeezed her hand between her thighs and let herself have her orgasm. It filled her up and made her toes tingle. Her pussy throbbed and pulsated, and she thrust a finger inside her cunt so she could feel her orgasm. She held her hand hard for quite awhile so she could feel every bit of pleasure possible. Then, she relaxed, smiling, and played with the lubrication between her legs, tasting it and rubbing it on her lips.

The man watching had cum as well. He watched, amazed, as she played with her pussy juices. What he wouldn't give to taste the juices on those luscious lips! He watched her until she got up and slowly started heading home, a dreamy look on her face. He couldn't believe that tomorrow, he would finally get to do what he had yearned to do for so long!

Friday evening came too slowly for him. But when it finally arrived, he pulled on his jacket and walked into the park, a few minutes before she usually arrived. He sat on a swing and waited. And soon, there she was. His heart was in his throat as she smiled at him and sat down beside him.

Tonight, Lyndsy had worn a little black skirt, much like the one she had worn the first time he had seen her. This one had a nice high slit in it, though. He could see quite a bit of her upper thigh. She was also wearing a black and white tank top, with such thin straps that it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. The fact her nipples were completely erect was another clue.

"Hi!" she said brightly, as if they met there every night.

"Hi," he responded shyly. "It always looks so nice out here, I thought I'd come out, too," he dared.

"It's really nice out here..." she said, smiling. "I come out here every single night."

All he could do in response was smile, not wanting to really acknowledge that he knew that. He felt like he was 15 instead of 50. Then he thought, "Why would she want anything to do with ME? I'm 35 years older than she is!" He felt embarrassed all of a sudden. What had gotten into him?

But almost as soon as he though that, Lyndsy reached out for him and said, "Give me a push!"

She was smiling at him and so he said, "Uh, sure!". He stood up, took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, got behind her, and -the ecstasy of it!- placed his hands on her bare back, as her tank top dipped low in the back. It felt so good. She was so smooth! He began to push her lightly, and she giggled with glee. She threw her head back, and he inhaled the scent of her hair. She smelled like ripe strawberries. His cock was getting harder by the second. Her sweet little ass looked so sexy, sitting in the swing. He pushed harder and she giggled louder. Finally, she said, breathlessly, "You can stop! Come here!"

He waited until she slowed down and came around front. He was feeling bold now.

And so was Lyndsy. She pulled him close to her and smiled at him, beguiling. She wrapped her smooth legs around his waist and pulled him in close, to keep herself from swinging back. He could hardly believe this was happening! She leaned back, legs still around him, and grinned. He could see the tops of her tits peeking from her low cut tank top. He grabbed her legs so she wouldn't swing back, and also so he could feel her legs even more.

"Ya know..." she started, "I see you watching me."

He gulped, suddenly scared. He loosened his grip on her legs. "Uhhhhh", was all he could manage.

"Oh, c'mon..." she said, slyly. She tightened her grip around his waist. "You don't think I knew? Why do you think I did what I did last night? I think about you every single night!"

He could hardly what he was hearing! "You think about ME?" he gasped. "But... Lyndsy... I'm ... an old guy compared to YOU!"

She smiled. "I like it. I want to make you happy. I want to give you what you want!"

"But... it's not really... legal!"

Lyndsy pouted. "Awwwww... c'mon... why did you come here, then? Huh?"

He couldn't answer.

She let go of his waist with her legs and swung away, then jumped off.

"Get on the swing..." she said. He did. He was so horny his head was swimming. Lyndsy stood in front of him, and said, "Undo your pants."

He did. His cock bulged through his underwear.

"Let your cock out!" she demanded. He did.

It stood hard and firm in the warm night air. Lyndsy grinned in delight. "MMM! That'll feel good, even better than my fingers!"

She leaned forward and kissed him, slowly and passionately. He moaned, and reached forward for her, hiking up her skirt. She clambered on top of him, and he pushed her down on his cock.

He had never felt anything so good. She was warm, wet, tight, and very very welcoming. She sank down on him, taking him all in due to her incredibly lubrication. She gasped and said, "OHHHHH!"

His hips bucked up as she squirmed around to get comfortable, and soon, they were sitting together as tightly as two people can be. He grasped her ass tightly, and she held onto his shoulders as he kneaded that sweet little ass, squeezing it tightly and thrusting into her beautiful, warm, young cunt.

Lyndsy began to kiss him again, her little pink tongue in his mouth, playing with his. He had never had sex this good. She was riding him smoothly, her ass going up and down, and his cock throbbing harder than it had ever throbbed before. She tore off her tank top, and he gaped as her big, beautiful, young tits bobbed in front of him, temptingly. But he couldn't...wouldn't... let go of her sweet ass. The swing was moving with their movements, and he thrust up as hard as he could. He felt her pussy throbbing and pulsing around him and she started to moan in his mouth. He knew she was cumming! He couldn't handle the thought... it was sooo good, so sweet. Finally! He bucked up again and that did it. His cock burst, filling up her now not-so-virginal insides with hot, liquidy cum.

As they slowed down, they both looked at each other, their faces lit up with the pleasure they had just shared.

It would be an interesting summer....

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