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Lust in the Elevator by LadyA

Lust in the Elevator

Walking through the door entering into the lobby of my hotel, arm in arm as your hand rides comfortably over my ass...the anticipation of another visit with you causing my heart to pound...just knowing that soon I will have you where I crave you once again, makes my imagination run wild!

The elevator door opens and we step in, looking around at the man standing in the back and glancing to each other as our eyes meet and we share a seductive smile...counting minutes...seconds...the elevator stops and the man steps out leaving us alone inside. You reach for a touch of my breast and I move closer to you a better reach mmmmm...feels nice having your hands caressing my breasts...I lean into you and kiss you wildly as your hands grab me and pull me closer.

The passions intensify and stop caring if we make it to my room at all! Kissing you passionately and feeling your throbbing tool against me, all I can think of is how much I want you! I turn and push the STOP button on the panel as you smile and reach to remove my skirt. I reach to unzip your pants and drop them quickly off to the floor. "I want you NOW" Running your hands over me, the feel of your touch sending quivers of anticipation through me...dropping my panties to the floor I feel your hand running over my legs and up my reach the wetness of my garden...ahhh the feel of your finger against my clit!!! Playing...teasing!!! yeahhh I need you now...want you now...will have you HERE and NOW ...inside of me once more! I spread my legs and allow your touch to increase over me as your finger slips quickly through my lips...reaching to grab your throbbing cock in my hands...running them up and over you to your balls and back up to stroke your wonderful cock lead me to lean against the wall with my back to you as you spread my legs farther and I feel the throbbing hardness of your manhood touching my lips! Leading it past my wet lips and sliding into my wet haven slowly, my hips work side to side lightly and you slide in deeper. Wrapping your arms around my waist and slowly stroking into me and out again...ahhhgoddd you feel soo good in my tight nest...all I can do is beg for more..."give it to me, ohhh yesssss...ALL of it" the pace quickens and you pound into me creating a UGHH as you sink to the back of my cave and grind yourself deep inside!! YESSS we continue to grind together side to side and out to pound in deep and hard once again! Uncontrollable now, you grab my breasts and hold tight to me as you work us into a frenzy of sexual excitement, continuing rapidly to climb to the heights of our passions! OHH GGGGGGG I cant hold back any longer as I explode and the sparks run over me burning flashes through me...screaming excitably and squeezing muscles onto your throbbing tool pounding quickly into me...a GASP I hear out of your lips as you plunge into me and I feel the eruption of your hot cum filling me ...I push my ass back and grind into you as we moan loudly in unison...mMMMMMMMMMMMm

About that time the bell is ringing and the elevator begins to move! We quickly compose ourselves and prepare for the opening door! it opens to a lobby of people you take my hand and lead me past...smiling at each other and walking calmly to my room...

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