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She woke up from deep sleep feeling her nightgown being shoved up. His large hand quickly clamped her mouth shut as her mind tried to comprehend what was happening.

Adam was there in her dorm room, laying on top of her. His other hand was running up her leg until it was engulfing her whole asscheek. He grabbed it and pulled her open, running his thumb up and down her crack. She was waking up quickly, pulling on his hand that was clamped on her mouth, but he was way too strong. She started to struggle until he let her turn underneath him, so that she was on her back, and he reached down and pulled both of her legs open very deliberately. He was looking directly into her eyes as he pushed the sheets completely away from her and roughly traced his hand up her inner thigh to her pussy. She emerged from the sensation that what was happening was a dream and started to feel deep longing for him. He started shoving his fingers into her and working them in and out of her. Finally feeling her lube, he began rubbing the wetness around her clit with his thumb. She opened her legs up a little more and he groaned. It felt so good. He pressed another finger into her, still rubbing her clit, making her feel like she would let him do whatever he wanted. She grabbed his forearm. It felt like a large version of his cock, and she lewdly opened her legs up as far as she could, reaching down and pushing his arm up so his fingers went even deeper. She arched her back and moaned. With a rush, she was coming, and she tossed her head to the side with her eyes closed, whole body vibrating.

They had met like any other couple did at the large private university they both attended. Michele was a college sophomore, a thin brunette who was pretty serious about academics but maintained a decent social life. Adam was a senior on a full lacrosse scholarship, and was the team's star player. He was tallish, sexy, very down-to-earth. Adam's hair was a dark, glossy brown, and he had a goatee that actually looked good on him. They met in her dorm through mutual friends, flirted with each other at the bar that night and then started dating.

Beyond the surface, their attraction was distinctive however. From the moment they first made out in his car, Michele felt like her blood was on fire. They way he touched her, made her feel, was electric. Everything he did was different. It wasn't like times with any of the other college guys who just tried to get laid. Not that she knew a lot about that-she had only had sex with one other guy. But the difference with Adam was incredible. She was drunk and not even aware of what was really happening when they first fucked. She didn't even feel like herself, she felt like some sort of porno star with no inhibitions as she kissed him and felt herself being touched everywhere. They were both naked and exploring every part of each other's bodies when he told her to stand up next to the bed. She obeyed, and looked down while he lifted on of her legs onto the bed so that her thighs were parted. He started kissing her pussy like he was kissing her mouth. Michele was amazed at how long he wanted to do that, and for what seemed like forever, he kissed her in an almost worshipful way. Finally he laid her back on the bed with her head hanging over the edge. As Adam pressed his cock into her, she realized how swollen and hot he had made her pussy. He pumped long strokes into her and she came in hard gasps, with her head hanging back. Adam fucked her for the rest of the night.

After that first time, she had walked around campus the next day feeling completely fucked and completely owned. She had scratches on her back and thighs, sore crotch, aching jaw muscles, chafed and sore tits. He called that morning and told her to meet him for lunch. When they met in the student union, her heart felt like it was going to explode it was beating so fast.

"Hey, how you doing?" he asked casually. His eyes were wandering down her body. Instead of feeling more open to him, she felt shy and inhibited.

"Fine. Good." she said more softly than she meant to. They both stared and then started to laugh from the awkwardness of it.

"Sore?" he said softly. She nodded and felt herself starting to breathe hard. He smiled, and got a fierce look on his face like he wanted to be inside her at that moment.

They started having sex more often, skipping classes in the morning to fuck in his apartment, and then sleeping through the afternoon classes. Michele was losing track of what was going on in her classes, missing quizzes and homework deadlines. Adam seemed to magically be able to keep up with his engineering classes, and was doing better than ever on the lacrosse team. The out-of-control feeling was scary to her. He was acted like they had a casual college fling going on, until they were alone wherever they had sex. There wasn't an inch of her body he hadn't touched. Adam seemed to want to initiate every possible sex act there was. He started to permeate every ounce of her life. He still looked and acted like "Joe College Student", but increasingly everything he did around her seemed sexual. They would be out at a party and just seeing Adam's arm muscles flex reminded Michele of him pulling her legs apart the night before. She watched him eat and a quick peak of his tongue reminded her of him tonguing her pussy. And always, the way Adam looked back at her seemed like he knew what she was thinking.

"I can fuck you whenever I want, huh? Right, Michele? Open up for me baby whenever I want to be with you...oh god, so fucking tight," he panted one time as he fucked her. He had her bent over the sink in a bathroom during a party at some house. At moments like these she didn't care. She would have let him take her whenever he wanted, just to feel his wonderful cock inside of her. He gripped her tightly as he came, and then reached down to touch her spasming pussy. She looked up into the mirror to see his fingers feeding her cum and her mouth greedily licking it up.

The relationship was making her life feel out of control, and the idea of flunking out of college, which had seemed impossible before, felt positively petrifying to her. He didn't hang on her, or crowd her, but even when he wasn't around she was thinking of him. There didn't seem to be enough room in her life for both the relationship and school. The idea of breaking up occurred to her after a conversation with Analisa, a friend of hers, and then she couldn't shake the thought. After a full Monday night spent fucking Adam, and not being able to function on Tuesday, Michele reacted the only way she thought she could. She approached him when he came over the following day.

"Adam...I can't keep this up. I need a break from this." she choked out. The thought of what she was doing already had her in tears. There was a long pause, and she didn't even dare look at him "I understand, whatever." She heard him say. When she finally looked she saw that he looked pissed, but still calm, in control.

Michele went to give him a reassuring hug, and reached up. His whole body was wooden and he didn't even move his arms. She still felt like all she wanted to do was feel him on top of her, fucking her again. She started to really cry as he impassively left her embrace, picked up his books and walked out her room, letting the door slam shut.

Following the breakup Adam acted like any guy who had been through any other college relationship. The lacrosse team finished out a great season thanks in large part to his performance. Michele saw him out with the guys when she went to the local campus pub with a couple friends from the dorm. Adam didn't even notice her, and for some reason she felt almost afraid of him seeing her. She spent the night watching him hang out, fantasizing about what they had done together and how he had made her feel. She caught glimpses of him in the gym and walking on campus. Adam would nod or smile slightly, and Michele was a little surprised he didn't look hurt. She knew from friends he wasn't seeing anyone else, and she couldn't even think about seeing another guy. For her, it had been weird to get back into the groove of school after their intense time together. Her grades at the end of fall semester sucked, but she started the new semester determined to get all A's to offset her falling GPA. Lately, something strange was happening though. At first, she dreamt about him crawling into bed with her at night. She would wake up wondering , or she would remember the incident briefly classes the next day. Had it been him, or an intense dream? At first, the memories weren't vivid enough for her to get concerned, but lately she began to wonder if it had truly been Adam. They hadn't had direct contact since the breakup, and she definitely didn't want to call him to ask. There was no one she wanted to confide in about this, so she was left to wonder alone. Were they just vivid dreams from what had been a truly intense relationship? She had masturbated thinking about him before falling asleep at night, were the memories just dreams caused from that? If they were real, he had somehow gotten into her dorm room to sleep with her for a couple of hours before leaving. She had an answer now. The bed creaked suddenly as she experienced a familiar feeling-his cock plunging into her after she had just cum. It felt like he was taking her to an even more impossibly harder orgasm. He had turned her onto her stomach and was taking her from behind. This time, she was sure this was for real, and was finally sure all the other times had been as well. She could see the crescent-shaped scar on his right wrist as he hunched over her. "So fucking sweet," he whispered hoarsely into her ear. Still inside of her, he rose to a kneeling position behind her on the bed, and jerked her hips up into the air. Her face and arms were pressed into the pillows as grabbed her hips on either side and forced her up onto his cock over and over again. His balls began to slap against her and his rock hard thighs felt like they were going to leave bruises on the backs of her thighs.

"Fuck me back Michele," he demanded. Her pussy felt like it was on fire and was so wet she could feel slipperiness running down her leg. She couldn't even think about moving on her own, just reacting to the pace he was setting.

"Fucking Michele's sweet little pussy. . . do you like it? Huh?" he asked looking down at her. "Do you love it? Love me fucking you? Do you love me? Huh?" Adam was punctuating each sentence by thrusting into her. Her whole body was being slammed into the bed, and her pussy was feeling more crammed full of him that it ever had. She started to moan his name. He reached down and shoved his fingers into her mouth until it felt stuffed and she started to choke. The only sounds in the room for a couple of minutes were him breathing hard and Michele's bed creaking as he pounded into her. She was full in both ends with him.

Adam seemed like he still wasn't satisfied, and he pulled his hand away from her mouth then and reached down to her arms. She cried out as he managed to simultaneously pick her up by her arms and raise up on his knees so that her whole body was up off of the bed. Her back arched from her arms being drawn behind her. His thrusts were slowing down but felt deeper than anything she had felt before. Adam was groaning loudly now. He drew her arms back towards him until she could feel his hot breath on her back.

"Mine" he said, as Michele felt his hot cum explode inside of her.

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