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Lovely Luscious Loretta by Ray

Lovely Luscious Loretta

Chapter 1: Lust at First Glance

You catch my eye as I look across the restaurant. A stunning brunette in a blue and white short summer dress with flowers all over it. The sun light shines through it as you pass the window. In surprise, I catch a quick glimpse of the outline of your firm body, your shapely tits and the thong underwear your wearing. Although the actual stunning view only lasted a few moments as you walk on by, I feel as if I'm watching you in slow motion. I can see your firm young butt cheeks as they move seductively back and forth and rub against the back of your dress. Your legs slap together, centered by a slight dark triangle silhouetted against the front of your panties. Your nipples are erect, and your brown areolas are clearly visible under your thin dress. Immediately I feel a steering in my loins and my dick begins to get hard. I want to touch myself, but I resist the urge. Your face is radiant, beautifully framed by you hair, your makeup is perfect, not too heavy so that your true complexion shines through. Your eyes shine like diamonds, and your mouth seems to be in a permanent grin as if you know that you are being admired by every man, and probably most women, in the room. I want to turn away. It's not polite to stare. I don't want you to think I'm rude with my so obvious lustful desires. Nor do I want the women I'm with to notice; but I can't help myself, I am entranced.

You glance my way; our eyes meet, briefly, but like a bolt of lightning! For one brief second, my whole world exists in the loveliness of your eyes and I am lost to everything but the force of your beauty. You look away, and then, your head snaps back and you look at me again, this time with more interest. At first you only see a man. A Caucasian man. He's older than you, and bolding. You're not interested. Then you look back. Although he is older than you are, you are somewhat taken aback by his obvious confidence, virility and manner. Now you see; he is actually very attractive, and definitely sexy. A younger version of Sean Connery perhaps? His hair is blond and cut short. He has a beautiful head, you think to yourself, "The type of head that would fit perfectly between my legs!" He has a mustache, nicely trimmed like his hair. He is wearing a stylish coat and tie. You can't see his body, but the firm neck and taunt facial muscles tell you that he is fit. You look in his eyes. You're trapped. Nothing else exists but the seductiveness you see in his green eyes. You're momentarily hypnotized. Briefly you feel that you must go to him. You blink, you feel a drop of honey seep out of your pussy and down your baby smooth vulva, it slides pass your thong, and runs down your leg, stopped only by your garter belt. Your surprised, you've never been so instantaneously aroused. Then you hear something. It's your date. "Come Loretta, why are you dawdling? Our table is over here." You smile sheepishly, the bond is momentarily broken, and you hurry to catch up.

I sense a wanting within you. Your desire is clear, even across the crowded room. I watch as you and your companion follows the hostess to your table. I wonder, is he your husband? Your lover perhaps? Or maybe just a business acquaintance? As luck would have it, your table is directly across the way from ours. The hostess seats you. I can see your beautiful, long legs under your table. You're wearing high heels, and dark stockings. Your skirt has ridden up your thighs. I can see the lighter skin above the top of your stockings. I glance at your face. Your looking at the menu, but you glance up as I look. You don't pull away your eyes. We both know that we want each other, but circumstances do not allow. I curse my luck. The waitress comes with your wine, and blocks my view. Think god, I was so mesmerized, I had forgotten to breathe! I take a hard pull on my drink. My mouth is so dry. The waitress pours your wine, and leaves. You look lovely as you and your companion toast something. As he goes back to his menu, you again look my way. Your eyes look down towards your lap. I follow your direction. I see your left hand is rubbing the inside of your left leg, as you slowly work the hem of your short dress higher up your shapely thighs. You spread your legs a little bit, then a little bit more. You're are a little tease I see, I love it! Your face remains indifferent for the benefit of others in the room, but I can see the lightning building up inside your eyes. You spread your legs a little more. I can now see your panties. My god, they barely cover your slit. My dick feels like a steel rod. I'm forced to use my hand to adjust its position. You see me; you smile, just briefly. Out of the corner of my eye, I make sure that my date is distracted, for your benefit, I give my dick a squeeze. You slide you finger up to your panties. I watch is awe as you hook you middle finger on the side band of your thong. Slowly, you slide the material out of the way. I'm looking at the most erotically appealing sight I've ever seen. Your pussy is bald, except for a small triangle patch of hair covering it's nest. Oh what a nest. Be it that I could be the lucky bird whom could build its home in that heavenly abode. I could almost see your clitoris sticking out like a little worm (to complete the metaphor). You run your finger through the slickness that is yours, all the way up and across your clit. You then bring your hand up to your mouth. You run your middle finger under your nose and hold it there. Taunting me! Then, very slowly, you run you finger over you lips. Your tongue sneaks out and licks the wetness that has settled on your fingertip. There's that slight smile again. God, I swear that I can smell you! At this moment I would do anything just for a chance to taste you!

My date says something, and I realize that I have been ignoring her too long. She is now a distraction. But I remind myself that you are not alone, as neither am I. We talk for a while, and then she gets up to go to the bathroom. I look in your direction, but you're not there. I wait alone. I look at your date and wonder if he will be fucking you tonight. I'm terribly jealous. I wonder how you would do it? Missionary style? You on top? Or him fucking you from behind, like a dog. Suddenly, you walk by me, without looking you deftly drop something next to my plate. I immediately cover it with my hand. I watch your buttocks sway back and forth as your go back to your table. I fantasize. I chance a peek at what you left on my table. It's one of your garter belts! I pick it up. I'm shocked at my own good fortune. Looking at you, looking at me, I hold it close to my nose. I can smell your sweet juices. Better than I imagined. I run my tongue out to taste it, making sure you can see. Oh GOD it's good. I look at it again, what's this, there's something written inside. . . .

Chapter 2: My lust continues

After dropping my garter on your table I head back to my table - knowing that you are watching my sweet ass as it glides from side to side. I sit down in my seat, making sure to adjust my sundress so that you can see my sweetness underneath. I see you look at the garter - a smile creeps over your face - you start to read what I have written when your date returns to the table - you hurriedly drop your hand to your pants, stuffing the garter into your pocket close to your throbbing cock. You make small talk and quickly leave to the men's room to read my note - it says:

Would you like a piece? How much do you want? Meet me here tomorrow at three.

When you return to the table I am gone and your date is upset that your mind seems to be on "business" rather than the pleasure of her company - but you can't get me out of your mind.

When I leave I can't get you out of my mind and I am distracted at the fact that my date seems to be so interested in what I have on under my dress - how I wish it were you with your hands on my hips - sliding my dress up and over my head - your lips and mouth on my neck sucking and tasting me - delicious. I can almost feel your hands run down my smooth skin - feeling each luscious curve as you wind your way to my thong panties - I think he might have said something about my missing garter but his mouth was full at the time. I ask him to kiss and lick my hips and lower back - flexing my muscles so that they stand out with surprising ease. I can feel his large cock against my ass and suddenly I am no longer interested in him - I want to save myself for my meeting with you tomorrow. I push him off - not wanting him inside me and proceed to suck his cock instead - knowing that will make him cum in a few moments - so I may leave in order to prepare myself for what is hopefully a long day tomorrow - I have no idea if you will be able to make it or not - but I am sure that you will try.

I get home - somewhat exhausted and realize I can do nothing but think about what you are doing - with her - the other woman - wondering if you are inside her - you strong hands on her hips pulling her firming closer to you - pounding away inside her - I am wet and hot and in need of some attention from you. I lay out what I will wear the next day - a black lace dress with a black slip underneath - but short enough that you can see my firm thighs with just the lace overtop - no nylons - black thong panties, a black pushup bra, and high heels. I decide to sleep, as nothing will satisfy me but you. Until I reach the restaurant tomorrow...

Chapter 3 We meet

You arrive at the restaurant at 3:15 PM. You look ravishing in your black outfit. Your voluptuous breast clearly show in the cleavage of you dress. Your butt is protruding sharply from your backside, thanks in part to the high heels your wearing, but mostly due to the hours you spend working out on the dance floor. Your butt muscles are evident through the sleek material. If someone were looking, they would swear that you were not wearing any underwear. Someone is looking. A woman walks by and gives you an admiring glance, filled with both lust, and jealousy. Another time, you might be interested, but for now, he is on your mind. You head to the restaurant door, hoping that he will be there. Knowing that he won't stand you up. But before you reach the door, you hear a voice, "Miss?"

You turn around.

"Yes?" you say to a man in a chauffeur uniform.

"Miss, are you suppose to meet a gentlemen here at 3 o'clock?"

You nod affirmative.

"Please come with me."

You follow him, somewhat surprised, but also excited. He leads you to a stunningly shinned limousine and opens the door for you. You step in, expecting to see him inside, but the car is empty, except for a bouquet of roses, and a bottle of wine. Before you can react, the driver gently pushes you in, and shuts the door. You are somewhat nervous, but you know that he would do you no harm, so you relax as the car leaves the curb. "Where are we going?" you ask, but no answer, so you patently wait. The leather seat feels good against the back of your legs. You can feel in on you buttocks. Your pussy is leaking uncontrollably, and you are somewhat embarrassed that you will leave a stain. You can even smell yourself. You're so turned on, yet you're still alone. You watch the scenery of the town pass by. Soon you are in the country, heading west towards the ocean. "Driver, I demand you tell me where you're taking me," you shout to the chauffeur. The driver's eyes look at you in the rear view window. He then picks up a mike,

"Mam, I am only authorized to tell you that you are on your way to meet your master."

"Master? Master my ass! What are you talking about? No one is my master!" You shout back, but the driver no longer responds. Now you're pissed. Of all the nerve! For the first time, you look at the bottle of wine. It's one of your favorite Cabernet, a local variety, pre opened. You pour yourself a drink, and enjoy the sweet aroma and delicate bouquet. "Master, huh," you think to yourself. Kind of arrogant, but then you like that in a man. You notice a note behind the wine bottle. You pick it up and read it.

"My dearest butterfly. I hope you don't take me too bold, but I had to get you away from that dreadful restaurant, and take you to a place more suited for your beauty. I must tell you how captured I am with your stunning demeanor. You were on my mind all last night and this morning. You were even in my dreams. You came down as a magnificent angel. You are my angel; you are my Mona Lisa. "Corny! You laugh"

Soon the limo takes a turn north, along the coast highway. About 30 minutes later it pulls into a lovely pine tree lined driveway. At the end is a beautiful multistory white marble building. The car pulls in between Greek columns; the driveway is paved in cobblestones. A Maitre d' opens the car door for you, and glances enviously at your thighs as you slide out of the car.

"Come with me, please, Ms Butterfly," he says.

What is this butterfly crap, you wonder? But you do as he says. You are taken to a back table. Even though it is still early, the dining room is dark, and only the candlelight's serve to brighten the individual spaces. You are surprised that there are so many other guests at this time of the day, but then this is the type of place that one would enjoy anytime of the day. The maitre d' brings you your favorite drink as soon as your seated. "How did he know?" you ask yourself.

I am in a back room, taking care of last minute business when the maitre d' comes in and lets me know that you have arrived. My heart speeds up a little. I think briefly of your beauty, and hope that I haven't angered you with my presumptions. But your note was so clear. You must want me as badly as I want you, be it possible? The waiter brings me a perfectly timed drink. Captain Morgan and ginger with a slice of lemon. I need it. I walk out to the floor. There, there you are. God you're even more incredible than you were last night. That slinky black dress and low cut front. You breast look like they're ready to explode. I can see your nipples through the thin material. Your legs are long, and naked, beautifully tanned, not a mark on them. Your brown hair flows softly down your neck, resting softly on your bronze shoulders. Your lips look so soft and inviting. You glance up; your brown eyes fill the room and blind me with their dazzling brilliance. I smile. I am wearing a dark business suit, very conservative, but stylish. You smile. I am relieved that you still seem interested. I am so glad that you are here, for me.

I set down beside you. "Hi Butterfly, I'm Ray."

"Butterfly? My name is Loretta."

"Ah, Loretta, such a beautiful name, forgive me, but I did not know. All I could think of was your beautiful vulva, and how it struck me as a delicate butterfly, waiting to be caressed by a soft breeze, a tender kiss."

You're not shocked by such bold talk; after all, this meeting was initiated by such bold action.

"Maybe." you say.

We get to know each other over drinks. The waiter brings us more, along with some appetizers. We're in no hurry for dinner. It's amazing how much we have in common. It baffles me how you seem to fit my image as the perfect women. Strong, self-assured, independent. Aware of her own sexuality and not afraid to show it. A dancer, a director, a choreographer a teacher and a boss. So many people in one magnificent package? I look in your eyes, I'm mesmerized. I want to take you now. My hand slides down to touch you leg. Gently at first. You don't pull away. I rub your leg, you continue to look into my eyes. Your skin feels like satin. Smooth and slick. I touch your hemline and slide my fingers under your skirt. My eyes are drawn to your magnificent breasts. They seem to be fighting gravity, and winning. Your nipple stand out pointed upwards, defying the laws of nature. I leaned over and kissed your tender lips. So delicately at first, just a peck, then another, then, longer. We are drawn together like two magnets, our lips devouring each other's mouth. Out tongues searching for the others. Deeply I probed into your mouth. Deeply you came back into mine. It was a kiss like no other, a kiss that promised so much more to come!

Chapter 4 - The Study

I break away from the kiss - suddenly aware that there are other people in the room - I let my eyes drop to your pants and smile, noticing the large lovely bulge there. I excuse myself to go to the ladies room and when I come out you are waiting for me - you take my hand and walk with me down a large corridor and many hallways - there are doors on either side but we walk to the end and you, with your hand on the small of my back, walk me into a beautiful room - it is a study - dark wood is everywhere - there is a fireplace - not lit, as it is summer, dark green leather couches, a large mahogany desk, globes, a gorgeous painting of a woman in a bright yellow swimsuit - she is laughing and her strap has fallen off of her shoulder so you can see the outline of her left breast. I walk over to the double glass doors and walk out onto the veranda - knowing that you are somewhere behind me - watching my every move. I love knowing that you are there. I walk to the railing and look at the beautiful sunset - I close my eyes to breathe in the beauty of the city below me. I feel you behind me, your hands softly touch my hips, your lips touch my neck licking and tasting me - I stretch my neck to allow you to move your mouth down lower towards my breasts - I feel something cold and wet on my chest - I gasp and open my eyes to see a tall glass touching me - your face inches from mine - I lean in to kiss you and you turn your head so that you nuzzle my ear - licking the inside and loving to hear me moan and arch my back. I take the glass and we toast to "summer desserts."

I take a long slurp of the drink - it is gin and tonic and cold - lovely. I look to see if there are chairs we can sit upon and there are two beautiful lounging chairs positioned across from one another - you allow me to sit and then you catch my legs and stretch them out so that they are placed in your lap - you remove my heels slowly - rubbing my toes and heels - your hands move up my legs - rubbing my firm calves, admiring the lines, loving the smoothness of them - your hands creep further higher - I breath in and release it opening my legs slightly so you have better access to my inner thighs. You massage my thighs - moving them slowly further apart - you move yourself so you are positioned between my legs - your face beaming with joy and lust. Your hands work my inner thighs and I start to purr as your fingers dance playfully by my pussy - your nails grazing the surface - I grab your hand and place it on top of my pussy - just holding it there while I grind into your heel of your hand- you move away from me quickly - leaving my hand there - you sit in the chair opposite from me and gesture that I should keep touching myself - I move my skirt higher so you can see a better view - then I move the panties out of the way so you can see the glistening wet spot that you have created- you involuntarily grab your cock - unaware that you have done so - I gesture that I would like to suck it and you push me away - back to my position on the chair - you slowly unzip your pants and take your glorious shaft and beautiful head out of their hiding - I moan and try to move forward again to touch you - but you are firm in your response and do not allow me to touch you - you want me to watch - so I sit back - take my panties off place them on your chair - you grab them and smell - a deep smile comes over you face and you say the first word you have spoken since we entered the study, "You."

I keep my skirt on, but lower the top so that more cleavage is showing and I can grab my nipples much easier. We proceed to stroke ourselves - you on your chair - admiring your view - and me - desperately wanting to be able to pleasure you - You can see that I am bursting to have you inside me so you motion for me to join you on your chair - I jump up - never have to ask me twice - and I sit on your lap - our faces very close - I ask you, "Do you want to be inside me?" and you say, "Yes, but not yet."

I groan in anguish - my lips are burning to be touched, my pussy is waiting to be filled - as in response you place your hand under my skirt, take two of your strong fingers and play gently with my clit - your other hand grabs my hair - pulls my head back sharply and you hold my mouth open while you ravish me with your mouth. I feel I am about to burst when your fingers enter me - I gasp with the joy of it and you quickly remove your fingers and throw me over your lap so you can see my smooth ass and you are just getting ready to touch me when she walks in.

She is stunning to look at - tall, long legs that are in a short pair of shorts, straight blond hair, large breasts that just barely fit in her white T-shirt. She is a bit stunned as if she walked into the wrong room. I look up from my position with my tits pushed forward my ass in the air and your hands all over me. I smile at her - she smiles back - tentatively at first - not knowing what is happening. I open my legs and swing them on either side of you so that I am sitting on your lap facing her - so we both can see her. I can feel your hard cock against my ass - as she and I begin to chat - I feel your wet finger from being in my pussy start to stroke my anus - little circles getting bigger and harder - I fell you entering my anus - a little bit at a time - your cock wanting desperately to get inside me. I feel your finger removed and your cock starting to press in slowly - I groan a bit which makes her stop talking and smile bigger.

"You need some help there?" she asks you. Before you can respond she has taken off her sandals and knelt down in front of me - catching one breast in a hand and the other in her mouth. Her hand reaches back and she feel you entering my anus - she slides herself around so that she may stroke your balls while you are inside me. I am pushing back slowly onto your cock - feeling the tightness - the hardness of you - I love it. I feel her hands on you - wanting you - I am almost jealous - I can feel you starting to build to a climax - you are able to slide in and out of me quite nicely by this point. You are grabbing my hair - arching my back and she is licking my clit - I am purring like a kitten and dripping wet - I do not want you to stop and yet - I want you to fuck me and her - so I can watch you - although the thought of you with another woman makes me jealous - I want all your attention - she is beautiful however and you have been so good so far so.... I gently move off of you and swing around so that I can take your cock in my mouth - she has started to take off her clothes very slowly for you - so you can see her body completely - while feeling my mouth on your cock and seeing my ass in the air. She gets totally naked- sees my beautiful ass in the air - waiting to be licked and proceeds to go to work - I cannot handle it and want you to fuck me. So I wiggle out of her clutches, make sure she is straddling your face - once I have you lying down - and I can ride your gorgeous cock to my pleasure - and yours...

Chapter 5 I get a piece

I am lost in your precious world. I throw you over my lap and reach down to finger you pussy. I enjoy this position because I can see you tight buttocks as I play with you. You moan in pleasure as I enter you with first one finger, then two. I hear you gasp. I thought it was from me, until I notice you are looking at the door. I'm as surprised as you are at the stunning blond standing there. I recognize her as one of the secretaries that work in my firm. A saucy bitch whom likes to strut her stuff, but never gives in to the men around the office. I've always wondered if she was gay, frigate or, well, just a bitch. You start to move. I'm afraid that you will leave and our moment in paradise will be over. Instead, you turn around and set on my cock. You two are looking at each other in a funny way. She does not seem intent in leaving, nor do you. I've already been caught, so I see no need to jump up and hide. You two begin to talk. Am I'm still here, I wonder? Then, to hell with it, if she's going to stay, fine, I'm still interested in this beauty that's setting on my lap, and whose backside is invitingly opened for my pleasure. I push you forward a little more, just enough so that your back is arched and your butt is protruding towards me even more than before. I wet my index finger with the sauce from your pussy, and then slide it up your butt crack to your little brown hole. It looks so tight and inviting. It winks at me. I run my finger around your anus, then slide it in, ever so gently. I feel your entire body stiffen. You push back with your ass to let me know you like it. The blond is still there. She looks at me briefly as she continues to talk with you, about what I'm not sure. All I hear in the pounding of my own heart. I smile back at her, and mouthed the words, "Please join us" to her. Yet she stands. I slowly remove my finger from your anus, you hiss at the loss and wiggle you butt, wanting more. I use both hands to spread your checks. My dick knows where to go, and slides into position at the entrance to your most private place. I scoop up some more juices from your pussy and rub in on my dick. I want to be nice a slick when I enter you so I will not hurt you. I pull you back, just enough so that the head of my cock penetrates you ass hole. You groan, not with pain, but with pleasure. I suppress my own moan. I can't believe that I will be fucking your ass even before I fuck your pretty pussy.

I hear the other women say something, but what I'm not sure. I'm surprised when I sense her presence near us, in front of you, between your legs. Fully clothed she knells down and begins to kiss your breast. I feel your body tense up; I hear your breathing speed up. Your anus opens up to me, and I slide into you, inch by inch, deeper into your body. I feel a hand on my balls. It must be hers because I can see yours on her chest. Stroking her breasts, reaching down to pull her shirt up. Her large firm tits look beautiful; she is not wearing a bra. Her nipples are hard and erect. You stretch out in an attempt to taste her, but she deftly pulls back, and leans down towards your crotch. I grab your hair and pull your head back so I can kiss your neck and suck your ear lobes. My dick slides easily up your ass now. You are humping up and down on me. I must concentrate in order not to come. Suddenly you pull off me, now it is my turn to hiss with need. You turn around and kneel in front of me. You look up and capture my eyes with a smile. Your right hand grabs my erect cock as the left one joins hers on my balls, god that feels so good. You stick out your tongue and run it up the underside of my dick, starting at my balls, up the velvety smooth skin under my head. You lick the pre come off the head of my dick. "The head is my favorite part, you whisper." I feel and watch as your mouth engulfs my dick. You slide me deep into your throat and wrap your tongue around my shaft. I forget about her for a moment, but her movements catch me eye as she slowly strips. She is watching both of us, my dick, your ass. She slides out of her shorts; she is not wearing any panties. Her long legs are firm and thin. Her tan line shows affection for a small bikini. The white skin high on her thighs, up around her cunt and low on her belly contrasts sharply with her rich tan. She kneels behind you and begins to kiss your sweet ass.

"Oh baby, you have the greatest butt I've ever seen," she says as she begins to run her tongue over your cheeks. You both moan in appreciation. You suck even harder and deeper on my dick. I can feel my head touching the back of your throat. You stroke my shaft up as you pull your mouth back, and then down to rub my balls and the sensitive area between them and my own anus as your deep throat me.

Suddenly you pull off me, "Lay down baby, I want to fuck you!"

We quickly pull down a towel and I lay back on it, my pants are still around my ankles, and my shirt, though rumpled and half buttoned is still on. You two seem to have a silent communication going between you. You pull off my pants along with my shoes; she pulls off my shirt. Your sit on top of me now, my dick is suddenly deep inside of your sweet cunt. Before I can truly enjoy the erotic picture you paint sitting above me, she straddles my face, facing you, and forces her crack onto my mouth. I am looking straight up into her pussy and ass hole. She has wispy blond hair from the top of her pussy to just above her sweet anus. Her smell is strong, yet fresh and inviting. I have no choice but to lick her and I do not hesitate. I have free access to her most vulnerable parts. I greedily lick and suck her pussy and her ass hole. It is similar to your own, only not quite as sweet. I feel you sliding up and down on my dick. I hear both of you moan. Although I cannot see what is happening above me, I can tell by your movements and your muffled groans that you are kissing each other. I turn my head slightly so that I can see your images in the sliding glass door. You lips are locked in a savage kiss. I can see your tongues sliding in and out of each other's mouth, your hands on each other's tits, pulling franticly at each other's nipples. You are humping me now in urgent, forceful movements. She is fiercely sliding her self over my face. I feel that I must come soon, but with a sudden poop, you hop off me. I feel a rush of cool air on my dick, cooling me of temporarily. You grab her shoulders and pull her off of my mouth.

Before I can move, you are licking my face and my mouth. Sucking her juices off of my lips and from where it has slid down the side of my face. She lays down next to me and takes my dick in her mouth, sucking your juices off of it. You both enjoy the other's taste. I enjoy the feel of her mouth, as she sucks me; and the feel of your mouth, as you kiss me. I can feel your passion in your kiss along with your need. I slide my tongue deep into your mouth and you suck it like it was a dick. I curl it to complete the image. Now you straddle my face facing my feet and she straddles my cock, also facing my feet. Her back is to your front, and you stroke her firm back briefly before you reach around and grab her tits. She throws her head back so that she is leaning against your breast and you can lick the side of her neck, and ears, and then her mouth. You slide one hand down her taunt belly to her clit and rub it for her. Your finger deftly strokes her erect clit. She is moaning loudly now, faster and faster she moves, up and down on my cock. "Oh god," she shouts. Her body stiffens momentarily, then she shakes as I feel her hot cum rush out of her, soaking my dick and the hair around my groan, it almost burns me with its heat. Only through my greatest will do I reframe from coming myself, I am saving that for you.

She bounces savagely on my dick and your fingers as she finishes coming. With a deep sigh, she finishes and rolls off me. You bend and take my dick in your mouth, sucking her cum off of me. Yummmm, you hum as you clean her girl cum off of my painfully hard dick. I will come soon, but not yet.

"Enough," I shout as I maneuver you off of me and throw you on you back. You try to grab me again to stuff me back in your mouth. I push you away. ] "You first," I say, almost angrily. I spread your legs and craw between them. The temperature between you thighs is several degrees higher than the rest of the veranda. Your juices are flowing freely down the crack of you cunt and into your ass, soaking the towel your laying on. I place my face onto your vulva. Kissing your bold pussy, licking your crack. Flipping my tongue over the hair line "v" that marks the top of your pussy. Hard so that you can feel it. Fast, then slow, fast, then slow, I lick your pussy. I slide my hands under your butt cheeks, squeezing them as I continue to manipulate your clit with my mouth. Occasionally, I slide my lips down to French kiss your cunt hole and your ass hole, as I rub my nose on your clit. My hands are soaked with your juices now. I slide a little finger up your ass hole as I go back to work on your clit with my mouth. Your are so tense. "Relax," I tell you. The blonde has now recovered from her own orgasm and slide over to kiss your mouth and squeeze your titties. I hear you moan loudly into her mouth as your belly shakes. Your raise your ass up off the floor. Your whole body quivers,

"OHHHHHHHH, Godddddddddd," you shout, I feel your tense, tight, then, yes; in multiple crazed contractions your cum shoots out of your pussy and into my mouth, burning my lips with it's taunt taste and acid strength. You shake vigorously under our manipulations as you go through a series of violent orgasms, slowly subsiding into a deep sigh. She kisses you sweetly and you slowly relax and return to earth.

I rise up between your legs. She looks at me, and my raging hard on. She reaches down and grabs my shaft.

"Let me suck you off?" she pleads.

"No." I move up between your legs and slide my dick into your post-orgasmic pussy. I know how good that feels to you to have something hard up your pussy after your have experienced an oral orgasm. Your reach out to touch my hips, pulling me into you as I slowly hump into you. You sigh, and I lean over to kiss your sweet lips. Your mouth is hot, moist, and thirsty. We lock in a savage kiss.

"I want to taste you," you whisper.

"Of course, baby," I reply. I pull out of your pussy, and slide up your torso, over your soft belly. My dick rest briefly between your large firm tits. You smile, and bring your hands up to squeeze your tits around my dick. My dick is slick with your juices and I slide it freely within the valley created by your breast. You bend your neck to take the head of my dick into your mouth. I pull out, push in, out, in. The pressure in my balls is building up to the breaking point. I lean forward so that I can put more of my dick into your sweet mouth. I reach down to grab your hair and hold your face still as I gently fuck your mouth, just like I fucked your pussy and your ass earlier. Your hands are on my thighs, urging me on. She reaches behind me and rubs my ass. I pump harder into your mouth. I feel the head of my dick hit the back of your throat. I hear you gag but I don't care, I know you love it. She runs her finger around my ass. He finger is slick with somebody's juices. She slides it up into my ass as I continue to pump your mouth.

"God, baby, feels so good, baby. Yes baby, suck it baby, suck it," I say.

I'm close, so close, oh yes; I feel my sperm as it jets violently up the shaft of my cock, I shoot hard into your mouth, leaning forward to slide even deeper into your throat. I hear you swallow me, I back off as I fill your mouth with my come, a little back flow slides out of the side of your mouth and down your cheek. I still feel the blonde's finger message my ass as she leans forward to lick the excess cum off your face. I pull my spent, half-hard dick slowly out of your mouth. You two purr like kittens as you finish cleaning off the head of my dick, and then join into a sexy French kiss so that she can taste my cum that remains on your lips and the inside of your mouth.

I lean back in a sigh, watch with content as you kiss, and look for my cigar case.

Chapter 6 - After She's Gone

As you smoke, I watch you through my half-closed eyes - you think I am sleeping but I am not - she has gotten up to get herself a drink - her feet are slapping on the hard wood floor and I can hear ice going into glasses as she fusses in the kitchen. You are lost in thought... so far away from me and yet you are right there in front of me - so very satisfied with your last moments in me. I regard your demeanor and I think - this is what it is like to be with a gentleman - not that you are gentle all the time - but you are so caring for me - the fact that you came inside my mouth, you waited to orgasm with me meant so much and I feel warm and safe knowing how much you enjoy my body.

She returns to the room and you barely glance at her - you are looking at me now - drinking in my body - my curves, my lusciousness - a half-smile crosses your lips as your eyes reach my clean trim pussy - I watch your tongue dart out of your mouth and wet your lips - again lost in your thoughts of how salty my skin would taste. She starts to make some motions to touch you and you graciously decline - your eyes have not left me and suddenly I can feel that you don't want her here anymore - you want to be able to cuddle with me alone - and I love that. I realize that it is up to me to make this happen, and so I roll over and throw on a short green slinky dressing gown you have nearby - I don't care whose it was - as I know you are only thinking of me when you placed it by the bed - I gesture to her to start dressing and I take her drink and slowly sip it - allowing you to watch me. She starts to dress - not knowing that anything is up - when she is done - she really is quite attractive - a bit too skinny for me - and almost trashy in a slutty kind of way that turns both you and I on at times- I kiss her full on the lips - allowing my tongue to taste her - a mixture of alcohol and your juices - I can feel you stir when you see us kiss - I reach up and casually fondle her breast knowing that you are watching, knowing that I am doing this for your benefit, knowing that no matter how tired your dick may be - you loves the sight of two women kissing and touching, and that this will make you hard again. She responds well - but before I let things get carried away, I offer her the drink again - it is cool and wet and feels good going down. I smooth her hair down, caress her cheek, and she looks back at me - wanting more - I can tell it is in her eyes - I smile and say quietly, "Maybe later."

All I can think about is getting her out of here so I can have you to myself. She starts to move towards you but you don't even see her - your eyes are gazing at the gown that has fallen open a bit and you can see the beginnings of my right brown round breast. You smile - she thinks it is for her - you kiss her without knowing that you have - I walk her to the door - and again I kiss her slowly and deeply - I like it and I know you like watching it. When she is gone I do not turn around just yet - I wait for you to move, to breathe, to speak - we stand in silence for a while and then I slowly lower the dressing gown so you can appreciate my beautiful ass - I hear your sharp intake of breath finally and I cover myself up, turn around and walk towards you.

You have not moved, have not spoken and you are still deep into thought - I kneel by your side - waiting to be petted by your strong hands - my head is bowed and I am waiting for your command. Your hands lift my face up to meet your gaze - you bring my face close and kiss me gently and sweetly - I feel your tongue part my lips - I love the taste of you...your tongue is more insistent now - wanting to go deeper and stronger - I take everything you can give me - thrilled to be just with you again. Suddenly you break away and stand - I am still kneeling waiting for you to move me - I can see the outline of your half- hard dick underneath the cozy pants you have on - I am yearning to touch it, but know that I will have to wait.

You take my hand and lead me into the bathroom where you run the water - nice and hot for a long shower. You slip the gown off my shoulders and stand back admiring my voluptuousness - you smile and I hear,

"Mmmmmmm," comes out of your lips.

You slide your hands down my body, touching every curve and crease. Then you turn me around, give me a nice hard slap on my ass and bring me into the shower with you.

It is hot and steamy and I am happy to be washing the juices off my body - I can feel your cock - now rising - pressing into my ass cheeks - then I feel you hands washing me - I feel like a doll that you have to play with - you wash my back because I can't reach it - my front because you can - I love it. I feel secure and luxuriously well cared for - I can't believe that we have just met and that I am allowing this almost total stranger to touch my places that are so private to me. You make sure that I am clean. But you do not let me leave - once I am fresh and washed and ready to be soiled again - you tend to washing yourself - you allow me to clean your long hard dick - taking its full length and shining it - until I hear a small moan coming out of your lips - I can feel how tight your balls are and I start to stroke you faster and harder - slowing down when I feel you close to a peak - when the soap is off your dick I kneel again - letting the water hit your back - and I take you hard cock in my wet and willing mouth - I can't wait to feel you pushing at the back of my throat and you do - you can only take it for so long - as you want to be in command - you reluctantly pull my head away - lift me up, turn off the shower and jump out - laying a towel down on the floor and laying me on the towel - you don't come down to me immediately - you open up my legs so that they are spread wide for your viewing pleasure - and you do get pleasure out of it. I start to move my hands down to touch myself and you quickly stop me - knowing that you want to be able to give me pleasure. You want to lick me - I want to fuck- but you are the master. I can feel your hands opening my legs wider - pushing my inner thighs - I feel your warm breath on my pussy - open and wanting you inside me. Then suddenly you are on me - your mouth sucking me into you - your tongue licking with long strokes up and down - side to side - I feel your hands open my cunt up and your strong fingers push inside of me as your tongue laps at my clitoris - I squirm trying to reach down to touch you - you break away from eating me and say in your sexy gruff voice, "Later little kitty... this one is for you." I have my hands on my ass - my hips are in the air - and it is as if I am on a platter for your dining delicacies - you love it and I can feel your warmth licking into me - but I can't relax enough to come and you feel this - frustrated with my lack of concentration you move back - your little finger still up my ass - and look down at your throbbing cock and say, "What would you like?"

Before you can get the words out I have wrapped my legs around your back, your cock is slowly pressing into me - the first little bit always feels soooo good - and suddenly we are fucking. Hard. And rough. I can feel your balls slapping against my ass, I am grabbing your shoulder with one hand, your ass with the other and I am pulling you into me as far as you will go - now once you are there -I grab your ass so you know that I just want a little bit of movement - some slow grinding so I can feel my clit being rubbed and stroked by your pelvic bone - you combine that with heavy pounding of your cock into me and I feel my heart racing to a peak and my breathing stops - I hold my breath - I can feel your cock sliding into me so hard and fast - I look into your eyes - you are so sweet and concerned that I am okay - and I smile - you kiss me deeply, hold your cock inside me - let me ride you even though you are on top and that is it - I am over the edge and coming hard onto your waiting cock - I almost scream but it ends up as a deep moan.... I love it and I shudder with joy. I need to catch my breath and so I slow down to a stop and start to apologize that you didn't come - you place your finger over my mouth and say, "Ssshhh Kitten - I told you this one was for you - however you want it. But you are going to have to let me lick you more often so that you can get used to how much I enjoy it - and so you can relax into me more."

Hmmmmm - I think I can do that....

Chapter 7 Bound and Gagged

Later, I think. Later I will make you learn to come in my mouth. I will show you how to relax as your clit comes alive and explodes against the soft feathery touches of my lips and tongue. Later, but now, I can think of nothing except for the pressure in my own groin. I could easily let myself go and come within seconds of penetrating your body again, but I want to hold off. Thinks to my previous orgasm, I know that I can continue this game for a bit longer. I love the high I feel when my dick is rock hard and my balls are swollen with lust. I think a moment as I look down at your pretty face. A smile causes your cheeks to dimple. I love the way you're looking at me with those deep luminous brown eyes, inviting me, begging me, to do my will.

"Come, let's move into the bedroom," I say, reaching out my hand to pull you up off the floor.

"The bedroom?" you respond with a little laugh. "You're so conventional."

I let you proceed me so that I can watch you walk. I love the sight of your toned body. Your muscles bristle under your smooth deeply tanned skin. I follow the sight of your thighs up to your firm rounded ass, loving again the way your butt cheeks curve into a deep crack. The bunny rabbit tattoo on you right cheek. I love the hourglass shape of your waist, and your taunt, muscular back. I wonder if there is any fat, anywhere on your body, then I remember your full breasts and smile to myself.

"Lay down," I command. "On your back."

You do so. I reach under the bed to fetch the soft cotton rope that I placed there earlier. Again, your eyes twinkle and you understand what I have planned, you stretch out your arms in front of my, smiling at me, trusting me so. I tie your lovely wrists together, tight enough to hold you, but not too tight to leave any marks on your resplendent skin. I then pull your arms up over your head, and tie the remaining piece of rope to the headboard.

"You are so amazing," you hiss. "How do you know what I like so well?"

"Because, my passionate little sex kitten, I can read your eyes."

You blink, and giggle that sweet little laugh of yours. I then take the two remaining pieces of rope and secure each foot to the foot board posts. Now you are completely at my mercy. You squirm against the bonds, but I have you tight enough so that you can only move a little bit from side to side.

"Lay still," I again command you. You stop and look at me, just a hint of fear at the unknown. After all, you have just met me, and know you are totally at my mercy. I smile and look down at your beautiful, hard body. I have to lick my lips as the excitement of your body dries my mouth. I get up and leave the room to get a drink. I return with my drink, and set at the foot of the bed. I love to look at you, to consume your splendor with my eyes. I stroke myself with my free hand, watching your reaction; you seem to enjoy watching me.

"Come for me baby," you plead.

"Not yet, buttercup."

I now move next to you on the bed. I reach out to touch you, stroking you. I enjoy the feel of you and the movements of your body as your breathing increases and your breast rises and falls and your sweat begins to bleed out of your pours. I now reach under the bed and grab one more item, a bandoleer. I wrap it around your lovely eyes, and tie it around the back of your head.

"Oh baby, please no," you whisper, not convincingly, and I ignore you. I reach into my drink and grab an ice cube. I place it on your belly. You screech and turn your body to knock it off. I firmly slap your belly to make you stop. I take the cube in my fingertips, and begin to run it slowly over your torso, letting it melt against the hot humid heat escaping from your pours. I lean over to lick the melted water off of you, tasting the mixture of clear water, the sweet remnants of the alcohol, and the salty flavor of your perspiration. You shudder when you feel my mouth on your lithe skin. I now gently begin to run my finger tips softly across your chest, up to your arms, and down to your sensitive armpits. I kiss your armpits, thrilled at the absence of any bristle, knowing that you must have shaved today, for me.

I slide my fingers down to the area around your upper thighs, running them close to your crotch, admiring the smooth slinky feel of your shaved pussy, also realizing that you must have shaved this area for me today as well. I curl my finger in the soft triangle of hair that remains at the top of your vulva. I slide a finger into your vagina, soaking it with your moister. Still wet, I begin to drag my finger over your body. Running it against your skin until it is dry. Then I repeat the process, touching a new place. Your legs, your stomach, your armpit, your arms, then, to your full ravishing breasts. I circle each tit with my fingertips, knowing that you love this, and content with my own pleasure of touching such a ravishing creature. I grasp each of your nipples, pulling on them, loving the rubbery texture. Again, I moisten my finger and this time I run it over your thin lips, letting you taste yourself. I slide my finger in your mouth and let you suck on it like it was my dick. I enjoy the feel of your mouth on my finger, sucking it, trying to swallow it, never getting enough. I must be satisfied soon, or I will explode.

I now set up on the bed, on my knees. I grab my cock with my hand; you cannot see and wonder what I am doing. I lean towards you, and begin to rub the head of my dick over your skin. I hear you gasp when you feel it touch you. I leave a wet streak of pre-cum along your body where I touch you, shinny white on your dark tan. We both love the velvety feel of the crown of my dick against your smoothness. I rub it all over, concentrating on your tits. I brush up against your nipple, spreading my pee hole open so that your erect nipple can penetrate me. I straddle your chest, and place my cock into the valley of your breast, pushing your tits together so that I can fuck them. The mixture of pre-cum and your sweat create a warm, moist cleavage for me to slide back and forth in. You lean your head forward to try and catch the head of my dick in your mouth, but your bonds prevent you from touching me with your mouth. You stick your tongue out in a desperate attempt to taste me. I laugh as I let you barely touch the head. I pull back, watching a long thin stream of pre-cum stretch the distance from your lips to the tip of my dick. You slurp it into your mouth, and lick your lips clean. I lean forward, hot in my eagerness for my release and kiss you, enjoying the way your mouth devoirs mine. Not being able to play this game much longer. I think of where I want to cum.

I slide down to the foot of the bed, and untied your legs. I then grab your left leg and turn you around, as if you were on a spit, and then retie you so that you are properly bond once again, but this time with your face towards the mattress and your sweet backside facing up, to me. I lean forward and start kissing and licking your neck and shoulders. I work my way down your back, running my tongue along the deep crevice of you spinal cord. I briefly pass your butt, to savoir your legs, concentrating on the backside of your knees. I work my way back up; I cannot avoid your sweet ass any longer. I love the sight of your ass, and I remember how good it felt to be in you back there earlier. This time, you will not pull off me! I kiss your crack. I love your musky smell. I reach back for my drink, finding another ice cube. I place it on your ass hole; you jerk at the sudden cold feel. I work the ice cube gently into you with my finger. I feel it melt as I sink it into your bum. I remove my finger, and replace it with my mouth. I run my tongue around your anus; knowing that you are clean, I am free of any aversion. I kiss your rim. I tease my tongue across your ass hole, loving the slightly sour taste. I curl my tongue and enter you, you gasp, and I feel your body shudder once more. It is time, my sweet P. I get on my knees behind you and place the head of my dick against your back hole. I am so hard it almost hurts, it will penetrate you easily. I push forward, letting the head of my dick slide into you, slowly, so as not to hurt you. I push a little bit further, I feel you open up to me, I look down to watch myself enter you deeper, and deeper, until I can no longer see my shaft and I can feel my balls slap against the backside of your butt. I can hear you shout with pleasure, but I'm beyond caring, all I can think about is the growing need in my balls for release, the tightness of your ass hole, the hot, sultry feel of you against my shaft. I can feel myself building up to the point of no return as the pressure as my sperm strives to be released. I pump into you faster and harder, long deep strokes.

I lean forward, you turn your head, we kiss, you suck deeply on my tongue as I push harder into you and cum hard into your ass, again and again I shoot, almost hurting from the sudden relief. I lay on your back, using my elbows to keep the blunt of my weight off your tiny body. Kissing your mouth, your ears, and your neck. I untie the bandoleer, and am rewarded by the twinkle in your eyes as you look into mine. "Thank you dear," is all I can say between gasps of breath as I try to recover my strength. You seem to purr, and I laugh.

Chapter 8 The End

My body is so drained. I have never been fucked like that in my life. This was truly a day that I will remember forever. I want to say something to you, to express the pleasure that you have provided me. To let you know how much this meant to me, but the toxins in my body take over my mind, and I drift off to sleep, the sleep of a recently satisfied man.

I awaken a short time later. You are gone. I look around the apartment and out on the veranda in hopes that you have left a note explaining that you will be back or how I can get in touch with you again, nothing. I am angered that you would leave me like this, even though I know that I held no bounds on you. Then I spot your black thong panties laid out across the chair that I was setting on earlier. I pick them up; I can smell your sweet aroma and perfume on them. They bring a smile back to my face as all the memories return.

I wonder if I will see you again, or was our time only meant to be a fleeting moment?

Oh, my lovely luscious Loretta, how I enjoyed our time together. Wait a minute, what's this, is there something written in the crotch off your panties?


This story was written by Loretta, the even chapters, and myself, the odd chapters plus Chapter 8, through a series of e-mails. Please send any comments to

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