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Lost Wife

It's a Friday night, and three of my friends, Art, Evan, and Frank are over at our house playing poker with me. This is the first time that I've had them over, since I'm not a very good card player. My wife Cathy, (29 years old, 5' 6," 120 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes, perky 34B tits, and lips made for sucking cock.) is watching tv in the living room, but stops in the kitchen from time to time to see how we're doing. She's not wearing anything special, jeans, sneakers, and a white T-shirt with bra, but still looking pretty good. She looks like the basic "girl-next-door." I think she looks like Joanna Kerns from the TV show "Family Ties." Frank is my age, 28, 5' 8." Evan is 22, 5' 10." Art is 28, 5' 8." I'm 6', 160 lbs. All 3 are Marines that I'm stationed with in the south and are well built and physically fit.

The beer has been flowing all night and none of us is really feeling any pain. Surprisingly, I've been holding my own and not losing too much money. About 1:00 am I tell the guys that we need to be wrapping up the game. We all agree on a final hand. I end up with what I think is a really good hand and bet all of my remaining cash, about $50. Evan and Art fold, but Frank stays in and raises the bet another $100. Figuring that I can't loose, I call Cathy over and quietly tell her what I want to do. She hesitantly agrees, so I tell Frank that Cathy will give him a blow job if I loose the hand. The guys went wild, while Cathy turns beet-red and hangs her head in embarrassment.

Naturally, Frank barely wins the hand, and the guys high-5 each other. Thinking fast, Frank offers me a chance to win back my money and wife. He offers me one final hand. If I win, I get back my money, and Cathy is off the hook. If he wins though, Cathy is his "slave" for the rest of the weekend, until Monday morning. Without even asking Cathy, I agree to his terms. Needless to say, I loose miserably. Once again the guys go crazy with excitement. Cathy is just standing there, still blushing and looking at the floor.

Frank pushes his chair back from the table, looks from me, to Cathy and back to me, and says, "A deal is a deal, Cathy come here."

Cathy then just walks over to Frank with her head down. He then reaches up and with both hands grabs both of Cathy's tits and starts massaging them. " Boy, these are nice and firm," he tells the other 2 guys.

He then stands up, lifts her head by the chin, and kisses her with a long, hard kiss with lots of tongue. Her breathing gets heavy and her nipples get hard, poking out through her bra and T-shirt.

Frank then drops his pants and undershorts. Out pops one of the larger cocks that I've ever seen in person. He's about 9 1/2 inches long (3 1/2 more than me) and a lot fatter than mine. He then grabbed Cathy's hand, put it on his cock, and kissed her long and hard again. She's moaning, and stroking his cock by the time he breaks this kiss.

Frank then pushes Cathy onto her knees while he sits down, saying "I think that I'll have that blow job now." Cathy, without hesitation, starts licking his cock up and down like a lollipop, and then takes as much of it into her mouth as she can, which is only about half way. She starts bobbing her head up and down while playing with Frank's balls with one hand and holding the bottom half of his cock with the other. She is really moaning, and making slurping noises. Frank is sitting there with his eyes closed, playing with her tits, and just enjoying her "damn good blow job" (like she and I call them). Evan and Art are just sitting there in awe watching her suck off our friend. Neither of them knew that she would ever go for something like this. It doesn't take real long for Cathy to get a hot load of come out of Frank, and to swallow it down in a few gulps.

Frank just sits there, looking at Cathy, me, and the other guys and said "GOD, she is probably the best cock sucker that I've ever had." Cathy once again blushes and looks at the floor, acting like little miss innocent.

He then reaches down, and pulls off Cathy's T-shirt, and then removes her bra. He throws the bra to me and said that she won't be needing it this weekend. He then started licking and sucking on her tits and big brown nipples. Her nipples, when hard, stick out around a half inch, while her big brown areolas are the size of silver dollars. Her nipples were probably harder than I had ever seen them, and she was moaning in lust.

About that time Evan and Art both started in with the "what about us" whine. Frank look at them, then at me and said, "Sure, why not?"

Frank then had Cathy suck off Art. His cock was about the same size as mine, just a little longer, and maybe a little fatter. He didn't last too long, before his body gave a spasm, giving Cathy some more hot come to swallow. He also seemed to enjoy playing with her perky tits.

Evan was also a nice surprise for Cathy. His cock wasn't quite as long or fat as Frank's, but still put mine to shame. As Cathy was sucking him off he sat there with his eyes closed and moaned something about her having a golden mouth. As with Frank, she was only able to take half of Evan's cock into her mouth because it was so long. It didn't take too long until he grunted and Cathy started gulping yet another mouthful of come.

After drinking Evan's come, Cathy stood up and went back over to Frank's chair, licking her lips, while her tits bounced around with super-hard nipples.

Frank reached up and tweaked her nipples and said, "since you were nice enough to make us all come, it's only fair that you make yourself come. Go ahead and get naked, then climb up onto the table and beat off for us."

I loved it. She had never even let me watch her masturbate, and now she was going to do it in front of my 3 friends!

Cathy was in shock, and really shy, but she took off her sneakers, then her shorts. This left her standing there in only her little pale yellow panties, that had a huge wet spot in the crotch.

She then grabbed the waist band of her panties and pulled them down her legs. The panties stretched until the wet crotch pulled away from her cunt. Frank then had her turn around so that we all could see her in her naked beauty.

While she was taking her shoes off, I had cleaned off the kitchen table. Cathy now climbed up onto it, rolled onto her back, brought her knees up and opened her legs so that the guys could see her cunt up close. It was all swollen from arousal, and pussy juice was oozing out all over. It looked great.

The guys crowded around the end of the table to get a good look of her pussy. Cathy had reached down and was running her fingers through her light brown pussy hair. She keeps it trimmed short, that way I can eat her out easier.

At Frank's request, Cathy reached down with both hands and pulled open her pussy lips, giving the guys a good view of where they would be soon shooting their loads of come. I had never even had the opportunity to see up inside of Cathy's cunt before. It was great, all red and pink and juicy.

Frank then said, "go ahead and beat off, we all want to watch you come on your hand."

With that, Cathy started to rub her clit with the index and middle fingers of her right hand while rubbing her tits, and pulling on her nipples with her left. Every so often she would run her middle finger up inside of her cunt. This kept her fingers all wet. Frank had her lick the pussy juice off her fingers a few times. I loved watching my wife performing like this.

While Cathy was rubbing on her clit and playing with her nipples, the guys also alternated putting their fingers up inside of her cunt. They would usually lick them off when they pulled them out, but a couple of times Frank had Cathy lick his fingers for him. This was really driving me crazy. She had me hotter than I had ever been in my life.

While she was "beating off," Cathy alternated keeping her eyes closed, and looking our 3 friends in the eyes, with this really sexy/horny look she gets.

After about 5 minutes of playing with her self, Cathy started to come. Her breathing got really short, and she started groaning in short groans and grunts. She also closed her eyes real tight and pulled her head to her chest. At the top of her come, Frank rammed 3 fingers up her cunt. With that, Cathy let out a long, loud moan. Frank was amazed, and said, "My god, her cunt tried to pull my entire hand into it. You guys won't believe how tight her cunt got as she came. We're going to have a great time fucking her tonight." Cathy just lay on the table catching her breath. Her face was all flush, it always is after she comes, while her nipples were still hard.

Frank let Cathy rest for about 10 minutes, then said "Come on girl, I need to fuck that hot, tight little pussy of yours." He then took her hand, helped her off of the table, and walked her to our bedroom. Art, Evan, and I just followed along, like ducklings behind their mother, down the hallway.

By the time I got into the bedroom, Cathy was in the middle of the bed with her legs open, and knees bent, ready for action, while Frank was removing the last of his clothes. Art and Evan were also starting to take off their clothes, waiting for their turns to fuck my wife.

Frank wasted no time with preliminaries. He crawled up between Cathy's spread legs, grabbed his "monster cock" and guided it to Cathy's open cunt. With one massive shove, he plunged into her hot, tight cunt, all the way to the top. Cathy let out a loud moan and grunt, and yelled out "oh.. my.. GOD it's HUGE!!"

Frank then hooked her legs under his arms, and pushed her knees up to her shoulders. This maneuver brought her pussy into the perfect angle for a power fuck, which he gave her.

He then started to drive in and out of her pussy at an incredible rate of speed. He looked like a jack rabbit going at it. All Cathy had a chance to do was just grunt "ugh, ugh, ugh."

After a few minutes of this Cathy started to come again. I know that her second comes are even more intense for her. She really started moaning and groaning. At one point she even started to howl. Frank then yelled, "My GOD HER CUNT IS TRYING TO PULL ME IN."

With that he threw his head back, drove his cock into her as hard as he could and filled her full of his hot come.

He then let go of her legs, and fell on top of her, kissed her, and said "Girl, you are one good fuck!" Cathy just lay there with a grin on her face.

After a minute or so, Frank pulled his cock out of Cathy and while getting out of bed he looked at Art and said "next."

Art crawled onto Cathy and fucked her with as much vigor as Frank, but because his cock isn't as large as Frank's, Cathy didn't have the earth shattering come that she had with Frank. She came, but not as violently.

Evan was last. He wanted something different, so he had Cathy get onto her hands and knees and fucked her doggy style.

Cathy put her ass in the air, and her head on her crossed arms, on the bed. It was great watching Evan holding her hips, and pile drive his cock into her sloppy wet pussy. As with Frank, Cathy was able to have another huge come. She was groaning and moaning "ooh.. ooh.. ooh.." until she came, then it turned into a load squeal of intense pleasure. I don't think that she had ever had 4 orgasms in one night before.

Evan then gave out a load grunt, rammed his cock into her good and hard and added his come to her collection. When he pulled his cock out of her cunt, I swear that it made a "pop" noise.

After Evan pulled out of her, Cathy rolled onto her back and collapsed in the middle of the bed. I pulled open her legs to see what her pussy looked like and was amazed at the mess it had become. It was all red, and puffy and literally hanging open with come just rolling out of it like a river. All I could think to say was "my god, you guys ruined a perfectly good cunt!" Frank laughed at that and told me not to worry, that it might not ever be as good as new, it'll still be good. We all had a good laugh at that.

After Cathy had fucked all of my friends Frank said that he needed to call it a night. Cathy put her T-shirt and panties back on and was reaching for her blue jeans when Frank told her to put on the denim skirt she has. Her skirt is fairly loose and comes down to about 2 inches above her knees. If she spins around fast enough it'll fly up high enough to see her panties. Her T-shirt was thin enough that you could clearly see her brown nipples through it. Frank stood behind Cathy and was reaching around playing with her tits while the guys got dressed. She was just standing there with her head bent looking at the floor, acting embarrassed, her nipples were rock hard though, so her embarrassment might have been an act. I just stood there with the biggest hard on of my life in my pants. I even had a huge wet spot on the front of my jeans, I was so horny.

Evan and Art thanked me for a good time, and thanked Cathy for the best suck and fuck of their lives. Frank said that he and Cathy would come by the house Saturday afternoon. Soon after that they all left. I spent the next hour beating off to the images of my wife of 5 years sucking and fucking my best friends.


Saturday about 1:00 pm Frank and Cathy pulled into my driveway on a motorcycle. He said that he had borrowed it from a friend for the day, and I could tell why. Cathy's skirt was flying around in the wind as they pulled up and her ass and panties were often in complete view for all to see. Plus her T-shirt had been cut off just below her tits. I figured that as they road around, her shirt would blow up giving everyone a good look at her nice tits, plus her nipples were clearly visible through the white cotton material especially since it was damp with her sweat. She definitely made me horny looking at her dressed that way. She NEVER dressed that way before, not even in our own home, just for me.

They came into the house and I gave them each a beer. Frank then went into the bathroom to "drain the main vein" as he puts it. I asked Cathy how she was doing and she just beamed as she smiled and said "great." I asked her how things went back at Frank's house and she said that they had spent two hours fucking before finally going to sleep. When I asked if Frank was any good in bed she said "he's by far the best lover that I have ever had. His cock reaches places that I never knew existed, and my pussy has never been that stretched. I must have come a dozen times in those two hours." I was amazed because the most that I had ever made her come was twice, and I always had to eat her pussy for her first come. When I asked her if he ate her out, she said yes, but he really wasn't that good at it, plus she wanted his cock inside of her instead.

About that time Frank came out of the bathroom. He smiled and asked if she had told me about their night together? I said yes, and asked him if he had had a good time. He said, "God yes, Cathy has the hottest and tightest pussy in the world. She is definitely the best fuck the I've ever had, and I've had quite a few." It gave me another hard on listening to Frank talk about my wife that way. When I asked him if I could take her into the bedroom for a quickie, he said "no, I'm saving her pussy for later, not that you would, or could wear it out." He then told me to be at his trailer at 9:00 pm for a party. He said that he'd provide the beer and "entertainment." I wondered what he meant, but didn't ask.

I then went to the bathroom for a much needed piss. Because of my hard on it took me awhile to piss. When I went out into the living room Cathy was naked, kneeling on the floor between Frank's legs, sucking his monster cock again. I bent down to look at her pussy which was hanging open, swollen with lust, and had pussy juice running down her thighs. She was really hot. I've seen, and made, her horny before, but never made her "juice" that much. She had also "trimmed" her light brown pussy hair so that most of it was gone, and what was there was really short. She was really going to town on Frank's cock to. Her head would bob up and down a while, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth, then she would stop, suck and lick his balls while stroking his cock, and start all over again. I could swear that she was taking most of his cock into her mouth and throat, and yet she could never deep throat my 6 inches!

After a few minutes of Cathy sucking his cock, Frank stopped her and laid down on the floor on his back. He motioned for Cathy, and she went over and straddled his waist. As she lowered her cunt into his cock she closed her eyes and moaned "Ooohh" as it went all the way in. She then started to "ride horsey" like we call it. Frank laid there playing with her tits as she bounced up and down on his cock. She then leaned forward, pressing her tits to his chest while he started to drive his cock into her. As he was getting ready to come he had Cathy jump up and start sucking his cock again, pussy juice and all.

It only took a seconds of her expert blow job before Frank gasped, Cathy's cheeks bulged, and she swallowed his come again. I almost came in my pants watching this again. I know how good her mouth feels on my cock, and she was doing an even better job on him.

Frank stood, pulled up his jeans and told Cathy to get dressed, they had to leave. He then told me to make sure that I was at his place that night at 9:00. As they were leaving, Cathy turned, pulled me to her and gave me a big wet french kiss with LOTS of tongue. I could taste Frank's salty come still in her mouth, and I again almost came in me pants. She then thanked me for letting her have a good time. What could I do but stand there and drool all over my self as they got on the motorcycle and left.

9:00 pm Saturday

I got to Frank's trailer right on time, and was surprised to find a couple of cars and trucks already there. There also seemed to be about 15 guys "partying" in various stages of intoxication. 1 of the guys I noticed was Ray, Cathy's older sister's husband. We don't work together, but he is also stationed at my base.

I guess that I was there about 5 minutes when I finally saw Cathy. She was coming out of the trailer with a beer in each hand. She was still dress in the cut off T-shirt, though it was a little shorted now, just below her nipples, and the skirt had been cut really short now, forming sort of a micro-mini skirt . As I was approaching her, two guys that I know from work went up to her. The first gave her a big french kiss while rubbing her tits under the shirt with one hand, and playing with her pussy with the other. After he broke off the kiss he took one beer and thanked her for the service. The second guy sucked her tits while fingering her cunt. Cathy was really flushed and horny looking when they were done.

I then went up to her and asked how things were going. She said "really fine" with a grin. She then explained that she was basically the waitress and was furnishing the refreshments to all of the guys. When I asked about the guys groping her she just smiled and said that she loved how it made her feel "so trashy."

I then asked her about Ray being there. She said that she must have mentioned him to Frank, and that Frank had apparently invited him. I just happened to know that Ray has been trying to get Cathy to fuck him since she was 16 years old. He's 3 years older than her and is always hitting on her. When I asked her if Ray liked the waitress service, she said that she thinks that he came in his pants the first time he got to suck her tits and finger out her pussy.

Cathy then went and got me a beer, when I "groped" her like the others did I was surprised at how hot and juicy her pussy was. It actually felt great, I easily slid 2 fingers up into her pussy, something I rarely get a chance to do. My hand smelled great after that too!

I went around talking to the guys who were there. I knew most of them from work. I was happy to see that Evan and Art were there to. Some guys were ashamed to talk to me, with what was going on, but I put there minds to rest. I told them that she was a grown woman, not being forced to do anything she didn't want to do, and that "a bet is a bet." Almost everyone told me what a "hot" and sexy wife I had. It made me feel good knowing that they all liked what I had. It definitely made me horny watching all of my friends play with her tits and pussy when she brought them a beer.

Around 11:00 pm Frank finally showed up. When I asked him what he had been up, to he said "getting the entertainment set up." He then turned down the music and called everyone toward the front steps. He then proceeded to tell everyone how I had lost my wife to him during a poker match, to be his "slave" until Monday morning. He said that it had been the best bet of his life. Everyone cheered at that. He then invited everyone into the living room for the entertainment. He also said "I hope no body is shy, because this is one game you'll all love."

As we went inside I saw that there was a narrow table in the middle of the living room, and that all of the furniture had been either moved out or against the walls. Frank then called for Cathy to come forward. As she did she removed the wisps of clothing that she had on. This brought the dozen or so guys to cheer. (A few had left earlier than expected). Frank then told Cathy to get on the table.

Cathy crawled up onto the table, laid on her back, and moved so that her pussy was right at one edge and her head was slightly hanging off of the other edge. Frank put a small pink pillow under her head and neck for her comfort. She put her feet on the end of the table next to her ass, providing good access to her wide open pussy.

Frank then told everybody, "she's got 2 holes and 2 hands for your enjoyment. You can use her for 60 seconds, at which time I'll call out 'change', then everyone will rotate clockwise to the next position. Once you come please let someone else into your position, while you rest up."

I have never seen so many guys taking off their clothes so fast. There was almost a fight between Evan and Ray as to who would fuck her pussy first. Evan won, due to Frank's input.

We all watched Evan as he took his rock hard 9 inch cock and easily pushed it into Cathy's super wet pussy with one push. Cathy had her eyes closed and just groaned in ecstasy. Evan just said "oh, man is she tight!" He then pulled almost all of the way out and slammed his cock home again, getting another grunt and moan out of Cathy. As Evan repeated this a few times I was mesmerized as I watched her pussy. It looked like it was stretched to the limit as he would drive his cock home, then it looked like she would be turned inside out as he pulled it out. She was moaning like crazy after only a few seconds. His cock was totally drenched in her pussy juice and he was working it up into a lather. I was also amazed to see that he was getting all of the way inside of her. I often hit the top of her pussy when I fuck her, so he was really opening her up. Her tits were shaking sexily with each forward thrust of his cock. It was a fantastic sight watching my wife getting fucked by someone else, especially with so many of my friends watching.

After about a minute Frank told everybody else to gather around and join in the fun. Ray took his position at Cathy's mouth. He looked down at her and said "girl, you don't know how long I've been waiting for this opportunity." Cathy smiled at him and said "I hope that I'm worth the wait." He then put his 6" cock in her mouth and slowly face fucked her, while moaning about how good she was at sucking cock. It was neat watching his balls bounce off her forehead.

I was simply amazed at how things progressed after that. As 1 guy would be fucking her pussy, 1 would fuck her mouth (no real blow jobs here), and she would (try to) beat off 2 other guys. With the 2 guys at her mouth and pussy she would often loose the tempo to the hand jobs she was giving. The hand job guys usually played with her tits more than anything. Like Frank said, every 60 seconds he would call out and they would change positions.

After 2 change overs Ray was at Cathy's pussy, and Evan was at her mouth. It didn't take Ray but 3 thrusts into her pussy before he yelled and gave her the first come deposit of the night. It took a few more than 3, but Evan finally shot his load down her throat.

It was great watching Cathy getting fucked this much. She was moaning around the cocks in her mouth, and it almost seemed that she was having one continuous orgasm. Some guys would pull put and come on her face, some guys had her swallow their come. Some guys shot their load into her pussy, and some shot it onto her pussy hair and stomach. The guys who came with her hands usually shot off onto her tits and then rubbed it in. She had a huge assortment of cock that night, short, long, fat, thin, straight and curved. I ended up beating off 3 times watching this go on. Most of the guys got to come 3 times with her. It was great hearing the first few guys talking about how tight and hot her pussy was. After 4 or 5 guys though I guess that she started really loosening up.

Around 2:00 am Sunday morning most of the guys were fucked out. Frank went up to Cathy, called me over and had me look at her pussy. It was a real mess, all red and swollen, with come just running out of it down the crack of her ass. I had never seen her pussy hang open that far. I was wondering if the last few guys even felt anything as they fucked her. Frank asked me if I'd like to eat her out, but I turned him down.

Frank than had Cathy turn over onto her knees, with her ass in the air. He took off his pants, and slammed his huge cock once again into Cathy's cunt. He just smiled and said, "this is one well fucked wife you have here." As he fucked her a few times, the squishing noises were great, as was the sight of all of the other guys come oozing out of her.

Frank then did something that I still can't believe, he pulled his sloppy, hard, monster cock out of Cathy's pussy and eased it into her ass. With all of the come that had run out of her pussy, her ass hole was well lubricated. She has never let me butt-fuck her before, and I've tried. Hell, a few times as I was fucking her I'd stick my finger up her ass and was surprised as to how tight it was. Now here was a 9 1/2" cock entering her.

Cathy had her ass in the air and her head laying in her crossed arms on the table. While Frank fucked her in her virgin ass all she did was grunt and moan. All of the guys watching were going crazy, they all wanted a piece of her ass to. It didn't take too long, and Frank slammed his cock home in her ass and yelled out "god - yes" as he came.

As he pulled out of her, Cathy basically collapsed onto the table. Some of the other guys came over to get some of her ass, but Frank told them no, it was his alone.

Needless to say, when they were all finished she was a sloppy mess. An incredibly sexy, hot and horny sloppy mess. I didn't go up and kiss her though. Nor did I get permission from Frank to fuck her. He had said that all I could do was watch.

After that Frank told everyone that the party was over and that they had to leave. I went home and beat off 2 more times before I went to sleep that night.

7:00 am Monday

Frank and Cathy came by around 7:00 Monday morning. Cathy was wearing a thin white gauss dress that was almost totally see through, with no underwear, of course. It was kinky seeing her bouncing tits and pussy hair through it, knowing that anyone could see them, also. She was walking a little slow, but looked sexy, and great.

Frank thanked me for "the bet" and the use of my wife. He also said that he'd be interested in playing cards again sometime.

I asked him if he'd like to give her a quick fuck, in our bed, as sort of a thank you for a good time. He said "sure, why not?" Actually I was wanting to finally try "sloppy seconds."

Once again, I got to watch my wife get fucked by Frank's monster cock. He just crawled on top of her, with no foreplay, and just started driving away. Her pussy was already wet and juicy, so he had no problem. I just loved it when Cathy threw her arms and legs around Frank and made the little noises she makes when she has a hard come. He drove his cock home a few more times and finally blasted a load of hot come into her well fucked pussy.

I couldn't wait. As soon as Frank crawled off Cathy, I crawled onto her and plunged my cock into her cunt. It was unlike any feeling I have ever experienced before. Her pussy was all hot, loose, juicy, and slimy with Frank's come. It felt fantastic. It didn't take me but a few pumps before I also shot my load into her. Cathy almost acted like she couldn't feel my little dick, but that's ok, I had a good time.

After Frank left I asked Cathy how she had enjoyed herself. She said that she had had a great time. That at first she was a little apprehensive, but really got into acting the role of a slut. She also said that her pussy was quite sore after all of the fucking she had gotten, but that she had really loved all of the attention, as well as all of the different types of cock.

I asked her what they had done on Sunday, since they didn't stop by or call. She said that they had basically rested up around the house, but had gone to the mall and bought the gauss dress that she had on. She said that it really turned her on walking around the mall with everyone looking at her nearly naked body under the dress. She said that her nipples were constantly hard and that her pussy had leaked down both legs to her knees. She said that she loved the looks of hate and envy the other women gave her, and ate up the looks of lust the guys gave her.

She also said that later Sunday afternoon Evan and Art had stopped by for a visit. Frank had her suck off all three of them, and she had finally been able to deep-throat their cocks. She said that she thought the guys were going crazy the way they carried on when she pressed her nose into their pubic hair, with their cocks in her throat.

Frank then called one of his neighbors over to his trailer. He was a big black guy with a 12" cock. They wanted to see if she could deep throat his black monster. She said that she had tried to suck him off, but that he was just too large to do. She claimed that his cock head was almost too large to get in her mouth. She said that she did lick his dick and balls, and jerk him off so that she could drink her first black guy come.

After the black guy rested awhile, Frank had him fuck her, Cathy said. She said that she was in heaven when he was pile driving that thing into her. "I had to reach up and hold onto the headboard of the bed just to keep my head from being bounced off of it. I never knew that my cunt could stretch that much! It was great, I loved it!"

As Cathy was telling me this I once again got a killer hard on. When she saw this, she reached out, opened my jeans and dropped to her knees and started to suck me off. As good as she has always been at giving head, she was even better now. She was now deep throating my cock! It was great watching all of my cock disappear into her face and see her nose in my pubic hair. I commented to her how good it was for her to deep throat me. She said that Frank, Art, and Evan also loved it. As she told me this I exploded into her mouth. She promptly swallowed my meager load of come, since most of it I had shot onto my belly the night before, and in her pussy only an hour ago.


Since this has happened, I've noticed that Cathy's pussy isn't quite as tight as it used to be, but it's a lot more juicy. Plus, since she can now deep throat my 6 inch dick, her blow jobs are even better. I've also noticed that I get invited to more card games than ever, though I don't go. I also don't have difficulty finding guys to help me work on things around the house. Cathy still won't let me butt-fuck her though...

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