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London Calling by SOE

London Calling

I smiled to myself as I settled under the blanket on Virgin Atlantic's Flight 002 from Newark to London Heathrow. My hand, undercover of the blanket, rested on the leg of the man next to me and the smile was purely due to the fact that just fifteen minutes earlier my mouth had been wrapped around what lay underneath the trousers worn by the man and that he had been groaning with intense pleasure. I always enjoyed being the first to do something with a man and I knew than no woman had ever dragged William into a bathroom on an aeroplane and sucked him so hard he thought a hole had opened in the fuselage. In fact, I knew no woman had ever done anything to him on a plane and I also knew he'd never forget the woman who had. So that smile stayed on my face. The trick on these transatlantic flights is to wait until after the movie to make a move. At this point the meal has been served, the movie is over and most people are asleep. If you are flying from the US to the UK its pretty late by this time. Virgin Atlantic is the perfect airline for the deed: the bathrooms are larger and the doors are mirrored. Follow me on this one - I like mirrors and I couldn't wait to get to Earl's Court and introduce William to the large mirrors erected just feet from the bed.

As I smiled again in anticipated pleasure I felt a hand brush against the top of my thighs and curl in between them. I had been pretty sure that William had fallen asleep after he had exploded in my mouth but obviously not. I was wearing a thin skirt which had ridden up my legs so with a little squirming I managed to fee myself for his exploring hand. I was glad I had worn a thong that day since all William had to do was push aside a tiny scrap of material in order to plunge his fingers into my pussy. "God you're wet," he said, his mouth just a breath away from my ear. I said nothing but spread my legs wider under the blanket so he could actually slide his fingers inside me. I moaned and my fingers curled into his thigh as he slid his fingers in and out, coating them with my juice, and then gently circled my clit. His touch was light, barely there, and I was thrusting my hips up, trying to feel more pressure but he just moved his hand away and I groaned in frustration. "You'll pay for this," I growled as his fingers tickled my clit again. I'd already been incredibly aroused when I'd had his cock in my mouth and his hands in my hair, and I was ready to come within no time, but every time I was sure it was going to happen he'd remove his fingers from my clit and push them back into my pussy, feeling the sides clamp around them, trying to hold them in place.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked, licking my earlobe and making me shudder.

"Yes. Please. Make me cum. Now," I was almost begging, "rub my clit harder," I said, my hand pressing more firmly on his thigh. His fingers returned and I moved my hand from his thigh and placed it on top of his hand, forcing his fingers onto my clit and thrusting up to meet him at the same time. My breathing was ragged but I didn't give a flying fuck about my fellow passengers. I wanted to cum and there was no way William was going to tease me any longer. His fingers rubbed my clit and I forced his hand to go faster as I felt an orgasm building in me and suddenly I was cumming, moaning out loud, my head twisted into William's shoulder, my fingers digging into his hand as it was covered by my juices. I sighed as he held his fingers to my mouth and I licked them, savouring my taste on his hand. Then I leaned in and kissed him as we settled down to doze through the rest of the flight.


We got off the Tube at Earl's Court and walked down the road till we got to the Old Brompton Road. The flat was only a block away at this point but I always made sure to stop in at the corner shop so that I could pick up some milk and other essentials. When we got to the flat and climbed to the second floor I took out a silk scarf and tied it around William's eyes. I opened the door and moved our cases into the hallway and then, taking his hand, led him up the stairs to the main floor of the flat. At the top I told him to be still and I kissed him, letting my lips open to his, feeling the thrill as our tongues met and our studs clashed together. I always found the sensation so erotic and he must have too because he groaned and pulled me closer, forcing our tongues together harder until I felt my pussy getting wet and his cock push against me. I stepped back and unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his neck and sliding my tongue along his shoulders as I pushed it back and off. My tongue followed my fingers as they traced down the front of his stomach, grazing over his nipples where my tongue settled, flicking and biting as he grabbed my head and pushed it harder against him. As my tongue worked on his chest and stomach my hands were sliding over the bulge of his cock and he pushed against me. I unbuckled his belt and slid it totally out of his trousers and dropped it by his feet. Then I slipped his shoes and socks off his feet and returned my mouth to his stomach, right above the waistband of his trousers. I unbuttoned them and slid the zipper down. As usual he wasn't wearing underwear and I allowed my tongue to flick over his cock which jumped and strained towards my mouth. I laughed and stood up, slipping my skirt off and removing the rest of my clothes quickly. Then I turned and put my back against him, pushing my ass back until I could feel his cock nestled against me. He hands reached around and found my breasts, weighing them in his hands, fingers flicking over the nipples and I gasped, my head moving back onto his shoulder. At that moment I reached up and tugged the scarf from around his eyes and revealed us, two people, man and woman, naked, in front of a mirror so large it occupied the entire wall. I couldn't take my eyes off the image, his hands on my breasts, sliding down my stomach to my pussy and then back up to wrap themselves in my hair. His eyes never moved, locked on the mirror, watching himself as he touched me. I turned and took him by the hand, leading him into the bathroom where I turned on the shower. It was 11am and we'd been flying all night. I knew I could use some hot water coursing over my body. I wanted to keep it short though, soap us up, rinse us off, and then return to that mirror and all the things I'd been fantasizing about since I'd first met him.

Moments later, clean and refreshed, but still damp we returned to the bedroom which held a wrought iron bed, large and comfortable, in a perfect position for mirror viewing. But first I made him stand in front of the mirror as I sank down on my knees before him, kissing from his ankles up, licking the drops of water from his skin, gently tonguing his inner thighs which he obligingly spread for me. I licked the moisture from his balls, hearing him groan as I licked them gently, rolling one, then the other, in my mouth. His cock was fully erect again now and I couldn't wait to take it in my mouth again and have him see me, looking in the mirror, watching me on my knees, bowed down as if in worship. My hand closed around his cock and I licked the tip and the sides then took it into my mouth, moving my head back and forth and then I started to move my hand too, a motion I knew he found incredible. He started to thrust himself in and out of my mouth, wrapping his hands in my hair, holding my head in place, and I looked up only to see his eyes locked on the image before him in the mirror. I pulled away and looked up at him again. "I want you to fuck me William," I said, "but first, I want you to lick my pussy. I want to feel your tongue and your stud on my clit."

He almost growled as he pushed me back and around onto the bed, spreading my legs and placing each foot on the wrought iron railing at the end of the bed. The his mouth descended on my breasts, licking and biting my nipples, making me writhe and moan, nipping and biting. God how I loved it. My hands dug into his back as I pushed my breasts closer to his face begging him to bite me harder. The pain turned me on so much and I could feel my pussy throbbing when suddenly I felt his fingers plunge into me, bringing my hips off the bed, then he turned and without warning I felt his tongue rasp along my clit and I screamed in pleasure. I felt his stud make contact as he flicked it back and forth over my clit, still thrusting his fingers inside me, wiggling them back and forth against my G-spot. I was moaning so much.

"Do you like that?" he asked, raising his head for a moment as his fingers continued to move inside me.

"God yes. Don't stop. Lick me," I said as I pushed his head back to my pussy. He licked me again and I pushed myself up and looked over his shoulder into the mirror, seeing my legs spread and his head between them and I almost came right then. Then I saw his ass, naked and tight, a perfect sight in the mirror. "Stop and turn around," I ordered him. He looked at me but did as he was told. I positioned him so that he was on his knees, his hands holding the railing where my feet had been, his ass in the air and I moved behind him, licking his cheeks and then I slipped my tongue down to lick his balls from behind. I pushed a finger into my pussy, making it wet and then brought it up to his asshole and slowing tickled him with it. He moaned so I repeated the process, this time sliding my finger into him a little way. He was swearing by now, calling my name as I gently slipped my finger in and out of his asshole. Then I stopped and slid my tongue back down, licking his hole, my hands on either side of him, then slipping one hand around to grab his cock and stroke it just as my tongue was stroking his ass. He felt huge, I was sure he had never been so hard before and I couldn't wait to feel his cock in my pussy, filling me. I stopped what I was doing. "Swap places with me," I said, and he moved, allowing me to get into the position he had been in. "I want to feel you inside me, taking me from behind. I want you to fuck me and look at us in the mirror when you do it." William needed no second invitation. I felt the head of his cock push up against my pussy and I pushed my hips back just as he pushed forward, almost sending me over the end of the bed. It was incredible to feel him filling me, my entire pussy was aching for him and he pounded into me, his hands on my hips, guiding me. My head was thrown up so I could look in the mirror. His head was over mine, my breasts were swinging under me with each thrust and I was amazed by how fucking incredible we looked. He was taking me from behind, pushing himself deep into me, a look of pure ecstasy on his face. "I want to be in your ass," he rasped in my ear.

"Do it," I said, not wanting to think. It felt too good. I felt him pull out of me, then use his hand to spread my pussy juice on his cock and on my asshole and then he was pushing against me. It was tight and I tried to relax and breathe as he pushed in a bit, slowly, slowly, a little at a time. I gasped in pain and he stopped but I tried to push back a little, not wanting to stop now and then all of a sudden it was too much for him and he plunged into my ass, yelling out loud as he did so. "God Gail, you're so tight. Is this for me? Is this your virgin ass? Is it for me? Tell me. Am I the first to be in here?"

"Yes," I said simply, "I saved it for you. You're my first." When he heard this he started to push harder, sliding almost all the way out and then plunging back in again and it felt good. I was surprised. The pain over, I actually liked being fucked in the ass. I was pushing back against him, meeting his thrusts, "fuck me in the ass William. Please. I like have your cock I my ass. I want you to fuck it hard and cum inside my ass. Will you do that for me William?" He was groaning now and moving faster, his right hand had moved to my clit and was rubbing hard. I could feel myself about to cum, "William, I'm going to cum. Keep fucking me and touching my clit. Make me cum. I want to cum."

"I am Gail, I want you to cum while I fuck your ass and I want to cum inside you, all of it inside your ass." And as he was saying this I looked in the mirror again and saw him behind me and his hand in my pussy and I started to cum, screaming as I did. I had never had such a powerful orgasm, my hands were welded to the railing, my head back and then William joined me, grunting as he thrust his cock into my ass and started to cum. I tightened my asshole around him, and he yelled as I milked every last drop of cum out of his cock and into my asshole. Then he collapsed on top of me. We stayed that way a moment, panting, and then he pulled out and we fell on our backs and were almost instantly asleep.


Sleeping after the long flight and the fuck of my life was wonderful but I never sleep for too long after a flight, usually just a couple of hours. I was having wonderful dreams, however, of William and sex. Dreaming of the week we would have in London and all the places I could show him and of all the times we could have sex. It was so real I could feel his hands on my hips, sliding between my legs, parting them. I could feel his cock slide along my pussy lips and his fingers touch my clit. I moaned and opened my legs wider and felt something inside me, realised it was William's cock and pushed back against him. Then I started to come out of my dream and realised that I hadn't been dreaming at all. William really was inside me. We were spooned together and his cock was moving slowly back and forth inside me, languorously enjoying it. I smiled. He had woken me up in my favourite way. "Gail...," he whispered in my ear as I reached behind me to pull him in deeper. . . .

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