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K. T. Mirius's Stories

Liz and Gwen by K. T. Mirius

Liz and Gwen

Copyright 1994 by The KTM Triangle

Attention: the following story contains acts of lesbian oral sex, mutual masturbation, and autoerotic oral-vaginal sex, all involving underage females. If this offends you or you reside in a nation wherein such text is illegal, do not download this story

an erotic story
of two young lovers
rejoicing in their femininity

"Gwen, oh, Gwendolyn my love, mmm lusty little mmm..." Liz moaned, about to slip into her third orgasm of the night. Her pale, well-shaped body began to writhe as the ripples of pleasure became a strong undertow, pulling her into a long-awaited climax.

Gwen grinned; secretly she loved the little thrill of power she got from being able to make her friend moan and squirm. Again she ran her finger between Liz's labia, flicking it softly at her clitoris. She bent down and kissed Liz's bare mound, then ran her tongue down and between her soft labia.

Liz let out a soft squeal, pressing her pussy into Gwen's mouth. Gwen licked away eagerly, savoring the sweet, erotic taste of her friend's love nectar. Liz thrashed about in wave after wave of hot orgasm, Gwen holding on tight to her legs and lapping up the sex fluid. Liz felt herself soaring upwards on a blast of ecstasy, wrapping her silky legs around Gwen's arms, higher and higher as the electric pulses of heat from her clitoris filled her body with pleasure.

Finally she sank back into reality, warm and sweaty, with a grin on her face. "Mmm... Gwen, that was *wonderful*." Gwen turned to embrace Liz. They kissed deeply, their tongues and legs entwining, sharing their love, bodies communicating a sense of urgent eternity.

Their lips parted. Liz grinned and said, "I guess it's your turn." Gwen nodded, with a sexy smile, and slid her lightly tanned, satiny-smooth self up Liz's body, coming to rest with her legs on either side of Liz's head. She lay down on top of Liz, licking the last of the orgasmic juices from the edges of Liz's pussy.

Liz leaned up and kissed Gwen's brown-furred outer lips. They were already wet with the dark-haired girl's musky liquid. Liz lightly touched the top of Gwen's slit with a finger, then slid it inside. Gwen gave a long, pleasure-filled sigh. "Feels good, Gwen?" Liz asked.

"Yeah..." Gwen said, relaxing. She lightly pinched one of Liz's nipples, evoking a surprised "Eep!" from Liz.

"Gwen! Just relax... I'll take care of it now." Liz leaned towards Gwen's fuzzy pussy, smelling the warm, sweet scent. She rubbed her cheek, catlike, against the soft, moist fur of Gwen's labia, letting the slippery, warm juices run down her face and into her mouth. Liz licked her lips. "Gwen... I will never get over how great you taste!"

"Thanks..." murmured Gwen. "Now shut up and eat me out, silly little slut," she joked. They never did any serious dominance-and-submission things -- their parents would be sure to remark about any abrasions or marks from straps or chains or beatings -- but they liked to play at it once in a while.

Liz always liked to start slowly -- she softly kissed Gwen's fuzzy brown- haired mound, reached up and scratched lightly at it, then settled her fingers into a slow, rhythmic massage on the soft, furred pillow of love. She stroked through the silky hair, slowly working her fingers down the sides of Gwen's pussy and onto her wet labia. She parted the cushiony lips, reaching in to rub their insides. Slowly, she slid a single finger down the tight, wet tunnel of Gwen's young vagina.

Gwen gave a long, drawn-out sigh of pleasure. "Mmm, Liz... wonderful..." Liz slowly pulled the finger out, then pushed it back in again. Holding Gwen's labia open, Liz kissed right between them, then began to slide her tongue alongside her finger within Gwen.

As she withdrew her finger from Gwen's vagina, Liz pressed her mouth tight against Gwen's pussy. Hearing Gwen gasp with sudden pleasure, Liz held herself tightly to her lover, thrusting her tongue deep, deep within Gwen's young, sweet womanhood. Pausing only occasionally to breathe, Liz licked up and down, now pushing her tongue down Gwen's tight sex-tunnel, now flicking it lightly over her clitoris.

With a yowl of pleasure, Gwen climaxed, her wet, furry pussy flooding Liz's face with sweet orgasm-nectar. Liz slurped it up, still licking at her thrashing lover's clit. Gwen's body shook and heaved with the roaring tides of pleasure coursing from her sex-button. Finally, she relaxed, a few spasmatic waves still shaking her as Liz slowed and stopped her ministrations.

"Mmm... Liz, how do you do it?" Gwen asked. "You... you're not just a great lover... mmm... you're an artist of cunnilingus!" Both of them laughed.

"You really want to know?" Liz responded.

"Of course!"

"Well, watch this!" Liz rolled over onto her back, arched, and flung her legs over her head. She was twisted around into a C shape -- her upper back and shoulders touching the bed, her hips over her face, and her legs trailing out behind. Grabbing her buttocks with her hands, she grunted and pulled her pussy into licking range. "I... mmf... practice on myself! Duck!" With that warning she spread her legs wide to both sides and began frenetically licking her own clit.

Gwen looked on in amazement. She had heard of such things being possible -- for very flexible boys with incredibly long dicks! "You have got to teach me how to do that!" she exclaimed. But Liz was already far gone -- her face well embedded into her wide-open labia, sucking urgently on her own clit. In a few seconds, Liz began to roll and thrash madly, only her tight grip on her own ass keeping her from springing open like a broken clock.

Excited all over again by Liz's demonstration of flexibility, Gwen already had her fingers in her pussy. But Liz tugged on her arm and said, "I've got a new idea." Gwen eagerly followed as Liz got up from the bed and led her out of the room and down two flights of stairs.

"Where are we going?" Gwen inquired.

Liz grinned. "The hot tub." One thing they hadn't done before, although both had suggested it. Now that both sets of parents were on the other side of state lines, they had a chance. Liz unlatched the sliding glass door leading to the indoor pool area and walked over to the control box.

Gwen looked around her. She was always impressed by the sheer luxury of Liz's family's house. It's not a *house*, she thought... it's a *manor*. The pool area featured a small swimming pool (small compared to the larger- than-Olympic one in town, and heated, unlike the one in town), a sauna room, and a spiffed-up hot tub whose controls Signor Jacuzzi would gasp at.

The control box for the hot tub was old -- early '80s design -- but still impressive; it looked like something out of Dr. Frankenstein's lab. It was a radio remote about the size of a shoebox, with an oscilloscope screen, several rows of small switches (all accurately labeled in tiny print), five regular knobs, two vernier knobs, and a warning label. "CAUTION," it warned in large letters. "DO NOT LEAVE TUB ON HIGH HEATS OR AGITATIONS FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME -- MAY DAMAGE APPARATUS OR USER." That was Liz's father's wry sense of engineering humor.

Gwen peered at the controls. "That's supposed to be kinky? Looks like something my electronics teacher would think up!" Liz just smiled and covered the labels on the switches with a hand. They walked over to the tub and slid in. The water wasn't even hot -- it was actually rather cool. Gwen gave a puzzled look. Liz flipped a tiny switch and, deep beneath them, machinery began to rumble. The water began to move and warm up as the jets kicked in. "Liz, this had better be good," Gwen warned. "Remember what happened with the vibrator you modified?" (It had given Gwen a rather uncomfortable itch in the love hole for a week, and she had `gone on strike' for a week thereafter.) Liz grimaced at the reminder. While she hadn't gotten unbearably horny, that week did give her a nasty crick in the back.

Liz flicked another switch and the oscilloscope came to life. A circle materialized on the screen. Slowly she turned a vernier up -- and the tub became a roiling mass of whitewater, paralleled by the fuzzy blur on the screen. With a slight tweak of the other vernier knob, the blur resolved to a pulsating donut shape, and a comforting thrumming filled the room. "Got it!" Liz exclaimed.

Something felt very strange to Gwen. Suddenly she felt a rush of lusty energy, and she lunged across the tub toward Liz. Liz quickly turned the apparatus loose and succumbed to Gwen's grasp. Liz giggled as Gwen pulled her into a deep, erotic kiss. The giggle turned into a moan of pleasure as Gwen reached beneath the rushing waters to stroke Liz's smooth, slippery female parts.

As their mouths separated, Liz commented, "It worked." Gwen gave a look of puzzlement, but didn't really care what `it' was... she was having fun!

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