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Little Linda by Canary

Little Linda

My wife and I have been married 22 years and have had a pretty tame sex life. Sue was a virgin when we married and I, Steve, had only had two brief encounters. I am 45, 5'10", 220 pounds so I have developed that beer belly you hear about. Sue, two years my junior, is 5'8" and about 130 pounds. After the two children she has added a few pounds but is not fat by any means. She has medium sized boobs at 36B with very sensitive nipples. We took a weekend away from everything, just to be alone and have sex. We had A very fun time and I braved it and bought her a vibrator that she had always opposed. After getting her to try it she was very pleased wit her new toy. I also brought the video camera along and convinced her to let me set it up during one of our sessions. I promised her we would erase it as soon as we watched it. She just about attacked me after watching the video. Since then we have taped a few of our weekend lovemaking sessions. But it is hard to get good angles when we just set up the camera and go at it. Recently I rented a couple of adult tapes of amateurs. Sue had really opposed those in the past but was quite interested this time.

"Having a camera man let's you see things up close and personal," she commented.

"We should find one to help us out some time."

"I'm not going to let some guy see us screwing."

"It doesn't have to be some guy. It could be some girl. That wouldn't bother me."

"I'm sure it wouldn't. You'd probably love that, then try to screw her." "Only if you'd want to watch."

With that we started our lovemaking session and Sue seemed more turned on that ever. Nothing else was said about this until last night.

I was recently laid off from my job and some folks from work wanted to bid me farewell with a party. We set it up at our place and about 15 of our friends were over for a night of drinking. Since I was hosting, I didn't get too smashed. Sue had quite a few but was not totally out of it either. Everybody there was a married couple except one of the gals from the HR area. Linda had been divorced a couple of months ago and came by herself. She is a very petite lady that had just turned 40. She is just under 5 feet tall with a very small figure, just starting to show a little filling in at the hips. She could be summed up as a nice foxy blond. She lives on the other side of town about 45 minutes away and had enough to drink that she shouldn't be driving. As the party was thinning out, we realized that any of the people living close to Linda had already left. Marty offered to give her a lift but she insisted she could drive home.

"I'm not ready to leave yet anyway," she said as the last of the couples put on their coats and headed home. "What a bunch of party poopers. I haven't been out since my divorce was finalized. It's only midnight and the party is over."

"We can party as long as you want," I said as I poured us all another drink. "I can get serious now that I don't have to be a gracious host."

The three of us made a sweep through the house and got everything cleaned up before we settled in front of the fireplace in the basement. It was below zero outside so the fire felt good.

"This was a fun time. I really needed a night out, but I better not drink any more or I won't get home."

"The girls are both gone for the weekend, so we have three extra bedrooms. Why don't you just spend the night and we can get as drunk as we want," Sue said as she went to mix us another drink. "I'm sure I can find something for you to wear as PJ's."

"Are you sure? I don't want to be a bother."

"You can fix us breakfast in the morning for your rent," I teased.

"Have you been dating anyone or aren't you ready for that yet?" Sue asked.

"I'm not ready for that yet but I've been without for about six months and that's getting me crabby. You guys have it so easy. You can go out and get a hooker any time you need to get laid."

"You could go to any bar in town and pick up whoever you wanted and get it," I said.

"I'm not going to get into the bar scene just yet, but I better get ready for bed before I pass out on the couch."

"Let's go look for something for you to wear while Steve fixes us one more to help us sleep."

I went to fix us another as the gals headed for our bedroom to find something for Linda to wear. I headed downstairs with the drinks and the ladies followed me down.

"You can have the room by the bathroom if you want to change now," Sue said and Linda headed for the bedroom.

"How about Linda?" Sue asked as she planted a passionate kiss on my lips.

"How about Linda, what?"

"To help us do a home movie."

"Yeah right," I replied.

"Chicken? Afraid little shorty there will embarrass you," she said as she grabbed my crotch.

"You're serious aren't you?"

"Seriously horny, too."

"I might not be able to control myself and jump Linda too."

"We'll have to see what happens. Let's give it a try."

Linda came out wearing a long T-shirt that went to her knees. It was pretty baggy on top but I could see the outline of her nipples so I was sure she wasn't wearing her bra. She plopped down on the love seat as Sue and I sat on the couch. We all resumed drinking and laughing.

"So when you were married did you ever do any home movies with your hubby?" Sue asked.

"You mean on vacation with our daughter?"

"No, I mean in the bedroom with the door closed."

"No, Mark was too boring to bring that up and I never thought about it. We rented one of those X-rated movies once and Mark said it was stupid. It got my motor running though. Have you guys made your own movie?"

"We've done a couple of them but they aren't very good. You don't get the right angles when you just set up the camera and fuck," Sue commented. "Let's watch one and I'll be the judge of that," Linda quipped.

"We thought maybe you could help us do a good one by being our camera man," I said, "unless you wouldn't be comfortable with that."

"That would be the closest thing I've had to real sex in so long, I'd love to. But are you guys sure you want someone in the same room when you're screwing?"

"We've talked about getting someone to do this, and we thought it would have to be some stranger. But we both feel good about you doing it. Go get the camera Steve before I come in my pants and Linda changes her mind."

I got the camera and showed Linda how to operate it. Then I set up some additional lamps in the room so we had really good lighting.

"So how are we going to get started here," I said feeling nervous for the first time since the subject came up.

"Let's play some pool and you can start grabbing me like you usually do when I'm trying to shoot. Then we can move to the couch and get going."

We shot a couple of shots at the pool table and made small talk. As Sue leaned over for a shot I moved behind her and rubbed my hardening cock against her butt. She pushed back and I reached for her tits. That brought a sigh and she turned around to kiss me passionately. She was hot! We moved to the couch and continued kissing as I rubbed her boobs. She wears a pretty heavily padded bra so I couldn't really get at her nipples very well. I went under her sweater and moved her bra aside. She about went through the ceiling. Her nipples are very sensitive, but this was the horniest I've ever seen her. In no time I had her sweater and bra off and was sucking on her nipples. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down. As I tried to reach her pussy, she lifted her ass off the couch to meet my fingers. Her pants were tight so I was hard to get my finger to her pussy, but as soon as I got to her clit she started coming in my hand. I slipped two fingers into her sopping slit and moved them back and for real fast. That really set her off and she soon collapsed on the couch.

"Let me catch my breath."

"You can catch it as long as it takes for me to get you undressed. Then I'm going to eat that pussy until you pass out," I said as I worked her pants and panties down her legs. Laid down on the couch and spread her legs for me as I dove for her dripping crotch.

"Let me get a shot of her pussy before you cover it up," Linda said.

That kind of shocked both of us as we had already forgotten about our audience. I moved back and just started playing with Sue's cunt, opening it up for the camera and sticking a finger in and pulling it out slowly as her sticking juice ran from my finger to her pussy lips. I couldn't wait any longer and dove in to taste her pussy. Sue had two more orgasms in the next five minutes as I worked her with my mouth. She finally pushed my head away and closed her legs. I crawled up beside her to give her a peck on the cheek when she surprised me by turning her head and gave me a deep French kiss. She never kisses me after I have gone down on her because she says she doesn't want to taste pussy. She really extended the kiss and moaned softly into my mouth.

"Now I know why to like to eat me. The taste is kind of sexy. I think it's time for you to get some of those clothes off don't you?"

"I'm a little nervous about getting undressed. I don't exactly have the perfect body."

"Don't worry, my husband was pretty chunky around the middle too."

With that Sue started unbuttoning my shirt and I pulled it out of my pants. I unbuckled my belt and took my pants and shirt off. That left me with only my white jockey shorts on. My erection had faded with the nervousness of getting undressed. Sue reached over and started paying with my cock through my shorts. This brought an instant reaction and I was hard in an instant. My prick is only 5" long and 4 1/2" around so I'm not real proud of it. Sue slowly pulled my shorts down pulling my cock along with it catching on the elastic. It snapped back up against me as the briefs were yanked down. Linda clapped and cheered then focused in on my tiny prick with the camera sitting on the tripod. Sue turned me toward the camera an displayed my cock to the lens. I have kept my balls shaved since my vasectomy a couple of years ago. Sue likes them that way when she gives me head, which is not very often. Tonight would be an exception. She leaned forward and took my entire prick in her mouth. She fucked me with her mouth for five or six strokes before she moved to my balls where she licked and sucked on them for a minute or so.

"I need to get fucked and I don't think you're going to last too long this first time so let's do it. Where do you want me?"

"I'll sit on the couch and you can sit on top of me with your back to me. That way the camera can see everything."

"I need to get it hard and fast so we will need to switch soon."

We moved into several different positions for the camera without spending too much time on either one. Sue was frustrated with that because she needs to really get banged hard in order to come. I was more intent on making the movie and trying not to come too soon.

"We can make another fucking movie tomorrow if you want but right now you are going to give it to me hard and fast," she said as she laid on her back and spread her legs.

I got into position and fucked her hard in the missionary position until she came. I was real close and pulled out to her objections. I grabbed my cock and started stroking.

"Make sure you get this," I said to Linda as I started to come. My first shot hit one of Sue's tits and I followed with several more on her belly. I put my cock back in my wife's pussy and kissed her passionately. As my limp dick slid from her cunt, I got up and waved at the camera. "Keep it rolling," I said as I left to run up the stairs. I came down with a 10" inch vibrator we had purchased a couple of months ago.

"That thing is a monster," Linda said as I waved it in front of the camera. "It's our friend Jello," I said. "You know there's always room for Jello. I never let her use it before I fuck her or she doesn't even feel me. Are you ready for some of this or are you all done for the night."

"I came four times already but I'm so horny I need some more."

Sue has always refused to masturbate so I have been the one that has used Jello on her. I thought this was a perfect time to fulfill one of my fantasies and watch her do herself. I rubbed my come into her stomach and started pinching her nipples. This brought a big groan from her throat. I laid the vibrator on her stomach and headed for the camera. I moved a light so her pussy was well lit.

"Action," I said. "It's time you used that thing on your own."

"I don't like to masturbate," Sue protested.

"That's the best sex there is," Linda said, "as long as it isn't the only sex you get. You get to control everything."

With that, Sue grabbed the vibrator and turned it on. She rubbed her tits for a few minutes before she put the huge shaft between her legs. She slowly circled her clit and I knew she would come in a hurry from past experience. Her fifth orgasm racked her body and she held the vibrator against her clit and enjoyed the thrill. She slowly worked the shaft inside of her. It was much wider than I am but she was so wet it slid in without much effort. After she had about 7 inches in her cunt she started pumping slowly and soon had the entire length in her. Sue pumped wildly into her pussy as she started to come again. She came twice before she collapsed with the huge vibrator lying on the couch still humming away. I turned off the video camera and hooked it to the TV.

"Time to see what kind of cameraman we have here."

Sue had gone to clean herself up a bit and Linda sat on the love seat while I sat on the couch with Sue when she returned. We watched the movie and Linda had done a very good job with the filming. I was coming back to life watching the sexy scenes and could see that it was getting to Linda as well. When we finished watching the filming I put the camera back on the tripod. "How about an interview with you , Linda?" I said.

"What kind of interview?"

"One about your sex life."

"That would be pretty boring."

"Let's give it a try. I'll interview you and Sue can tape it," I said as I hooked up the cord for the microphone.

Linda and I were sitting on the couch and Sue was manning the camera.

Question: How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Answer: Seventeen

Question: To whom?

Answer: My boyfriend, Bill Wentworth.

Question: Was it good.

Answer: Yeah it was. I had experimented on myself quite a bit and my hymen was broken. Probably because of all the horseback riding I did when I was young. So there wasn't any pain. It was over pretty quick but it was good.

Question: How many men have you slept with?

Answer: Six I think.

Question: How big of pricks did they have?

Answer: Most of them were big pricks but they didn't have big pricks. I never measured them so I really don't know. How big is yours?

Steve: About 5 inches.

Linda: I suppose the biggest was probably 7 inches. Nothing like that vibrator, which I will be taking to bed with me by the way.

Question: Do you masturbate?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How often?

Answer: Once or twice a week now that I don't have a partner. Sometimes more.

Question: Do you have any toys?

Answer: No, but I may have to get one like yours.

Question: Will you masturbate for us and the camera?

Answer: I'm not sure I could.

Question: You've seen us do everything so it would only be fair.

Linda: I don't know.

Steve: Just try running this on your boobs.

I pick up the vibrator and turn it on reaching for one of her tits with it. Linda just groaned as I ran the vibrator over her nipple. "Here you try," I said as I slid to the end of the couch.

Linda ran the shaft over her nipples and I could sense she was very close to coming. I reached over and tugged on her T-shirt. She offered no resistance as she eyed my stiff prick as I removed her shirt. She moved the vibrator to her wet panties and started coming almost immediately. She squeezed her legs tightly around the vibrator and came for minutes before collapsing. I thought this would be a good time to get her panties off and she offered no resistance.

"Fuck her," Sue said.

"Are you sure, honey?"

"Yes, she needs it."

With that I tossed the soaked panties at Sue and moved my mouth to Linda's dripping cunt. Sue caught the panties and held them to her nose before placing the wet crotch on her lip while she fingered her pussy. Linda was soaking wet and tasted delicious. She just lay there and moaned as I serviced her with my mouth to another orgasm. I moved between her legs and buried my prick into her with one stroke. It was the first pussy I had been in other than my wife's since we were married over 20 years ago. Linda wrapped her short legs around my back and we fucked hard for what I knew would be a short time. I looked at Sue and knew she was close orgasm as well. Linda started coming first and that sent me over the edge along with Sue. Sue came to the couch and kissed me deeply before moving up to Linda and giving her a French kiss as well. She reached between our bodies and rubbed Linda's pussy, rubbing our come around her cunt. She withdrew her finger and sucked it into her mouth.

"I think it's time for bed and I know there's room for three in ours," Linda said.

We retired to our bed and all were sleeping in a matter of minutes. Morning would bring a hangover, but the rest of the day would be heavenly.

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