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Lisa Halls by Storyteller37

Lisa Halls

Lisa Halls was the average schoolgirl in her late teens. Her brown hair landed on her shoulders as she walked.

She wore glasses and she had a small brace in her mouth to keep her teeth from becoming really ugly when she got older.

"One day you'll thank me", her mother would say, but Lisa still hated the metal in her mouth. Many times, her tongue would get stuck and she'd struggle for a couple of seconds trying to get it loose.

Lisa strolled down the street. It was quiet, even for being right after school.

She still wore her white skirt and a black blouse, and of course her bra underneath. She always wore that outfit at school.

She was in a hurry. Had no time to go home to change.

Being an 18 year old teen, she had expenditures heaped high going all the way from the clothes-store to the video-store on the corner.

So in the evenings, she would babysit kids for some bucks, and this was one of those nights.

She had brought her books so she could read up on the test she had the next day.

Rounding the corner, she spotted the house she had been given the address to.

"Huxley, 31st, B," she said out loud as she walked up the staircase. She had memorized the address, cause she was lousy at notes.

Reaching the top of the staircase, she passed her index finger down the row of doorbells and finally found Mr. & Mrs. Huxley.

He buzzed the bell, and a voice appeared: "Who is it? Are you the babysitter?" Lisa looked around herself with a puzzled look on her face.

"Up here, silly. The camera, I can see you. Come on, girl," the female voice called, and the next second, the door buzzed alarmingly, telling Lisa that it was open.

Walking up the hallway and up the staircase, she finally found apartment B.

It was almost at the top of the 12 store tall building and through the hallway fire-escape, she could see all the way to the alley where some dumpsters stood.

The couple was on their way through the door.

Mrs. Huxley ran down the stairs dressed in a gala-outfit, she barely had time to say hello to Lisa.

Mr. Huxley calmly shook his head in dejection at his rabid wife while he grabbed a big roll.

He walked down the hallway and met Lisa in the doorway to the stairs.

Putting the roll to rest against the walls, he grabbed them from falling over as he smiled at Lisa saying: "I'm an architect. These are some sketches my boss wanted me to bring to the party."

He puts them against the doorframe of apartment D, and draws his big wallet out of his pocket, sighing as he glanced at the time.

"How much was it? 20 bucks?" Lisa nodded and put out her hand as Mr. Huxley started fondling with some twenty-dollar bills.

Putting two bills in her hand, he looked her deep into her eyes and said: "You'll get two more when we get back if you do something special for me, ok?" Lisa gazed at the money. She was eager to earn, but curious about the "special" part. Something involving eighty dollars HAD to have drawbacks.

"Sure, Mr. Huxley. What do you want me to do?"

"Please, call me Drake."

He gazed over his shoulder and down the stairs. His wife was probably gone out to call a cab.

"I've left some stuff inside our bedroom along with some instructions. If 80 bucks isn't enough, I can go as far as giving you 100. How does that sound?" Lisa could do almost anything for 100 bucks. She smiled. Nothing could be so bad if she got 100 bucks for it, she thought as she accepted by nodding eagerly.

She did notice the way Drake looked at her luscious teenage body, but she was still intoxicated by her easy earned money for two hours of babysitting and something "special".

"Great! I'll see you when we get back, Lisa."

Lisa waved to Mr. Huxley as he ran down the staircase. She walked to the door and opened it, walking into the room.

It was a large apartment. Through the corridor, she saw a small lavatory to the left and a larger bathroom with the door wide open to the right. She peered in and gasped with awe. The sink had golden handles and the marble tiles ended into a big bubblebath sunken in the floor. In the corner, a small anonymous shower-cabinet stood. Despite of the lavatory across the hall, this room too had a beautiful white toilet with a golden knob.

She smiled to herself.

Looking down the hallway again, she saw the big living room.

It had all new-fashion iron and glass style, the translucent glass table, a big desk with a huge stereo and speakers inside the walls, lamp-posts of cast-metal along the wall. She gasped again.

The only sign of this family having a baby was a single squeaking-toy on the floor, and a blue box with soft toys in the corner next to the stereo bench.

Lisa could hear the giggling baby, and she walked by the sound finally reaching the room where the baby lay.

The room was painted pink but was pitch dark, and in the corner by the door, the white barred bed with the most adorable baby-girl Lisa had ever seen lied, giggling and grasping after the angel-rattle hanging over the bed.

She was falling asleep soon, so Lisa didn't want to excite her more so she left and headed out in the living room.

Just as she had jumped into the couch, she remembered the "special" part of her 100 bucks.

She walked around until she found what would be the couple's bedroom, and walked in.

It was a large white room with a big waterbed in the center. A row of in-wall closets were along the opposite wall, and next to the door, a black handicam stood on a tripod with a thick envelope attached.

Lisa looked at the camera pointing towards the bed and walked over to pick up the envelope and opened it.

A note fell out, and she bent down to pick it up.

"Hi, Lisa. If you want more money, take this camera and do as I tell you in this note. you'll find an empty cassette in the envelope."

She grinned her nose in puzzlement as she read the rest of the note:

"Insert the cassette and put the camera to record. It is aimed at the bed. Walk over to the bed table and get some of the stuff from the drawer and use them while you are on the bed. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, just name the price and I'll give it to you."

Lisa was driven by the money. She swallowed what was probably happening at the thought of the kind of money this man had to give her. She pushed the "rec" button, and a little red eye started blinking just above the lens.

She bit her lip and walked over to the bed table, opening the only drawer there.

Underneath some really nasty porno-magazines, she found several sizes and shapes of dildoes and toys, a box of lubricant and a new note.

She put the magazines on top of the bedside table and took the note out and read it:

"Pink dildo in either holes: $25 more.

Black monsterdildo in pussy: $50 more.

Black monsterdildo in ass: 150$ more.

Pocket-rocket in pussy: $50 more.

Pocket-rocket in ass: $60 more.

1 Mercury-ball in either holes: 25$ more.

2 Mercury-balls in either holes: 60$ more.

all three Mercury-balls inside either holes: $100 more.

all three Mercury-balls inside ass: $200 more.

Both Pink and black dildo in each respective hole: $100 more.

Long twin-dildo in ass and pussy at the same time: $100 more.

Talk dirty to camera: $50 more.

Undress one item of clothes: $25 more.

Undress all clothes: $100 more.

Instructions in porno-magazine: $50 more for each.

Fake orgasm or real, whatever you like Lisa: $100 more.

Note in bathroom will give you more options."

Lisa's heart pounded under her black silk blouse. She couldn't believe it. Mr. Huxley wanted her to preform with toys and stuff in front of a camera. She was horrified. But the thing that scared her the most was that she couldn't refuse all that money.

Thoughts ran through her head. The tape was running. She gazed at the camera and thought of the offer.

She started to talk to the camera.

"You really want me to do all those things, Drake? I don't.....I don't know.. The money... It's so much."

She finally shook her inhibitions and started to smile, reading through the list one more time as she began to browse through the arsenal of dildos and toys. Quickly running through the listed prices in the list, she came to a total sum of over $800. That was more money that Lisa had ever held in her hand at once.

All of a sudden, her fear and compulsion faded away and was replaced by all the stuff she could get for 800 bucks and even more in the bathroom.

She smiled again, this time for real. She started to turn the pages of the first of the pornmagazine, titled: "Swedish Anal-Annicke".

It was with a young pretty blonde who supposedly was Swedish. Turning the pages, she saw all kinds of vulgar positions, and some of them had been encircled with a red marker-pen.

At the first page, a note was taped over the adds.

"Do as Annicke does in the red marked pictures, and get $50 for each."

Paging to the first position marked, she examined the picture closely.

It was Annicke, the Swedish blonde who was laying on her back on a bed with her feet raised straight to the air, spreading her asshole with her thumbs.

Lisa blushed, almost picturing herself trying such a stunt, and turned to the next image, an image where she laid on her stomach and had a finger in her pussy and one in her ass, with the expression of joy in her face.

She had a tough time figuring what to do first, so she discarded the pornomagazine and walked up close to the camera, almost hypnotized by the red blinking light on "rec".

She thought through it.

Smiling at the camera, she started to talk as dirty as her young little mind could possibly do: "you like to see me naked, Drake? Is that what you want?" She coquettishly began to pull off her blouse while her mind ticked "$25, Lisa. Keep it up."

Pulling her black silk blouse entirely off, she revealed the white cotton bra which held back her pretty breasts.

They were big for 18 year olds, but still nothing to brag about. Her pink huge nipples pressed against the fabric of her pushup bra, revealing her true feelings for the situation.

She was incredibly aroused.

"You wanna see more of me? I'll give you more, Drake-boy. Just keep your wallet ready, cause' I'm gonna give you a good time here."

She couldn't believe herself saying that, and for a brief moment, she thought about taping over it again, doing something else, but she didn't. Instead, she began to pull down her short white skirt to her knees, showing her small pussy covered by a white cotton-panties which just barely covered her pubes and pussylips.

"Oh, you make me so hot, Drake. I'll give you a good hot time."

She moaned and tried to look as sensible as she could, pressing her breasts as she had seen in the magazine, pouting her red small lips attempting to kiss the camera.

She backed up to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed, digging through the pile of toys at laying at the bed.

Reading through the list again, she smiled and said: "you wanna see my tits now? my pretty teenage tits, you dirty old man?" She undid her bra and let her breasts out in the free. It was no turning back now. She was caught by the camera-bug, she had revealed her private area at a camera. Well, at least she had the chance to wreck the tape if she did something stupid or regretted it afterwards.

With this new thought in her mind, she smiled and picked up the pink dildo. She had one herself almost like it, and she knew she could take it. She sensually pulled off her panties, her last piece of clothing, and the thought of 100 more bucks ran into her head. He spread her legs wide open, revealing her small pussy. It was covered with her brown pubic hair and she had shaved a slight bikini-line along her thighs and lower waist for the swimming-class.

She gazed over at the pornomagazine labeled "tight twats". The cover was circled with a red markpen. The picture of a brunette spreading her legs and pushing two fingers inside her pussy.

Lisa looked back at the camera and smiled teasingly as she spread wide and inserted two fingers in her twat.

She sighed in relief as she let her fingers sink deep inside herself as she said out loud: "Oook, that's $50 on me, Drake. You wanna watch me more, huh? Are you jerking off now? You and the Mrs.?"

She let out her fingers and a pearl of sweat ran down her forehead as she sighed and readied the pink dildo, carefully pressing it against her cervix, finally managing to push it past and deep into her twat while moaning and panting.

She pushed it all the way to the bottom and turned the knob on the end of the dildo, activating a deep shivering sensation filling her pussy.

The buzzing sound of the dildo filled the room, only outlouded by her careful moans of pleasure.

While biting her lip, gazing back at the list, she decided to do something she had never done before.

She smiled at the camera while she let go of the dildo, letting it sit in her lovebox buzzing her into sensation. She grasped one of the mercury balls.

It felt funny in her hand. Totally smooth, on the size of a small lightbulb, it contained what she thought was mercury, which floated around inside the ball as she turned it around. She smiled at the camera, saying: "oooh, I know you want this, huh? You wanna see me put this into my ass, yeah?"

Lisa took her time to stretch her asshole. She used to use her dildo in her ass from time to time, so she wasn't exacly an ass-virgin. She carefully pushed the ball into her ass, restraining it by the silvery string attached to it.

Suddenly, the ball dived into her tight ass and disappeared.

Lisa gasped as the ball disappeared. She began to wiggle her tush up and down, savouring the feeling of the heavy ball against the walls of her ass. She smiled again as she began to push a second ball inside her ass.

Doubting there was any room left, she continued pushing the ball in, and finally, the second ball slooped into her ass and disappeared.

"Oooh, Gawd! It feels sooo great, Drake! Am I going to enjoy this!", she said as she began fondling with the third ball.

She started gaping her mouth and threw her head back in both pleasure and pain as the final ball disappeared inside her tight hole. Now, she had all three balls inside her, and when she turned just slightly, she felt the most tingling and rumbling sensation she had ever felt.

She decided to keep them there for a little while, so she began to fuck herself with the pink dildo.

Suddenly, she squealed. The balls and the buzzing dildo had driven her to an orgasm, and she moaned and arched her back as she reached the peak of her orgasm.

The camera, the mercury-balls inside her anus, the pink dildo at level-3 was too much. She had never felt such an orgasm before. Not even when Mike the quarterback took her virginity at the age of 16. But then again, that didn't take long before the stud blew his load up her pussy.

She finally relaxed at the bed, her perspiration had drenched the carpet of the bed and her trembling voice said: "Ooh, Drake. Did you enjoy that as much as I did?" She smiled again, spreading her legs wide open. With her two thumbs, she did as the swedish girl in the magazine, and by that time, the three mercury balls all came popping out of her anus one by one, landing on the carpet.

She sighed with every ball leaving her body, and when the third and last ball fell out, her anus shut close.

She laughed by herself as she looked down at the three balls. How on earth did those fit inside her tight little ass?

Figuring she could fit almost anything inside her ass now, she grabbed the gigantic black dildo. It was huge, at least 15 inch long and very wide.

Pressing it against her ass, she learnt that she needed lube in order to get it inside of herself.

She unscrewed the cap of the box of lubrication, and she took a dive in the cold saliva with two fingers, starting to smear the black dildo with the lube. It was so huge, her hand barely made it around it.

She smeared it sensually up and down while saying: "Imagine this is your cock, Drake. I ruuub and smeeear it in with the lube. Ooooh, so big you are, Drake."

She finished lubing the dildo, and she opened her ass with two fingers and pushed the giant dildo against her anus.

"Oooowh, it's sooo big, Drake. I don't think I can take it! Ooooh!"

She moaned and groaned and suddenly, the big dildo got past her hole and plunged deep into her ass.

It was pain and pleasure in an unbelievable cocktail. She gasped and sighed as she felt a second orgasm evolving.

She pushed it all the way in and felt the stretched out asshole evolving around the huge rubber-cock with her lubed finger.

All of a sudden, she heard a noise from outside the door.

He jerked back, quickly pulling the dildo out of her ass, unable of holding back a muffled yelp as it disappeared from her ass.

She covered her body with the carpet and asked with a trembling voice: "who's there?"

A little boy wearing his jacket and his little stiff hairless cock pointing out of his pants stood in the doorway.

He had been watching her for a long time she figured, judging on the pool of water and mud from his shoes on the floor.

"I'm...I'm Jimmy... I live here... Who are...who are you?"

Lisa suddenly remembered Jimmy from the other times she had babysat at the Huxley. The 12 year old boy who stayed out late and came home around eight every time.

Lisa secretly gazed back at the camera, saying by herself: "I'm gonna show you something special, Jimmy. You wanna see my pee-wee hole?" Jimmy almost went crazy. He looked at her breasts which were showing through the carpet as he replied: "Sure. But you mustn't tell my dad, ok?" Lisa glanced over at the camera, loudly calling out: "No I won't tell you dad, ok? I wouldn't tell him if he gave me a thousand dollars, kid!"

Jimmy smiled as he kicked off his shoes and took off his jacket, entering the room. He had put his cock back into his pants and he climbed up standing in front of the bed waiting for the moment.

Lisa smiled warmly as she dropped the blanket and spread her legs.

Jimmy's eyes turned wide and surprised. He almost drooled on her pussy, she thought.

"Wanna touch it, Jimmy?"

"Touch it? you mean... Um... Sure."

Lisa jerked back a little when he reached forth with his hand.

"No no no. First I wanna see your Wee-wee."

He looked at her, and it was fair and square. He had seen hers, and now she wanted to see his.

He pulled his pants to the knees, revealing his rockhard hairless cock.

It was thin and small, a tiny glinting sign of precum on the tip.

Jimmy had not seen the camera, and he wasn't going to see it either because he closed his eyes when Lisa bent forth and put his erected preteen cock inside her hot wet mouth and started to suck his precum, tasting his cock to the full length, all the way down to his smooth tiny balls.

Just as Jimmy was on the verge of erupting all over her, Lisa suddenly felt that she needed to piss urgently.

She let go of his cock and said with a teasing voice: "I need to go to the bathroom a little. Don't go anywhere, Jimmy boy."

Jimmy shook his head as he laid back on his parents bed and relaxed, slowly letting his hand up and down his shaft.

Lisa stepped off the bed and paced naked out of cameraview. Just as she looked back at the boy who now had his eyes shut, she suddenly though that maybe the boy would notice the camera and freak out. She silently walked back into the room and took the handicam with her to the bathroom, the red record-light still blinking.

Down the hallway, she stepped to the lavatory. It was small, only two metes in each direction. Just as she was about to plunge down on the toilet seat and let go, she thought of the nice-looking toilet in the bathroom as she decided she wanted to take a luxury-piss at the golden toilet for once in her life.

She smiled by herself as she walked straight across the hallway and stepped into the bathroom.

It was warm, and warming cables in the floor teased her naked feet as she paced over to the toilet and lifted the lid.

A note?? She remembered the note in the bedroom telling something about a note with more options in the bathroom, so she restrained her bladder and took a peek of the note, reading it inside her head:

"Hello, Lisa. I guess you wanted to go for more options, yes? Or you just wanted to take a piss. Both ways are great, cause' they are related...

As you might have noticed, my son Jimmy has returned home.

suck Jimmy: $500 more.

Jimmy fucks your ass: $500 more.

Jimmy fucks your pussy: $500 more.

You piss on Jimmy: $1000 more."

Lisa read through the note several times. The shocking message was almost too much for her. But he money was too much too, so she deadened her urge to piss and went back to the bedroom, carefully mounting the camera back at the tripod without Jimmy noticing it.

"Hey, Jimmy. Wanna fuck me? Do like adults do?"

"Yeah, yeah. I really wanna. You show me how?"

"Oh, yeah. I'll show you what adults do, Jimmy!"

Lisa stepped up to the bed. She could barely hold her bladder, but she laid back next to the boy, spreading her legs.

"Put your prick inside my ass now!" Jimmy looked at her surprised, but he did as she told him to, crawling on top of her and started to push his stiff thin cock against her asshole. It slid in without problem, the lubed-up ass completely swallowed his cock.

The boy started to pound it in and out, sighing and moaning as he felt a familiar feeling build up.

Lisa could feel the irregular spasmodic thrusts and she understood what was coming. She pushed the boy away and yelled: "No, no! you mustn't come in my ass! That's bad!" He looked at her with a puzzled look in his eyes when Lisa pushed him to the bed and climbed on top of him, pushing his cock against her soft pussy.

She slid on him, grasping him with her pussy muscles, and not much later, the boy suddenly squealed and Lisa felt his preteen cum shoot up her pussy in spasmodic movements.

She yelled in anger at him cumming inside her, as she pulled out and stood up in the bed, spreading over him.

The boy squealed as she slopped off his member. He began to jerk himself off, reaching a new height of orgasm.

Lisa couldn't hold her bladder anymore.

She suddenly released her piss, steering the hard ray of yellow piss by pressing at her pussylips. The surprised boy closed his eyes and began to scream as the hot scalding piss hit his body. Lisa was so filled with the golden liquid.

She felt an orgasm developing in her hot streaming pussy, and she began to rub herself maniacally while the hot piss completely covered the shocked little boy with her golden shower.

She fell on her knees in a trembling orgasm, landing on his wet body, smearing her still spurting pussy against his stomach and chest.

She laughed as she bent back, shooting her last bursts of piss in the little boys face and wide open surprised mouth.

The boy squealed, crying her name and sobbing as the acrid liquid filled his mouth and he swallowed it in order to breathe.

Finally Lisa was done. She stepped off the little piss-wet boy, wiping her wet pussy off on his stomach and walked up to the camera, smiling saying: "I hope you can afford all this, Drake," as she turned the record-button off and took the tape out.

Beholding the tape, she saw that it was almost used up. She had recorded almost an hour with everything from deep anal dildo-action to pissing on a 12 year old orgasmic boy.

She walked over to Jimmy and helped him up, wiping him clean with the carpet.

"That's how adults do it, Jimmy. Now, go get yourself a shower and go to bed, will you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

He obeyed her at once, practically running over to the bathroom and the minute later, she could hear him turn the shower on.

She walked over to where her clothes lay in a bundle and she got dressed.

Just in time too.

The next minute, Jimmy got out of the shower. He didn't even bother to cover himself as he darted down the corridor and disappeared inside his room yelling: "I'm going to bed now, Lisa!" as he shut close the door.

Everything was silent, and the next moment the out-door went wide open.

Drake and her wife came in. Lisa had just managed to tuck away the toys and magazines.

She sat in the living room, reading from the latest TV-guide as Drake entered the room and looked at her with a question in her eyes.

Lisa stepped up to him and put her finger to his mouth, letting him smell her urine.

"What the heck has happened here! Our bed is stinking with piss, god damn it!"

Drake whispered back to Lisa, saying: "She doesn't know. And she won't know either, right?" as he stack a bundle of 100-dollar bills inside Lisa's cleavage.

"Er, Jimmy wanted to sleep in your bedroom and he had a little accident. He said he was really sorry."

Mrs. Huxley mildened a little and said: "Well, I'm sorry he caused so much trouble for you. It was supposed that you was only going to watch out for our baby. Drake, would you tip her extra for the trouble?"

Drake bent down to Lisa and as he pulled out a 20-dollar bill just for the looks of tipping her off, Lisa whispered back: "I got it all, mostly. I would have to take the double-dildo some other time."

Drake smiled and said: "Well, now as my boss promoted me to head Architect at the firm, I would be gone a lot and my wife too. So if you want some quick bucks, let us know now Lisa, ok?"

Lisa smiled and walked past him, secretly nodding back at him.

The last thing she heard when she walked out the door, was Mrs. Huxley saying: "Man, you are going to take some quality talk with your son. Wetting out our bed and all. Damnit."

to be continued in another story.

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