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Linda by Agilum


It all started with this new job I got, to earn some extra money next to my life as a student. I was 25, and highly interested in the opposite sex. (I myself am male.) My name doesn't matter I think. What I am going to tell in this story are my memories of a special woman I met at this job, and then about what we did together....

Being a student of 25 years and almost having finished my Masters Degree, I sometimes worked in a convention-centre. The work existed out of bar-work, serving people and things like that. The place where this convention-centre was located was a city with lots of students, so many of them worked in this centre as well. This caused me to meet many female students over there, which I liked very much, since I didn't have a girlfriend.

When I met Linda, I was working in a very small bar. This nice woman of about 20 years walked towards me, smiled, blinked, and told me she had to work there as well.

I said, "Cool, I always like working with beautiful women like you," and introduced myself to her.

We shook hands, she told me her name, and I gave her a little hand-kiss.

"Linda, a beautiful name for a beautiful woman," I said.

She smiled again.

We had to work during the brakes of a show-program, organised for children and their parents. In between of the brakes, we had our brakes. It was easy work; very busy for about 30 minutes, followed by some cleaning and about an hour off.

We worked about an hour, when we were ready to take our brake. She asked me to join her to look at the show. She took me to a place where only the artists and supporting people were allowed to come. We could see the show, and while looking at it we talked. Our conversation was getting more intimate every minute. By now we were talking about how erotic it was, being together here, all alone from any other human being. I told her that I wouldn't just be standing here if she was my girlfriend. She got the clue and asked me what I would do then. I looked at her again, this young woman. Long yellow-blond hair, tied together in a pony-tail. Beautiful blue-grey eyes and a erotic smile. Her body looked nice as well, not superb but very nice. I walked till I stood behind her, put my arms around her body holding her waist and I said, "I think I would be much more intimate with you right now, if we were a couple."

She allowed me to keep my hands where I got them and said, "Oh really? But why do we have to be a couple to do that?"

While she said that she softly pushed her ass against my dick, which was semi-hard by now. My body pressed back towards her, without me eve being able to stop it if I wanted to. "Oh Linda," I said, "actually I don't know."

After saying that I put one of my hands on her belly, pressing her closer against me. Our bodies were riding against each other and we were both moaning softly. My other hand started pulling her long blond air, pulling her head backwards. I started kissing her neck, keeping her head back with force.

I said, "Linda, you have made me feel so hot, now what are you going to do about that?"

While riding against me even harder she told me, "Me? I did this? It was you? And what you've started you have to finish!"

As she wished, I did. I turned her around. She was now facing me and my right hand was still holding her hair in her neck. I pulled her towards me and she pulled me towards her. Our bodies made contact again, and started riding against each other. Our mouths met and we started some heavy and wet kissing. We both moaned and wanted each other. While my left hand took her butt and pressed her against me hard I said, "Linda, I want you!"

She then pressed my body away, and her hand went down to start rubbing my cock. It felt like heaven, her hand on my rock-hard dick.

She replied to me saying, "And I want this! And I want it deep inside of me! And since women go always first..." and then she stopped talking. Perhaps it was because I had started pinching her nipples. She moaned loudly. We started kissing and we were moaning into each other mouths.

She then took action. Pushing me away she pulled my shirt out of my pants and started unbuttoning my pants. She then slid it down, leaving me with nothing else but my boxer. She went down on her knees and started feeling my dick through my underwear. I groaned again and put my hand in her neck, taking a good grip of her soft blond hair. Her hands put down my boxer and she looked at my dick.

"Oh it looks good," she said. And her hands started masturbating me. She lowered her hair around my dick and then softly began to lick the head of my cock. I groaned and smiled, feeling her hair and her mouth on my dick. She sucked me in deep and then released me again in a rhythmic and slow tempo. In and out, and I felt her tongue under my shaft. She was pulling at my balls and sucking my dick deep into her mouth, this was to good to be true.

After some minutes I started feeling her tits. I felt average sized tits, with very hard nipples. I pinched here nipples and she groaned on my dick. The vibrations on my cock made me groan back, and she understood the signal. She started humming around my dick and while playing with her hair and tits I felt my orgasm cumin.

My dick went in and out of her mouth, faster and faster. She continued humming and suddenly I couldn't hold back anymore.

I cried out, "Linda, I'm gonna come! Take me deeper."

She started pulling me of with her hand while keeping my cock-head deep in her mouth. I felt the first blasts of cum fire out into her mouth. I fucked her now in her mouth and hand, making sure my seed wouldn't fall on the ground. She swallowed it all, and after a minute I relaxed and started coming back on this earth. I looked at Linda, and she was still playing softly with my dick.

"That was great!" she said.

I pulled her up, and we started kissing again. I tasted my seed in her mouth, and when we pulled apart, a long string of saliva formed between our mouths.

Suddenly we realised that it was about time, and we cleaned up fast. We hurried back to our bar and arrived on time. Perfect. I wish I would have these kinds of breaks every day.... After the break, Linda and I cleaned and while doing that she started touching me again. Every time we passed each other she touched either my but or my dick. She was making me very hot again. I soon returned the favour and touched here as nice and intimate as possible. I had only touched her tits till then, so I started slowly. Pushing our bodies against each other every time we passed, when she bend over I softly pushed my dick against her ass and started riding her. By the time we were finished cleaning the both of us were about to explode.

Being free now again, for about an hour, we left the bar and returned to our private 'resting'-place. We both knew what would happen this time I think. As soon as we were in private again, we started kissing and feeling each other's bodies. Soon my hand slid inside her pants, and after that I opened her pants and put it down. Linda undressed me till my boxer, and so did I with her. She was now only wearing her small panty, allowing me to look at her nice body. I thought I could smell her pussy, however I wasn't sure.

We put the clothes down on the ground and we sat down on them. I was sitting on my knees and Linda came down and sat on my upper-legs. This close together made me feel hot, and we continued kissing and riding against each other. I pulled her backward by her hair, and started sucking her tits. I bit her nipples and licked them. She moaned and told me to go on. I moved my other hand down to her pussy, and slowly started entering her panty. I felt some soft hairs, and going further I felt warmth. My fingers found her pussy-lips and started playing with them. Later I also found her clit and started teasing it. She became weak in my arms, and I softly put her down on the ground, on our clothes. I kissed her once more, and then went down with my head to her pussy. I slid of her panty and looked at a beautiful shining pussy. Her smaller lips were visible, standing open a little bit. I saw her glistening from wetness, and I gave a kiss on her little clit. Her body shocked, and after some more kissing, I started licking her pussy. I liked the feeling of her wetness all around on my face. She was shaking heavily after some minutes, and I decided I only wanted to fuck this woman right here right now.

I slowly pushed one finger inside her pussy, while my other hand started rubbing her anus. She started moaning harder, and in between of her moans she said, "Take me, fuck me, I need you inside me now."

So I quickly pulled off my own boxer, and I laid down on her, once again we started kissing. We started riding against each other, and I felt the wetness and warmth of her pussy against my body. Being harder then ever before, I lifted my weight of of Linda and grabbed my dick with my right hand. I spread Linda's legs, sat down between them on my knees and pulled her towards me. Her pussy was only centimetres away from my dick. I started rubbing my head across her pussy-lips, causing her to almost scream.

"Fuck me now," she said, and I felt her hand take my dick and push it inside her.

Looking at her pussy I saw my dick sink slowly into her. Linda had her eyes closed and I saw her enjoy the feeling. I slowly pulled my dick out again, after it went in for about 5 cm's. And in again. I felt and saw the walls of her pussy contract around my erection. I took Linda's legs and put them on my shoulders. I was still sitting on my knees between her legs, so now I had perfect access to her body. I pushed in deeper, and out again. By now about half my penis was disappearing in and reappearing from her pussy. Linda was very wet, so everything went in and out without trouble. I now pushed her knees against her shoulders. I kept on penetrating her the same depth, looking at her pussy in which my dick was gliding in and out, causing this great feeling.

I moved my body closer towards her, so her legs were now preventing us from pressing our bodies together, her knees over my shoulders. I was still fucking her, but now I looked at her face and I stopped for a moment. Just when I saw her open her eyes, suddenly I pushed in the rest of my rock-hard dick. I felt my balls hit her butt, I felt my dick slide all the way into her pussy, I felt her body contract around my dick. I heard Linda groan like an animal and I felt her orgasm rip through her body. We tried to push even closer into each other and our bodies moved against each other, to cause extra friction and joy. I then pulled out my dick almost completely and forced it inside again. Linda screamed again. I now couldn't hold myself anymore, and I started fucking Linda real hard. I wanted to fuck this woman hard. And I was doing it!

My balls were hitting Linda's but every time I stroke in. The sound was a well-known one, and it became mixed with the sounds of Linda and myself. She began shuddering and I just continued to penetrate her. After about ten minutes, I felt Linda get off for the third time, and I knew I was about to explode myself either. Linda closed her legs around my back, pulling me close to her. We started kissing, no licking each others faces. My right hand was now beneath her right shoulder, holding her close to me and I was using it to fuck her hard. My left hand was holding her long blond hair, lying beneath her left shoulder. I was using both hands to pull her body on my dick hard, next to the fucking I was doing to her. I don't think it is possible to fuck harder!

After a couple of more minutes I felt my orgasm rising. Linda felt it too and she screamed, "Inside me, please!"

I gave Linda a few more strokes and then buried my dick as deep inside her as possible, while feeling my sperm explode deep into her body. I put my mouth on hers and moaned inside her. Linda caressed my back and enjoyed her last orgasm. Together we finally found the rest we tried to get from each other all day. After some minutes we sat down together and I looked at her pussy. I saw my cum leaking out of it, making a nice white trail from her pussy down over her ass. We enjoyed some more time together before we went back to work.

We finished work, cleaned the place and left to the locker rooms. After work Linda and I talked some more. When finally leaving the place, I asked her if we could meet again. She told me it wouldn't be good. She had a boyfriend, and besides that it was just lust that happened between us today, according to her. She gave me another deep and wet kiss, and then left. She left me with something to think of. I did, for about 2 days. Then I decided that she was probably right, it was just lust! However I enjoyed it a lot, and so did Linda.

This is a story in my series of stories about me and women I met at my job. Remember my name to read more of my stories here at White Shadow's Nasty Stories or mail me if you really liked this story. My e-mail address:

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