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Lia's Gratitude by G-boy

Lia's Gratitude

I smile whenever anyone comments on my secretary, Lia. She's very pretty, with long bright red hair, big brown eyes and milky white complexion. Her figure is average, thirty-six C breasts, thirty-inch waist, and thirty three-inch hips, but on a five foot, two inch body, she carries herself with a gracefulness and sits with a poise that commands attention and respect. Her smile, on her slim face is dazzling, and her pert nose wrinkles when she laughs, which is often. She can be playful, but when it comes to business, there's none better.

It wasn't always this pleasant at the office. My first secretary, Melody, decided to move to some trailer park outside of Angola State Penitentiary, to be near her loser boyfriend, serving twelve years on an armed robbery that ended up with the accidental shooting of a clerk. The only thing that saved him from an attempted murder charge (besides my excellent skills as his lawyer) was the fact that he called an ambulance before attempting to flee. She had been proficient, courteous, and friendly enough, but when she left, I got stuck with Lucy.

The sister in law of one of the partners of the firm, Lucy, in her late fifties was an extremely rude and surly woman. She hated her job, hated me, and hated everyone that came within fifty feet of her. She didn't hate the paycheck, however, so she rarely missed a day of work. Her telephone skills were so abrupt, I attempted to field most of the calls before she could get to the telephone, but I'm more than sure I lost clients as a result of her brusque manner. I couldn't fire her, but I was told that I could replace her as soon as I found a replacement.

But, that's not how I got Lia. I'd met Lia Dullings when I first moved back home after my divorce from Dianne, my beautiful Asian American ex-wife. Lia's father, Jim Dullings, lived two apartments down from me, and I disliked him immensely. He was one of those Bible thumping self-righteous pricks that stayed in eternal judgement of the way others lived their lives, but rarely applied such principles to his own life. Divorced from his 'Jezebel' wife, he enjoyed visitation from his daughters, Lia, then fifteen, Myra, thirteen, and his son, Jimmy, then ten. Jimmy received the lion's share of his attention and adoration. The daughters were subjected to several lectures about their appearance, slatterns and harlots seemed to be his favorite words for them, but Jimmy, who was a junior version of his dad, which is to say he was a little prick, did no wrong. He and I bumped heads when I caught the little shit around my car, a restored 1968 Mustang, and found some severe gouges in the paint. Of course, since I didn't actually see him do it, I had to cough up the money for a new paint job. The little bastard's smirking face made me think that maybe we ought to instill capital punishment for juvenile delinquents. Although I'd made some friends at the complex, I was glad to move into a nice home in an upscale neighborhood. 'Jezebel' died in an automobile accident a few months later; I got the news from another former neighbor in the complex.

Seven months later, I was out on a date with a woman that must have been Lucy's niece. I knew my secretary had no children, but this woman, so charming and sultry when I first met her at the social mixer our law firm had held to welcome the new oil company clients, was a complete bitch as we went to dinner. She was extremely rude to the mattered, the waiter, and the wine steward. I was glad the chef didn't come out of the kitchen, she'd have spit on him. By the time our one hundred and twenty four-dollar meals were finished, so was our date. I had two tickets to the ballet, and would gladly give her the tickets if she agreed to take a cab home. Or, I would relish an empty seat next to me as I watched the local university's dance troupe perform. Outside, she turned her nose up, and I glanced over to see what had garnered such a reaction. A transient huddled in a corner of the building, trying to get out of the wind chill. I looked closely; it was a girl, with bright red greasy hair. Her coat was torn and filthy, her feet encased in ripped tennis shoes, and she shivered in filthy sweat pants that were obviously two sizes too big for her. She looked over at us, and I stopped cold. It was Lia. You never forget such big brown eyes.

"Come, Gary, give the valet the ticket so we can get out of here," my date ordered.

"Hang on," I barked and approached Lia.

She turned to run, and that's when I noticed the obvious bulge around her middle. The poor girl was pregnant. I grabbed her arm as she began to sprint, and she fought to free herself.

"Let me go! I wasn't doing nothing," she yelled.

"Lia, it's me! Gary Levar, from your daddy's apartment complex," I said loudly.

She looked at me and the fear left her face. Impulsively, I pulled the girl into a hug, and she stiffened up for a moment, then let me hold her. My date, of course, was horrified.

"What are you doing out here? It's too cold to just be wandering around," I asked.

"Tell me about it," she sniffled. "My daddy kicked me out of the house, 'cause I got pregnant."

"Gary, the ballet," my date huffed.

"You go to the damned ballet, I'm talking to a friend," I snapped.

"I love the ballet," Lia whispered.

"Want to go?" I asked, knowing what's her name would die if I bought this wretch with us.

"I, uh, I got to go to a.." Lia tried to say.

"Come on," I said and handed the valet my claim ticket. "We'll get you a ticket when we get there."

Lia sat in the back seat. I hadn't noticed it outside, but she smelled horrible. My date made a point of displaying her revulsion, and on her insistence, I gleefully dropped her off at her mother's house. Twenty-nine and still living at home. With an attitude like that, she and her mother will be roommates for a long while. The dance troupe was not a popular draw, so the seats all around us were empty. In the stifling heat of the theatre, the smell of Lia was strong. I observed her dainty little hands fluttering as the dancers glided, and I realized she was 'dancing' with them. She was lost in a sea of beauty, motions and sounds as the performance evolved, and I smiled to myself. Lia certainly got a lot more out of the performance than what's her name would have ever gotten.

What to do with her afterward was not a question. I drove home and showed her the guest bedroom. I got an old tee shirt and a pair of my own sweat pants and ordered her to take a shower while I fixed her something to eat. Eggs have a lot of protein, and I was sure that being homeless, she didn't get much in the way of nutrition. I took her old clothes and dumped them into the washing machine. A little bleach and detergent and twice through the entire cycle; they almost smelled and looked clean. She certainly smelled and looked a lot better for the shower. She ravenously went through the three eggs and bacon and toast and two glasses of milk. I sat and drank a few stiff gin and tonic as she shoveled the food in. While she ate, I got the story. Mom died, she and her siblings moved in with Jim, she met some boy at school, who convinced her that he loved her and if she really loved him, she'd let him have sex with her. He'd also told her that she couldn't get pregnant on the first time, and she relented. I smiled sadly that boys were still using these lines. When she'd missed her first period, she didn't make the connection. But, sore breasts, morning sickness, and a few months without a period, and she pieced it together. Jim called her every name in the Good Book, then threw her out of his Christian home. The boy, of course, denied any involvement; it couldn't be his because he'd pulled out and unleashed his semen on her belly. Friends' parents also turned a cold shoulder to the frightened girl, and with nowhere to go she'd taken to wandering the streets. The restaurant where I'd run into her had the best food in their dumpster, and it was relatively safe, as it was in a good neighborhood. As for the boy, I amended my capital punishment code to include little shits that get girls pregnant and then turn their backs on them.

"Well, Lia, no more dumpsters for you," I said. "I have that extra bedroom, that's yours for as long as you want it, plenty of food, and you're safe here."

What inspired my charity is that I have a daughter of my own, Katherine, three years old now, and I couldn't imagine turning my own daughter away in her time of need. As a successful lawyer, I have a very good income, and relatively little else to do with my time and money. Plus that, the few times I had met Lia, I liked her. She seemed to be smart, sweet, and despite her father's words, a good kid. She looked at the table.

"You going to want sex?" she whispered.

"What? No!" I exclaimed, shocked.

"You sure?" she asked.

"Lia, I don't expect anything from you, except for maybe a 'thank you.' You're a sweet kid, and I can't see letting you live like a street person, when I don't have to," I said in exasperation.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"You're very welcome," I smiled. "Want to watch some TV, or just go to sleep, or what?"

"I can watch TV?" she asked, as if watching television was a treat.

"Of course, there's a big one in the living room, or there's a small one in your room," I said.

Then I remembered. Jim was on some moral kick about television being the tool of Satan, filling our children's minds full of filth. I thought to myself that if he'd let his kids watch a little of the idiot box, maybe Lia would have known a little better when that kid pumped her full of his lines.

She settled down in front of the large television set, and at about midnight, I went to sleep in my bed. When I woke up, she was asleep on the couch; the television still playing images in front of her. I quietly made coffee and pancakes, then woke her up. When I came out of my bedroom, knotting my tie, she was nervously looking around.

"Where's my clothes?" she asked.

"In the laundry room. Why?" I asked.

"Well, I got to go now, right?" she asked.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, I mean, you're leaving so I have to get out, right?" she asked and pulled the now slightly clean coat on. "I'll bring your clothes back soon, I promise."

"Lia, you don't have to leave. I'm going to work, I'll be home at about six, but, you're welcome to stay as long as you want," I told her.

"Really?" she asked.

"Really. Watch TV; listen to music, does whatever. All I ask is that you clean up after yourself, the maid doesn't come until next Wednesday," I smiled.

I accepted her grateful hug, and impulsively kissed the top of her head. Then I went to work. Once there, I looked up the telephone number of my friend, Roger Farrel, an OB/Gyn I'd went to college with. He readily agreed to see Lia, and we shot the bull for a few moments, until Lucy rudely buzzed in to tell me that my nine o'clock appointment was here. Afterward, I called Jim Dullings at work and told him that his daughter was safe. He claimed he no longer had a daughter, to which I maliciously told him we were considering a lawsuit, along with criminal charges for disregard to human life and reckless endangerment. He hung up on me, and I laughed, a sound that seemed to infuriate Lucy. She was even more surly than usual.

I stopped off at a local department store, and a very nice woman helped me buy some very nice maternity clothing, trying to indicate what size she probably was. The woman smiled at my attempts and picked out a few simple shifts and slacks. I was at a loss as to what size bras and other undergarments, so I decided that would have to wait. I arrived home and was greeted by a sight I'll hold in memory for a while. On her hands and knees, wearing the same old tee shirt I'd given her, and a pair of my boxers, Lia was diligently scrubbing the kitchen floor. The shirt hung loose, and I could see her extended white belly. Her breasts were barely visible, but I could see that they were capped with large dark pink nipples. Her rounded ass wiggled and swayed in the shorts that had risen up as she scrubbed, and a few strands of bright red pubic hair peeked out from the leg openings. I got an erection at the sight of a pregnant girl on her hands and knees. A quick mental image of me plunging my eight inches into her in that position flashed in, and I quickly kicked it back out and cheerfully called to her. She jerked slightly, then kneeled and smiled sweetly at me. Dentist appointment, I thought to myself. Her teeth were slightly discolored, from lack of toothpaste.

"Hey, Lia!" I said. "What are you doing?"

"Your maid isn't very good," she accused. "Completely missed the baseboards and along the cabinets."

"Yeah, well, since I don't eat off the baseboards, I'd never noticed before," I said. "But, when I asked you to clean up after yourself, I didn't mean to clean the house."

"But, it needed it," she said.

"Yeah, well, listen, I picked up some stuff for you, why don't you take a look at them?" I said and led her into the living room.

She was delighted with the simple outfits I'd bought for her. When I suggested that she try them on, before I could leave the room, she pulled the tee shirt off; giving me an excellent view of her fleshy breasts with their silver dollar sized aureoles. Her belly was extended tightly; little blue lines ran throughout it. I found myself with the second erection of the night, but got the hell out of the room before she dropped the boxer shorts. Moments later, I endured a fashion show of sorts, while she tried on every outfit and paraded them in front of me. I sat in my recliner and smiled as she praised each one of them. I kicked myself for forgetting to get this kid some shoes. I'd swivel away as she changed, and tried not to peek out the corner of my eye, but couldn't help but get a glimpse of sweet young flesh. Her hanging breasts, filling with milk, her tight belly, her rounded jiggling ass. That night, I almost gave my cock brush burns, as I had to jerk off constantly.

She woke up slightly before I did, and my coffee and scrambled eggs were ready for me. When I informed her that we had a doctor's appointment at five thirty that afternoon, she immediately asked me what outfit she should wear. She was so excited to have clothing to choose from. I got home at four thirty, and she was ready. We went to the department store first, where the same pleasant woman helped me to get my 'daughter' some undergarments, a nicer coat, and two pairs of shoes. Roger, always the nicest man I've ever known, put Lia at ease right away, and examined her while I sat out in the waiting room. He informed us that she was just under six months along, which sounded about right, and both mother and child were in good health, despite her earlier experiences. The restaurant I'd met her at provided us an excellent early dinner, and I enjoyed spending the ninety-eight dollars on this meal. At bedtime (mine, not hers, she loved late night television) I was surprised with a light kiss on the lips. Her gratitude shone through the big eyes and sweet smile.

I came home to find a tearful Lia sitting in the living room. Through gasping sobs, she told me that she'd called her father's apartment. She and Myra talked; Myra was so glad to her that her sister was alive and well, but then that little shit, Jimmy, got on the extension and threatened to tell their dad that Myra was talking to Lia. Jim had forbidden them contact with their former sister. I cradled her as she cried and tried to console her. We ate a silent dinner, and I held her sweet little head in my lap as we watched television. I absently stroked her hair, tickling her small ear, and sipped my gin and tonic. When the insipid movie ended, I looked down; she was sound asleep. I turned off the television and watched her sleep. The little face the rising and falling of her heavy breasts, the swell of her belly. The little legs folded under her as she lay in her bright blue dress, I smiled at the little angel on my couch. Gently, I picked up the tiny body and put her on her bed. Then I stripped and crawled into my own bed. I fell asleep with images of a nude girl, belly extended from motherhood, riding my cock.

I must be dreaming; there's a delicious feeling of a warm, wet mouth around my cock, teasing it up. The warmth engulfs the head, and tiny teeth scrape gently along the shaft to about halfway down. A tongue softly laps at it and tiny hands cradle my balls. The tiny hands creep up to my shaft and stroke it gently, then gradually pick up speed and urgency. With a groan, I have a wet dream, the first I'd had in quite a few years. The warmth doesn't leave my cock with the emission, though; the hands milk my shaft into the sucking mouth. Finally the mouth leaves, but the hands continue to grasp my manhood.

"I love you, Gary," and my eyes flew open, to look into her big brown ones.

"Lia! What the hell are you doing?" I loudly exclaimed, and turned on my bedside lamp.

Her frail body was really in my bed, nude. She withered into the pillows at my loud outburst. I sat up, baffled about what to do. The right thing to do, of course, would be to kick this sixteen year old out of my bed, but, the swollen breasts, hidden by the sheets, her pretty face so hurt and begging, and I turned off the light. Gently, I took her into my arms and kissed her softly. Our mouths opened and I tasted myself on her tongue. I nuzzled my way down to her full breasts and licked and sucked each one, covering them with my mouth. She giggled as I decorated her belly with kisses and gasped as my tongue drooled wetly along her stiff pubic hair.

"You're not going to, oh!" she gasped as my tongue flickered lightly over her pussy lips.

She grunted as my tongue entered her unbelievable wetness and I tasted her musk for the first time. She shivered as my tongue trailed further down to her anus and I speared it with my tongue. My index finger replaced my tongue as I returned to her pussy and worked my way through her pubic hairs again. I found her little clitoris and she screamed as my finger thrust deeply into her anus and my lips sucked hard at her clitoris. I was greeted by a full blast of her juice as she orgasmed. I eagerly lapped at her pussy and anus until she rewarded me with a second orgasm. Then I kissed my way back up to her sweet little face and kissed her all over her gasping face. Finally her eyes opened and she looked into mine.

"Please," was all she said, and I entered her.

A few moments in her unbelievable tightness and I couldn't hold back. She cooed as my juice shot deeply into her and sighed as I pulled my softened cock from her hot pussy. She happily wiggled her full buttocks against my cock as we slept side by side, my arm over her breasts. We woke up the next morning, and had a repeat performance, this time her on top of me. Her triangle was an almost pink fur, and I delighted in watching it swallow my erection over and over. She gasped and purred as I worked a finger between her jiggling buttocks and into her clutching rectum. When I shoved a second finer in, she exploded in a wet orgasm and grunted and groaned.

"I love you," she repeated.

I was able to answer the same to her. The two weeks we'd been together had made me realize how lonely my life had become, and how much I enjoyed having someone home when I got there. And, how much I genuinely liked that someone being Lia. We moved her few belongings out of the spare bedroom and set her up in the master bedroom. For the next few weeks, I relished coming home to a well-cooked meal, a clean house, and a happy, grateful young lady.

I stopped off at the video store and endured the smirks of the cashier as I purchased two tapes of the Russian Ballet along with a classic Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers flick. I'm sure he looked at my thirty five-year-old face and figured I was older than dirt. I'd have loved to tell him that I was sleeping with a girl half my age. I went home and found her again on her hands and knees, cleaning the bathroom. I pulled her into the living room and prepared to put one of the tapes into the VCR. I was baffled that there was a tape already in there, and she blushed furiously as I ejected it. I recognized it; it was a tape of my ex-wife and me and a few of our friends. In this particular video, Dianne was seven months pregnant, and taking my cock up her narrow ass while Keisha, a stunning African American woman in her early twenties, ate Dianne's hairless pussy. Dianne was busily sucking Jason's ten-inch cock to a face drenching orgasm. It was one of my favorites; next to the ones of me and Jason fucking each other while Dianna fucks any available orifice with her strap on dildo. I looked at Lia again, and she looked at the floor.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I just got bored with the soap operas and game shows, and wanted a movie, and I found those tapes and.."

"Lia, it's okay," I reassured her. "If I had thought about them, I'd have hidden them in a closet somewhere, you know? So, really, it's my own fault for just leaving them around."

"That was your wife?" she asked.

"Yeah, the Japanese woman," I sadly admitted.

Even after almost two years, I still missed her at times.

"She's very pretty," Lia said quietly.

"Yeah, almost as pretty as you," I smiled.

"I'm not pretty," Lia protested.

"Oh, yes you are," I smiled and kissed her. "Beautiful."

We watched one of the tapes then ate dinner. Lia was fidgety throughout the meal, avoiding my eyes. Finally we retired for bed. She kissed me, then looked into my eyes.

"You think you could, um, you know, do it to me, you know, up the butt like that?" she scarcely dared to ask.

With plenty of lubricant, I took her anal virginity as she squatted on hands and knees. She grunted and groaned, but shook her head frantically as I tried to pull out of her milky white buttocks. Finally, my pubic hairs rested firmly against her fleshy globes and she sighed. She actually growled as I pulled slowly out and slid back into the hot tightness of her bowels. Soon, she was thrusting back against my cock, and shrieked as I cupped a swinging breast in one hand and grasped her clitoris with the other. She came so hard that her juices sprayed my balls and thighs. I couldn't take much more of this hot tight hole, and she grunted as I emptied my balls into her clutching ass. She cleaned herself up and brought a warm washcloth and lovingly cleaned my dirty cock. After it was scrubbed clean, she sucked it to another erection. There are few sights as sexy as a slender girl, belly round with motherhood, with a cock deep in her throat. As soon as I was fully erect, she squatted over it, and took it deep into her pussy. With a groan, I shot another load as she sighed and cooed through another orgasm. We cuddled up and slept soundly.

She loved the Fred/Ginger movie, and I caught her watching it over and over and trying to imitate their movements. A nude pregnant girl dancing in your living room, a look of rapture on her face, is a truly beautiful sight to come home to.

At eight months of pregnancy, we quit having normal sex, opting for oral and occasionally anal sex only, but she made sure to satisfy my every need. I was fully prepared when she woke me up at two thirty one morning and we drove to the hospital. She sweated and screamed for eleven hours, and finally gave birth to Hope Ann Levar, seven pounds two ounces, and fifteen inches long. I was a little surprised, as was Roger, when she gave my last name to Hope, but Roger, ever the gentleman, said nothing. It made perfect sense when you thought about it, though. She didn't want her father's name, nor the name of the actual father anywhere near the baby, a pretty little girl with just a few light strands of hair on her little head. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her, and watched a sweaty, weak Lia flush with joy as she gazed upon her little girl for the first time. I reluctantly left mother and child and went home to an empty house. Boredom and the local discount store, one that stayed open twenty-four hours, supplied me with crib, stroller, and car seat. I discovered that my Mustang, while great for me, was not exactly equipped to hold baby needs. A new sedan now sits in my driveway; I refuse to get a minivan. I hired a private nurse to spend the first week with Lia, to teach her how to care for a baby, then we settled into family life. Lia was a loving and doting mother and lover. We, of course, had to abstain from sex for almost two months, but I did enjoy numerous blowjobs, and she enjoyed breast feeding both child and lover. The hospital had shaved her pubic hair off, and she kept it shaved smooth, as it itched when it would start growing back.

To go along with the sedan, I had to teach Lia how to drive. Jim had this insane notion that young ladies should not be allowed to drive themselves. I'm sure he can find all kind of Bible quotes to back up what he thought. Neighborhood streets and backcountry roads became familiar terrain as she learned the intricacies of driving. Hope sat happily in her car seat, watching the greenery whiz by.

I knew that we could begin our sex life that night; she was so animated when she got home from her doctor's visit. As soon as Hope lay down, she was all over me. I laughed as she hungrily took me into her dripping pussy and screamed in an immediate orgasm. She pumped me frantically, then slowed to a jagged pace when her third orgasm took her breath away. I lay her onto her back, and we slowly continued. We collapsed in exhaustion; my cock firmly embedded in her hot clutching ass. Hope woke us up and Lia groggily breast fed her, changed her diaper, and then crawled back into bed. We cuddled and slept soundly.

Before I left for work the next morning, she and I made hard demanding love again. I stood in front of Judge Debon, a stupid grin on my face, as I argued my client's case.

Myra came by and oohed and aahed over the baby. We found out later that she'd paid severely for visiting her sister, and I held Lia as she cried. Despite her father, Lia missed her family. Jimmy was the reason that Myra got into trouble; he gleefully told Jim. Even so, Lia also missed her baby brother. Myra did sneak over at every opportunity, though, and I was delighted to watch the happiness on my lover's face whenever her sister came. Jimmy could have swam and watched television with his sisters, but he was too busy being a tattletale to join in on the fun.

One morning, when Hope was four months old, Lia made a startling announcement.

"I'm bored, sitting around here all day," she said.

"Oh? What do you want to do?" I asked.

"I want to get a job," she declared.

"Doing what, Lia? You're a high school drop-out, with no skills," I quietly reminded her.

"Uh-uh! I have skills!" she protested.

Sometimes I forget she's only seventeen, even though I'd thrown her a nice party at 'our restaurant,' the one where we'd met. In most respects, she's an extremely mature young lady.

"What can you do?" I asked.

"In school, I was the head assistant of my typing class," she said. "I can type eighty five words a minute. And, I was great at word processing, and I was real good at the computer."

"Can you file?" I asked.

"Alphabetically, by date, by sub-folders? Which ones?" she smiled, proud of her knowledge.

She left Hope with a neighborhood Day Care center, and showed up at my office, dressed in the conservative business suit I'd bought for her. She and I had bought her some new outfits when she'd lost the paunch Hope had put there. She'd dieted and danced her waistline back to normal. We now own more tapes of dance, aerobic and ballroom as well as ballet than porno tapes, of which we've made a few. We went to the department stores, and I was surprised at her selections. I would have bought her anything, even the latest fashions, but she chose simple things, blouses, skirts and slacks. She did go a little flashy with the undergarments however. I don't believe she owned one white pair of panties, or one that didn't contain strings, either around the hips or through the cleft of her luscious ass. She enjoyed the sexy, the soft, and the sensuous. Lucy, of course, was rude to her, but Lia handled this with aplomb, and within moments had a completed application in front of Gill, our personnel manager. I snagged him at lunchtime, and asked if he had come across any possible replacements for Lucy. I couched my words carefully; despite Lucy's utter bitchiness, Gill liked her. He shook his head no, just some kid, but she didn't have any education, or employment history to speak of. I asked to see it anyway, and ran the application through.

Lucy huffed and grumbled, but cleared out her desk. Lia started the next morning, and I've been happy at work ever since. At first, no one made the connection, as we arrived to work at separate times, in separate vehicles. We weren't sneaking; secretaries have to be to work a half-hour earlier. I'd get Hope ready, and drive her to the day care. I miss my Mustang, but the child's safety comes before my personal wants. But, Lucy noticed that Lia was coming to work in a snazzy white Mustang that looked oddly like my old one, before I bought a sedan, and noticed that on some mornings, I smelled like baby powder. The partners at the firm called me into a board meeting and asked about it. I answered truthfully, and Lucy's complaints were dismissed. I wished they'd dismiss Lucy.

I must admit; at first it was hard to get any work done, knowing there was a beautiful seventeen-year-old with an insatiable sexual appetite just outside my office door. We never did have sex at the office, however, she took her job very seriously, and it didn't matter that her lover was her boss. Every now and then, when it's slow, she'll step into my office and flash me her breasts or buttocks, then giggle and leave the room. She loves to do this when I'm on the telephone having one of my 'discussions,' which is a nice way of saying a screaming match with another lawyer. It's damned hard to concentrate on what the ass hole on the other end is bitching about when a set of dark nipples flicker by.

I woke up and decided we'd been living together long enough for both of us to be sure of our relationship. I called a florist one Monday morning, as soon as the front door slammed, and had one dozen roses delivered to Lia. I repeated this every day, and on Friday, delivered the roses myself, along with an engagement ring. My daughter Katherine, four years old by now, was the ring bearer at our wedding, and Dianne was very pleasant to Lia. Roger was going to be my best man, but Jim refused to go to the wedding, so Roger 'gave the bride away.' The photographs look a little empty, Lia a little sad, as her family wouldn't attend the simple ceremony. I can afford to give Lia so much, but the one thing she really wants is well outside of my grasp.

A rented cabin in the mountains was our honeymoon cottage, and Lia took full advantage of the lack of neighbors. You've never lived until you've made love to a naked seventeen-year-old on a bed of pine needles. We walked hand in hand, naked through the forest, and found a suitable clearing. She sucked me to one orgasm, then eased me down and we performed sixty-nine, until she had my cock up again, and I'd tasted two of her explosive orgasms. Her hairless mound was delicious, and I was reluctant to let it go, but then she straddled me, and took my cock deeply into her hot, tight pussy. She milked another strong spurt from me, and then we realized just how itchy pine needles are. We discovered that a bearskin rug is a great place to spear a tight ass, slow and steady building to rough and screaming.

Jim finally relented and came to visit his granddaughter. For a Bible thumping condemning man, he sure did drink a lot of my beer. I watched as Lia hugged her father tightly, tears of gratitude and happiness pouring from her big brown eyes. He was very uncomfortable around Hope but not because of his dislike for the baby. He was a clumsy man. Myra now visits us regularly, with Jim's okay, and is a great babysitter for her niece. Jimmy has come over twice, but I caught him pissing in my pool. I made sure to take a photograph of his perfect arc, and Jim punished him. He blames me for this; and refuses to go around that 'ass hole' his sister married. That's his loss, I'm more than willing to let bygones be bygones for my wife's happiness. He did come for Hope's one-year birthday, but was a sullen little bastard throughout the day. Even Jim was less than happy with his son's asinine behavior. As for myself, I was as happy as any father could be, my Katherine was spending the week with us, and really had fun at her sister's birthday, helping her blow out the candle, and unwrapping each present and showing Hope how much fun each toy was. Hope's hair is growing in a light red shade, almost as bright as her mother's and her big brown eyes are as pretty and captivating as Lia's. She is a bubbly child, much like I suspect Lia would have been, had she grown up in a more loving household. As Hope twirls and spins in her ballet classes, her mother and I watch proudly. Lia never got to take ballet classes when she was a little girl, but Hope does, and mother and daughter push the furniture aside and turn our living room into their own stage. When Katherine comes to stay with us, Lia and Hope teach her the moves; I get to watch two little girls and a big girl play.

Lia's eighteenth birthday was spent at 'our restaurant,' and Jim was flabbergasted at the three hundred and fifty eight dollars for the meal. I had to smile; I'd spent twice that amount on less satisfying dinners. He was duly impressed with the diamond pendant that dangled from his daughter's neck, and seemed somewhat subdued by his own daughter's elegance and charm. Gracious, she exclaimed over the cheap presents her father, Myra and Jimmy gave her, and did not make too big a fuss over the cake the restaurant wheeled out. She wrapped her arm tightly around mine as we waited for the valet to bring around her new luxury sedan and whispered into my ear, "And I have a present for you when we get home."

She grabbed a can of whipped cream, turned on the video camera, and squirted a large dollop along the crack of my ass. Her hot tongue almost burned as she licked the cool froth from my anus. She delved her tongue into my anus, and I almost came into the sheets as she worked one, then two and three fingers deep into me. Then, she rolled me over and engulfed my cock in her hot mouth. I exploded and she greedily gobbled it up.

"A mommy needs her protein," she giggled, and wiped her nose clean of the whipped cream. "Roger told me today! We're going to have a baby!"

It doesn't show as she sits behind her desk, but when she stands up, her five-month belly has a definite paunch to it. A number of men that come in ignore the wedding ring on her finger and the little belly and ask her for dates. She just smiles and tells them she's far too happy and in love to go out with anyone but her husband. Many of them ask me who the lucky bastard is to have such a beauty. To which, I smile and tell them it's me.

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