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I'm Learning from Girlfriend's Younger Sister by PeeCwai

I'm Learning from Girlfriend's Younger Sister

(This is a piece of fiction, but actually this is happening in a lot of families. If you like it, send your comments to

Payal and I are college friends and have been living together ever since I moved to this state capital after completing studies at that little, unknown town. We had started fucking at the college itself.

We would go into the library, to the secluded book racks and kiss. We did not know anything more. But then I used to feel that during the kiss my lund would grow and become stiff. I slowly started getting restless while kissing. One day Payal said she had stolen a book from her younger sister, Jhoomar, who had come from Bombay. She showed it to me. She said she had learnt a lot about chudai or fucking after reading it. I took the book home and I also came to know a lot about choot and lund.

Next day we reached college early and found a secluded room. At once she started kissing me. She was very excited, and said shyly, "Anil, I have never seen an erect lund," and she looked downwards.

I said, "Payal, I also want to see your cunt." I asked her to show me her choot.

That day we became lund and choot friends. "Push your finger in," she said when I was looking at her pussy. "Ungli daalo...zor se...haain, dabaao, yes, yes. Oh mijhe baraa mazaa aa rahaa hai. Harder. Yes, I am coming!" All the while she was playing with my prick.

Next day she told me that her sister had accused her of stealing the book. But her sister had told her it was all right on the condition that she would sleep with her. And they slept in the same bed. Jhoomar, her sister, embraced her in the bed and said, "Didi mere kapre utaaro."

Payal disrobed her and then Jhoomar did the same to Payal. Jhoomar suckled Payal's boobs and told Payal to push her finger in Jhoomar's cunt. "Payal didi ungli andar daalo aur angootha ooper clitty par malo. Rub the clitty with your thumb... Yes, yes, do it, do it." Then Jhoomar went limp and told Payal to stop. Jhoomar spread her legs and told Payal to look at her cunt.

Payal was fascinated. Jhoomar pushed her cunt into Payal's mouth and told her sister to lick it. "Chooso, chooso." Jhoomar was trembling and saying, "Mazaa aa rahaa hai, aur, aur. Ek ungli bhi daalo." Payal inserted her finger also. After that Payal asked Jhoomar to return the favour. Jhoomar was eager to do that.

Throughout the next week we found places to learn more and more and to practice. One day Payal told me that Jhoomar had friends in Bombay with whom she had fucked. She wanted to fuck there also. She made a suggestion. I think Jhoomar had compelled her. She said next day her family was going out. Jhoomar wanted to meet me. I was very ready, as Payal seemed to have no objection.

When I reached her place, I was excited but feeling a bit hesitant. Payal and Jhoomar both were dressed up. They were wearing gaudy lenhgaa and kurtaa. As soon as I sat down, Jhoomar brought out beer. She said she had brought it from Bombay. We had a glass each. This was Payal's and my first time to drink.

We were sitting on the sofa. I was in the middle and they were on my sides. I started feeling a floating sensation, Payal also was fidgety. Suddenly I felt Jhoomar's hand on my thigh. She was slowly pulling up my Pajaamaa. My lund was getting stiff. She told Payal to check it out. Payal put her hand on it and it sprang up. Now it was clear that both of them had planned everything.

Jhoomar put her lips on mine and told me to slightly open them. "Thore se kholo." Her tongue did the rest. She pressed me back on the sofa... I felt her hand inside my Pajaamaa. Her hand took hold of my prick. "Aah, aaj mazaa ayegaa, Payal iska to bahut motaa aur lambaa hai." (It is very thick and long.) "Meri didi," Jhoomar told her sister, "aaj dekhnaa. Chod loon na?"

Payal permitted her to fuck me. Jhoomar pulled up her lenhgaa. She was not wearing anything under it She took hold of my fuck pole and centred it on her dripping pussy. In one thrust it was home. I could feel her cervix. A sigh of pleasure and satisfaction escaped her lips. Then she got hold of the back rest of the sofa and started riding me.

"Didi khari ho kar iske moonh per apni choot rakh do. Anil saale didi ki choot choos." She ordered Payal to place her cunt on my mouth and asked me to suck Payal. I was enjoying it tremendously. Her cunt lips were milking my pole. I showed restraint and held my fort. Payal's cunt was dripping in my mouth and Jhoomar's was drowning my laura.

Suddenly Payal shouted, "Mera cunt syrup nikal rahaa hai." She was about to come. Jhoomar was getting impatient for relief. I also decided to open the fount of my man-juice. All three of us came together and collapsed.

Within minutes Jhoomar came round and took my cock in her mouth to lick it dry. Now the three of us took off all our clothes. Jhoomar had a shaved, magnificent, pouting cunt. Payal had light brown hair and had trimmed them. Jhoomar's boobs were large, not very though. She had an inch long nipples surrounded by dark brown circles on her very fair skin. Payal's were smaller and facing slightly away from each other. Payal winked at Jhoomar and said, "Sister now let us entertain him."

Payal lay down. Jhoomar was on all her fours. She opened the cunt lips of Payal and started licking, with a finger, then two, in her cunt. Payal was oohing. Jhoomar ordered me, "Chal chodoo, Payal ke moonh mein ganna daal." (Come on fucker, put the sugar cane in her mouth.)

I jumped up and put my prick in Payal's mouth. Then Jhoomar asked me, "Kyon Anil acchhi tarah khara ho gayaa?" She wanted to know if I was stiff. I told her it was never harder... "Come, now put it in my cunt. Churn my cunt with your pole. Saale meri choot se makkhan nikaal."

I followed her command. Payal released my pole reluctantly from her mouth. Jhoomar was in command that day. In one thrust I was deep inside her choot. I was very hot. It was an out of the world experience for me and Payal both. I saw Payal staring into my eyes and smiling as if asking, "Are you enjoying?" She was willingly sharing me with her younger but more experienced sister.

I left their place next morning after a sumptuous breakfast, a never ending night of fucking, topped by a "good morning" fuck, exhausting all possible combinations and tricks.

-to continue...

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