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I'm Learning V, Surprise Get-together for Sunil by PeeCwai

I'm Learning V, Surprise Get-together for Sunil

(You have read in the first episode how Payal and Anil learnt the lessons in chudai (fucking) from Jhoomar, Payal's younger sister. Payal went on to initiate Anil's younger brother, Sunil. Veena, the eldest sister, invited Anil to her room for a private fuck episode. As prearranged Payal and Anil witnessed the session from the other room. Uncontrollable, Payal door crashed into Veena's room. Now read what happened next. Send your comments to

[here are a few terms for non-Hindi knowing readers: Choot & Phuddi: Cunt; Chudai: Fucking; Chodo:Fuck; Gaand: Asshole; Maaro: Take; Lund: Prick; Chooso: Suck; Ghusero: Stuff it in; Daalo: Put in]

When we entered the room Veena was licking clean Sunil's cock. Sunil looked drained but satisfied. All four of us were now face to face. The chemistry of fucking was our common meeting ground. Payal and I had not yet fucked. But we were more than charged. Veena took charge of the situation immediately. She said, "Payal, let us rest for a while. You and Anil go ahead and put up a show for us. If you inspire us sufficiently, we might join in." Payal wasted no time and pushed me onto the bed. Her cunt was dripping. She climbed on to me and fitting my crusher in her cunt she bent towards me and put her nipple in my mouth. She has this wonderful capacity to fuck the mouth with the nipple as if the mouth is the cunt and the nipple is the prick. This cannot be fully put into words. You have to experience it to realise its meaning. She was shaking and humping me. The noises that she was making were very erotic. "I will make you my private stud. You are at my disposal. You... have to... obey my orders, if you... want to make... me happy... Hoonh, hoonh... take me ..I won't let you rest... push... ohhh... churn, churn... bbastard, sister fucker..Bahan chod... Gaandoo... saale... ab tu apne bhai..unh..oh..shh..shh....ka lund choosega (now you will suck your brother's cock)... yes..s..s so that he gets ready to fuck me." She had seen that her torrid fucking had made both Veena and Sunil hot and bothered. Veena dragged Sunil near me. Payal removed her nip from my mouth, took hold of Sunil's by now erect lund and pushed it between my lips. I was so much into it that without thinking any thing I not only took my brother's prick in mouth, I also started sucking it just as mine was sucked by my fucker. Veena was dazed. "Oh! This is out of this world. Go on, fuck, suck," She would lick Payal's, she would open her globes and push her tongue into her brown. "Sunil, come here" she ordered her young stud brother. Payal ki gaand mein lund ghuser. Chodoo ko do lund ek saath do (stuff your cock in Payal's ass hole. Give two cocks to this bugger)." Sunil jumped onto Payal's ass at once. I was now feeling crushed and was also bothered whether Payal would be able to take this double insertion. I looked at her face. She flinched when Sunil's cock made first contact. But then she closed her eyes and slowly relaxed. "Haan, dono bhai mil kar mere andar ghus jao, abe Anil dar mat, sunil daal, daal.. hoonh..zor..Veena ke bhai logon chodo... ooh.. ooooh, baraa mazaa de rahe hoji...hoh...hoh...Veena tu hbhee kabhi saath lug jaanaa. kar mera ras peenaa aur mujhe mazaa denaa (Yes both the brothers stuff yourselves inside me, don't be afraid Anil, Sunil...stuff it... yes... harder... Veena's brothers fuck.. mmme...Veena some tttime youuu... ssshould also join in. All three of yyyou together can drink my jjuice and give pleasure to me)." I do not know how long we fucked and when we collapsed. Veena told us later that she had yet to see another fuckstress like Payal.

After this all four of us had many sessions. There was no end to various combinations and tricks. It all ended when Payal had to leave town and Veena got promoted to a higher bed in her office in some other town.


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