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I'm Learning IV, Veena Takes the Matters in Her Hand by PeeCWai

I'm Learning IV, Veena Takes the Matters in Her Hand

[You have read in the first episode how Payal and Anil learnt the lessons in chudai (fucking) from Jhoomar, Payal's younger sister. Payal went on to initiate Anil's younger brother, Sunil. Veena, the eldest sister, invited Anil to her room for a private fuck episode Now read what happened next. Send your comments to]

[here are a few terms for non-Hindi knowing readers: Choot & Phuddi: Cunt; Chudai: Fucking; Chodo: Fuck; Gaand: Asshole; Maaro: Take; Lund: Prick; Chooso: Suck; Ghusero: Stuff it in; Daalo: Put in]

At the very next opportunity Veena made a plan to fuck Sunil. She instructed me not to reveal anything to anyone so that she could take him unawares. Our parents had to go out of station for a few days. She told me to invite Payal to stay over. I was not to tell anything to her also. Normally, Sunil and I sleep in one room and Veena in the other. That day, as was the instruction from Veena, I persuaded Sunil to take another bed to Veena's room and sleep there. He thought it was because of Payal. Since he was now introduced to Payal, he wanted to be the third person in our room. He wanted to share Payal again. She also wanted this arrangement but I said a firm no, as if I did not want to share Payal with him.

After dinner Veena asked Sunil to bring the extra bed to her room. Veena had secretly told me that after retiring to our room I should wait for a signal from her - she would hum a particular song - and then I should station myself near her small window that opened in my room, and ask Payal also to watch along with me. We were to switch on only the night bulb. Now, everything was clear to me!

After going to our room I took off Payal's clothes. In the dim light Payal looked very alluring. I kissed her whole body, not touching her box. Her milk jugs always tasted like full cream milk. She had a shy way of guiding my mouth all over her body, especially around the nipples. This always brought her to the brink. Today I was very excited, as I knew what was in store for us. She was not aware of anything till now. She wanted to suck my cock. She took off all my clothes, handling my prick in special expert way. She would fit her body to mine from the back and nibble on my ear lobes. She would lightly massage my prick without actually holding it in her hand. Now she would come in front of me and sit on her knees looking lovingly at my tool. She had opened her mouth, but she did not take it in. She extended her tongue and licked the tip, as if she was teasing the pee slit. Suddenly, I heard Veena hum. I pulled Payal up and took her to the window, my arm around her waist, her hand around my prick. I signalled her not to make any noise and opened the window slightly.

Now, Sunil was never chummy with Veena. He knew that she was an earning member and the family depended on her. Father never questioned her. So he obeyed her wish.

Veena went straight to the matter in hand (pun intended). She told him that she had seen him "fucking" Payal and she enjoyed the sight. While saying this she started taking of her saaree. Sunil was flabbergasted. It was a bolt from the blue. She was talking nonchalantly. Probably she was trying to put him at ease. For Sunil it was an intriguing situation. Here was his eldest sister with whom he has never has even a friendly chat. And she was putting him on. He felt a stirring in his pajaamaa, but he was not sure how much freedom he had. Veena guessed his plight. She was now in her petticoat only. Her boobs were spilling out of her blouse. She said, "Are you thirsty, or you are simply nervous?" Sunil tried to open his mouth, but she continued, "Mere doodh kya Payal se kum hain (Are my boobs any less than Payal)? Dar mat thore se choos le to moonh geela homoeopathy jayega (Don't be afraid, suck them a little and wet your mouth)." She pulled him towards her and guided his mouth to her nipple. "Teraa moonh geela hoga, meri choot geeli hogee (Your mouth will get wet and my cunt)." Now Sunil looked like ready to join the game. He had understood that she was inviting him to play bed-polo. Without any hesitation, he now became active and took off her blouse. He almost tore her bra. "Tu agar lund or chhot kaa khel khelnaa chahti hai didi to le (If you want to play the prick and cunt game than come on)." He opened the string of her petticoat. It fell to the ground. Now my elder sister was in her full glory. Her legs were like a banana tree. Smooth and white. Her buttocks and hips were perfectly flared. From the front her cunt was rimmed by nicely trimmed hair. Nether lips were glistening and I could see one drop of her wetness hanging precariously.

Payal was dumbstruck. She could not say a word. She simply embraced me from the side and took hold of my pole. Her eyes were glued on Veena's body. I felt her squeezing my prick. She started pulling on it. After a few moments she found her voice and whispered, "Your sister is a brother fucker par excellence. She is a bomb. I will have to learn a few tricks from her. And you are a sister fucker. Give me your sister. I want to lick and rub and suck her in your presence." She seemed to be out of control with lust. She said, "Mein ek bhi pal ke liye ye scene miss naheen kar sakti. (I don't want to miss this scene even for a second)." She told me to sit down and lick and tongue fuck her cunt. I had to reluctantly sit down. But I could feel that what she was seeing was fan-bloody-tasting as she was impaling her self on my mouth, rubbing her cunt on my face and almost fucking my face with her cunt. I do not know what Veena and Sunil were doing but I surely was experiencing what Payal was doing to me.

Suddenly she lost control of herself and shouted, "Veena, apne bhai ko akeli chod rahee hai. Main aa rahi hoon, dono mil ker dono bhaiyon ka ras piyenge (Veena you can not fuck your brother by yourself. I am coming. Both of us together will drain the juices of both the brothers)." She pulled me up and dragged me towards Veena's room.

-to continue

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