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I'm Learning III, Fourth is Fantastic by PeeCwai

I'm Learning III, Fourth is Fantastic

[You have read in the first and second episodes how Payal and Anil learnt the lessons in chudai (fucking) from Jhoomar, Payal's younger sister. Payal went on to initiate Anil's younger brother, Sunil. Now read what happened next. Send your comments to]

[Some terms for non-Hindi knowing readers: Choot & Phuddi: Cunt; Chudai: Fucking; Chodo: Fuck; Gaand: Asshole; Maaro: Take; Lund: Prick; Chooso: Suck; Ghusero: Stuff it in; Daalo: Put in]

Next morning when everyone had had breakfast and father and mother had gone to their offices, my elder sister Veena told me to come to her room as soon as Sunil left for tuition. Now, Veena was about eighteen months my senior and was working as a middle level executive in a firm. She was a beauty. She had her own income, she had a lot of freedom. She was tall, dusky, and had a beautiful face. Her long legs and slim waist, topped by well-developed boobs were a source of attraction and she was often picked up and dropped home by her colleagues. We never talked on matters of mutual interest. In fact all of us were in awe of her.

After about half an hour I went to her room. She was in the attached bathroom. She called me from there to sit and wait. In about five minutes she came out in her dressing gown. She was not looking at me as she talked to me. She said, "Anil, yesterday as soon as I saw Payal here, I decided to spy on you. I hid at a convenient place and witnessed everything. I (do not have a movie camera, but I took pictures with my still camera. These are not very clear, but one can easily make out faces." And she handed me four or five pictures. I looked at them. These were clear enough to show Payal fucking Sunil, my cock in Payal's mouth, Sunil's cock in Payal's hand, etc. I was embarrassed and white with fear. Next moment, the pictures got into my head and I could feel the beginning of an erection. When I looked up, I saw mischief in her eyes. She said, "I did not know my brothers were such studs. Jab ghar mein hi lund hai to apni choot baahar kyon le jaaoon (When there are pricks available at home, why should I offer my cunt to outsiders). Aur phir agar Payal tayyaar ho to do chooten aur do lund kyaa nahin kar sakte (And, if Payal is willing, then what is there that two cunts and two cocks can not perform?)." And she opened her gown. She was naked and I could see her cunt hair glistening. She came forward and after locking the room took hold of my cock. "I do not have much time and you have no option but to accept my desire. Chal ab meri choot choos, tapak rahee hai. (Come on now, lick my cunt, it is leaking)." She spread her lags. I did not think for a second. But I wanted to look at her naked body first. This was my secret desire for a long time now. Her jugs were fuller then Payal's and Jhoomar's, and were slightly hanging due to their weight. The nips were something. Sticking out, they had a swollen base around them. Sort of a platform under a small peg. But she was impatient. She pushed me down, lifted my face and fitted her cunt upon it. It tasted sweet and brackish. And, it was dripping so much that I had to gulp the syrup. "Jeebh gol kar ke us se chod (Roll your tongue round and fuck with it). Yes, yes. Lick bhee kar." She started forcing her cunt down on my lips. "Ab do teen ungliyaan daal aur screw ki tarah ghumaa (Now stuff two or three fingers and screw them)."

My neck was getting tired. So I got up and pushed her down on the bed. In the meanwhile I untied my pajaamaa. My cock was pointing towards my chin. Veena said, 69 kar, main lund choosoongi, tu choot chaat; apnaa juice baahar mat nikaalnaa, maine peenaa hai (We will 69, I will suck your cock, you lick my cunt; don't spill your juice outside, I want to drink it)." I took my position. She instructed me to come in her mouth, as she wanted to drink my juice. She sucked with force, delicately touching it with her tongue. Now she would squeeze it, and now she would force her face so that it goes in deeper. She was really deep-throating me. I had never had such an experience with either Payal or Jhoomar. In the other place, she was manipulating the whole area of her pudenda in such a way so as to not let one drop escape onto the bed. After about ten minutes she mumbled, "Baandh toot rahaa hai, pee, hain pee jaa saaraa (The dam is about to burst, drink, yes drink the whole of it)." I could literally feel a jet of cum shooting into my mouth. This triggered off my gun also and I shot into her gullet. I must have emptied every drop of fluid from my balls. It took us ten minutes to recover.

But before putting on my pajaamaa I walked towards the bathroom. Veena got up from the bed in a bound and came after me. "Thahar jaa, Anil (Wait Anil)." And she sat down on the toilet seat, spreading her legs wide. She opened the pussy lips with her fingers. "Ab nishaanaa lagaa kar clitty par dhaar maar (Now take your aim and shoot the piss stream onto the clitty)." She wanted me to aim my stream on her clitty! I had never even imagined that this could be fun. This was new for me, but I did not hesitate. A few seconds after my forceful stream hit her clitty, she came again with the same force. Her eyes were closed and mouth was slightly open. When my stream started weakening, she moved like lightning and took my prick in her mouth. I cannot say when the stream of pee stopped and converted into a similar stream of cum. But this climax was out of the world. Both of us gave a bath to each other. I came to my room and collapsed on the bed.

I was elated, surprised, and what not. In a matter of a few days we had unwittingly become a five member, exclusive fucking ring. Was this coincidence, or culmination of our suppressed desires coming out in the open?

- to continue

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