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I'm Learning II, Including his Brother by PeeCwai

I'm Learning II, Including his Brother

(You have read in the first episode how Payal and Anil learnt the lessons in chudai (fucking) from Jhoomar, Payal's younger sister. Now read what happened next. Send your comments to

[Here are a few terms for non-Hindi knowing readers: Choot and Phuddi: Cunt;Chudai: Fucking; Chodo:Fuck; Gaand: Asshole; Maaro: Take; Lund: Prick; Chooso: Suck; Ghusero: Stuff it in; Daalo: Put in]

After Jhoomar went back to Bombay, for some time Payal and I had our sessions whenever we had a chance. Mostly at her place, sometimes at mine, whenever other family members were out. Slowly I had a feeling that something was missing. I could not say anything. One day Payal said that she had a feeling that I had got tired of her choot (cunt). "Koi aur pasand aa gayee hai kya?" She thought I had found some one else. I could not tell a lie, "Nahin yeh baat nahin hai, per aisaa lagtaa hai kuchh missing hai (No, this not correct. But something seems to be missing)," she thought for some time and said that after the sessions with Jhoomar she also felt some times that if there was another person with them, it would be more exciting.

Before she left, other members of my family returned. My elder sister and younger brother came and said that the parents had gone to attend some marriage. Sister also had to pick up some things and go back. Now, I saw Payal eyeing my younger brother. He was only one year younger to me. I had noticed him many a time eyeing Payal. She was worth looking at. Shortly, my elder sister left. Sunil, my younger brother sat with us for some time. Phone rang. I went to the next room for the phone. After a few minutes I turned back to return to the room. I heard Payal and Sunil talking. I wanted to overhear what they were talking about. So, I stopped. Payal was praising his looks. I got jealous. Suddenly I thought over our conversation some time ago. I said loudly that a friend had called and I had to go out for half an hour. I told my younger brother to keep Payal company for some time. Instead of going out I hid at a convenient place and started watching. I was jealous as well as excited. Payal was a fast player. She let her saari palloo fall down. Her magnificent boobs were alluring even when covered. Sunil was no shy young man. He was openly staring at them. Payal encouraged him. "Go ahead, touch them, chhoo lo," she said.

He did not wait a second and started pressing them. She told him to open her blouse. He hesitated. She opened it herself. "Hurry, otherwise Anil will come back." And she pulled his face on to her breasts. "Chooso, jeebh lagao (Suck, use your tongue)." And I saw her hand boldly took hold of his prick from outside his Pajaamaa. She was swooning with pleasure. Her nipples were erect. Sunil was sucking one, and then the other. Getting bold by her handling of his prick he told her to take it out. She undid the knot and slipped down the Pajaamaa. He started undoing her saari. She told him not to do that and pull it up instead. I knew after our fuck she had not put back her undies. He pulled it up around her waist.

My lund was getting excited and it too was erect. I was beating my meat but I did not want to waste. Now, I was looking at Sunil's lund and Payal's choot. She was dripping. There was only the saari around her waist, rest of her body was naked. I was seeing her naked from a distance for the first timer. She was magnificent. But a hot, naked woman wanting to be fucked is something else to watch. Her whole body wanted to be loved, licked, kissed - it was inviting the other male body to enter her. She was not passive. She was actively, aggressively seducing Sunil and was about to fuck him. No, it was not Sunil now. He was "a" man who was with my love, was about to fuck her. It was a new experience and it was making me hot. She tore off his shirt. She was mauling his body with her hands, with her teeth, her boobs and her thighs. Oh, to see Payal devouring that male body was something new. This is what both of us had been missing. I heard her, "Pahlee baar hai?"


"Achhaa, mere ooper aa jaao (Is this your first time? Alright come on top of me)." Holy shit! She was even more excited now as she was initiating a virgin. She grabbed his tool. It was no thicker than mine, but was a bit longer. He was getting near, I could see. I heard her telling him not to do anything actively, as it would make him shoot his juice. She placed the fuck pole at the opening. Her cunt lips were open, inviting. I knew what he must be feeling at this time, for the first time in his life. She aimed her cunt perfectly. Simultaneously, she heaved from below and told him to thrust. "Zor se under ghusaao. Haain, theek hai, yeh chudai hai. Lundoo apne bhai ki maashooka ko chod le (This is fucking. Prickster, fuck your brother's beloved)." And she encouraged him in every way possible to fuck his brother's beloved. I could not restrain my self. I tore off my clothes and shouted encouragement at Sunil. He froze. She ordered him to continue. "Ruknaa mat (Don't stop)." She shouted to me, "Anil, apnaa lund mere moonh mein daalo (Anil, stuff your prick in my mouth)." In one bound I was there. Suddenly she shouted that she was about to open the floodgates of her syrup. Sunil also gave a heave. Both of them were panting.

She saw that I was unsatisfied. She pushed off Sunil and invited me into her open legs. "Ah, aaj bahut din baad phir mazaa aayaa, do ki chudaai puraani ho gayee, ab to hameshaa teen hi hone chahiyen (Oh, it is tremendous, fucking between two persons is now out. Now always there should be three)." Mischief and determination were written large on her face.

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