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Late Shift by BuzMePleze

Late Shift

I was a hot night in September. I was working the late shift and it was really slow. I had stopped two cars earlier and issued tickets to the drivers for speeding. That seemed like ages ago. Traffic had thinned out and it was all I could do to stay awake. I decided to work a favorite speed trap and see what I could find. I had just set up and started clocking cars when along came my first victim. It was a purple camaro. Sleek and shiny, and also flying along at mach 5. I pulled out after her and turned on all my lights and siren. It took a few minutes to catch up to the camaro, and I had it in my mind that this fool was going to get a ticket. When finally the car pulled over, I stepped out of my cruiser and walked up to the driver's side window. The windows were dark tinted and slowly the window was lowering. The first thing I noticed was the fantastic fragrance emanating from the car. And then, she came into view. She was tall, dark hair down to her ass, and if she was wearing a blouse, it was not much of one. Her tits were huge. I mean, I could not help but stare. I am normally very professional, but that went right away.

I asked her for her license and registration, and she reached her long, slender hand out the window and eased them into my waiting hand. As she handed me her license, she gently rubbed her fingers against my hand. She finally spoke. "What did I do wrong Officer?"

I explained that she was exceeding the posted speed by over 40 miles per hour and that I would have to write her a ticket. She immediately started to well up with tears. You don't understand. I already have 4 tickets and if I get another, the DMV will take my license. I informed her that I had to do what I had to do. She asked if I clocked her on radar and I told her that I had. She requested to see the speed and opened her door. The world seemed to stand still as she eased one leg out the door and started to step out. I shifted my eyes from her chest just in time to see up her very short skirt. I could not believe my eyes. She was not wearing any panties. And she was really neatly trimmed. She seemed to remain motionless, still long enough for me to stare intently at the wet spot between her legs. Then she proceeded to get out of her car and walk...well, slink, back to my car. I actually followed her. I could not believe the spell this woman had on me. I even opened her door so she could sit down. I walked around my cruiser to the door and as I looked in at her, she had unbuttoned another button on her already strained dress. It seemed that her tits were going to fall out at any minute. And I was ready to catch them in an instant.

As soon as I sat down, she leaned over and asked if that was really her speed. Yes was all I could manage to stammer out. I reached for my ticket book and as I did, her hand met mine. She did not want me to reach the book. I managed to take hold of the book and opened it and started to flip the pages. She was now near tears. "Officer, I really cannot get another ticket." Isn't there anything that I can do to get out of this?" I could not believe my ears. Had this vision of beauty just tried to bribe me?

"Ma'am, you do know that I could charge you with attempting to bribe an officer?" She said nothing, just stared down at her lap. I just sat there and stared at her lap as well. She was slowly sliding her skirt up her thighs. And all I could do was watch. Just before her damp crotch was in view, she stopped and turned, catching me staring down at her. "Do you like?" I could only nod my approval. She raised the skirt all the way and revealed the wettest, prettiest pussy I had ever seen. But she did not stop there. She reached down with one hand and actually started playing with herself. Again she turned to see me staring. By now, my pen had fallen from my hand and I was just sitting there dumbfounded. She let out a soft moan, as the pleasure was getting to her. I could not believe it. Not only had she offered a bribe to me, but now she was touching herself right here in my police car. All these years of professionalism went right down the drain as I caught myself slowly reaching for her. I could not stop myself. I reached as she continued to moan and started bucking her hips. She now had two fingers inside her and her other hand was massaging her clit. She was really getting into it. I finally reached my target: her left breast. It was so big, so firm. I started to rub it and squeeze it. She responded with a louder moan. I responded with my other hand, this on sliding down her hips to her pussy. I reached over and touched her hand lightly. As if she were reading my mind, she eased her hand out of the way and allowed my hand to find its goal. I slid my finger inside her hot wet pussy and then followed with another. She reached up and pulled her top down. Revealing the little of her tits that I had not already seen. Her nipples were hard as pencil erasers. I pinched one, then the other as she moaned her approval. She sucked her juices from her hand and reached down to help me pleasure her. Our fingers mingled within her box, producing the wettest, and hottest orgasm I have ever seen. She screamed as she came and I realized then that her left hand was massaging my cock right through my uniform. I could not control myself any longer and reached down and undid my pants. She reached in and pulled out my hard penis and started rubbing it up and down. It felt really good. And with one hand in her pussy, and the other now groping her tits, I decided to let go and see what happened. She had shed her dress by now, and was working on getting my pants off. I did not resist and soon the two of us were completely naked in the front seat of the cruiser. I used what little sense I had left to suggest that we not make a mess of the car, so she suggested that we make our way to the trunk. I had never thought of having sex in my police car before, but all kinds of thoughts were going through my mind by this time. I helped her up on the trunk, and took my place between her thighs. I leaned down between her legs and found my mark. Her pussy was wet and hot. She was on fire. I licked around her hole until she could no longer stand it. I slowly slid my tongue inside, just poking her. She jerked and grabbed the back of my head. I was being forced to eat the tastiest, wettest, hottest pussy I had ever tasted. And I was the law! After a few minutes, that seemed like hours, I made my way up her quivering body to her tits.

I paused briefly to suck and bite her engorged nipples before making my to her awaiting mouth. I figured that since she like to suck her fingers clean, she would enjoy a deep wet kiss. Our mouths met and immediately her lips parted, allowing my tongue free access to her mouth. Her tongue met mine and we began to intertwine our tongues in a snake like ritual. Before I realized it, she had my cock at the entrance to her pussy. It was only a natural movement to force my hips forward. With one slow, deliberate thrust, I was inside her. She let out another moan, this one really loud. I started working my hips back and forth. The car rocked and her screams became shrieks as she got a pussy full of my cock. Faster, and faster, harder and harder I fucked until I could feel my seed working its way up. I fucked her harder, one last thrust and shot my entire load inside her. She just lifted and pushed against me, matching me stroke for stroke. When she realized that I had just cum inside her, she leaned up and kissed me again. She put her arms around me and pulled me down on her. She whispered in my ear "Are you sure there isn't anything that I can do to get out of this ticket?"

I told her that felt really good, and thanked her for her time, then asked her to redress and to sit down in my car again. I put my uniform back on and sat down once again. I reached over and got my ticket book, turned to the ticket that I had started to write her, and took out my pen and started writing again. She was not paying close attention to what I was doing while she was still getting dressed, but as soon as she saw that I was writing she asked excitedly "I thought we took care of the ticket?"

"Well, the way I see it, you were going 40 miles over the limit. I figure that is worth more than just one good fuck. I have your phone number, I will call you when we can get together and finish working off your ticket." With that, she agreed and slowly teased me as she walked back to her car. She spun the tires as she took off...and I knew that it would not be long before she had another charge to work off. Man I love this job! The pay ain't much, but the fringe benefits are GREAT!

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