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Lara by Agilum


It all started with this new job I got to earn some extra money next to my life as a student. I was 25, and highly interested in the opposite sex. (I myself am male.) My name doesn't matter I think. What I am going to tell in this first story (more may follow) is what happened to me when I got this new job, and with the woman I met there. I'll start from the beginning.

Being a student of 25 years and almost having finished my Masters Degree, I sometimes worked in a convention-centre. The work existed out of bar-work, serving people and things like that. The place where this convention-centre was located was a city with lots of students, so many of them worked in this centre as well. This caused me to meet many female students over there, which I liked very much, since I didn't have a girlfriend.

The first couple of times I worked there I just did my job but around the fourth or fifth time, I met a nice girl. The moment I saw here I felt my heart beat faster. She looked like an angel, beautiful and shining. During work we started talking and she was perfect. Her name was Lara; she was 16 years old, she looked like 18. Her body was slender, with a beautiful ass and nicely shaped tits. Her face was perfect. Shining blue eyes, long dark-blond hair like pure silk, embracing her face and hanging till just over her shoulders. The light reflected in her soft hair, making her look like a real angel. Every time we passed each other, I smelled here perfume, or was it her natural odour? I don't know, but while working we grew closer to each other and started talking more freely.

I looked at here as much as I could while working, and I think she started noticing that I was interested in her, way beyond average. Every now and then I made some compliments to her. When passing each other in the smaller corridors, we touched each other pretending to rest and keep balance. When we had lunchtime, we went together and talked while eating. The conversation changed from subject and we talked about relationships. She was single either! Just before lunch was over I told her I liked her, that she gave me this special feeling. I asked her for a date. She answered me she would tell me after work. When telling me this she put her hand shortly on my arm and we looked each other directly into the eyes. I thought I went crazy and at the same time I thought I saw the lust in her eyes. Then she stood up, walking behind me and scratching her nails in my back.

'Come,' she said. And I followed. Boy, am I glad that I followed her!

When walking back I took her hand and asked her about our date; what we were going to do. She answered me that before the date, we would still have to work some hours and then she MIGHT say yes to the date. However while saying that, her hands touched my chest softly and went from my chest to my belly, and finally to the sides of my butt. She directed here hands closer to my dick, and then she gave me a blink and walked on. To work!

After work I lost track of her. Suddenly she was gone. I damned myself and after looking for her for a while, I decided to go home, and went to the basement, where the changing-rooms were located. While pulling my shirt over my head, I heard a soft breathing behind me. I looked back and saw Lara, the most beautiful woman ever, looking at me in the most erotic look I could ever imagine. Here you are I said. Then she came closer telling me not to worry, and that she went away to make sure we would be alone down here! Alone, I must have smiled because Lara asked me whether I liked that idea. While taking her hand I said that I liked that idea very much!

This 16-year-old woman made my heart beat very fast! I pulled here closer to me and held her close to me, when I asked here whether the date was on. I played with her hair. It felt like heaven. I looked her straight in the eyes, when I felt her groin against me. She put her hand on my butt and pulled us closer together. My dick was hard as hell, what she must have felt, because the feeling of her body against my dick made me push hard against her. At that moment I realised the situation I was in. I looked at Lara, grabbed her hair and pulled her head to me. Before kissing her, I gave a long and wet kiss in her neck. I smelled her hair and licked her hairline in her neck. Lara moaned and her hands moved, one to my head and one in the direction of my dick. I pulled her head roughly backwards and then I let go of her, and again looked at her. We kissed softly. We both knew we wanted each other badly, however we had to control this lust or it would be over too soon.

Soft kissing became wetter and rougher. My hands floated over her body and through her hair while we kissed. Our bodies moving against each other, making both of us more exited every minute. She scratched her nails across my chest, making me groan and giving our bodies some room. She used this moment to place her hand over my dick and started squeezing. I again moved my hand through her hair and knew I had to feel this hair on my balls, while her mouth would be invaded by my cock. I pulled her head back softly, and opened her blouse to throw it away in a corner. Her young breasts were packed inside a white bra, looking smooth and tasty. I pulled her to me and kissed her again, while putting my hands to her back and open the bra. Her hands were still playing with my dick and by now she started opening my pants. I opened her bra and pulled it over her shoulders, she corrected here arms to let me slide it off. We kissed again while I played with her tits and softly pinched the nipples. Her hands now pulled my pants down and it fell to the ground. She took hold of my cock through my boxer, and slowly pulled it up and down. I moaned deeply in her mouth and squeezed her nipples. This caused her to moan back, and we kissed and I think the both of us became psychotic with lust.

While tasting each other's mouths, she pulled me off. First slowly, but then her hand grabbed inside my boxer and she squeezed it, making me buckle on my legs. She laughed at me, asking me how much I liked this. I told her I would tell her after we were finished, and then I walked towards one of the benches and I sat down. I pulled her with me, holding her hand in my boxer. She told me to get up to undress completely, before sitting down and I did as asked. She also slid out of her pants, to come and sit on me on the bench. I felt the heat of her pussy burn through her underpants on my dick. We pushed strongly against each other and I felt her hard nipples press into my chest. Pushing her away, I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked on it, while softly biting playing with it. She stretched her head backwards while I played the other nipple in my hand. I wanted to fuck this woman in every possible way, hard and often. Her slender hips pushed against my dick. Such a tight and slender pussy around my hard dick was all I could think of. So I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back further. I then licked her neck, and kissed her hard and wet. She looked me in the eye, and I told her I wanted to fuck her.

She told me to lay down, and then kissed my chest. Her head went towards my dick, and I knew what was coming, Her hand pulled my rock hard dick up and down, and she smiled at me. Softly while pulling me of she told me it was a large and beautiful one. She kissed the head of my cock and her other hand started playing with my balls. "First I want it deep down my throat", she told me. And she started sucking my dick. I went in deeper and deeper, and I felt her hair slide over my waist and around my dick. I pushed her head softly down, until I felt her resist more. Her tongue felt warm and soft at the flesh of my dick. And then she withdrew, only to later take it in her mouth once again. Up and down I felt her head go, and I played with her hair and helped her go up and down with my hand in her neck.

After some minutes I couldn't hold it anymore. I told here I was going to come, and she let go of me for about half a minute, while still playing with my balls. Then her head went down again and she took my dick in her mouth once more. Again I directed her mouth deeper onto my dick, while playing with her soft hair. Her mouth almost completely covering my dick, her hand holding the rest and playing with my balls, her moaning and sucking on my dick, it was too much for me, and after giving her another warning I was about to come. After warning her she however tried to take me deeper into her mouth and she started playing my balls a bit rougher. That pushed me over the limit, and I felt my dick grow even harder inside her throat and mouth. Then I started spraying my sperm into her mouth and she closed her mouth saving every drop of it. Did she swallow at that moment? I didn't care. My sperm and my very being were penetrating her mouth, and she liked it a lot! She sucked me till I was completely done, and then she looked up. Looking me straight in the eyes, I saw her beauty and her lust-filled eyes again.

She came upwards to kiss me, looking a bit strange. When she kissed me I knew why. She hadn't swallowed my sperm, she had saved it in here mouth. When she opened her mouth and put it on mine, I tasted myself. My seed flowed between our mouths, while our tongues played with it and with each other. My hands went through her hair again, and I pinched her right nipple. After she suddenly pushed all the liquid into my mouth, she quickly told me not to swallow. She ordered me to put it inside her pussy, and by telling me that she laid down, took off her panties and opened her legs to me. I went down, looking at her pussy and took her ankles in my hands. I pulled her pussy up, so it the liquid couldn't flow out of it. Then I slowly put my right index finger inside her and let the liquid from my mouth flow alongside it. It looked so nasty, the sperm flowing out of my mouth and into and over her pussy. While my other finger started playing with her clit, I started kissing her pussy, pushing my tongue deep inside her and still letting the fluid flow in bit by bit. She tasted great, and mixed with my juices I tasted pure love. She started moaning harder and wilder, and I continued licking and sucking her clit and pussy. Suddenly I felt her body tense, and her moans grew louder. I knew what was happening, and so did she!

I felt her start shaking softly in my hands, and while holding her close I continued my licking with more passion. Then she pushed her pussy harder on my mouth and cried out my name. I felt her pussy change in taste, and the amount of liquid grew larger. I sucked her completely empty, while I heard her cry out.

"Oooouuuuueeeehhhhh!" she cried while I squeezed here nipple once more.

I tried to save as much of the fluid I could in my mouth and after she calmed down, I went up to kiss her, feeling the cold breeze on my completely wet face. She looked at me, and kissed me hard en deep. Once more we shared our body fluids, until finally we both swallowed it and kissed for minutes more.

I asked here to join me in the shower, and she agreed to take it together. Once in the shower, I kissed her again, and I put my hand in her hair while we stepped into the warm water. I felt her hair get wet in my hand and my other hand went down to her pussy. I touched it, and she shuddered. She looked me into the eyes and told me to keep playing with her pussy, while her hands both started playing with my dick. In no time it got hard again, and she told me she now wanted to be fucked. She told me to lie down and as asked I did. She bent down to suck my dick a couple of times more, before getting up again. She then sat down on me, softly sliding her pussy over my dick, dry fucking me. Laying on my back I could play with her young tits while she did this, and I pulled her down to kiss me. After a short but wild kiss, I felt her hand move between her legs and she took my dick, positioning it at the mound of her pussy. Because of the falling water in the shower room I couldn't open my eyes, what resulted in an extra sensation on my side. She slid my dick across her lips some more, and then finally she put the head of my dick inside her vaginal opening. We both moaned and moved towards each other to kiss. While kissing wild and wet, she forced herself down further on my dick. I felt her pussy lips slide over my dick, taking it inside her in this warm wet love tunnel, making me groan even more. The first five centimetres went in easily, but then I felt her pussy tighten on my dick. We stayed like that for some time, while kissing. Then she started moving up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her for these couple of centimetres. She made strange noises, and looked as if she would soon explode out of lust. Her eyes started rolling, and she started shuddering again.

'Damn, I'm going to come again,' she said.

After that I felt her pussy tighten and she came loud and hard, pressing her nails deep into my chest.

I looked up and told her she was not going to get it that easy. I took her close, rolled over and then she was lying on her back. The uncomfortable, hard floor was adding an extra dimension of nastiness. Seeing her laying like that, my bitch, my slut of 16. However, my dick felt harder then ever, so I wanted to be inside her completely. I started fucking her slowly with the five centimetres that had already entered her. She groaned, and so did I. Then I pushed my dick in further, and out again. Every time I penetrated her, I added an extra cm. She moaned and shuddered. While fucking her like this, I sometimes changed the rhythm. She didn't know what was happening when I was completely inside her. I think she came again, when I started fucking her a bit faster now. My dick completely inside her gave me the feeling of having the power to use her, whenever I wanted.

I now had my dick completely inside her, and fucked here pretty fast. Every now and then when inside of her, I rested a moment and we pushed our groins against each other to gain some extra penetration. These moments I felt the ending of her pussy; her womb pressed against my cock head. Hearing her moan even harder when doing this, I concluded that she must like it. So did I. I took her right leg of the table and pulled it on my right shoulder, while continuing to fuck her hard. Her left leg remained on the floor. Stepping over her left leg with my knees and pulling her right leg to my left shoulder and beyond, we switched to doggie-style without me leaving her pussy. After we arrived in doggie style, we first fucked softly to adjust to the position. Then I started fucking her harder again, feeling the ending of her pussy better then in the previous position.

She too liked this, because she screamed, 'Fuck me, fuck me deep. I want it all inside me, now. Fuck me harder! Oh please, fuck my womb!"

I pushed against her as hard as I could, and she pushed back. We couldn't get closer to each other. My dick deep inside her pussy, her tight and young pussy, pleasuring the both of us beyond limits.

Going inside of her I felt her womb push back against my cock. Then I gave her a little slap on the ass, and after that immediately started fucking her. The slap made her muscles tense, and I felt her pussy tighten around my dick even more. I ignored this and just increased my fucking speed, while sometimes slapping her again on her ass. Soon she was going crazy again, asking me to fuck her harder!

'Fuck me darling. Make me your slut, do with me whatever you want, as long as you just fuck me with that monster of yours deep inside of me!" she screamed.

I felt her hand reach between her and my legs, taking my balls in her hand. Now she forced me to fuck her even faster, by pulling at my balls. I realised I wouldn't be holding much longer, so I decided to give her a little extra, to make her hot for a next time.

While still fucking her hard and fast, I started playing with her pussy, which was convulsing around my dick. She moaned, and when I pushed my finger in her vagina next to my dick, a scream sounded loud. I felt her shudder and tighten around my dick and finger.

'I'm gonna come," she screamed. 'Oh yes, fuck me.'

The extra tightness caused my balls to start shivering. Quickly I withdraw my finger, tasted her juices in my mouth, gathered some saliva and rubbed this on her anus. I felt my dick growing harder, and I was about to come as my finger entered her other hole. While fucking her I finger-fucked her ass, while she screamed again, and she came again. This caused me to come as well, I couldn't possibly hold out any longer. I penetrated her once more, as deep and hard as I could, before Lara sucked all my seed out of me, into her wet and warm pussy. I spurted deep inside her, I think I must have sprayed into her womb, because I felt the ending of her love tunnel against my cock head. I took my finger out of her ass and fucked her some more, slowly and lovingly now. Then she collapsed beneath me, and I softly lay down on top of her.

Sitting down next to her now, I grabbed her body and pulled her up to a sitting position, against me. Looking her in the eyes, we started kissing again. Completely exhausted. She smiled, and so did I. She asked me again how much I liked this. I told her I could do this every minute of the day! I then asked here about the date, she still owed me an answer. She told me I had now earned a date. And what were we going to do this date? We didn't discuss that, however I had a pretty good idea...

After this we showered again, and this time we really showered. During this shower I felt my dick harden again, and so did she. While showering and kissing, I felt her hand go down again. She took my dick in her hand and squeezed it softly, making it grow harder. She then once more went down with her head to lick the head of my cock, before slowly taking it inside her mouth. Deep and slow sucking I felt. She took my dick as deep as possible and played in the mean time with my balls. When I started feeling real hot, I felt a finger stretch between my buttocks. She was still playing with my balls and sucking my dick, but I felt another finger softly playing with my anus. I opened my legs a bit wider to gain her better access to where her finger was going.

Suddenly I felt her take my dick deeper in her mouth then I thought possible. I felt my cock going almost completely into her throat. This hit me hard, and I felt my dick almost explode. Sensing this she shoved her finger deep in my ass, and started humming a low tone. I came, hard and immediately. Lara felt my dick grow harder once more, I saw her recognise the signal. This time it was her finger-fucking my ass while I came hard. My seed spurted into her mouth, and this time I felt her swallow. She enjoyed sucking my dick, and it was good! Looking at this beautiful young woman suck my dick made me want to fuck this woman again, always and everywhere.

After the shower we kissed some more and then both went home. However, we did exchange phone numbers and later we made a date. It was a hot date, and I enjoyed Lara again, this time in all holes. Maybe I'll tell that story once, however first I want to tell some other stories. Stories about me and women I met at this job. Remember my name to read more of my stories here at White Shadow's Nasty Stories or mail me if you really liked this story. My e-mail address:

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