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Lance Cloudview by Drmwrld69

Lance Cloudview

A little fooling around was all we had done: kissing and fondling with a couple of blowjobs in between. We were introduced to each by my lover -- Lance is his brother. Lance has been an extraordinary friend and, I have to laugh, my yardman. That's how we met, about a year and half ago, when I needed to find someone to do my yard.

The moment I saw him, the attraction was very strong. To me, I could feel it in the air. I believe he felt it also. Lance is what every woman dreams of: tall, dark, handsome, and very sensual. But, for many reasons, I cannot go all the way with Lance though the longing and desire is strongly there. Therefore, I write of my fantasy.

Lance comes to do my yard. I'm alone as my son is with his Dad. After he is through, Lance comes into the house for payment and a little chit-chat. Our eyes meet and I find myself, once again, smiling and going into his strong arms. A kiss that makes my knees weak, nipples aching, and pussy tingling. This time, though, it's different.

Lance suddenly breaks free and scoops me up into his arms. I'm speechless and in shock, wondering what is going on. He walks into the bedroom and sits down on the edge of the bed.

"No more teasing," Lance informs me.

Before I could respond, he swiftly pushes me down on the bed, leaning with his shoulders on my upper body, wrapping his legs around mine to keep me still. He reaches with a hand down to my shorts, undoes the button, and unzips them. He pulls them down over my hips.

"Lance, wait! We can't!" I cry to no avail for Lance paid no heed.. Saying not a word, Lance sits up, pulling me with him. Before I knew what to do or say to stop this, Lance throws me over his muscled thighs. My white naked ass is in the air, my legs and head dangling down.

I start struggling, but it makes no impression on Lance. His mind has a mission and there is not a thing I can do to stop him. Whop!

"This is for teasing me" Lance says, sternly, while walloping the paleness out of my ass. Whop! "This is for making me wait so long". On and on the spanking went till my cheeks were a bright scarlet and me, with tears rolling down my face.

Lance stops and pulls me up to kneel on the carpet between his long legs. I'm speechless not knowing what to expect but I was in no way going to question his actions in case he decided to have another go at my ass! He pulls off his shirt revealing a broad chest with thick curly hair. Lance, then stood up and undid his shorts.

"Pull them off," he orders. I reach up and tug them down past his legs and over his feet. Automatically, I take his shoes off and then wait for the next command. Lance sits back on the bed, takes the bottom of my shirt and pulls it over my head. Bending over he reaches to unhook my bra, my full breasts swinging free with nipples taut. He stands me up and finishes pulling my shorts off. Then, he pushes on my shoulders till I'm back on the carpet, kneeling between his thighs.

His hands come around my head and pulls me forward to his hard cock. My red lips open and a thick cock slides in. I put my hands on his hips to draw him forward and take all of him in my wet mouth. My tongue twirls around the head of a cock, my cheeks concave with the force of suction. It tastes so good, precum oozing out and down my throat. One of my hands starts to fondle his tight balls while his cock pumps in and out fucking my mouth. I feel his balls starting to tighten knowing he's about to cum when he stops, pushing me off his hard cock. I'm so disappointed. I don't want to stop.

Lance pulls me up on the bed with him, bodies side by side. He runs his hands over my body, caressing, touching and exploring every inch of my skin. My hands are doing the same, discovering how his skin feels. Parts of his skin rough from working outside, other parts warm and smooth. I run my fingers through his thick, curly chest hair gliding lower to the hair around his cock and balls. Tugging and fondling, my nails lightly scratching.

Our lips are meshed with tongues intertwined while our hands move over each other's body. Lance breaks free of my mouth and lowers it to my breasts. Taking both breasts, he pushes them together while his lips move back and forth, sucking on hard nipples. I gasp. My legs start to spread wanting to feel Lance between them.

Lance senses what I crave and moves his weight on top of my soft body. I feel his thrusting cock angling for the warmth and wetness of my pussy. His mouth comes down on top of mine just as his thick cock enters my throbbing pussy. He slowly pumps in and out. My pussy lips grabbing hold and clenching his pumping cock. Our hips are slapping against each other. The sensation of fucking Lance is incredible. I can hear the sounds of cock going into extreme wetness.

Inside of me, I feel an orgasm building up, my moans becoming louder, my arms wrapping around Lance pulling him closer. Lance fucks my pussy in long, slow strokes till I cum, moaning till it's almost a scream. He slows down while I catch my breath and then pulls out.

He turns me over, putting pillows underneath my hips till my still very red ass is accessible and high in the air. Lance probes my pussy with two fingers, getting them wet and then slowly inserts them into my anus. Working his fingers in and out. I start grinding my clit against the pillows in time with his massaging.

"I want every part of you," Lance whispers.

I want him too, in every part of my body that can be had. Lance pulls my ass cheeks apart and gently works the dripping head of his cock in my tight ass. Slowly, he works his cock in while my clit rubs against the pillows. Soon, cock is all the way in. Lance slides his hard, thick cock in and out of my ass. My hips pushing back against his. His strong hands grasping my hips while he drives his cock in and out of my hot, tight ass. His balls are bouncing against my pussy, driving me crazy with desire.

Soon, Lance's cock pumps become faster as my ass accepts him. I work my clit in a frenzy against the pillows till I feel another orgasm coming on. I climaxed with cock in my ass. The hot interior contracting and clenching cock so intensely that Lance groans out loud as milky cum shoots inside of me.

We stay in this position for a few moments, catching our breathe and stilling our racing hearts. Lance pulls out and lays down, taking me with him, and says, "Now, tell me again why we waited so long?"

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