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Keyboard Massage by George Something

Keyboard Massage

I walk into your room and find that you are working at the computer (probably emailing some lucky guy!) and I can't help but notice how sexy you look in your tank top and shorts. I slide my jacket off silently, then my shirt, socks and shoes leaving only my boxers on

I slide my hands onto your shoulders and start rubbing the base of your neck I slide my hands onto your shoulders and start rubbing the base of your neck just relax, close your eyes... enjoy... sit up a bit straighter, there that's better... how does it feel? I ask as my hands slide in circles at the base of your neck...

My hands continue their journey sliding around your neck, sometimes moving out to your shoulders while they work their magic, let me tell you more about myself... My large and lightly calloused hands are moving to a definite rhythm as I stroke your shoulders... you catch a glimpse of the back of my hands an notice the veins rise above my strong, darkly tanned hands. You have a good feeling about them - You and they are warm... You wonder what I look like (I am 6 feet 2 inches tall, muscular, 195 ponds with light hair, blue eyes large hands and very long legs)

While you can't see the silk boxers I am wearing, you can see the muscles on my calves as they flex with my efforts my hands travel up into your hair and massage your scalp, caressing your temples, releasing all the tension you have inside your back slumps slightly as your body yields to my touch.. my fingers knead your shoulder muscles and slide out to the tops of your shoulders. under the straps of your tank top

How does this feel now? I ask as my lips brush against your neck as my hands continue to work your shoulders I slide my fingers under the straps of your tank top as I attempt to get at all your shoulder muscles oh god, your neck is so inviting... my lips can't stay away softly nuzzle the juncture of your neck and shoulders while my hands move to your arms stroking down from shoulder to elbow I am in heaven

Standing over you, I lean forward to see the swell of your chest, rising and falling with every deep relaxed breath I feel stirrings of my own excitement my hands flutter briefly as my eyes take in your body my lips move up to the lobe of your ear as my hands slide down your back to your waist.

My fingers touch the hem of your shirt and slide underneath you arch back against me and moan in anticipation. I lean over your shoulder and I can make out the outline of your nipples, now rock hard as I begin to lift your shirt over your head. Now, with nothing to stop my hands, they begin to trace an intricate pattern over the muscles in your back, hitting all the right spots, you whimper and moan as my lips continue their quest on your neck my eyes sneak a peak at your chest I can see your nipples stand tall in the night, straining the fabric of your bra... my heart beats wildly...

The almond scent of the lotion fills the room as the warmth from my hands spreads across your back... I want so much more of you but I don't want to spoil the moment my eyes oh the sight of your chest as it rises and falls with your breathing my gaze is focussed on your nipples.. I want to touch them, caress them. my hands divert from your back to your shoulders and down

Down to the top of your chest, sliding around and under your breasts - oh my god... I am rock hard... I cant believe how turned on I am and I have barely begun to touch you. I reach up and cup your breast, no I grab your breast strong firm, passionately your nipples are burning holes in my palms I need to touch them more. I slide my fingers under your bra and lift it over your head. Your gorgeous chest swings free and beckons me to touch you

My fingers find your nipples and I roll both between my fingers, as my body slides up behind you, a soft moan loader than before escapes your parted lips and while you are focussed on my fingers and your nipples, you now feel my hard chest against your back and my engorged cock pushing against your butt My chest hair is rough against your back and my nipples are hard against you.

I need you more now. Now the moan is from my lips as I spin you around and crush your chest to mine our lips meet for the first time and the heat of passion is tremendous incredible

Our tongues entwine and my cock throbs against your pelvis my chest hairs are rough on your nipples my hands grab, pull and grind your great ass against me oh god I want you. I pull almost tear your panties off in passion and find you dripping wet you drop to your knees and free me form the confines of my boxers, my cock is straining the limits of my flesh as its engorged head and veins throb to the beat of my heart Your lips come within inches of me and your hot breath just reaches my tip as I bend down

I sweep you off your feet and carry you to the bed where my fingers find the swollen lips of your pussy, I spread them to reveal your clit, hard, at attention, throbbing you arch your hips to me, My fingers drip with your juices as they roll your clit between them. I can't wait any longer

I slide you to the end of the bed, raise your feet so that they are on my shoulders and place the tip of my cock at your entrance.

My mind tells me to slide in slow, but as I gaze down at your body, nipples hard, chest heaving, pussy dripping, I slam into you, temporarily taking your breath away as my entire essence and yours become one like a piston I continue to pummel you, driving hard with my hips as your hands find my shoulders and squeeze in ecstasy You can feel my balls slapping against you as your are spread to your limits... a wave of passion is building. My cock slides so hard into you your orgasm hits fast as your hands grab my butt and I deliver one last thrust. Through clenched teeth a mighty moan escapes and your body shudders as a second wave of orgasm hits.

I collapse on top of you, still hard and still inside of you, making small movements with my hips. I kiss and nuzzle your neck. as I give you time to recover. we both fall asleep...

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