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Kesh, the Servant by Storyteller37

Kesh, the Servant

This story contains elements of: big djinns conducting rituals with gods trapped inside a little girl's body, anal and vaginal fucking, sucking and lots of cumshots. If you don't like some of this, don't read beyond this point.

Since the god inside the girl is 100,000 million years old, I don't consider this to be acts of pedophilia, but if you're into that, just disregard the god-part...


...Kesh, the servant.

It was high noon and the hot scalding sun overlooked the white brick houses of Kesh.

Kesh was a huge city, actually the largest one in the emir's kingdom, but it was also the only city where slavery was still allowed.

Not a single shadow in sight, Kesh sighed as he quickly paced across the crowded marketplace.

He was more nervous than ever. Not only had his master trusted him with a fat pouch of his gold to buy a slave today, but the emir's guard was in town this particular day, looking for some smugglers who had been smuggling cheese from Turkey.

On his way to the marked place, he passed by several guards carrying carbines and knives. The policy was strict. No trial. Any smuggler found were to loose his right hand, shot if trying to escape.

Although the year was 1944, everything else in the city looked like it was in the dark ages.


It was several slaves later, and many angry people had left the scene. Soon, there were only a handful of buyers left.

Kesh pondered. There were only one slaves left and five buyers. Was his master wrong on the dates of the sale? Had he overlooked the so special slave his master wanted him to buy? Had somebody else bought her?

The questions ran maniacally through Kesh' head. He rattled with the 10 golden eagles in his pouch. It was more than enough to buy any slave he had seen on this day, perhaps even two.

The men on the podium dragged a big strong man onto the stage. He was black as the night and he was hung like a donkey.

Surely, this was not the slave he was sent to buy?

"And from the deepest darkest of Africa comes the man with no name. He has spent half his life on the royal Cutwater as a rowman, and will do about anything not to go back there! Do I have a bidding for this strong ebony giant?"

A lady in the crowd stepped out of her chariot and held her hand up.

"Five eagles on the British Governor lady!"

No more calls. The slave got unshackled and past over to the lady who was very pleased with her buy.

Just as Kesh was about to turn home and have his head cut off, the herald yelled out:

"Aaaaand for you faithful buyers who didn't get anything, I have a special ware for you!"

Kesh froze and turned back. Perhaps there were hopes after all. He readied his pouch and glanced over at the other buyers who gazed up at the herald with most interested eyes.

"Directly from the northern lands of Europe, the Viking amethyst, a girl with the body Aphrodite would envy...we call her Devine!"

The podium guard stepped up to the stage holding a petite fair-skinned girl no more than 13 years old by her struggling hands.

She had long yellowish hair going all the way to her butt tied in a ponytail and her face was the innocence of a child.

The herald swiftly pulled off her simple garment and revealed her bare naked body.

Bright milky white skin as if the sun disregarded her, two tiny breasts on the brink of developing, a flat cute tummy and a beautiful little pussy with no pubes at all.

"Five!" one of the remaining buyers called out.

"Six!" another one yelled while holding up his pouch.

The herald smiled and laughed as he turned the girl around, showing ever assets and forms to the audience.

"Seven, you dirty rascal!" a familiar voice in the background called out.

It was Lord Ket who had returned. He had two burly guards with him who stood by him saying not a word. Kesh gasped as the bidding quickly got out of hand.

"Eight!" he called out looking fearful over at the armed guards who glanced back at him.

"Eight and a silver scarab!" the lord called out in anger.

"Nine!" Kesh yelled back. What would happen if he could not buy the slave?

"Fifteen!" a strong voice from behind him suddenly called out.

The herald gloated in the money called up and glanced eagerly over at the man who had called out fifteen.

"I have fifteen from Mr... Mr... Erh, you aren't on my list. What be your name stranger?"

"Beko!" the stranger called out.

Beko, that was...

Kesh looked back at the stranger. Yes! It was his master, and Beko was the name he used when he on a rare occasion showed his face outside.

"SOLD, to Mr. Beko in the blue robes."

Kesh ran over to his master.

"What are you doing here master? You cannot be seen by the guards like this, they know the legends."

His master glanced over at the guards and the lord who left the scene in anger.

The sun lit up his blue inhuman face. He covered himself up not to be noticed.

"Master, you are not human. They will notice you. A djinn walking casually around with a young fairskinned slave. Does it ring a bell? They will recognize the ancient legends! They'll understand what you want!"

"Silence, servant. I know the risks. But imagine if I were not here to overcall the all goody mushy lord over there."

Kesh nodded and stopped talking. He covered up the girl when the guard had unshackled her and turned her over in exchange for the money.

His master must have been very eager to get back to the cave with the slave because he forgot to ask for the 10 goldeagles Kesh had gotten to buy the slave with.


Back in the cave, the master grabbed the girl and guided her to her cell.

"Now, we must wait. When the full moon comes, the prophecy will bring me immortality and tremendous power!" he said with a booming voice while reaching for the circular hole in the roof.

In the center of the room, a great altar stood. When the moon appeared in the hole, the altar would shine for a minute, allowing the evil djinn to fulfill the ritual of immortality.

To bring the legendary heiress of the gods to this dreaded place had aroused attention amongst the gods so if this was carried out correctly, Beko the djinn would become a god himself.


Kesh was just about finished preparing for the ritual.

The girl laid naked on the altar tied by her hands and legs. She had yet to speak, for all Kesh knew she couldn't speak.

Kesh had smeared her entire body with a ritual oil and her petite body was glistening in the dim light from the hole in the roof.

He grabbed a jar of oil and got down on his knees between her legs. He had one thing left before the preparations were complete. His master would never manage to bring the girl to orgasm in just a minute so he had to help him.

The ritual explained that the girl had to be a virgin and that the djinn had to break her maidenhood AND bring her to orgasm within a single minute. The djinn was not allowed to see the girl during the preparations, so Kesh was all alone with the girl.

Kesh' job was to bring the girl closer to orgasm by any other means than breaking her hymen. He started to prod her pussy with his tongue.

It was already moist and hot. He loved the taste. He lapped and licked her like a dog, but she didn't show a single sign of joy.

HER job was to keep from orgasming before the minute was done, Kesh figured as he started to bite and suck on her tiny little clit.

He smeared his finger with oil and poked her pink little asshole with his finger while continuing sucking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Well, there WAS no tomorrow if he couldn't make her orgasm before the ritual was done.

His finger wouldn't go in. It was so incredibly tight and she held back with all her muscles.

Kesh forced it into her with all power, and the little girl sighed slightly, her tender light voice sounding the first sound Kesh had heard from her.

The girl released her ass muscles and let the finger travel all the way to when Kesh' knuckles pressed against her buttocks.

He started to spin his finger around and to his relief, the girl slowly started to sigh more and moan just slightly.

Kesh started to lick her faster and faster until his tongue ached. He prodded a second finger against her asshole and it just barely slid in together with the first one.

He spun them around, lingering in her asshole with his two oiled up fingers. Soon, he could taste her juices starting to stream. She was obviously on her way to orgasm, so he slowly picked down his pace and pulled out his fingers from her ass.

Her asshole slopped shut with a wet sound. Kesh sighed as he watched the beautiful girl moaning. He so much wanted to fuck her silly, but his master would kill him.

Then suddenly he began thinking. If he fucked her asshole, she would still remain a virgin for his master.

He got up from his knees and smiled to the girl while he pulled off his pants and fished his big fat cock out of his shorts. It was semi-hard of excitement.

He started rubbing it with the warming oil and leaned over her, facing her pretty childlike face as he started to guide his cock towards her hole, but his cock was still a little soft and he could not get it. No matter how much he rubbed, he could not get it harder. Perhaps it was the fear of doing something wrong.

He then came up with a splendid idea. He inserted a finger inside her mouth. She looked up at him with wondering while he started to wet his finger inside her mouth.

Her red tiny lips enveloped the finger and her hot little tongue ran up and down on it. He sighed as he thought of her sucking him.

But hey. She COULD suck him.

He smiled again and climbed up on the altar, going down with one knee on each side of her pretty little head.

Pulling out his finger, he used it to open her slack jaw. It seemed like she didn't care to hold back anymore. Kesh pushed the fat limp cock inside her mouth. It was so wonderful and tight, he could have blown his load there and then.

The girl sucked him like crazy, and it took him no longer than ten seconds of the wet hot mouth to become hard as rock.

He pulled out and unstraddled her, going down between her feet again.

His cock was lubed with oil and spit, and he pushed it against her pukka pink asshole.

With little problem, it slid into her. He gasped as he felt her hot little ass envelop his member and he was short of blowing his wad inside her. He glanced down at his watch. Still five minutes for his master was going to break the little girl's hymen.

He had to keep her on the brink of orgasm for five minutes.

He sighs as he slowly started to pull in and out of her asshole, slowly not to erupt inside of her.

The little girl sighed with every careful thrust. She turned her head back and forth biting her lip as she felt the tremendous cock inside of her ass.

Kesh nearly went crazy. He so much wanted just to fuck her silly, blow his wad all over her and go away, but he knew he had to keep her warm for five minutes.

He rubbed her clit slowly, teasingly, watching the mix of torment and joy in the young girl's face as he halted his cock deep inside her. She shook her head and looked up at him.

Her big innocent eyes glanced deep into his, pleading him to make her come.

He couldn't do it. He continued slowly fucking her, his throbbing cock almost went crazy. She mooed her mouth in pleasure, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

Suddenly, she bent her head up and opened her mouth. Her meek bright voice trembled and spoke:

"Please, Kesh. Release me. We can escape together from this cold dreaded place."

Kesh didn't know what to think at first. What struck him oddest, that she knew his name or that she could actually speak.

He stopped fucking her and gasped, saying:

"But..But my master will find us."

She blinked and sighed, continuing without even pausing almost like she knew what he was saying before he said it:

"Then we will run so he can't find us. Please, do it now before he comes to finish the ritual."

Kesh was speechless. He just watched her pretty little face while she spoke on:

"If he completes the ritual, he will surely kill both me and you."

Kesh gathered his senses.

"But the only way out of here is through his personal chamber, and that is not an option."

The little girl sighed and spoke on with a trembling voice.

"Then you must take my maidenhood before he can. When he finds out, strike him down from behind and untie me so we can escape while he is knocked out."

He was surprised of the keen thinking of this child. It almost slipped his mind that this was actually a god trapped inside a child.

Somehow, the little girl have had him convinced. He nodded as he glared down at her pretty untouched pussy, pulling out his cock from her slippery asshole.

He wiped it clean with a rag and started to rub her pussy while steering his cockhead against her pussylips.

His cock barely fit between her pink bright pussylips and with one hard thrust, he bursted through her hymen with his big fat cock.

The little girl squirmed and rocked with her little pubescent body, trying to hold back her squeal. Kesh quickly held his hand over her mouth and stopped her from screaming. He began to rock in and out in trusty movements, the sensation of her warm incredibly tight twat surrounding his member with every forceful blow.

The only thing that kept him from erupting inside of her now was the thought of what might happen if his master caught him now.

A slight slopping sound developed between the hard slamming thrusts and Kesh gazed down at his fat cock bobbing in and out of the blushing tight twat. The girl started panting as he fucked her harder and faster.

"Qu..Qu..Quick! Put a finger in my ass. I need to come now!"

He gasped to hold back his cum and pushed two fingers inside her ass. He could feel her ass-muscles squeezing tight around them as he pulled them in and out with his jerky movements. He could feel his rigid cock pulsating and throbbing, wanting to cum now, but he managed to hold back.

A rill of her juices streamed out and coated his fingers, and suddenly she gaped her mouth wide open and gasped.

Her whole body trembled and shook, her tight pussymuscles tightening the grasp on his cock and finally she spasmodically yelped:

"Oh, I'm... I'm coming! I'm Coming!"

The sound of her bright thin voice panting and yelping was too much for him. Suddenly, he began gasping and spasming as he fired his abundant amounts of cum deep inside her pussy.

He could hear her gasping with every blow of his hot sticky cum planted deep into her belly.

Suddenly, the key in the door started turning.

He gasped and pulled out his cock. The girl gathered herself from her trembling orgasm and concentrated real hard on keeping his semen inside of her. Her still quivering pussy could barely hold. She squeezed her muscles and tightened her pussy so the djinn wouldn't find out just yet.

Kesh quickly fumbled his still rigid cock back into his pants and positioned himself a few meters away by a big candle-holder.

His provisional plan, to grab the candle-holder and smash his master in the head so hard that they would get time enough to run away.

"Ah, servant. I see you have prepared her for me."

Beko the djinn master spoke out as he entered the room.

His big burly body was barely covered with his red ritual robe. Like his face, the rest of his body was blue. Most djinns were blue, but some also red. He pulled off his robe and revealed his huge cock. It was on the size of a camel's cock and it stood straight out.

"I must be quick. It is only a minute left!"

The white light from the moon shone through the hole in the room and illuminated the little girl and the big djinn.

He pushed his cock inside her pussy and grunted.

"What is this? I expected her to be much tighter!"

Regardless, he started pumping her fast and furious. Her little body quivered and shook from her last orgasm, her long tired moans turned into gasps.

"Do...It...Noooow!" she called out to Kesh who had just grabbed the candle and was slowly moving towards his master.

Her unsteady breath became shallow and panting, and finally Beko roared as he came. His huge pumping cock filled her up with his semen and he continued fucking her silly, bringing the little girl to yet an orgasm. He fucked her so hard and fast, the ribbons holding her legs and arms were teared straight off.

"Yeeeees!!" he roared as he felt her trembling body grasping his cock tight.

"Nooow, Kesh!" she yelped.

Beko grunted in the midst of his orgasm, looking back at his servant. He realized what Kesh was about to do and he pulled out of the girl, his massive cock still spurting and shooting.

"Noooo!" he yelled as he smacked his servant with his fist, bringing him to fly against the door and fall to the ground.

"I trusted you, you petty scoundrel! I will finish you off after I become a god!!!"

He turned back to the girl, but she was gone.

He could see a trail of cum and blood going over to the door to the side room.

"Noooo!" he yelled as he ran after the trail to catch up with his girl. She had to lay in the light of the moon when the gods granted him immortality.

The little girl appeared from behind the altar. She had miraculously managed to trail over to the door and back with her pussy wide open spreading a trail of cum to lure the big djinn as she hid behind the altar. Beko the djinn was in rage. He looked everywhere for his girl but could not find her. Suddenly, the door slammed shut, locking him into the room.

He could hear the sounds of her small feet run towards the exit, and he started pounding at the door in rage.

"Come back here! I will have you dead, you hear? Deeeead!!!!"


Kesh sat by the table, drinking his tea. He glanced over at the little girl who sat on the other side, fondling with her long ponytail.

It had been a week since they escaped the clutches of Beko, but they figured he would gain up on them again soon.

Their wounds were healed and they had regained their strength.

"You know, I still owe you for helping me out of that cave when I was wounded," Kesh finally said as he looked over at the pretty little girl bathed in innocence and purity.

"You saved me first, you know. Now, we're in this together," she said back as she smiled warmly back to him.

End of story.

Mail me, tell me what you think of this story. Tell me what you would like to happen next. I love response.

Send me a comment and a request at


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