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A Guest...

Keichea was a very pretty little black girl of twelve. She had taken to admiring her slender little body in her floor to ceiling three way mirror a lot over the last year. And, she liked what she was seeing. Now, she wasn't really satisfied with it yet... but, it was getting better. Boys were looking at her, and men too!

Keichea's mother was a young looking thirty year old woman. Without makeup, Mary Lynn, passed for twenty five. With, well, she could pass for twenty. And in any case, she was beautiful! People sometimes mistook her for her daughter's older sister. And she took advantage of that... sometimes. She was also an archaeologist for a living. Working for the local museum on the local sites.

C.J. was an almost thirteen year old white boy who had always had, well, for a year or two, a bit of a crush on both woman and girl. These days, he had begun developing an erection that was five and a half inches long when he thought about them.

Mary Lynn had written to C. J.'s mother, also a single parent, asking if it would be all right if he spent a month with them that Summer. And permission had been given.

Keichea and C. J. were very excited since he had also received a letter from both his fantasy girlfriends. Mary Lynn had asked permission first, but also wrote C. J. himself and asked if he would like to come. And, of course, he was eager to go! C. J., not knowing about the first letter to his mother, asked her permission and was delighted when given it.

Mary Lynn and Keichea were waiting at the air port for C. J.'s flight to come in on pins and needles with excitement. And there it came... !

Keichea saw him first and ran to his arms and kissed him almost passionately on the lips. This although it was a closed mouth kiss. And his so called manhood had responded. When he approached Mary Lynn, he hugged her around the level of her medium cupped breasts and could have sworn she had rubbed them across his own nipples. C. J. was almost as tall as Mary Lynn and very solid in body mass.

After picking up his suit case, and in the car with C. J. in the center of the front seat, both women put their inside arm around his shoulders. Keichea's on the bottom and both crooked their arms so they could, 'accidentally' rub his nipples. But, that was all that happened. As it was, the erection from earlier, that had begun going down, was hard again.

Once in the house, C. J. was shown his room, which was actually Keichea's own room. It had been told his mother, Keichea would sleep with her mother. He put his suit case down and turned to Keichea who stepped up and wrapped his arms around his neck, planting an open mouthed kiss on his lips. Her tongue pressed at his lips, then teeth and he opened his mouth. Her tongue reached in and he pulled her closer, rubbing his front on hers so she would feel his erection.

"Kiiiiddss!? Dress in the shorts for in the house, OK?"

Keichea smiled at C. J. and pulled her short dress off over her head. C. J. stood there in shock...

"Well, aren't you goin' to change... too!?"

"But... Bu... But, you're in here... !?"

Of course, Keichea hadn't paid a lot of attention to the fact he was in there with her. For a second she stood there in her panties only, her chest was only just beginning to pouch out a little with the fat that would form her breasts as time went on.

As Keichea stood there in only her panties, C. J. thought about it and shrugging his shoulders pulled his pants down and kicked off his shoes. Then, he removed his shirt and except his socks, accepted the shorts Keichea was holding for him. They were tiny, those shorts were, as he began pulling the shorts on over his legs, he looked up... Keichea had pulled her panties off too!

"Keichea... !?"

"I don't want my panties to show, these shorts are just a little small, y'know!?" Keichea pulled her shorts up her slender, pretty legs and C. J. saw what she had meant. And he pulled his own underwear down too, pulling the shorts on afterwards. The things were almost obscene in what they showed and didn't!!

C. J. was almost embarrassed to go out to the living room, but Keichea took his hand and led him out. There was Mary Lynn, wearing a similar set of shorts and, like Keichea, nothing on her top half! Her breasts were hanging out, nipples distended and bumpy looking. C. J.'s erection was trembling he was so hard and hot by this time. He had never expected anything like this!

Mary Lynn saw the condition of the boy's front and said to Keichea, "Look'it C. J.'s front! Doesn't he have... a Cock!?" C. J. flushed even more in embarrassment...

"Mommy! You... You're right!?" And she reached down to rub it through the material of the thin shorts, "OOOO, Mommy, it's warm toooo!?" She stepped up and knelt in front of the boy, "OOOHH, it's soooo... Pretty, Mommy! C. J., could I suck your lovely... Cock!?"

The boy was thunderstruck and could only nod his head.

Keichea pulled at the shorts he wore and began lowering them. And his cock flopped out at her. "Oh, Mooommy, it's so... Biiiggg!"

"Wanna suck my hard nipples, C. J.??" Mary Lynn said. Offering them up to his slack mouth just as Keichea lowered the cock to her mouth, taking it inside. He kissed the right nipple as he moaned with the emotion just having his cock being sucked by such a beautiful young girl produced!

Despite his efforts to prevent it, Keichea drew his first semen out of him in about two minutes and Mary Lynn began climaxing just as Keichea did too.

C. J. very slowly fell to the floor... flat on his ass. And slipped himself out of Keichea's still sucking mouth. Mary Lynn lowered herself to her butt on the floor. Once all three were sitting there for several minutes Keichea said, "Could I sit on C. J.'s cock when it's all lovely and hard again, Mommy? Pleeezzeee!?"

"Well, darling, I think the one to ask that one of would be C. J., wouldn't it!?" And she smiled at him.

C. J. sat there thunderstruck again...

"I'm asking... C. J.!! Want me to sit on your lovely cock!?" Keichea smiled with her still cum wet lips.

The boy's cock began rising almost on it's own. And he nodded, lying back on his hands, "Think it might almost ready... uh, Kei!?"

And Keichea crawled to center herself on his cock head. As she began to slowly lower herself she moaned with her painfully stretched virginal pussy mouth. Keichea was a virgin, but, she had long since shredded her hymen with her sports in school and gymnastics.

"UUUUHHHHH, Kei, ya, you sure you... done it before!? C. J. joked. He was almost painfully inside her. All the way... inside her!

For a minute Keichea just sat there with C. J. up inside her belly for the first time, soaking in her juices. Keichea wore a look of pain and frustration for a minute or so then suddenly her brightest smile appeared as the pleasure came too. Keichea began moving and popping her inner muscles against his cock. As she pumped up and down, up and down both children's pleasure built up inside their bellies, until Keichea began rippling all along the route C. J.'s thirteen year old cock was taking into her hot twelve year old belly. "EEEEAAAAGGGGHHH! C... CUUUMMMIIINN'! C. J... Fuck Meeeeee!!"

As Keichea's inner muscles began to contract about his painful cock, C. J. cried out his climax as Mary Lynn kept both her hands busy in her own hot pussy. "OOOO, C. J., you really Fucked her!!" Mary whispered in awe.

The kids just lay there panting, C. J. still inside Keichea's pussy canal. They didn't give any indication of having heard Mary's comment.

Mary Lynn was still horny as hell, but she led the kids into the kitchen for some ice cream, cake and soda pop. After about ten minutes, well, more or less, being still in the presence of two gorgeous girls, ladies, Mary Lynn saw C. J. jutting out as strong as ever. Eagerly she stepped over, pulled his chair out further and swallowed him up in her pussy mouth...

They had one month together and the first four days they did nothing but fuck and suck each other. But, then Mary Lynn had to go to the archeological site out in the desert and the kids went with her. For the balance of the middle two weeks, the site was their entire world and exciting discoveries were uncovered.

When they had arrived home all three were horny as hell! C. J. began it by dropping his pants. For the first time in just over two weeks he wasn't wearing underwear.

"OOOO, Mommy, I think someone likes us, don't you!?" C. J. had erected up just with the thought of the balance of the day. And it excited both women no end. Mary Lynn fell to her knees in front and took him into her mouth while Keichea sucked his balls into her mouth. Before long Mary Lynn was drinking all the juice from his balls.

For the next week before he had to leave a schedule was set up for both women to be fucked at least once a day and sometimes into the night.

The day finally came and all three were about to cry, but both kids had to attend school and that meant the boy's return home.

Once home, C. J. began looking at his mother and younger sister as a sexual person... for the first time.

A letter came from both Mary Lynn and Keichea proclaiming their pregnancy. I say, 'their' because both woman and girl was pregnant! C. J. got scared and wrote a letter to them expressing sorrow if it wasn't something they had wanted. He offered each his hand in marriage if necessary.

Mary Lynn and Keichea each wrote a letter to him explaining it was all right. Both had wanted to be pregnant and they had wanted it to be his baby. Since neither woman had fucked out side at all for a long time, and Keichea never before the visit, getting pleasure only from each other for months, and Mary Lynn had gone off the pill only the month before the visit, they were sure of the father.

It still made C. J. nervous about trying to start something with his mother and sister.

It all began one Friday evening right after the school year ended...

But, that's for another st... Time!

How's this one, then??

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