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Kath Shows the Way by UK Snowy

Kath Shows the Way

My dad had some landscape gardeners to sort out the land round our new house. Dad lived on one floor to suit his ill health. The sprawling place that was now home for dad, Babs, my fifteen-year-old sister and I needed a lot of work doing to it, but the old man could afford it. He was pensioned off from a lucrative job. My mum died two years ago from lung cancer, leaving him sad but determined to keep up a good appearance both physically and materially.

It was the school holidays and Babs had gone to camp with her class. I stayed at home as dad and I were going fishing later in the month and that was good enough for me. In the meantime I lazed around the place, sort of feeling my way in to it, having already established our own rooms and space. TV and computer games filled a lot of time and my pals came round, or I went to see them on my mountain bike. Dad and I chatted about the fishing holiday arrangements constantly too and I got dead excited about it.

Sometimes I would just watch the gang of four gardeners, either from my window or even sitting outside and chatting to them while they toiled in the sun. Bert, the leader, was a big chunky bald man who was often off site, leaving the bossing about to Gary, a darkly tanned youth with tattoos. The other two were Ben, a wiry older bloke and Kath, a powerful girl who often did the van driving. She was a hulk and usually worked as hard as the men, such was her body weight and inherent strength. I did take some sneaky looks when she bent over and her shorts would be stretched tight over her bum. Her thighs had a sort of lumpy orange peel look to them. I could always see the line of her knickers and what looked like a seam in them which cut across the crack of her arse. She was certainly no pinup.

James my best pal, left me some dirty mags yesterday and I could hardly wait for dad to leave for his clinic this morning. He cheerily left and was helped on board the mini bus that toured round the clinic patients houses. As it chugged away I dived into my room and got the mags out. I hadn't seen many like this one, I mean most of the ones we pinched or loaned were titty mags or glorified pinup mags like topless and that.

This one was fucking brilliant. It had page after page of topless and bottomless girls, who spreading their legs and arses, showing the detail of their cunts and arseholes. It was amazing how different they all were and I loved the black girls, whose nipples stuck out and their cunts always seemed to be bigger and meatier than the white girls. I got my cock out and rubbed it and up it came raw and solid. As I stared at a picture of a girl's cunt, which was so closely photographed it was as if it was real size on the page, my cum splattered out onto some of the pages and on my bed.

I moaned a bit as the effect wore off and then felt guilty and dabbed at the mess to clean it off. The doorbell tinkled as I finished and I had time to sort my gear before answering it. It was Kath. She grinned down at me before she spoke. 'Rushed to open the door then Gareth?' I shook my head and grinned, smelling her cigarette breath and noticing how hot she looked. Her hair which always looked greasy, was plastered down on her forehead. 'Can I put the kettle on? Bert's gone off with my flask in the van, Gary has coffee and Ben's tea is so strong it makes my tits curl,' she chortled. I nodded and stood aside and the big woman breezed past me with a strong whiff of body odour.

I followed her into the kitchen where she got on with her tea making as I stared at her arse. Encased in her usual slack open legged, but very short shorts, it wobbled about as she busied herself, leaning and reaching into cupboards. She seemed to know where things were which puzzled me. 'Er how did you know where the mugs were kept?' I queried.

'Never mind, but I do. Put it down to womans intuition,' she said, winking at me.

Waiting for the kettle, she leaned against the worktop, arms braced and spread wide, legs crossed and looking a bit weird at me.

'I'll get on with my computer,' I said.

'That what you doing then?' she asked, chuckling.

I nodded and turned to leave. 'Funny place to keep it ain't it?' she chuckled again.

I turned, puzzled and she pointed to my crotch.

'Latest model is it...your computer?' As she said the words, I realised that she must have seen me wanking, but I was frozen to the spot as she strode across to me.

'Well why don't we check it out and see if its in good working order Gareth. I'm an expert on these computers.'

With that she grabbed at my shorts and held my dick and balls in one hand.

'Don't!' I squeaked indignantly.

Kath ignored me and stroked my stuff as she pulled me close. I went weak as she hoisted her sweaty tee shirt, thrust my head under it and I came face to tit with her boobs, which were in a black lacy bra. Christ! It was hot in there and it smelt strong, but I was in heaven as Kath felt under my shorts and got hold of my cock properly. I mean to be felt up by a woman and have your face next to her tits was brilliant.

'Like that Gareth?' I heard her ask.

I mumbled a yes as she spoke again.

'Stick your hands up and have a feel. Push my bra up if you want. You want?'

Fuck! Did I? As I did, I knew my cock was hardening under her pulling and prodding and got confirmation.

'Yeah typical young lad, always randy eh? And you've only just cum,' she giggled. 'Saw you see? Through the window.'

I nearly fainted with embarrassment, but realised I was on to something bigger than magazines.

'You gotta be more careful when you wank. Anyway Aunty Kath'll show you what to do,' she told me.

I managed to push her bra up and her tits flopped out. They weren't huge, but I didn't care, they were bare. Her nipples were pale round circles without hardly any of that bulb thing in the middle and I stared at them.

'You can hold them you know. They won't bite,' she told me, as she stroked my bollocks. 'Tell you what, let's get you out of there, so you can see proper.'

Kath tugged at her tee shirt and flung it off and quickly resumed fondling my prick. 'How old are you Gareth?' she quizzed as I grasped her boobies. Her bra carved into her fleshy upper body and made her flabby tits stick out as I rubbed them.

'Thirteen,' I answered and she whistled. 'Kath, you naughty girl. Feeling a thirteen-year-old. But what I always say, if you're big enough, you're old enough and you're big enough Gareth, look.'

She stepped back and I looked down to see my stiffy. God I was proud and grinned at her.

'Clever dick,' she mocked gently as I fumbled her tits clumsily. 'Easy easy, just stroke them all over, yeah thats it, nice and gentle. Seen tits before have you?' she queried.

I shook my head then added, 'Well yeah, in the magazines, you know.'

She chuckled. 'But these are the first real live ones eh? Thought so,' she said as I nodded. 'Right well give them a suck and a lick while I play with big boy here.'

I was worried stiff I would cum over her, but got on with suckling her boobies. As I slobbered wetly over them, I stole glances to see what she was doing to me to make such brilliant feelings. She was rubbing the bottom of my cock in the palm of her hand and prodding under it with her fingers on each downward stroke. It was cool. I was so hard and my knob end looked red raw. With her other hand, Kath was rolling my goolies round and round, letting them fall through her fingers.

The kettle steamed its readiness and clicked off automatically. 'Teas up,' she chortled. 'But I don't think we want it just yet do we?'

I had a mouthful of tit and wasn't going to let it go.

'No,' she answered for me. 'Now I think we should think about the time, so I'm going to give you a real treat. 'cos those two buggers out there'll be wondering what I'm doing. heh heh, if only they knew,' she laughed huskily.

Kath pulled away from me and stripped down her shorts and knickers.

'Ain't seen one of these real have you?' she said, thrusting her belly at me and holding her hands either side of the mass of hairs round her cunt. I gulped, shaking my head as she pulled her hands wider and spread the fleshy mound, opening the flaps of her cunt. 'Go on have a good look and a feel,' she muttered into her chest.

I reached forward tentatively, sensing the heat of her body with my hand until it brushed into the hairs. I closed my hand onto the lumpy flaps that hung half open, feeling the wetness. I rubbed and my fingers were flooded with her sticky stuff.

'Come here and let me hold your cock,' she murmured, pushing her belly at my hand.

As Kath grabbed my hard-on again, she moaned and I burrowed into her tits again as I felt her cunt. She smelt really ripe from her armpits, but another smell was wafting around I'd noticed.

'Stick your fingers in Gareth,' she urged. 'As many as you want. Its OK you won't hurt me. Three kids have come out of it heh heh,' she chuckled throatily.

I felt at the gash under my hands and slid fingers into it, two at first, then three. Kath groaned. 'God I could do with a fuck, that's lovely Gareth. Shove them in and out pet.'

I did as told as her fingers worked magic on my dick.

'Its no good, you're going to have to fuck me,' she blurted.

I leapt away and said, 'Fuck you? I can't. I've never done that before.'

'Well you're going to learn and quickly. You always wanted to didn't you?'

I nodded somewhat fearfully as she turned round and bent over, leaning on the worktop.

'Yeah thought you did, now stick that monster in there and fuck me like your....' her voice tailed off. Swiftly she swivelled and grabbed my horizontally charged cock and dragged me forward. Before I could react, Kath had spun round and grabbed me again and was pulling me on to her rump, with her arm through her legs.

'Stick it in and fuck me Gareth. For Christ's sake, you don't get many thirty-four-year-old women asking you to fuck them do you? Get on with it,' she commanded, nudging my knob at her cunt.

I could see hairs all round it, straggling up round her arsehole - Fuck! I could see her arsehole. A big gnarled crusty looking knob in a mass of wrinkles. As I budged forward to try this slimy wet hole whilst staring at her arse, my cum boiled over and it sprayed her buttocks. I groaned and my knees nearly gave way as the creamy white stuff flowed out, dribbling onto the floor.

'Shit!' Kath cried as the door was rattled. Bert called. She dressed in a flash and left me gasping. I managed to wipe up and sort things out, wondering whether to tell her the tea was ready, but I didn't have the balls, thinking she'd be real mad with me. I managed to glimpse her working ten minutes later, her flask nearby as she occasionally sipped her drink and glanced at the house. I wondered whether to wave to her, but I didn't. What could I say when I saw her next?

My dad came back and Bert and Kath went to talk to him at the gate. Bert left them to get some papers from his van and I saw my dad give her a friendly pat on her bum. I had seen him do that before, so wasn't surprised, he often did it with women anyway. But this time Kath patted his bum in return, just before Bert returned. Dad grinned at her then got on with the paperwork.

I braved an appearance as they were packing for the day. We didn't speak, but Kath put her fingers over her mouth and cocked her eyebrow, shaking her head at me. I nodded getting the drift and she grinned and mouthed the word 'TOMORROW'.

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