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Kate's Goal by liarday

Kate's Goal

Kate was 17, very beautiful, and had plans. She had set a goal, and today she was going to meet it. She had an hour to get ready and then start hunting for what she wanted. Kate shivered in anticipation as she started to put on her tight top and knee length skirt with a split in it. As she was sliding the skirt up her naked thighs she could feel the wetness in her pussy start to grow. She sighed as she realized that there was no time left for her to have a quick session with her fast and slick fingers. Oh well, she thought, soon she would be getting what she really wanted inside her hot moist cunt. Half an hour later Kate locked the door of her parents' house who were away for the weekend. She grinned as she thought to what she would soon be doing on her parents' bed! Kate went to a club where she knew she would find what she was looking for - a long leisurely fuck with two men, she hoped! It wasn't long before Kate got her wish. After seating herself at the bar and ordering her drink, she noticed a very handsome man looking her way. Kate smiled encouragingly, and the man came over to speak with her. His name was Justin. Not long after they started talking, another man, who was Justin's friend, Tom, joined them. Kate soon noticed that both men were looking down her skimpy top, and her nipples started to grow hard from the attention. Embarrassed, she looked up to see Justin smiling at her. "Don't worry," he said, "we're both horny as hell too!"

"Yeah," said Tom, "can we do anything to make you feel better?"

Kate smiled, every thing was going well. "Yes please, could we go outside so I can ask you a favor?"

The men both agreed, and Kate asked them her question. "Well, basically, I really want some good sex, so that I can learn how to do it properly! I've only done it once before a couple of weeks ago, and it wasn't very nice. I was wondering if both of you would like to come back to my house and give me a time to remember?"

Justin and Tom were very happy to be of service and so the three of them went back to Kate's place. There, they all stripped off very quickly, and Kate was extremely excited and a bit apprehensive when she saw just how big the men's' penises were. Justin was all of nine inches long, and Tom looked to be even bigger, at and impressive 11 inches. Needless to say, just from looking at Kate's nubile very pretty body, they were both very big, hard, long and thick erections. Kate felt her pussy juices flow even more at the sight of those huge sex spears. Her nipples tightened even more, and she noticed that the men were indeed very impressed with her 34D breasts. Kate was rather impressed with them herself, and often played and looked at them on her own. They were soft, large and round, but the best part of them were the nipples. They were huge, like massive raspberries sticking out of her pale skin.

Tom was the first to touch her, and spread her out on top of the bed with her legs wide open. "Looks like the bitch is already hot for us doesn't it Jus?" he said, pointing to Kate's sopping wet pussy.

Justin grinned and started to stroke himself. "You wanna go first Tom, or do you want me to get her ready for you?"

You can fuck her in the pussy, I'll start with her mouth and tits." Kate waited for Justin to start fucking her straight away, but instead he started to lick her pussy juices out of her hole. She jerked in pleasure at the feel of his raspy tongue, and as she gasped, Tom filled her mouth with his large dick. At first it wouldn't go down, so he quickly stuck his hand in all her juice, and then rubbed it on himself as a lubricant. After that it went down easy, and Kate even got more aroused by tasting herself on his dick. Just as the last inch went into her mouth, Justin removed his tongue from her cunt. She tried to moan, but couldn't as her mouth was full. However, she was soon happy again when two of Justin's long fingers went up her hole, and was even more happy when these fingers went away only to be replaced by his long hard fuck stick. He started slowly easing it up her tight tunnel, and it eventually went all the way up. After a couple of seconds, Justin began to slowly but steadily thrust into Kate's wet cunt, and at the same time Tom did the same to her mouth. Both men soon sped up so that Kate was being fucked hard in a way that she had never imagined before, they were almost brutal, but Kate soon discovered that she enjoyed this fast fucking, and was soon bucking her hips and writhing in pleasure. All too soon the three exploded into climax, first came Justin, spilling his jism right up into Kate's womb, this in turn sparked off Kate, who had not had sex before without a condom, and so had never experienced the feeling of having a load shot into her before. She came wildly, thrashing about under the two men, and sucking Tom's dick as hard as she could. This inevitably started him off, and he shot his white goop deep into Kate's throat.

After recovering, Kate told the men that she had really enjoyed her threesome, and asked them if they would like to ask a few more friends round to join in. Justin and Tom were very pleased by Kate saying this, as they had both been thinking this themselves. They ended up calling about five more men, all of whom said yes. Kate smiled to herself, she had reached and surpassed her goal, and would later receive even more dicks in her greedy snatch!!!!! She eagerly turned onto all fours for Tom to fuck her from behind, and asked Justin if he would like her to help him in any way...

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