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Kara and I: Our First Date by Vidya

Kara and I: Our First Date

By the time Kara was sixteen she related all sexual thoughts to a sort of religious experience. She had never had intercourse, but had "made-out" with dozens of guys, and even a few girls. These sessions varied. They went from chaste, dry kisses to skillful "hand sex." Her mouth had never touched another's genitalia. No mouth had touched hers. Even her so-called "hand sex" was restricted to her clit, and their clit (or cock as the case might have been). Her breasts were sensitive. People frequently touched them, licked them, and stared at them. She enjoyed everything that she did....abundantly.

It wasn't that Kara was a religious person. Her life growing up was curiously devoid of religion. She was interested in religion, but didn't prescribe to any structured belief system.

When I say that Kara's sexual thoughts were religious I mean that they weren't temporally based --relatively speaking(relative to the rest of her thoughts). Because Kara grew up in such a secular environment, she found only one thing in her short life that seemed holy. Orgasm.

The thing about Kara was that she wanted someone pure. Pure, to her, connoted honesty, curiosity, and a true craving for not only natural sex, but kink.

She had her urges. She often went against her standards so that she could feel a tongue on her nipples, or a finger massaging her clit. Her encounters were with teenagers who were either too afraid to tell her their fantasies or just didn't have any (other than insert penis/finger/tongue). She had no need for romantic love to have an experience with her "pure" ideal, but a mutual understanding would be required.

Kara eventually found her partner.

She turned seventeen and was working at the public library before her senior year in high school. Kara hadn't given much thought to locating a partner for her sexual exploits during that summer, but she made a startling realization about her method for finding one. She had never had an opportunity to tell anyone about her fantasies. She didn't need to worry about it though. Someone knew.

What one checks out from the library can be very telling. Lolita, The Story of O, Anne Rice's Beauty trilogy, a novel called Topping from Below. It was all very easy for me to know her. Not to mention the dichotomy of all of the religious texts she checked out.

When I approached her for a date, she was surprised. I am nearly eighteen years older than her, and not only teach at her high school, but am also a co-worker at the library during the summer. She finally relented and told me where she lived and when I could pick her up.

The night of our first date rolled around, and I went to pick her up. she was alone at her house (I later discovered that she had arranged it so her parents wouldn't know about me). When she got in the car, I told her what was up.

I began by telling her that I wanted her. I wanted to have sex with her regularly. I wanted to punish her. I wanted her to belong to me, and I wanted to start tonight.

She was stunned, but her breathing became shallow, and her gaze was penetrating.

I went on to say that if she wasn't up to it that she should be honest and that we could just be friends. She was visibly thinking about the proposition. She continued to stare at me. She agreed by slowly nodding her head.

As we drove to my apartment, I let her know what would be expected of her. I told her that she could never where pants around me again, but preferably knee length skirts. I requested that she wear white bikini panties, a white bra and white socks at all times. She smirked at me. I know that she thought that it was all a little too stereotypical --the schoolgirl and the teacher, but that was what I wanted. I had thought of it countless times. I thought about it in school while I was in front of the class, I thought about when I saw a private school girl running down the street, and I thought about it when I was fucking other women. I wanted a girl I could train sexually.

When we pulled into my driveway she didn't get out of the car right away. I went over to the passenger side and yanked her out by her arm and dragged her into my house. When we were inside I told her to strip. She needed to be punished for her hesitation. While she was unbuttoning her jeans I went into the kitchen, dragged a chair into the middle of the room, and called for her to come there. When she walked in she was just about to lift her T-shirt over head, but I told her to leave it on. She touched her panties and looked at me imploringly. I motioned for her to come over to me. When I pulled them down to her ankles I couldn't help taking a moment to admire her firm ass. I turned her over my lap and started to spank her. I made her count out loud with each whap of my hand. When she counted to about fifteen, her voice broke a little and she said that she would be good. I stood her up, and told her to pull her panties up. I told her that I wanted to fuck now, and she nodded. I took her by the elbow and lead her to my bedroom.

I sat on the edge of my bed while she pulled her shirt over her head. She really was a lovely girl. She was very ripe looking. Her breasts were large. Her mother was black, and her father was white this ethnic diversity made for a very exotic look. Her skin was very smooth, and when she took her bra off her nipples were hard, tiny and a very deep shade of pink, almost violet. I pulled her over to me and took her panties off. I stood up lifted her onto the bed, and climbed on top of her. I pinned her shoulders down with my knees as I unbuttoned my shirt. I took my glasses off, but thought the better of it and put them back on. I kneeled between her spread legs and undid my belt. For a split second she looked at it almost longingly. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I let her know that usually she was going to have to suck my cock (sometimes in front of my friends) but that tonight I was going to fuck her for a while and then I might fuck her ass. She looked at the size of my cock and shook her head no. I asked her if she really wanted to make me mad because what she had downstairs was only a taste of what I could do to her. She said that she would be a good girl.

I told Kara to get on all fours. She did it without hesitation. I had a nice view of her lithe body in the mirror over my chest-of-drawers. I liked the way her breasts hung down, and the way they contrasted with her tight tummy. Her normally wide green eyes were closed and she was biting on her full lower lip. I wasn't fully undressed; I had my pants around my knees, but I didn't care. I grabbed my cock and guided inside of her pussy. With my other hand I held onto her shapely hip.

Ooh! She was so tight. I'll never forget how tight her little virginal pussy was. I pushed the head of my cock in, and with every inch of my cock Kara whimpered. She whined that I was too big. I slapped her ass a few times until she quieted down. Finally, all eight inches of me were inside of her. Her cunt was so wet that when I started thrusting I put both hands on her hips and started to enjoy myself. I pushed her hips toward me with every thrust. I started to really fuck her. I told her to rub her clit. My balls were slapping up against her. She started to make some noise -- she was starting to really enjoy herself too.

After awhile, I had her turn over on her back. I put one hand under her knee so that I could spread her legs really wide. Her face was contorted.. She was panting and pale, she let out a low animalistic moan. I pulled out of her and walked into my adjoining bathroom. I brought back lubricant. I spread it on myself. I put some on my fingers and reached under her and rubbed it on her asshole. She remained on her back. Her eyes wide open now. I pushed myself into her ass. She tensed. I looked over at us in my mirror. I was on top of her, my light brown hair plastered to my forehead with sweat. When she noticed me looking over, she looked over too. She relaxed a little, and I pushed my cock all the way into her ass. She started to rub her clit again. I fucked her ass so hard the headboard was hitting the wall. I kept teasing her little ass with my cock. I'd pull out and brush up against her and thrust deeply into her again. When I came, I pumped her ass so full, cum was spilling down her thighs. I shrank inside her, and pulled out. I told her to get dressed --I was taking her home.

Back in the car I told her I'd be picking her up at the same time tomorrow. I mentioned I had a few friends that would love to watch and possibly join in. I thought it would be good for her to know that others were going to know that she was my little whore. Before she got out of the car in front of her house she whispered that she'd see me the next day, and I think she smiled.

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