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Kara and I: An Interlude with Matthew by Vidya

Kara and I: An Interlude with Matthew

Kara didn't speak very much. It wasn't that I wondered what stance she took on some political issue, but I did often wonder what stance she took on the sex I suggested. Honestly, I wanted to hear her say that I turned her on because her words would have turned me on. She simply smiled that stoic smile of hers. She was not entirely jaded, but perhaps content to a degree few understand.

In our time together there was an instance when her silence proved very erotic.


Sean McCormick was the shop teacher at the high school where I taught and where Kara attended. He built some bookcases for me, and we had become quite chummy. He came over to my house occasionally to watch television or to play cards, but we never talked about anything too personal. On a Sunday afternoon after watching a football game we were talking and he brought the subject of his son up.

I knew his son. Matthew was in one of my classes. He was quiet, the papers he wrote expressed a sensitivity that seemed unlikely for a kid with a father like Sean. He was a sophomore and good looking. He was about five foot nine, slim, but athletic, and he had a pretty-boy face that looked like it had never seen a razor. With all of his appeal I was a little surprised when Sean told me that he thought his son to be a virgin. He went on to say that Matthew had only been out on a few dates, and those had ended early. He said offhandedly that he should hire a prostitute for Matthew like his father had done for him, but the fear of disease stopped him. I suspect that Sean was also afraid that his son wasn't straight, but he didn't say so.

I didn't let the opportunity pass and told Sean that I could get Matthew laid. Sean looked at me questioningly. He didn't know about Kara. He asked if I had a girl in mind, if she were safe. I nodded and gave him a wicked grin. He said he would have to think about it.

It did not surprise me when Sean agreed to my offer the next morning. I told him to drop Matthew off for the night at my house Friday. Sean looked skeptical, but the doubt soon disappeared from his face. I knew what assuaged his worry (his worry certainly having something to do with my sexual orientation) -- he knew that no friend of his could possibly be queer, and he was partly right -- partly.

I had my flings with men in college... and in high school, but I wanted Matthew for Kara. Perhaps I wanted Kara and Matthew for me. I thought that I could watch them fuck. I could witness the keening humiliation of Kara. Humiliation caused by the prostitute scenario I would impose. I could observe the dynamics between Matthew and Kara. Matthew was either a naive virgin, or a confused boy. If he were gay, my being there would have to be thrilling for him. I wondered, albeit, somewhat callously, if he would fuck Kara just because of my presence. I thought that it may be another sort of degradation for her, and for him.


Friday Sean dropped his son off at my house. I walked out on my porch to talk to him, but he let Matthew out on the curb and drove away rather quickly. Matthew smiled at me sheepishly as he walked toward me. He apologized for his father's rudeness.

As he reached me, I observed that he had a stack of books under his arm. When I invited him in, he explained that he brought them to look through as possible sources for his research paper. I was stricken with the realization that Sean hadn't told Matthew the real reason for his visit. As I pondered how to tell young Matthew that he was just a few hours away from fucking his brains out there was a slight knock on the door. It was Kara.

Kara hadn't been told about the events of her night either. That wasn't unusual. I never really had to explain myself to her since she was the antithesis of a demanding girlfriend. She was in fact my slave (as I said she would be). Her initial reaction when she came in and saw Matthew was very pleasurable to me. She looked mortified, and she looked exhilarated. She tried to speak, but only stammered a few words.

While Kara wrestled with her own confusion, Matthew was visibly doing the same thing. He looked positively panicked. I quickly told him that Kara was a peer tutor I often used (ha!) and that she agreed to come over and help.. He looked a little relieved, but not as much as I had hoped. I asked him to come with me to get some drinks for the three of us out of the kitchen. I had to talk to him alone before he bolted.

In the kitchen I quickly apologized for inviting Kara without first discussing it with him. He said he wasn't sure he could stay. When I asked why he was unsettled he offered an emotional explanation. He said that he was uncomfortable around girls (gay?) that Kara was very popular (virgin?) that he was hoping to be alone with me tonight (gay?) and finally that he had a huge crush on Kara (virgin!). Always the opportunist, I took Matthew's confession and used it. I admitted that Kara was very sexy, and in locker room-fashion I commented about the size of her tits. My submission obviously bewildered Matthew, but he stayed.

We went back into the other room and I thanked Kara for taking time out of her schedule to work on Matthew's paper with us. Kara caught on quickly and played along. Her curiosity was obviously peaked. She went over to the books that Matthew brought and began sorting through them. She asked Matthew what he was planning to write his paper about. When he falteringly answered that he wasn't sure, but had been thinking about something on eastern religion, his fate was sealed. Kara gazed at him, and then looked at me with a suggestive half-smile on her face.

A few hours passed as we worked on the beginnings of his research. He became more comfortable, he laughed, and was opening up to us a little. After a while we decided to take a break. Matthew noticed the late hour and began to worry. I knew that I was going to have to take the bull by the horns and be forward with him.

I looked at Matthew steadily and began.

I told him that Kara and I had a relationship. That we were lovers. That she was in essence my sex slave. I fucked her, spanked her, told her what to do, and when to do it. All that she required was orgasm.

Slowly I propositioned him. I told Matthew that I would like him to fuck her. That I would like to watch the two of them have sex ( as I was talking I was thinking that I wanted more than that, but I didn't want to scare the boy). To his astonished expression I went graphically on. I wanted to see her humbled by following my orders to offer her mouth, her ass, and her pussy to him. At that point I could hear Kara's breathing. I knew she would do it ---she had to do it, and so I waited for his reply.

Matthew was obviously frightened, but he had that all-too-familiar look in his eye. He would do it, but Kara was going to have to make the first move. I told her to show him where the bedroom was. She got up silently, and took him by the hand. He seemed lost as she guided him into the bedroom. He seemed catatonic, actually. I shut off the lights around my house and followed them into the bedroom. I shut the door behind me and quickly responded to their questioning faces. I told them that they would be fucking tonight, and if they followed my instructions exactly then everyone would be happy.

I noticed that Matthew was already aroused as my gaze lingered on the bulge in his jeans. He sat on the edge of the bed his hands politely folded in his lap. Kara was on the end of the bed waiting for instruction. I sat in a chair near Matthew and told him to stand. He was obviously apprehensive, but did what I told him to. I told Kara to crawl over to where Matthew stood and to take off his shoes. She was quickly on her hands and knees and scurrying across the floor. When she reached him, she stole a quick glance at him. As her face was still turned up, I slapped it. It was a reminder that she was to do nothing unless I so instructed her. Matthew flinched and looked uncomfortable. I looked at him for a long moment and tried to decide if this were the right way to do it for him. I mean, I was turned on, but what about him? What about Kara? I knew that Kara probably was (remembering her dripping pussy after I spanked her that first time and every time since) but what about him? I turned to him and asked if he enjoyed what was happening. He looked down at Kara on the floor, her gaze transfixed on his feet and he said he wasn't sure. I told Kara to stand up. As she did, I started to lift her skirt. I took Matthew's hand in mine and shoved it in her panties. I stood back and told him to feel her pussy. He didn't really know what to do and embarrassedly looked at me. I told Kara to show him what to do.

Kara took her tiny hand and placed it over Matthew's. She guided it deeper into her panties. Matthew began to blush and shake. Kara withdrew her hand and lifted her skirt. The image of his masculine hand inside such delicate panties made my cock throb. I told Matthew to withdraw his hand. With great reluctance he did what I told him to do.

I again asked him if he were enjoying what was going on. He nodded his head yes. I went on explaining that our sweet Kara liked being a slave. He looked into Kara's wide eyes and saw a laugh dancing in them.

I told Kara to finish taking off young Matthew's clothes, but instead of starting with his shoes, I wanted Kara to start with his shirt. She pulled his t-shirt over his head, tousling his dark hair beautifully. She moved to his belt. She touched it as if it were silk, letting her fingers glide along the leather surface. She unbuckled his belt slowly (I could only imagine what kinds of fantasies were going through her head). Her hands moved to his button. As they moved, her finger grazed his tight belly and he jumped back as if burned. She smiled. She undid the button, unzipped them, and pulled them down. His legs were incredible. Strong for such a slim body and covered with curling hair. I noticed Kara's sharp intake of breath and knew she was as impressed as I was. After taking off his shoes, Matthew stepped out of his pants. Kara sat back on her feet and looked to me for instruction.

I had to pause to appreciate the moment. Matthew stood only in socks and boxer shorts. He was beyond irresistible (so why was I resisting?). His erection pressed against the front of his boxers and I could see the beginnings of a wet spot. His chest and stomach were defined and excepting a thin trail of hair starting at his navel, he was hairless. I had to shake myself out of the stupor and tell my Kara what to do.

I told her to stand up and strip for us.

She stood and pulled her white panties down to her ankles. She bent over to get them over her shoes with her back to us, giving us a tantalizing peak of her pussy. She stood up and turned around unbuttoning her shirt. When it was open she pulled it off. Underneath she wore a sheer bra. We could see her small, dark nipples protruding. She reached behind her and unclasped the flimsy piece of material freeing her very round breasts. Matthew's hand was on his cock in milliseconds. Her hand dropped to unbutton her skirt. She unwrapped it from her hips revealing a black triangle of hair. As she reached for her shoes, I told her to stop. I wanted her to leave her white knee socks and her Mary Janes on.

I told Matthew to take off the rest of his clothes. They were on the floor before the words left my mouth.

Since I was Kara's voice for the evening (I never forbade her to talk, but she chose not to) I told Matthew to refrain from touching himself. I went on as Kara's master to tell her to lie on the bed with her knees bent and a foot and a half apart. She did as I told her immediately. I came over to inspect her. My finger pushed its way into her cunt. It slid in easily. I withdrew it and stuck it in my mouth. Her pussy tasted of health. Salty and clean. Her smell --a dark, exotic musk. She was as wet as I had ever felt her.

I told Matthew to come to the bed --I wanted to teach him how to eat pussy. He got on the bed on his knees between Kara's legs. He couldn't tear his eyes away from her. She was a sight. Heaving breasts. Hard nipples. Flat tummy. Silky legs. Her need was visible... so, I told Matthew to kiss her tummy. A trail of kisses down to her hair. She sighed. When he reached her hair he looked up at her and then at me.

I told Matthew to put his finger inside of her and go in and out slowly. To go faster as he went along. To speed up so slowly that she would hardly notice the change. I told him to find her clit with his tongue and when he did to lap at it, and after a while to suck on it. He buried his face in between her legs and followed my instructions. Her face became flushed, and her eyes were clamped shut. She was liking this little virgin's tongue.

I asked Matthew to stop for a moment. Again he stopped, but only after a long moment of sucking on Kara's pussy. He looked up at me. I asked him how she tasted, he replied with a low moan and buried his face back in her pussy. His finger was really starting to fuck her. He had a nice rhythm, fluidity, and wondered if he were really a virgin at all. I wanted to know, and so I told him that it was time for his cock to get pleasured. He rolled over on his back, and I took his cock in my hand. He shut his eyes. I could feel the blood pulsing through his shaft. Sweat dripped down his forehead.

With his cock in my hand I told Kara to straddle him. She did as I told her eagerly. Her sweet cunt was mere inches away from the head of his cock (which I was still holding). I told her to lower herself onto him slowly as I guided him into her. Slowly she lowered herself until the head of his cock parted her lips. Matthews eyes shot open at the first touch of her, and he looked around wildly. He could not tear his eyes away from her, it looked as if he were drinking her up. Her tits, her pussy descending on his cock, but most of all her impassioned face. With each centimeter of him she went down on, he shuddered. I knew then that he was truly a virgin. I knew that feeling. That first penetration. Your mind unfocused, your cock on fire, her pussy so wet, so hot...

When she had lowered herself down to the base of his cock, the pleasure contorted his face. When I told her to ride him, hard Matthew looked at me appreciatively. I told him to hold onto her tits or her hip, and he opted for her hips. A smart choice I thought, now he had a pleasing view of her bouncing tits.

Kara rode Matthew hard. Her tits bouncing, her back arched, I knew what kind of pleasure his young dick was giving her. She pulled up quickly and pushed herself back down slowly when she felt the beginnings of his cum. I knew he was cumming inside of her by the look on her face. She loved it. She pulled off him, and laid back on the bed. I was licking her pussy before she laid all the way down. Eating all of his cum out of her until I could feel her body tense with orgasm.

When both my teenagers were spent and satisfied, I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it. Matthew sat up and stared at me. His own dick twitching again. He slowly inched closer to me. His offered me his hand. I took it in mine and enclosed it around my cock. He knew what he was doing and so I took my hand off his. He made me cum quickly with his expert hands (it did not hurt that Kara was looking on languidly playing with her pussy). Before I knew it, my belly was sprayed with cum. Kara was soon lapping it up as she fingered her swollen little pussy. After she came all three of us were silent, spent, and of course smiling.

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