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Just Use Me... by Ooz

Just Use Me...

After Orville died I thought I'd never get over it. Not that I loved him all that much. Actually I had more or less grown to hate the old geezer. He never paid any attention to me, other than to criticize me when he did take the time to even notice me. All he ever did was work. He made lots of money, though, running the construction company he'd inherited from his father. And he left me well off financially, too, so I can't complain about that.

Still, without him I wondered how I'd get by on my own. Orville had always paid all the bills and everything like that. He told me how to dress... picked out my clothes for me... made me stay home all the time, and demanded I be there to fix his dinner and do the laundry and stuff for him just the way he wanted it done. I had no idea what bills we even had coming in, but after he died I found out in a hurry. Fortunately, Orville's life insurance was over a million dollars, so I got me a good accountant, and had him pay off the few debts we had and everything.

I sold the big old house we lived in, and bought a small condo in a nice complex. There was a swimming pool there, and tennis courts, and a fitness center, and I loved it. I felt like a kid at Christmas. You know... free at last, and all that stuff.

At first I didn't do much. I was way too shy, but gradually I got bored with just sitting home, and decided to visit the fitness center. I began working out every day, and it was there where I met Earl. I'm still pretty young, only 24, and he's a lot older than me, around 45 or so I guess, but he's a real nice guy, and after while I started looking forward to seeing him there. He kept asking me out, and finally I said I'd go.

On our first date, we went out to dinner and then came back to my place. Earl kissed me as soon as we were inside the door, and I felt my pussy get wet immediately. I'd hardly done anything when it came to sex, and I was pretty strucked when Earl slid his hand down over my breasts, but I didn't know what to do to try and stop him, so I did nothing.

When he started kissing my neck, I got all wobbly in the knees, and was glad he led me over to the couch to sit down. After that it seems like everything was pretty much a blur. He had my blouse off in no time, and my skirt, and pretty soon after that, my bra and panties.

When I was all naked, he started kissing me all over my body. He sucked my titties, and I felt my nipples getting really hard. God I was wet in my pussy. No one had ever done anything like that to me. I'd been a virgin when I married Orville, and when we did it, he just got on top of me and stuck his thing in me and pumped it a few times and then came. I never did, and I was always too afraid to touch myself down there. Nice girls didn't do things like that, I'd always been taught, so I didn't. Even though I wanted kids, Orville didn't, so he always made me take the pill and everything.

Anyway, when Earl started moving even lower on my body I felt like I was breaking out in a rash. My skin felt like it was on fire... I tingled everywhere, and when he stuck his tongue in my belly-button, I was suddenly filled with this amazing wave of pleasure so powerful it strucked me.

Then I REALLY felt what pleasure was. Earl slid his face down between my legs and started kissing me RIGHT ON MY PUSSY! God, I had no idea people even DID things like that to each other. I'd heard of oral sex and all. I mean, who hasn't. But I didn't really know what it meant. I had no clue until Earl started licking my pussy all over. I came right away, of course, only didn't know that's what I was doing. God it felt wonderful. He laughed, then crawled up my body and slid his big old cock into me, and fucked me for what seemed like hours.

Never in my life had I felt pleasure like that. I came and came and came so hard, over and over, Earl said he'd never seen such a hot woman. I was embarrassed over how I was acting, but my body just wouldn't let me help it. I cried, I moaned, I screamed, I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled my small, 5'2" frame up into his body and sucked his cock into my pussy with the muscles inside my cunt. And THEN... when he CAME! Oh... my... GOD how fantastic that felt. He exploded inside me, and when he did his cock swelled up real big, and then I felt it. Burst after burst of hot cum spewed inside my pussy, and I screamed so loud the whole complex probably heard me. And then I fainted. I just plain fainted from the overpowering feelings I was experiencing.

After that I was Earl's whenever he wanted me. We fucked all the time, and I did anything he asked me to. He taught me how to suck his cock, and I loved it. He taught me how to jack him off so his cum would splatter all over my face, and I loved that, too. He had me lick his balls, and even his asshole, where I forced my tongue up inside him and fucked him there with it. God he made me do dirty things, and every one of them made me feel so excited I never wanted him to leave afterward.

Finally, we got married. Earl told me he would marry me if I allowed him to have sex with other people. I didn't like that part of it, but he promised me he'd see to it I always got all the sex I wanted, and needed, so what could I say. Little did I know then he wasn't talking about just sex with him.

The first time Earl had me fuck one of his friends, we'd been at the pool swimming, and Mike came over and sat down with us. I was wearing a tiny bikini, a white one, and I knew Mike could see through it, because Earl always made me cut the linings out of my bathing suits so when they got wet people would be able to see my tits and pussy. The first time I went to the pool wearing a suit like that I was too afraid to even go in the water, but Earl made me. When I came out I could see my suit was practically transparent, and I almost died of shame, but Earl made me lie on my back anyway, with my legs spread. I knew anyone who wanted to would be able to see everything I had, and I hated it and loved it at the same time. I knew nice girls didn't do stuff like this, but I also knew it caused a fire in my pussy so intense I came the first time a guy walked by and paused to look down at me. I could see his cock twitching as he looked at me, and I must admit it excited me, too.

Anyway, when Mike sat down with us, Earl told me to go into the pool and get wet again, then come back. I knew he just wanted to show me off to Mike, but I also knew I had to do it, so I did. When I came back to where we were sitting, I lay down on the chaise lounge chair next to Earl and Mike, and put my arms above my head, and spread my legs so both feet were on the ground. I was totally exposed, and I could even feel the swelling of my puffy cunt lips as I lay there letting Mike see all of me.

"She's beautiful," Mike said to Earl, like I wasn't even there.

"And she fucks as good as she looks. She'll do anything you want. The little slut was made for fucking," he said.

I felt my cunt boiling inside, and when Mike said he'd love to find out for himself, Earl said, "Hey, no problem. What are friends for, right?"

I wondered if he was serious, and when Mike asked the same question I was thinking, Earl said, "Hey, man, I'd love to watch you fucking her, and I know for SURE Marcie wouldn't mind. Shit, once you touch her pussy she turns into a cock crazy slut. Don't you, babe," he said to me.

I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say anything. It was pretty late in the day, and almost everyone had gone in for dinner. Earl and Mike and I were the only ones left at the pool other than one other guy. And then it happened.

"I'll show you," Earl said, and he just reached over and slid my bikini bottom aside and started rubbing my exposed pussy, right out there in the open, right in front of Mike.

"Oh Goddd!" I heard myself moaning. It felt SOOO fucking good, especially out there at the pool, where Mike and the other guy could see me. Something inside me just snapped, and suddenly I WANTED Mike to fuck me.

"Didn't I tell you?" I heard Earl say. And then he told Mike to touch me, too. He did, and when I felt his fingers on my pussy I came, shrieking out my pleasure so loudly I knew the other guy at the pool could hear me, AND see me.

"Jesus what a hot cunt!" Mike said. He was right, too. And then I found myself sitting up a little bit and unsnapping the top to my bikini. Earl hadn't even asked me to do it. I wanted to, all on my own. I reached behind me, and with Earl grinning proudly at me, I took off my top then lay back down again, topless.

"Don't stop there, babe," Earl said. "Raise up," he continued. I did, and when I felt him tugging on the bottom of my suit, I let him take that off of me, too.

Naked, I lay back down and just closed my eyes and let them play with me. I was whimpering like a cat in heat, and when I heard Earl tell Mike to fuck me right there, I opened my eyes just in time to see Mike's hard cock coming close to my pussy. He was HUGE! God what a cock! I couldn't WAIT to feel it inside my pussy, and when he leaned over me, grinning proudly, I told him to put it in me.

"Fuck me!" I said, shocking myself, yet proud of my brazen behavior at the same time.

He did. Right out there at the pool, with that other guy watching us. Oh JESUS his dick felt good going into me. I just lay there with my eyes closed and let him fuck me, and when I heard a noise and opened my eyes, the other guy was standing there talking to Earl. The guy had his dick out and was playing with it while Mike fucked me. Earl said something to the guy, and he looked shocked, then smiled, and came over next to my chair and offered me his cock.

I looked at Earl, and he nodded to me to suck the guy's cock, so I did. There I was, getting fucked by a friend of my husband's while sucking the cock of some stranger I didn't even know. And you know what? The strangest thing is that I loved it... I absolutely LOVED IT. It made me feel so important... so... I don't know... the center of attention, I guess. Anyway, Mike started coming in my pussy, and I realized I was masturbating while he fucked me, and when Mike shot off in my cunt I had to stop sucking the guy I was sucking so I could cry out. I moaned, real loud, and it was enough to set off the guy I'd been sucking, too, I guess, 'cause he started shooting hot cum all over my face and lips. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, doing every thing I could to act like the slut I was, and when he squirted a big glob of cum on my tongue I took it into my mouth and chewed it while he continued splattering more cum on my face.

Afterward we all got up and I dove into the pool again, naked, to clean off. Cum was dripping off of my chin, and down my thighs, and the water felt good on my body. When I got out the guys thanked me and left, and Earl and I gathered up our stuff and I walked, naked, back to our unit. I noticed a couple of guys looking at me out the windows of their units, and I grinned to myself when I thought about whether I was making their dicks hard or not.

Back at our place, Earl kissed me and told me how proud he was of me. He asked me if I'd had fun, and I said I had. Then he asked me if I'd do it again, with more guys next time. I felt myself trembling with excitement when I said yes. Earl kissed me again, and said, "That's my girl," or something like that. I took a shower, and we went out to dinner later.

A couple of weeks later, Earl came home from his job and told me we'd been invited to a party that weekend. He said I was going to be "the star of the party." I asked him where it was, and he said it was at this guy's house out in the country. We were going to be swinging with some other people, and I asked him what he meant. I'd never even heard the term swinging before, other than on swings at the park. He said, "Marcie, a lot of guys are going to fuck you. There will be other women there, too, and some of them may want to get it on with you, too."

I thought about that all week, wondering how two girls could "get it on" together. I figured he meant they could masturbate each other, and maybe suck each other, and I wondered if I'd like doing that or not. I decided I probably would, and figured I'd find out soon enough. I did.

That weekend Earl made me put on the white bikini again, and we took off for the country. When we got to the place where the party was being held, I saw a lot of trucks there already. I felt my stomach flutter, and my pussy instantly flooded with wetness. How many people were going to BE there, I wondered. It didn't take me long to find out.

Earl parked the truck, and we got out and walked around behind the large farmhouse. It was set way back from the road, on a high hill with tall pine trees all around it. When we walked around behind the house, I stopped as soon as I could see what was going on. A naked girl was lying on her back, on a mattress, and at least ten or twelve guys were standing around her jacking off. One guy was fucking her, and the others were feeling her up, or making her suck their dicks. I felt my clitty tingle, and I wondered if I'd get to do what she was doing. Then I realized of course I would. That's why Earl brought me here, I said to myself. God that made me hot.

We walked up to the group of guys, and one of them greeted Earl warmly, looking at me as they shook hands. Then he walked up to me and said, "So... Marcie... I hear you like to fuck."

I blushed, and looked down, and Earl said "don't be shy, baby. Tell him." Or something like that.

I looked up at the guy, and whispered, "Yeah. I do."

The guy winked at Earl, and said, "Well let's get you started then. These bastards have all but worn out poor Nicole's cunt by now."

Earl and the guy and I walked over next to the group of men, and when they saw me they all started whistling and clapping their hands and stuff. Earl walked up behind me and I felt him untying my top. I didn't try to stop him, because I wanted to be naked. He removed it, and the guys clapped some more and whistled again. My tits are a lot larger than that other girl's, so I guess they liked me pretty much.

Earl had me take off my bikini panties, and when I was naked a couple of the guys led me over to the mattress and had me lay down next to the girl, Nicole. I felt sticky wetness on the mattress where somebody had come on it, and the cum was still pretty warm. It sure was sticky, I know that. It made me feel funny, to be lying in warm cum, but I loved it. The girl's eyes were glazed over and she looked like she was high on something. It was almost as though she didn't even realize I was lying there next to her. She just kept moaning and playing with herself like a crazy woman under some kind of spell or something. It was weird!

As soon as I was on my back somebody scooped up a gob of cum off of Nicole's body and rubbed it all over my pussy. It felt good, so I spread my legs and let them massage it in better. I was getting real wet now, and when the guy who'd been rubbing me with the cum lay down on top of me I didn't try to stop him. I knew he was going to fuck me, and pretty soon he did.

He moaned, and slid his dick all the way up inside me, and I loved it. I knew by then, of course, that I had turned into a complete slut, which didn't bother me at all as long as Earl didn't mind. From the looks of his hard cock he sure didn't SEEM to mind. He was encouraging the other guys to "fuck her" and "come on her face" and stuff like that, so I figured I was pretty free to let them do whatever they wanted to me. And boy, did they!

After the guy who'd been fucking me came in me, somebody picked me up and turned my body around, positioning me on top of the other girl, Nicole, so my face was right over her cunt, and my cunt was right directly over her face. They pushed my face down into her gooey cunt then, and told me to eat her, so I did, even though I'd never done it with another woman before and didn't really know what I was doing. She didn't seem to mind, though, and her mouth and lips and tongue sure did feel good on my own pussy. She ate me REAL good, she really did.

While I was eating her I could taste all the cum in her cunt. Jesus, she must have been fucking guys all day, her cunt was so full of cum. I loved it, though, because it made me feel really nasty, which I love. Some guy stuck his dick in my pussy while she was eating me then, and I wondered if she realized what was happening yet. She kept raising up her pussy off the ground and grinding it into my lips, so I just kept sucking and eating her and she seemed to like it a lot. Then she did something I'd never in a million trillion years thought another person would ever do to anyone else. You know what she did? She PEED on me. In my mouth, actually, because I was still eating her when she did it.

Immediately I pulled my face back from her pussy, but her piss came out in such a rush it hit me right in the face. Someone pushed my face back down into her cunt, but I didn't open my mouth. Not right then, anyway. I just let her piss all over my face while the guy kept fucking me, turning me on like mad. I began to think crazy thoughts. I started thinking that if she was doing this to me, maybe she wanted me to do it to her, too. So I did. I relaxed my bladder and finally just let go.

God it felt wonderful, pissing in her mouth like that. So nasty, you know??? Unlike me, she didn't try to close her mouth or anything. She seemed to like it, because I heard her crying out and moaning while I pissed in her mouth, and she seemed to be sucking me harder now than before. The guy fucking me came, and pulled out, adding his sperm to my piss in her mouth and all over her face, and by then I was so hot I was coming, too. Suddenly I felt warm rain splashing down all over my body, and I looked up and saw a couple of other guys pissing on me, too. I shuddered with the excitement of what was happening to me, and I wondered if Earl trucked. I didn't have to worry. He was one of the guys pissing on me.

I rolled off Nicole, and just lay there, relishing the odor and taste of the cum and piss and pussy juice and sweat from Nicole's cunt. I was totally wiped out, and we'd only just arrived. God I was hot. I loved this, being a trampy slut like this. I WANTED it, and by now, of course, I knew Earl wanted it for me, too. Someone came up and fucked me, and I giggled. IT felt so weird, to just lay there and let anyone who wanted me do whatever they wanted to me. The guy pulled out before he came, and shot his gooey sperm all over my tits. I rubbed it around on my flesh, feeling giddy with lust.

I looked over at Nicole. Her eyes were glazed, almost rolled up into the back of her head. I figured she was on some kind of drugs, and wondered what kind of woman would want to take anything that dulled the sensations of all this wonderful fucking. I know I'm becoming addicted, too, but to sex, not drugs or booze. I don't even smoke or drink... other than cum, that is, and now piss. God who would want to take away even one second of the neat sensations I was feeling by using drugs. How stupid!

For the rest of the night I just lay there getting fucked, and getting cum shot all over me. Nicole did, too, but she was so out of it she didn't even know it was happening. She was actually SNORING while guys were fucking her and coming on her and pissing on her. Can you believe that! Amazing. Not me, that's for sure. I loved every drop of cum they splattered on me, and into me. I got more come showers that night than in my entire life combined, and loved every one of them. Another thing I learned that night was that there sure are a lot of different kind of cocks. Some are short and fat, other long and skinny. Some have skin hanging down over the tips... I guess those are the ones that weren't circumcised. Some are really pretty small, even when hard. And then there were the whoppers. I call them that because they were so much bigger and thicker than the others. God when one of them fucked me I felt like my pussy was being stretched apart. But then, after one of the whoppers was all the way up inside me, oh my GOD how fantastic that was. After getting fucked by one of the whoppers, I knew I'd always chose them over any other ones if I had a choice.

I also got fucked in the ass that night for the first time. Fortunately, the guys who fucked me in the ass weren't any of the whoppers. I couldn't have handled that. Really. I mean, who could take a twelve inch cock that's six or seven inches around in their ASS. Shit I could hardly take them in my pussy, and had real trouble even SUCKING them, so I sure as hell couldn't have handled one in my ass. Fortunately, the big cock guys didn't try to fuck my ass. I don't know what I would have done if they had. Probably let them, but damn that would have hurt.

Late in the evening Earl said he wanted to go home. I didn't want to leave, but also didn't want to make Earl mad, so I got up and went to the truck naked. I was caked in cum, and rode home in the nude, which Earl didn't seem to mind, especially since I kept playing with my pussy all the way home. Have you ever gotten to that point where you absolutely HAVE to come just one more time, and you try like hell to do it, but you can't? Well that's the way I was on the way home. God I was hot... I kept thinking about all I'd done that night... all the guys who had fucked me, and come on me, and pissed on me, and I kept frigging my pussy as fast as I could, getting close to coming several times, but just not able to push myself over the top, you know? It was frustrating, and by then it was really hurting my pussy to rub it like that, but I just couldn't stop.

When I got home Earl let me walk from the truck to our place naked. A couple of guys saw me, and whistled. They waved at Earl, and said, "Hey Earl, can we borrow your bride for a quick fuck?"

I laughed, knowing Earl would say no, but he surprised me. "Sure. Go ahead and fuck the slut. She keeps jerking off trying to come, and I'm never going to get any sleep if she doesn't come again tonight. Fuck the shit out of her, and send her home afterward."

I grinned to myself, then thanked him for being so understanding, and kissed him goodnight. "I'll try to be real quiet when I come in, baby. Leave the door open for me, okay?" I said. He said he would, and left.

"Well, guys...." I said, turning to the two guys. "Looks like I'm all yours for a while."

We went inside their place, and they led me back to the bedroom. When they saw how I looked under the lights in their bedroom they asked me what happened.

"I just got gang-banged tonight," I said.

"No shit? How many guys?" one of them asked.

"I don't know... fifteen or twenty maybe," I said, smiling proudly at their stunned reactions. "I can take two more, though. If you want me."

They took their clothes off immediately, and I was glad to see their cocks were hard already. I lay on the bed with my legs spread, and one of them started fucking me while I sucked the other one. Then they traded places, and I fucked the other one while the first one put his cock in my mouth. It didn't take them long to come, and fortunately for me, AND Earl, I came when they came on me, and in me.

Afterward I thanked them, and left. I snuck into the bedroom and crawled into bed as quietly as I could, but all the cum and piss all over my body was starting to make me itch, so I got up and took a real hot shower for a real long time. It felt great. When I finished, I got back in bed and fell asleep immediately.

After that night, I hardly wore clothes around the house. Usually I just wore a pair of panties or a bikini. Half the time I didn't even bother with a top, and when a delivery man would come to the door to bring us something, like a UPS guy or something, I'd let them see as much of me as they wanted. A couple of times they fucked me, and when Earl got home it made him real hot to eat my pussy with their cum still in me.

I started seducing guys around the pool after I found out Earl didn't care. I became known as the "Complex Cunt." They didn't mean I was a complex person or anything like that. They just meant that around our complex I was the official cunt. You know, the Condo Slut. Anyone who wanted me could have me, and I loved it, getting fucked all day and night like that.

After a few months of this, Earl just got tired of me, I guess. He asked me for a divorce, and I gave it to him. I don't even know where he lives anymore, and frankly don't much care, not with all the cock around here to keep me happy.

One day I was sitting out at the pool sunning myself and this young kid came out. He was probably only around 14 or 15 or so, but he was pretty cute. I was lying on my stomach with my top off, and when he walked by he pretended not to look at me, but I could tell he was. I raised up a little, and got my suntan oil, and started rubbing it all over my tits while he watched. It was pretty funny to see how fast his cock got hard under his suit. Our condos were supposed to be an "adults only" complex, so I wondered where he'd come from. I decided to find out.

"Hey kid, come here, okay?" I called out. He was maybe twenty feet or so away from me, and when he saw me his face got red, and he pointed to himself, as if to say, "Who, me???" I nodded yes, and he came over, trying to walk without revealing his erection to me.

"Yeah?" he said, trying to sound cool. I grinned.

"Help me put some oil on my back, okay?" I asked, handing him the bottle. His hands shook as he took the bottle from me, and I lay down on my stomach as he squirted some in his hands and began rubbing it on my back. When he finished with my back, I spread my legs and said, "Do my legs, too, okay?"

I heard him try to speak, but his voice cracked, and he didn't say anything. Instead I felt his fingers on my ankles, moving slowly up my legs until he reached the back of my knees. Then he stopped.

"No. Keep going. All the way up," I said, turning quickly to look at his cock. It was pretty hard under his swim suit, and I was surprised to see how big it was. Very nice for a young kid.

"I... I shouldn't go any further," he said after going the lower section of my thighs."

"Why?" I asked, turning to look at him again.

"Well... just 'cause," he said.

"Come on. Don't stop now. Do all of me," I instructed.

"I... I better not," he replied.

"DO IT. NOW!" I snapped, then... "Please," my voice soft, seductive.

He didn't move for a few seconds, then he poured more oil on his hands and began moving up my thighs. I spread my legs wide apart for him, making sure some of my blond cunt hair was sticking out around the thin strip of cloth covering my pussy from his view. Now I wished I'd gotten wet before trying to seduce him, so he could have seen my cunt through the thin white material, but this would have to do.

"Where you from, kid?" I asked.

"Iowa," he said. "Davenport."

"Iowa. Wow. How'd you get to Dallas?" I asked, sincerely curious.

"My dad sent me a ticket. He lives here now. He and Mom got divorced," the kid said.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Jason. Carson. Jason Carson," he repeated for me. "My dad's Carl. He lives-"

"I know where he lives," I smiled. "So... Carl Carson's kid, huh," I said. Immediately one of the whoppers came to mind. I'd fucked this kid's dad dozens of times, and loved every single fuck. Now I was going to fuck his kid, and I think the kid realized it.

"Are... are you Marcie?" he asked.

"Guilty," I smiled. "Why. Has your dad talked about me?" I asked.

"No. Not really. I heard some of his friends talking about you, though," Jason said.

"Oh. And what did they say?" I asked.

He blushed. God he was cute. So innocent. I remembered back to when I was that shy, and it made me want to just cuddle him and kiss his cute little cheeks.

"Come on. Don't be shy. You can tell me," I coaxed. "What did you hear about me?"

"Well... I heard them talking about... about...."

"Fucking me?" I suggested.

"Yes," he said quietly.

"Did they say how much I loved sex?" I asked. "How I love getting fucked, and sucking cock? Did they? It's true, you know, so I don't mind. Really."

"Really?" he asked, excited. "You mean... it's true???"

"Oh my God is it ever true, Jason," I laughed. "You know that old song? I'm just a girl who can't say no? No, I don't guess you would know that one. I only heard it for the first time myself last summer. It's from a musical. Anyway, Jason, my young stud, it's all true. I LOVE sex."

I let him think about that for a moment. Then, "Have you ever fucked a girl, Jason? Or had your cock sucked, or played with?"

"No! I... I mean, I've never... fucked... anybody."

"What HAVE you done, Jason?" I asked.

"Well... I touched Mary Beth Olsen's tits once. At the movies. But she moved my hand away as soon as I felt her up," he said, sounding disappointed.

"Do you masturbate?" I asked.

"Well of course not!" he exclaimed. "Guys don't do stuff like that!"

I laughed out loud. "Oh Jason, my sweet little innocent. Of COURSE boys jerk off. Hell, I bet men invented jerking off. EVERYone masturbates, Jason. We ALL do. All the time."

"Oh yeah? Well do YOU do it?" he challenged, expecting me to of course say no.

"Every day. When I'm not fucking," I said proudly.

"You DO? REALLY?" he gasped.

"Would you like to watch me, Jason?" I breathed, reaching down to touch my pussy as he stared at my cunt. "I like to slide a finger right up inside my pussy," I moaned. "Like this," I said, doing it as he watched. His cock was literally twitching now, and I wondered when he'd come. "Then I like to rub myself with my other hand, like this," I said, showing him, rolling over onto my back now, my naked tits exposed for him to see as I lay there masturbating for him.

"Ohh... ohh GEEZZZZZZ!" he grunted, as his cock erupted. The head of his prick suddenly appeared over the top edge of his swimsuit, and as I watched a gob of cum burst from the tip, landing on my thigh. Then another... and another... causing long strings of gooey cum to run down my thighs

"Oh, dear. It seems we've made a mess, Jason," I said. "Come on. We better go to my place and clean up," I said, grabbing my top, then the rest of my stuff. I took Jason's hand and led the bewildered innocent with me back to my condo. We went inside, and the cool air caused my nipples to stiffen.

"Look at my tits, Jason. Here. Touch them. Feel how hard my nipples are? That happens to a woman when she's excited. Or cold. I'm both right now, Jason. Look," I said, quickly stripping off my suit. Touch me right here, Jason. Come on. Right here. Yes, like that. Hmmm... feel how wet I am, Jason? That's because I'm excited. Oh! And so are you, I see," I said, reaching down, squeezing Jason's erect cock.

"Oh geez!" he wheezed, as I dropped to my knees and rolled his suit down over his knees, forcing him to step out of his shorts. His cock was hard again, after just coming. God! I was impressed. Maybe I should start fucking more young guys, I thought.

Jason was gasping for breath, and it seemed like he was going to come again already. I looked up at him, then put his cock in my mouth and began sucking it. It was a fantastic cock... around nine inches long, and quite thick already, at only 14 or 15 years old or so. Amazing, I thought, laughing at how popular this young man would be after I finished educating him. Unlike the upbringing I'd had, I wanted to now share everything I knew with this sweet boy. I wanted to teach him, to tutor him in the ways of lovemaking. And I did.

"Oh Gosh, Marcie," he gasped. I... I think I'm gonna... I'm gonna-"

"Yethh," I mumbled. "Do it in my mouth!" I said, squeezing his balls, wanting him to come in my mouth. It didn't take him long.

"Ohhhh Marcieeeeee!" he groaned. I grinned to myself as his young cock exploded, spewing cum inside my mouth and all over me when I withdrew it and held it against my cheeks, letting him see his cum as it drenched my face. "Oh GEEZZZZZZ!" he cried out, his body bucking forward, doubled over with pleasure.

Afterward I kissed him, and took him into the bedroom with me. We kissed again, and lay down next to each other. I fondled his cock as we lay there talking about what had just happened. Amazingly, in a few minutes Jason was getting hard again. I leaned down and licked his balls, then sucked his cock until it was hard again. Then, with his eyes bulging with youthful excitement, I crawled on top of him and straddled his cock, sinking slowly down onto it, until he was filling me with it.

"Oh... my... Goddddd!" Jason groaned, his face grinning from ear to ear. We fucked slowly, for a long time before he said he felt like he had to "do it again."

"You mean 'come,' Jason. That's what it's called. You have to come. Say it."

"I... I have to come, Marcie," he said.

"Do you like fucking me, Jason? With your cock? In my cunt, my pussy?" I asked, wanting to hear him say the words.

"Yeahhhh," he groaned.

"Say it, Jason. Say you love fucking my cunt with your cock!" I coaxed.

"I... I love fucking you in... in your cunt... with my COCK!" he gasped.

Quickly I rolled over, pulling him with me so he ended up on top of me. "Now, Jason. Fuck me. Fuck me as hard and as fast as you can, and come inside my pussy whenever you want," I shrieked, close to coming myself.

"Oh yeahhhhhh!" he gasped, pumping his young, hard body into mine as rapidly as possible, until finally, I felt him lunging forward, holding himself there as his cock erupted for the third time in less than an hour. I came with him, and when it was over I made him roll off my body, then reached down and scooped some of his cum from my cunt.

"Here," I said. "Taste it." I wiped my fingers across his lips, and he opened his mouth and did as I asked. "Like it?"

"It... it tastes sort of... salty. It's real slippery, isn't it," he said.

"Yes. It is. I love it. Can't get enough of it," I said, scooping out more, sucking it off my fingers, loving it.


"Yes, Jason?"

"Have... have you and my dad... ever-"

"Oh God yes, Jason. Many times. He's a good friend of mine. Hell, they all are in this complex. I love sex, Jason. I wasn't kidding. I can't get enough cock. I'll fuck anyone who wants me. Anyone. One of the last pure joys in life is sex, Jason, and it thrills me to give it to men who want it from me," I said, meaning it.

"Can we do it again, Marcie?"

"When, now?" I asked, amazed.

"No... But can we again later? After Dad gets home?"

"Sure, kid. Bring him over tonight and we'll have ourselves a little threesome. Think your dad would like that, Jason?"

"Yeah. I think he would. I hope so. He's got a nice... cock... hasn't he, Marcie."

"The best, kid. One of the very best," I said. "Now you better get home and wait for him. Tell him to call me when he gets home, okay?"

"Okay, Marcie," Jason said, pulling on his swimsuit. "Bye!" he said, bounding toward the door, with a very large smile on his face.

Did his dad and him come over that evening and fuck me? I don't know... did they???


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