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Just a Day at the Mall by Cathy Thompson

Just a Day at the Mall

By Cathy Thompson @Copy write. This story is pure fantasy and is for the enjoyment of others. It is not to be posted to any paid web site.

First he heard the frantic knocking on his door. Then the whining nasal voice. "Mr. Pinkerton, I need to see you right away."

He wondered what had moved, the normally stoic, Miss Sheppard, to such an agitated haste that she would come banging on his office door before even buzzing him on the inter office intercom. Mr. Pinkerton sat at his desk debating whether to pretend not to be in his office and that way avoiding the sight of Miss Sheppard. He hated his job, for that matter his life, but most of all, he hated having to look at Miss Sheppard everyday.

Before he could decide, the door banged open and he cursed himself for not keeping it locked. Miss Sheppard quickly moved to his desk. Mr. Pinkerton had to scrambled to minimize the porn site he had up on his computer screen before she saw that he was looking at a live cam shot of a women being whipped while tied to a saw horse.

"A Mother of young teenage girls just called to complain about our activities schedule," she said as she pulled up a chair without being invited to sit down. Her voice grated on Mr. Pinkerton like fingernails on a chalkboard. He was sure that Miss Pinkerton had been assigned to his office as a means of revenge. His own private hell, just for making a pass at the trophy wife of a company executive two years ago.

Being drunk had not garner him any leeway from the Wife's husband, who used all the power of his position to making Mr. Pinkerton's life as miserable as possible. It did not matter that she was drunk too, he would be paying for that blowjob till the day he retired. If he had only cum a little sooner He though. Then the wife's executive husband would not have come looking for his pretty young wife. The executive would not have walked in on them in the bedroom and to find his wife on her knees before Mr. Pinkerton, with her dress around her waist and wiping the cum off her lips.

"What the cheerleaders competitions?" Mr. Pinkerton asked with a note of disdain in his voice. Miss Sheppard looked at him with loathing. In her mind she was much more qualified to run the Mall than Mr. Pinkerton. Miss Sheppard knew the rumors that he had been assigned as the Mall's director of operations as a means to punish him for fooling around with the Wife of a company vice president. She knew also that headquarters considered managing a Mall to be a shit assignment and were hoping to force Mr. Pinkerton to an early retirement moving him down the ladder and giving him a nowhere job as a Mall manager.

"No, not the cheerleading competitions," Miss Sheppard replied in a whiney voice that barely covered her distaste of the way Mr. Pinkerton ran the mall. For Mr. Pinkerton, a former regional director for the entire Western United States, being director of the Mall was a big slide down the corporate ladder. But, Miss Sheppard had started as a computer-processing clerk at company headquarters. She thought she had gotten the assignment, as Mr. Pinkerton's assistant because she had impressed those above her with her exceptional work and organization skills. Mr. Pinkerton, and everybody at company headquarters, knew that Miss Sheppard had been reassigned because of her looks. Miss Sheppard was considered by many of the males at company headquarters as just too damm ugly to keep around. Her assignment was, as Mr. Pinkerton suspected, just another way to make his life just a little bite more measurable.

"I haven't even announced the next Tahitian dance review yet?" Mr. Pinkerton asked.

"Its not the Tahitian dance review, or the Swimsuit fashions shows or the talent shows with the female singers in ultra short skirts," Miss Sheppard snarled back at him in a openly hostile voice. She got up and walked around Mr. Pinkerton's office in a huff.

She knew he had no power to fire her or to get her reassigned and she had no respect for the man at all. His idea of managing a Mall and keeping crowds coming to the Mall consisted of only one method, hold events and programs at the mall the showed as much young female flesh as he could get away with. So far his had been successful at filling the mall up every weekend.

Miss Sheppard was sure she could get the same results without resorting to cheap and tardy appeals to the perverted nature of men. Miss Sheppard was tired of working on the endless list of events that involved females in scantily clad outfits that Mr. Pinkerton used as cover to exploit the sexuality of young women. First it was the cheerleader competitions held four times a year. Then it was the Tahitian dance reviews. Then the spring swimsuit fashion shows. At Christmas it was the Santa helpers in short red skirts. At Halloween he got all the stores to get their employees to dress up in costume and handed out cash prizes to the best costume. Everybody in the mall knew that the cash would end up in the girl's hand that wore the skimpiest outfit.

Also, she was tired of having to field all the complaints from N.O.W. and other feminist groups in the community. Two of the organizations that complained she was a member and an officer. They wanted to bring pressure on the Newberry Mall to clean up its act.

But all the events had kept men coming to Newberry Mall in numbers unheard off by other malls. Yet, there had been noticeable drop off in the number Women coming to the mall. There had even been a measured increase in the number of Women coming to Newberry Mall since Mr. Pinkerton had started the weekend sex shows. It seemed the young women enjoyed seeing the dances and cheerleader routines too. They also came to the fashion shows to see what the guys would be looking for on the beach. They also came because it where a lot of guys started hanging out and as Mr. Pinkerton firmly believed, if you get the girls in sexy attire the men will come and once you have the men, more girls will follow to meet the men. To Mr. Pinkerton it was a close loop circle that once established would feed on itself.

"Calm down, calm down," Mr. Pinkerton said with a sigh and motioning Miss Sheppard to sit back down. He wanted what ever was bothering her taken care of immediately. Not so much as he cared that Miss Sheppard was obviously upset and distressed, but because he wanted her out of his office A.S.A.P. The one good thing that Mr. Pinkerton liked about his job was that it was usually very easy. It took only a fourth of his day to finish his work. That allowed him the rest of the day to surfing the Internet, feeding his unquenchable thirst of porn. He would not be able to continue his normal activities till Miss Sheppard's problem had been taken care of and she left his office.

Looking across his desk he scowled at Miss Sheppard before she turned to face him once again. Her face made his lunch burn in his stomach. Only thirty, Miss Sheppard had the wrinkled face of a sixty-year-old woman. Her feminist doctrine caused her to forgo makeup that might ease some her harsh features. To Mr. Pinkerton Miss Sheppard reminded him of the classic witch of a Halloween cartoon.

"So what is the lady's complaint, what does it have to do with her teenage daughter and WHY DO YOU CARE SO much about one lady and her daughter," Mr. Pinkerton asked in a weary tone of surrender.

"This time you have crossed the line in your exploiting of women Mr. Pinkerton and headquarters will be made very aware of what you are doing here!" Miss Sheppard stated in a rapid cadence and stood up once more to pace the room.

"WHAT ARE YOU CLUCKING ABOUT?" Mr. Pinkerton exclaimed rising out his chair and leaning forward on his desk.

"DARE TO BARE!" Miss Sheppard grumbled, crossing her arms over her flat chest and sticking her nose high in the air.

"DARE TO WHAT?" Mr. Pinkerton asked frustrated and ready to break.

"DARE TO BARE, you think I would go along with this like all your cheesy swimsuit fashion shows----"

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" Mr. Pinkerton asked slamming his hands down on his desk and cutting Miss Sheppard off in mid sentence.


"DARE TO BARE WHAT, EXPLAIN YOURSELF OR HAVE YOU GONE MAD?" Mr. Pinkerton once more cut her off in mid sentence.


Mr. Pinkerton could tell that Miss Sheppard was really worked up into a snit. He decided that it must just be Miss Sheppard's time of the month and not to expect any logic or coherent thoughts from her.

"N.O.W., and the other feminist groups have announced boycotts of Newberry Mall four times so far this year. Besides their members don't buy anything our stores sell. Our last plus size women's store went out of business three months ago, they don't buy a lot of makeup or perfume from out department stores and I am sure they are not shopping for night wear in Frederick's or Victoria's secret. SO LET THEM BOYCOTT" Mr. Pinkerton said with an air of dismissal and sat back down in his chair as if problem was solved.


"What are you talking about "DARE TO BARE" AND "MY EVENT" and I do not know anything about any flyers. Our next event is a whole month away and I have not even had the flyers printed yet."

Miss Sheppard looked over her horn rimmed glasses at Mr. Pinkerton wondering if he was telling the truth and then said "Well we have also received calls from a number of men seeing a flyer and calling us asking questions about the rules to the DARE TO BARE CONTEST."

"I know nothing about anything called "DARE TO BARE" and nothing about any flyer. Just tell everybody its some sort of mistake, that the must of misprinted our phone number on this flyer and-----"

"Our phone number is apparently not on any of the flyers, it just tells everybody that the event is this Saturday."

"Well tell one of the Mothers to come see me with a copy of this flyer."

"Then this is not of your doing?"

"I know nothing about this at all!"

Miss Sheppard reached for the office door and left. Mr. Pinkerton sighed a heavy sigh and reached inside his left desk drawer for his bottle of scotch. Taking a long hard hit off the bottle Mr. Pinkerton leaned back in his chair and turned on his computer monitor once more. Looking at the live cam he was disappointed to see that the whipping of the Woman on the sawhorse was over and now it was some guy being walked on by women in heels. Time to surf, he thought and directed his browser to search for a new live cam channel.

Within an hour Miss Sheppard was back at his door. She only rapped twice before entering. Mr. Pinkerton jumped in a start and hurried to shut his computer monitor down. Reaching inside his top desk drawer he shoved a stick of chewing gum in his mouth to hide the smell of the scotch he been drinking. Damm he hated to waste the good scotch taste in his mouth with the sickly sweet chewing gum, but he knew that Miss Sheppard would turn him into headquarters for less than a penny.

She shoved one sheet of light red paper under his face without a word. Looking down Mr. Pinkerton scanned the flyer.


Ever want to wear that ultra short skirt but were afraid it would be out of place? Do you have that form fitting latex fetish outfit gathering dust in the closet? Have a blouse or top that is so low cut you have to go to confession just for wearing it? What about that Halloween costume too daring for a costume party? Some tight fitting shorts that show some cheek?


Just wear anything that you always wanted to wear to show off your hot body. Walk around or shop, its up to you. Look for men wearing red dots on their collars or lapels and flash them. They might be a judge and hand you cash. Up to $200.

Mr. Pinkerton was stunned. There was even a full-page map on the back of the flyer showing the location of Newberry Mall. The 14th was just two days away.

"I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS," he stammered at Miss Sheppard.

"These flyers are being passed around every community and state college within one hundred miles of here. It also seems some of these flyers are finding their way onto some high school campuses. That is what is generating phone calls from mothers as they find the flyer in their daughter's room," Miss Sheppard replied coldly.

Mr. Pinkerton looked up at Miss Sheppard and gave her a helpless shrug.

"I have also tracked down some Internet traffic about this across several search engines. It seems that men who are into exhibitionism are spreading the word about this as if it is a real event that will happen this Saturday. They are encouraging each other to show up and to pass out hundred dollar bills to any girl they deem to be daring to bare a lot. According to several chat rooms and Usenet groups they are hoping to make this big exhibitionist event and hope it will be duplicated at Malls across the country. Some of these men are the ones printing up the flyers and distributing them on college campuses and other places were a lot of female hang out. At least two other malls in our area have called to complain that "OUR" flyers are being passed around their Mall," Miss Sheppard said and then stopped. Looked down at Mr. Pinkerton in her holier than thou manner and asked, "WELL, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?"

"ITS ALL SOME SORT OF JOKE..." Mr. Pinkerton Stammered before being cut off my Miss Pinkerton's nasal whine "Joke or no joke, we don't know how many of these flyers are being passed around and the internet traffic about this "NON EVENT" is pretty heavy,"

"Well," Mr. Pinkerton though for a moment and wondered to himself what he might do, or even if he should do anything at all. "There is not much we can do about it. I can't stop the flyers because I don't know who is printing them."

"WELL I CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT," Miss Sheppard growled and turned to leave Mr. Pinkerton's office.

"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?" Mr. Pinkerton called out as she walked towards the door.

"YOU'LL SEE," Miss Pinkerton answered as she slammed the door behind her.

"BUT, YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, I AM THE BOSS," Mr. Pinkerton called out to a shut door.

Mr. Pinkerton sat back down and resumed his constant search for Porn on the web. He took another hit from his bottle of scotch. But as much as he tried to lose himself in images of Women being dominated for the sexual pleasures of Men, Mr. Pinkerton could not escape the feeling that he had just lost some more control of his life. Miss Pinkerton was now a rogue employee, taking steps to manage around him rather than through him.

This job sucked he thought to himself. He should be having power lunches with developers and other corporate executives, not managing some lowly little suburban shopping mall. Out side of his searching the web for porn for most of the day his job offered little in the way of excitement or fulfillment. There was the to promote Mall events that also featured shapely young women in sexy outfits. The only other perk, the one he really enjoyed the most, was when security would bring some pretty young woman to his office after being nabbed for shop lifting.

Mr. Pinkerton would size up the pretty young offenders quickly. Once he determined that the young lady was disparate enough, he would dismiss the security guards. Once alone he would hint that the whole thing could be overlooked if the young Lady was cooperative. Six times this year he had managed to get some shapely young thing to undress in front of him and service him orally. He smiled to himself as he thought back to the two he had managed to fuck on his desktop to overlook some shop lifting offences. Of course girls willing to do that much to have their transgressions overlooked must have been caught many times and be looking a serious time in Juvy hall.

His respite was short lived as Miss Sheppard barged into his office without knocking. He was starting to go past the level of just hating Miss Sheppard. He wondered to himself how much it would cost him to have someone kill her.

"THEY ARE BLOCKING OUR COMPUTER LINKS!" she snapped and sat down in front of Mr. Pinkerton's desk.

"THEY ARE WHAT?" he asked.

"I tried to get on the Internet sites promoting this "DARE TO BARE" thing and tell everybody it was a hoax, but someone is diverting our computer links so we cannot post our messages on the WEB."

"OH" Mr. Pinkerton replied not really understanding half of what she said. Beyond the computer skills he needed to tune into a porn site, he cared little for what computers could do.

"BUT, I did increase security for this weekend. I doubled the number of guards from ACME SECURITY SERVICE," Miss Pinkerton said with more than a little pride.

Mr. Pinkerton laughed to himself. ACME SECURITY was useless beyond insurance requirements to have a warm body on site. Paying minimum wage and no benefits only the truly unemployable were hired. Any real trouble and the guards would just hide and pretend they were in another part of the building. Or worse, go along with rip-offs for bribes that were no more than pocket change.

"I also called the police. They said they would keep a look out for anybody passing out flyers, but without a name they can't do anything till this weekend and someone actually breaks the indecent exposure laws, then we can call again," Miss Sheppard added in disappointment.

The next few days were like heaven for Mr. Pinkerton. All was quiet and without anything much that required his attention. Miss Sheppard was busy answering phone calls from feminist, religious zealots and a few mothers who called in as word of "DARE TO BARE" spread. That was fine with Mr. Pinkerton, it kept Miss Sheppard out of his hair and allowed him to revel in his porn without interruptions from her.

When Saturday morning came, more or less, the usual crowd showed up for early morning shopping. Mr. Pinkerton walked around the Mall and took notice of a couple of young ladies in dresses that were shorter than most, but not so much short that they would cause a scandal.

As 10 am rolled around he spotted Miss Sheppard walking towards him in a rapid pace flank by two security guards. "THERE THEY ARE," She yelled as she came to a stop next to Mr. Pinkerton. She pointed an accusing finger at a couple of men wearing red dots on their collars. "ARREST THEM," she called out. The guards lunged forward and the two men look about in panic.

WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE," Mr. Pinkerton yelled so loud everybody in the enclosed Mall stopped to look. He held out his arm to block the security guards from moving past them. "THERE IS NO LAW THAT MAKES IT ILLEGAL FOR A GUY TO PUT A RED DOT ON HIS CLOTHES," Mr. Pinkerton said in totally frustration.

Miss Sheppard looked a little embarrassed and the guards relaxed. The two men she had pointed out looked relieved and quickly left the area. Mr. Pinkerton and he laughed to himself thinking how disappointed the men would be when no one showed up to this hoax called "DARE TO BARE."

Mr. Pinkerton turned to leave, he planned to go back to his office and waste another Saturday goofing off. As he turned he came face to face with a large security guard dragging two people with him by the arms. In one arm was a pretty young girl of maybe nineteen. With the other arm he was have dragging a skinny little guy that looked like a computer geek, with a cloth red dot on his collar fastened with a safety pin.

The blonde girl was wearing an extremely short sundress that barely covered her ass. The guard was pulling her arm up so high that her dress was ridding high. She was showing a pair of bright royal blue silk panties that Mr. Pinkerton found appealing. The dress also had a plunging neckline that shows a lot of the girls amble endowments. Her cleavage jiggled as the guard pulled her along by the arm.

"I caught these two on the escalators," The guard said huffing "She was going up and this guy was behind her looking up her dress." The girl half struggled to free her arm from the guard as men walked by looking at her exposed panties. The guy looked embarrassed and focused his eyes on the wall next to him.

Mr. Pinkerton motioned the guard and he released the arms of his captives. The girl pulled her dress back down, covering her panties once more. The guy looked to run, but took one look at how much bigger the security guard was and decided not to try to escape.

"ARREST THEM," Miss Sheppard called out from besides Mr. Pinkerton. Mr. Pinkerton looked at her over his shoulder with an angry stare that caused Miss Sheppard to recoil.

"ARREST ME?" the girl snapped, rubbing her arm where the guard hand gripped hard. "I was just going about my business when Sasquach here abducted me. The way he dragged me about, caused my dress to ride up and exposed me to half the Mall. I SHOULD SUE YOU PEOPLE"

"Now young lady," Mr. Pinkerton said calmly to the young woman trying hard not to openly stare down the front of her dress "This man was caught looking up your dress. Which is not illegal but certainly rude. I will throw him out of the mall if you wish."

The young blonde looked at Mr. Pinkerton and smiled. She looked over at the computer geek that had followed up the escalator. "YOU BAD BOY YOU," the girl said and playfully slapped his arm. "No, don't throw him out. I guess if I was a guy and saw a girl wearing a short dress like this I would look too."

Mr. Pinkerton pulled an envelope out his pocket, that he always carried for just this type of incidence and handed it to the young girl "Here is a $100.00 gift certificate for "Mary's College Fashions" for the trouble our guard caused you."

"Thank you," the girl said taking the envelope from Mr. Pinkerton's hand. As she left she twirled causing her flared skirt to fly up and give both Mr. Pinkerton and the security guards a last look at her bright blue panties.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU ARREST HER?" Miss Sheppard ticked off.

"For what?" Mr. Pinkerton asked in a low bored voice.

"FOR EXHIBITIONISM OF COURSE," Miss Sheppard answered.

"Then I suppose you want to go to jail for aiding and abetting in a crime?" Mr. Pinkerton said with a laugh.

"WHAT?" Miss Sheppard replied.

"The outfit the young lady wore was on sale just last week at "Mary's Collage Fashions", if it is illegal to wear a short skirt than both you and I can be held as accomplices because we run the Mall where the illegal item was sold."

"OH" was all Miss Sheppard could manage to say. Mr. Pinkerton smiled thinking how stupid she must feel right now.

Mr. Pinkerton turned and started to walk back to his office. Miss Sheppard and two of the security guards followed without being asked. Mr. Pinkerton looked around and saw many young ladies and some as old a thirty walking around in an abundance of short skirts, low cut tops and even a few wearing some extremely short shorts that showed a peek of ass cheek. He also took note of the number of men wearing red dots, some as old as seventy.

On his walk back he notice one young lady sitting in a short leather skirt, legs apart and across from her on a bench was a man in his twenties, wearing a red dot sticky label, looking her way. It was obvious that she was letting the guy look up her skirt. Maybe with no panties on, but who knew, every time someone else came close the young lady would close her legs till everybody else had gone and then resume to open her legs for the young man's pleasure.

"HA, now there is one we can arrest," Miss Sheppard called out and lunged forward grabbing a lady wearing a belly dancing outfit with several twenties stuffed in her waist band.

"UNHAND ME BITCH," the young lady ordered.

"OKAY ARREST HER," Miss Sheppard said as she struggled to hold onto the redheaded belly dancer. Her costume jingled from coins on her costume, her buxom figure swayed with the struggle and Mr. Pinkerton fought not to get a hard on from the scene in front of him.


Miss Sheppard released the woman. Mr. Pinkerton again pulled out an envelope and gave it to the woman. Another hundred-dollar gift certificate he would have to replace later out of operations expenses.

"Miss Sheppard," Mr. Pinkerton said barely hiding his contempt. "The lady was wearing a costume, though revealing and provocative in a Mall setting, she was not exposing anything that could cause her to get arrested. Other than getting a lot of comments, she could walk down any city street in that outfit and not be arrested."

Mr. Pinkerton and his entourage continued walking about the Mall. He noticed hundreds of men wearing red dots of all sorts. Some had sewn red dots made of cloth to their collars while others just used a self- adhesive sticker. Miss Sheppard went spastic when she saw two women walking about in tight latex body suits that were obviously fetish attire, but they covered more than any swimsuit on the beach, so no laws were broken.

Mr. Pinkerton also notice the scores of women who showed up in very short skirts, low cut blouses and other revealing outfits. Several times he noticed women bending over in such a way in front of a man that it was obvious that she was purposely letting the man or men nearby look up her skirt or down her blouse. Women in short skirts were going up and down the escalators constantly, followed by a bevy of men wanting a look.

He stopped by several shops that reported land office business for the day, especially shops that sold short skirts, sexy underwear or leather skirts. Both Victoria's secret and Frederick's were packed with women trying on outfits and walking out of the dressing rooms to be reviewed by men. From the amount of action by the cash registers it looked like they were selling a lot to.

As they got back to the Mall's offices a group of three women from N.O.W was waiting to issue their protest. Mr. Pinkerton turned them over to Miss Sheppard who took them into her office and slammed the door. Mr. Pinkerton dismissed the extra guards and told them to go eat lunch and not to try and stop anybody that was not naked.

Once free he left his office. It was now 1 pm and the Mall was full of women and men. Everywhere he looked he saw women dressed to show off. As the day had worn on the outfits became more and more risque. Women were walking about like a Halloween costume ball for the erotic. Some wore French maids outfits, some cheerleader's uniforms. Others came in latex and leather outfits that were purchased from fetish catalogs. Some just wore plain old fashion mini skirts that show a lot if the wearer bent over a counter or rail.

A woman walked by in a corset outfit, stockings and heels followed by fifteen men with red dots on their collars. Every so many feet a man would drop a dollar to the floor in front of her and they would watch as she bent over at the waist to pick it up and her panties would ride up her ass.

In the food court some teenage girls had come dressed in skimpy bikinis. About ten of them seemed to be together. Each taking a turn they would get up from their table and walked across the food court to pick up a napkin. Once back at the table the girls would giggle at the reactions of the men who were sitting around watching them.

As Mr. Pinkerton walked around one department store he notice a line of young ladies waiting to buy new swimwear. In the leather store several woman were buying leather skirts and the lines at Fredericks and Victoria's secret was out the doors.

Mr. Pinkerton laughed to himself and was very pleased. It was his most successful event ever and there was no way Miss Sheppard could trace it back to him. He would have to do it again next year.

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