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Julia: Part Two by Captain Squall

Julia: Part Two

Well, Julia had certainly proved her point. Here was a fifty year-old, mild-mannered, usually conservative wife and mother, who had in the previous couple of hours showed me, Nyanee, and the three young male studs, just how good a love-maker she was, and what stamina she had.

Five of us in that bedroom didn't know what Julia was going to command next - but we were about to find out.

"William, James, Lee - over here, please..." whispered Julia, again kneeling on the large bed, stark naked and unashamed. "Let's have some gentle foreplay, boys...."

Julia kneeled on all fours, and the three guys started to stroke, caress and kiss Julia. I saw Lee, the well-hung Asian guy slide down under her hips, raise his head and start to nuzzle my wife's pussy. William, the African-American stud, moved his head under Julia body, sucking one nipple and caressing the other breast. James, kneeling in front of my wife found that Julia was reaching for his semi-erect cock, directing it to her mouth. As her lips closed around it James gasped in delight.

After a few minutes of this it was clear Julia was getting very horny, judging by her writhing and moaning. And then with a few well chosen words, she was back in action. She commanded Lee to lay on his back and in seconds she had slid down onto his erect pole. William crouched behind Julia's as and gently guided his engorged rod to her anus, slipping the large purple colored bulbous head into her. Julia moaned again and in a low husky voice whispered, "I want you both deep inside me...NOW".

Lee and William thrust into her, and immediately she was crammed with cock, and my wife threw her head back and cried out, "OH GOD ... OH GOD... aahhhh....oh yes, oh yes...fuck me ...fuck me .....please .. please....' And they both obliged. Julia was now repeating herself, as she could be heard to be muttering under her breath, "Oh, fuck .... Oh, fuck ....OOHHH FUCK!!"The sight of my wife being fucked in both passages for the first time, and especially seeing her enjoy it so much was very arousing and erotic.

Nyanee and I were again on the adjacent bed watching this spectacle, and with Julia's permission Nyanee, kneeling down and resting on her elbows, was filming the action on her digital video camera, set on a tripod next to the bed. I moved behind her and with a groan slid into her wet cunt. It was very obvious Nyanee was also turned on by Julia's performance. Under me I head Nyanee say "Aahhhhh...yes, that feels good....mmmmm" and she started rocking backwards and forwards on my cock, while still filming the action in front of her.

My hands gripped Nyanee's hips as I continued to shaft her, while watching my wife being satiated by two large cocks - one in her cunt, the other in her ass.

Julia reached over and grasped James' cock and stuffed it into her mouth, sucking hungrily. Julia was now experiencing her first 'triple penetration' - cocks in her mouth, cunt and ass. I could hardly believe what I was witnessing. In one way I was feeling somewhat jealous, as I saw my wife enjoying a sexual threesome with three well-hung younger men, and obviously enjoying it to a degree I had never witnessed before. But I also was also immensely turned on by the vision of the woman I loved, the woman I married over twenty years ago, fucking three guys and being fucked in return, totally oblivious to either my presence or my current activities, viz. fucking this goddess under me. It was as though I might as well not be even there - Julia was so engrossed in her lustful pursuit of sexual and sensual pleasure that I didn't exist.

Both Nyanee and myself knew that we were seeing a true professional in action, and that somehow our lives would never be the same again, but more of that later...

Julia was now transformed into one heaving, writhing, moaning fucking machine. She was focusing on the hard, muscular three cocks inside her and it was apparent her concentration on her actions made her oblivious to Nyanee and me, fucking no more than two metres away from her. The action continued for about ten minutes, the stamina and staying power of all four participants being very apparent.

Julia moved her mouth away from James' cock, which she started pumping with one hand. A rising wail now emanated from my wife's mouth, a sort of high pitched "Aaiiyyee..." and we all knew she was about to come. "Yes! Yes! YES!! YES!! Oh god I'm cumming, I'm cumming......ah ... ahhhh .... Aaaahhhhh...AAAAHHHHHHH" and with her whole body shaking and shuddering, an orgasm of intensity never before experienced, she came for the first time. She could feel the cocks in her cunt and ass sliding in and out, almost touching through her hot, wet, internal tissues. She was so wet and horny that the cocks were penetrating deep inside her, filling her passages completely, stimulating her to never before experienced sexual peaks.

James' cock started to flex in Julia's hand and we all heard him groan, "I'm coming sweetheart", and instantly my wife guided his cock into her sucking mouth, and she expertly stimulated and pumped his throbbing shaft until she felt it swell and pulse in her mouth and she felt the gush of his warm sperm again flood her mouth. She swallowed hungrily, feeling him pump spurt after spurt into her, the warm salty-sweet fluid filling her mouth, a slight overflow seeing from her red lips and over her chin.

Julia's contracting groin muscles were know milking the two cocks inside her cunt and ass and she felt both Lee and William grunt, their thrusts being even more urgent, and with low groans they discharged their generous loads. Great bursts of warm sperm shot from the two cocks deep into my wife, and she came once again, the thrusting and ejaculations taking her over the edge again.

It was the trigger for both Nyanee and me to cum almost immediately. The sight and sounds of the foursome climaxing, their cries, moans and grunts was enough to make my own seed surge up from my trembling loins, to gush down my shaft and spray the hot insides of Nyanee, whose cunt was spasming and clamping on my cock. "Aaaaahhhhh FUCKING HELL! Oh FUCK!" cried Nyanee, whose command on English never ceased to amaze me.

I felt my own cock spurt its last drop of warm cum into Nyanee, who collapsed onto the bed. I felt my cock withdraw from her delicious cunt, and a small flood of my seed seeped from it, over her reddened swollen labia and onto the bed between her sticky thighs.

On the other bed, I could see Julia, still on her hands and knees, rocking backwards and forwards, as though she didn't know how, or didn't want, to stop. But then she rolled over and lay on her back, and said to everyone's surprise, "Now I want you all to fill my cunt with more of your cum..."

I slipped over to Julia and couched between her sticky thighs and regaining my hardness eased my rod into her. Her juices were mingled with a flood of foreign sperm, and my thrusting made squishy squelching noises and I rammed my cock into her.

"Oh God my love this is so fucking good...." And her cunt muscles started gripping my rod expertly. I came quicker than I ever had before and I blew my remaining load into Julia's pussy. I saw William, who had been fucking Julia in her anus, move into the bathroom to wash his cock in anticipation of entering Julia's cunt again - and I was pleased with his thoughtfulness.

James meanwhile replaced me and mounted my wife, placing her ankles on his shoulders. Almost violently he started ramming and ramming his cock into her swollen vulva, more slurping noises emanating from their actions. Within a minute or so James groaned loudly, and spurted his load into her grasping vagina. Julia was now also climaxing repeatedly, her hips jerking upwards and her hands gripping James tight buttock muscles, pulling him into her.

James slid off Julia, to be replaced by Lee, who followed up with a similar almost violent fucking of my wife, almost as though she was being raped. It was certainly stimulating Julia as she was almost weeping with gratitude, being fucked like she had never before. After less that a minute Lee thrust so hard that Julia's body moved up the bed, and he discharged his load for the third time that night. William reentered the room and saw Lee sliding off of Julia, and he saw Julia beckoning him urgently.

Julia was about to be fucked again by this black stud, whose cock was now hard and erect, all ten inches ready to slide into the incredible fucking machine on the bed, my wife of fifty years of age. "Oh God, your cock is so good!" wailed Julia, as William slid his long, hard length deep into her. I watched in awe as the huge cock slid in, only to re-emerge wet and shiny, before sliding deep into her again, the whole ten inches crammed into Julia's cunt, as their public hair meshed.

I was now truly amazed as William managed to keep up his shafting for almost five minutes, but even Julia's continuous orgasms brought him to his own climax, and he said to the heaving fuck-machine under him, "This time you'll get the whole load, sweetheart" and with a hard thrust he shot wad after wad of thick, womb-wetting white foam deep into Julia's cunt. Had I been able to measure it, there would have been several cupfuls of male sperm injected into my wife that day. Knowing she had her tubes tied was reassuring, as she had taken in enough sperm to impregnate dozens of women.

William was now spent, and he rolled of Julia onto the bed. The five of us - me, Nyanee, William, James and Lee broke out in polite applause. On the bed my wife smiled, her face flushed after her sexual marathon, her heaving body wet with sweat, sperm, and her own juices. The sheets under her were soaked with the same mixture, the aroma of male sperm being heavy in the air.

Nyanee turned to me, and kissed me gently, before saying "you and Julia can come here anytime you like, free of charge, and if you like, I am also prepared to pay top rates to Julia, is she's willing to put on a show like that, for selected guests."

And so our adventure was over, for the time being. We showered, got dressed, and said our farewells, and it seemed strange to shake the hands of James, Lee and William, as they said goodbye. These guys had taken part in a phenomenal experience, with the willing consent of me, Julia's husband, to give her a sexual feast like nothing she had ever had before, and he I was, shaking their hands as though we had just concluded a business deal...which in some was exactly what it was.

Because some weeks later we returned to Nyanee's establishment and re-enacted, with Julia's enthusiastic agreement, that same sexual marathon. Nyanee had this time arranged a paying audience, and I mean paying. It was so well paid that we left our usual professional jobs, and decided to do what we liked best for a living.

Julia was also a new woman. Her self-confidence and self-assurance were at an all-time high. And our relationship was also stronger, because despite her willing and active fucking of her new sexual partners, she and I both knew that this was only for the purely sensual and sexual gratification she received, her love and affection was only for me.

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