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Julia: Part One by Captain Squall

Julia: Part One

"I don't know why we're always regarded as the weaker sex, Roy", said Julia, my wife of 25 years. "There have been enough studies to show that while we not have the absolute brute strength of the male species, we've got the better stamina, staying power, and flexibility that is totally unknown to the macho male".

I looked at her, as she sat reading the recently published controversial book about male versus female physiology, covering topics like comparisons in performance by gender in endurance events, such as male and female triathlons and marathons, as well as the body's ability to adapt to extremes.

We were sitting in our Bangkok hotel room, after a day's sightseeing, relaxing over a few bourbon and cokes. Julia was looking more relaxed than I hade seen her for years. She looked good for a woman of almost fifty, perhaps a little overweight but still able to turn heads when she wore a swimming costume. We were on a long-overdue holiday, our kids were still attending university at home, and so we had promised ourselves an adventure holiday. How much of an adventure I was about to find out. But let me give you some interesting history....

Our sex life had been "OK", insofar as we still managed to please each other, but as far as I knew Julia had shied away - with my participation, at least - from anything unconventional, such as having a threesome (with another male or female).

But what she didn't know was that I knew that she had experienced and enjoyed two recent affairs, once with a female colleague, and another with an attractive Asian guy, who had worked with her at her place of employment. I knew this because one day before she left for work she had inadvertently left her email account open on the computer at home. After I hear her drive away I had sat down and read some interesting exchanges. Maybe I should have closed it down but I was very curious when I saw several messages, one with the words "you were great!" in the subject line.

After opening the mail I saw the messages were from the Asian guy, an interstate colleague of my wife's named Adam, sent after she had attended a national conference some week's earlier. The emails were very explicit, with messages like "I loved the way you sucked my cock, swallowing after I blew my load" and "Did you know your moaning during our fucking was heard in the hotel corridors?" And the most surprising of all, "Jeremy and I thought your capacity to take big cocks was absolutely fantastic". So she had enjoyed the attention of two guys!! Jeremy, it seems, had something of a reputation of being supremely well-hung, and I mean HUNG. So it was apparent that my faithful wife of 25 years had not only had a recent affair, but had also had a threesome, in which the character Jeremy and Adam had 'tested' my wife's ability to take in huge cocks.

What was really the eye-opener were the attached pictures, in jpeg format. I was especially attracted to the ones where a self-timer on a digital camera was obviously used - there was Adam, kneeling in front of Julia, who was sucking his cock. Mounting her doggie style was Jeremy, showing his manhood in various stages on insertion into her cunt. My eyes opened wide as I saw that Jeremy was endowed with at least nine or ten inches of hard cock; the first picture showed him guiding his cock towards her cunt, as she kneeled in front of him, the others showing his cock sinking into her. The last showed him rammed home, his huge length deep into Julia's cunt. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, her teeth bared, as she pumped Adam's cock with her hands.

Reading the emails and looking at these pictures my immediate reaction (apart from getting a rock-hard erection) was one of jealousy and mistrust, but who was I to take the moral high ground? I confess that at the time my wife was away I had experienced my first "FFM", or threesome with two other women. But my eyes were really opened after I read some other emails from a woman called "Jenny", who also referred to my wife's pussy eating skills, and her willingness to experiment with a double-ended dildo.

So while she had avoided any "group sex" or more adventurous activities with me, I knew she was curious enough to do some other things in private. At least she had acted 'normally' after these events, with our own sex life being quite satisfying. In fact, I suspect it was elevated after her affairs, almost as though those extra-marital experiences had released some new energy and enthusiasm for her sex life.

Let me bring you back to the present....

I was flicking through one of the "alternative guides" to nightlife in Bangkok, when one caught my eye. It read something like the following:

"The Fantasy Club caters especially for married couples, who wish to enjoy some activities outside of their normal habits. We have a range of carefully selected and talented male and female staff, whose attributes will satisfy any customer's needs".

I called to Julia, "Hey, sweetheart, listen to this..." and I read out the advertisement.
To my surprise and delight, she said (looking a little flushed), "Roy dear, why don't we pay them a visit? That's just around the corner from this hotel".

My heart was beating a little faster than normal, as we left the room and walked to the Fantasy Club. My wife squeezed my hand, and turning to me said, "Are you feeling adventurous, honey? 'cos I am..."

Keeping a straight face I said, "Mmmm ... this could be your first opportunity to have that threesome you've always shied away from". She blushed again, and seemed to increase her walking pace a little.

We found the Fantasy Club easily enough and entered the foyer, and approached the reception. It looked like any smart 5-star hotel, with uniformed staff, soft music playing in the background. There were some couples sitting together, nursing generous sized drinks in their hands. Most, like us, looked a little nervous, given the reasons for our visit.

A rather gorgeous lady approached us and introduced herself as Nyanee. "Good evening and welcome, my friends", she said, extending her hand. We introduced ourselves and she ushered us into a small meeting room.

"I assume this is your first visit so let me explain the routine", she said in a low, sexy voice. I glanced over at my wife, thinking she might be having second thoughts but she was merely looking a little flushed with excitement. I felt my cock swell as I thought of the night ahead....

"This catalogue shows you the range of ladies and gentlemen who are with us tonight. As you can see", she said, turning the pages for us," we have a wide range of nationalities, physiques, and sizes, of course." She seemed to emphasise the word "sizes", and looked directly at Julia with a smile.

The catalogue was very revealing and explicit, showing the girls and guys both dressed and naked, with the guys in both slack and erect states. I could see Julia staring intently at the pictures of several extremely well-hung African-Americans, as well as some well hung Asian guys. I tried not to stare at the large breasted Asian honeys with their dark bushes, in the high quality pictures.

"Health and hygiene is an absolute priority in this establishment" said Nyanee, "with all our staff checked regularly. This is the cleanest Club in Bangkok. I keep it that way, because I occasionally assess each and every member here", she said with pride. Julia looked at her enviously, before saying, "Well, if you ever need any help, I'm your girl!"

"Really?" said Nyanee, "Its interesting you say that because I have several guys in their twenties coming over this evening, straight from our consultant doctor. I've heard from the doctor that they're particularly well, er, qualified ... in the physical sense. Do you think you're up to the challenge, Julia? Because if you are, your assistance will mean your visit here tonight will be free, as I'm already going to be busy..."

So the die was cast. We chatted for a little longer, before we were escorted by Nyanee to one of their guest suites. Julia and I undressed, and settled into the large, warm spa bath, sipping some chilled champagne from the minibar. After about fifteen minutes the telephone rang, and it was Nyanee, telling us that our 'escorts' had arrived and were on the way to our suite. We climbed out of the spa, drying ourselves on the huge white fluffy towels, before putting on the toweling robes provided.

"God, I feel horny" whispered Julia, her attractive cleavage apparent to anyone who wasn't blind. She knew she was also getting moist down below, just as I was getting hard.

Hearing a knock on the door, I let Julia open it, and in walked three guys, one European, one Asian, and one African-American. Their names were James, Lee and William respectively. Also there was the lovely Nyanee, who said, "I'm here to view the performance of these applicants Julia, so don't let me stop you. Can she start now, Roy?" she said with a lusty grin at me. I found myself nodding meekly in assent, and went and sat down next to Nyanee on the adjacent double bed.

Julia turned to the three guys and said a hoarse voice, "Come to me, boys" and upon saying this she dropped the gown from her shoulders, revealing her mature body. Even after twenty five years of marriage, her bust was still reasonable firm, her waist narrow, although she had put on a little weight on her ass and legs. She also sported a magnificent bush, which was now the focus of the three guys, who had all stripped in record time.

They all knew the company rules. They must do whatever, and I mean whatever, the client demands, they had to have 'staying power', and they were to obey her every word. They also knew I was her husband and was there to witness her ultimate fantasy - after all, that was what the club was for.

Julia was now laying on the bed, being caressed by James the European guy, who was now fully erect, and I guessed he came in over eight inches of hard, muscled circumcised rod. Julia reached down and took it in her hand, or I should say hands, as there was length to spare. Assuming a kneeling position she placed his knob in her mouth and started to skilfully move her head up and down. James gasped in delight, as he felt my wife's administrations on his manhood. I was also rock hard at this stage, and I saw Nyanee was licking her lips as she watched Julia's actions.

Julia then whispered something to Lee the Asian guy, who moved around behind her. Reaching under her body and between her legs she guided Lee's cock to her wet cunt lips. Now for an Asian I must admit that lee was well-hung, coming in (if you forgive the expression) at around eight or nine inches. With consumate ease his rod slipped deep into my wife's cunt, and he started to ever so slowly slide his cock in and out. Being near I could see her pussy lips warp around the shaft as he rhythmically withdrew, only to fold in when he thrust forward again.

Now Lee was being assessed for his alleged staying power too, and even with such a wonderful fucking machine as my wife he managed to keep up his thrusting for what seemed like an eternity. Actually it was closer to thirty minutes, before Julia pulled her mouth off James' cock and cried out as her body momentarily stiffened, "Oh god, I'm coming ...oh yes, I'm coming, oh .. oh ..oh..yes, yes, YES! YES! Oh god, I'm coommmiinnnngggg...." and her entire body shuddered shook for about fifteen or twenty seconds.

But behind her Lee kept up his rhythmic shafting, even after feeling my wife's cunt muscles clamping on his slippery wet shaft. Unless I was mistaken his cock actually seemed to have grown, and was now closer to ten inches.

Beside me Nyanee reached over and slipped her hands under my towelling robe and encircled MY cock. She then leant over and parting the gown took me in her mouth, starting to emulate my wife's earlier skilful sucking of Adam. With her other hand she managed with great dexterity to get totally undressed.

Lee kept up his shafting for another five or ten minutes before Julia came again, this time even more noisily and passionately than before. I knew from experience that her second and subsequent orgasms from our lovemaking sessions always brought on stronger, deeper and more intense orgasms. Grunting now like an animal in heat, she groaned as her second orgasm racked her heaving body, her breasts shaking and glistening with her sweat, despite the airconditioned suite. "Aaaahhhh, oh god, oh god, oh god.... yes, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!" she commanded and Lee obliged, ramming and ramming and ramming his rockhard cock into my wife's now slurping cunt.

With a groan, it was clear that he too was about to orgasm, and with several almost brutal thrusts, he shot his load deep and far into Julia's hot insides. I saw his rod flex and pulse, as the sperm shot down its magnificent length, to burst over Julia's internal tissues, flooding her vagina and overflowing down her sticky thighs. I could see Lee's generous burst of white foam smeared over her dark pubic hair, and sliding down her pink thighs.

Julia was still heaving as Lee slowly backed away, allowing large gobs of his sperm to fall from Julia's cunt onto the bedsheets. I then heard her command James to serve her, and she lay back on the bed, parting her legs, and opening her wonderful wetness to lover number two. James obeyed and moved forwards, kneeling between her raised thighs. I could see Julia grasping her knees, pulling her legs down onto her breasts, which had the effect of pointing her sperm-stained cunt at James' approaching cock.

I was grunting now as Nyanee's skilful mouth worked on my cock, and with a little juggling, I flipped her over me, so we were now in a 69 position, her cunt hovering over my mouth. In between mouthfulls of the lovely Nyanee's cunt I could see James now entering my wife. Inch by glorious inch he slid into her wet hole, and now his juices were mixing with those of Julia and Lee, plus the deposited load of Lee's hot sperm.

It was now apparent that Julia was little more than one energetic, heaving fucking machine, bent on nothing more than deriving the maximum pleasure from her three attendant males. I could just see James' cock reeming my wife's pussy, in and out, in and out, in and out, with the large purple knob almost appearing, only to slide deep into my wife's velvety passage again and again. He hands were now grasping his buttocks, her nails digging in to his flesh, but the minor pain only heightening his own pleasure.

He was taking his weight on his hands, as he looked down and saw his client, her mouth open but no noise coming out, her eyes wide open, as she lifted her shoulders of the bed, tilted her head and looked down across her stomach. What she saw stimulated her even more - if you can believe that. She saw James' gigantic cock pistoning in and out of her, his pubic hair merging with her own curly sperm-stained hairs, and she could feel his scrotum swinging against her anus. She moaned with delight and pulled his hips into her, wanting to get every last inch of his rod inside her.

Both Nyanee and I looked across at the couple fucking next to us, and we heard Julia cry out as she started to cum again, and this time she appeared to be having one continuous orgasm, her body shaking and trembling, jerking with almost uncontrollable lust and she peaked, time after time, all the while James continued his steady rhythmic thrusts. Julia was saying in a low voice, "Oh fuck ... oh fuck ... oh god ... oh god....oh god your cock feels S-O-O-O-O-O-O good........oh, don't stop, don't stop ....fuck me ...FUCK ME!!"

Despite Julia's thrashing, James kept up his action, but before too long he too felt himself cumming. Julia felt his cock swell, then momentarily stop moving, and then it happened - James was one king-size cummer and he must have injected almost a cupful of hot jism into my wife's pulsating, contracting vagina and uterus. He felt his cock being 'milked' of its white, foamy cream, as his client gripped him vice-like, their bodies fused into one.

Now you might be wondering what William, the African-American was doing all this time. He was getting himself ready for his turn with my wife, and he sat at the end of the bed, next to Julia and James, who were coming down from their sexual high. And from where I was, he was certainly ready, as his dark rod stood, proud and erect, the large knob deep red, swollen and engorged ready for action.

As James rolled off of Julia, she lay back there in all her glory, her body still heaving from her exertions. Her eyes were closed, and her breath was coming in short pants. Her legs were still spread, and I managed to see her cunt, inflamed, wet and clammy, soaked from the two massive injections of cum from her first two encounters. A small white flow of sperm was oozing from her labia and down over her perineum and anus.

Nyanee then pushed me onto my hands and knees, and she did the same so we were both facing Julia. It was obvious Nyanee wanted it doggie style and I wasn't going to let her down. But to my surprise she guided my wet slippery cock to her anus, and backed onto my cock. It easily slipped in past her pink sphincter and I heard her give a gasp pf delight as I started to fuck her in the ass.

In front of us William was approaching Julia, who smiled as she reached for lover number three. Julia had been fucked doggie style and in the missionary position and now she wanted something different, so she pushed William onto his back and she moved over him, her cunt still dripping with white foam. Like a woman pissing in an Asian squat toilet she crouched frog-like over William's vertical black rod. Steadying herself with one hand she held his cock and pointed it at her swollen cunt lips, lowering herself at the same time. I watched incredulously as she impaled herself onto William's foot-long shaft. It was very apparent that my wife's interior tissues were hot, wet and distended like never before, as she started to bob up and down, ever so slowly on William's cock.

With my own rod now close t bursting, as it slipped in and out of the ass of moaning and groaning Nyanee, I knew I wouldn't last much longer. But my mind went back to my wife's words earlier that afternoon, when she claimed that women had more stamina and staying power. I had no reason to disbelieve her now, and I knew that Nyanee and I were witnessing one of the great fuckers of our time, my own wife of 25 years, Julia.

As I saw Julia rising and falling on William's glistening cock, it was obvious she was now in seventh heaven. She was "in control", using the cock inside her as nothing more than a tool to give her pleasure - William just happened to be the owner of that instrument now delighting my wife. Her entire body was flushed a dark-pink colour and I was immediately aware that her fucking now as giving her now one continuous orgasm - she had reached that sexual plateau of pleasure and was staying there, for as long as she wanted. Under her William looked up and saw Julia's flushed countenance, and he felt her occasionally gripping his cock skillfully with her cunt muscles. She was still generating enough lubricating fluid to maintain a slick, slippery connection between William's cock and her cunt.

I was now at the limit of my endurance and I felt a surge deep within my loins and with a cry I shot my load into Nyanne's ass. She could feel the pulsating and swelling of my throbbing cock as it shot my seed into her, and with a loud gasp she too came.

William was inspired by our cumming and he felt his cock suddenly stiffen even harder, as he cried out, "Oh maam, I'm cummin, I'm cummin...." and Julia felt his cock thrust even deeper into her, their pubic hair meshing. With an almighty gush, William's hot white womb-wetting sperm shot vertically into my wife's pussy, , with nine or ten long gushes, and such was the spurt that she felt it flood her insides, and start seeping past her labia, down her thighs and onto William.

"OH FUCK!!! OH YES, FUCK!! OH FUCK ME!!!' commanded Julia, and with an expert's skill, William flipped Julia over onto her back, and started ramming his still hard cock into her. My wife's legs were now wrapped vice-like around her black lover, her arms around his neck, as her body heaved and gyrated, still wanting more of that supercock. William rammed and rammed and rammed his cock into Julia, and with a loud grunt discharged a second and equally generous burst of hot sperm into her.

"Ahhhh.....OH FUCK...OH FUCK...OH GOD...OH GOD....I'M CUMMING...AAAAAHHHHHHHH..." cried out Julia, and she came again and again, as William still maintained his thrusting.

Nyanee turned her head and said to me, "She's the best I've ever seen, you lucky man. And I've got a job offer for her..."

Eventually William and Julia slowed their fucking motions, and William rolled off her, his body wracked with sweat. Julia lay back, pinching her nipples lightly, her body still flushed in her state of arousal. She turned her head and looked across at Nyanee and me, and smiled weakly.

"That's the best entree I've had for years" she whispered. "I hope these guys are ready now for the main course..."

I swallowed nervously. I had just witnessed the most erotic act I had ever seen, and it featured my wife in the starring role. I knew I would never look at her again in the same light, or with the same old-fashioned perspective.

And so it was. After we had all showered and refreshed ourselves with some chilled Champagne, Julia started over again. The bed sheets were removed, damp and sticky from vaginal juices, sweat and sperm, and the bed remade with scented jasmin smelling sheets.

Nyanee and myself joined in this time, making up a fivesome, but more of that in the next episode..

Now turn to "Julia: Part Two"


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