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Judy's Aniversary Present by Captain Squall

Judy's Aniversary Present

Judy smiled when she saw the advertisement on her computer. She has been surfing the Internet and on the advice of her husband she had checked out some 'personal commercial services' websites he had referred to her - and there it was. "Pleasant, discrete young well-hung guy, available for interested ladies or couples. Give your lady a special treat - James has for you his nine and a half inches, two and a half inches thick cock. Video record available". And then it featured a mobile phone number.

Judy swallowed and suddenly she felt a pang deep in her loins. She re-read the advertisement, aware of a creeping sensation of dampness in her crutch. She quickly printed off the advertisement and walked into the bedroom and handed it to Peter, her husband. He read it, looked up, and giving the response Judy wanted, said "Are you game to have this experience as an anniversary present, sweetheart?!" She nodded quickly, kissed Peter, and stripping of her clothes in only a few seconds they proceeded to make love passionately and vigorously.

And so the die was cast. Judy made several attempts the next day to contact the young man, but his phone was quite busy. Must be a good little earner, she thought. I do hope he is available for our anniversary next weekend...

Eventually she made contact with James, who sounded quite young - but perhaps she was conscious of her own forty five years. But as she dressed that evening for the encounter she saw in the mirror a woman who looked pretty good for her years - her bust was still a firm 36 inches, her tummy quite flat, her thighs firm and her bottom round, shapely and soft. She was also 'proud' of her luxuriant bush of pubic hair, that covered her lower abdomen, across her pudenda, and grew around her large, soft labia. She probably classed herself as 'hairy' down there - but over the years she never found anyone complaining when they delved into the growth.

Both she and her husband had had one or two affairs, but they kept these private and discrete, and neither would have classes themselves as promiscuous. Judy had never had any problem achieving orgasms, and she had never encountered a male who was hung in excess of six inches. And it was this curiosity which both she and Peter had discussed one evening, while they were viewing some extremely well-hung guys delighting their female partners. The question of 'how much could a woman take in and still be satisfied' arose, and Judy had accepted the challenge with alacrity. The only condition was that Peter would be there for the event, a scenario which excited them both. Judy wanted to be able to be flat on her back with her legs apart and then look across at her husband, while taking in the thrusts of another guy's cock.

The three met in the foyer of the city hotel, where they had arranged to meet for drinks. Both Peter and Judy thought James looked no more then about eighteen - and they were right. James was a classic beachnik - blond hair, tanned face, with an athletic build. They sat awkwardly making polite conversation, as though they were about to go to the movies or a play, but each one was thinking of other things. Judy's heart pounded as James stood suddenly, and said, "Maybe we should make a move..." and the three departed the lounge and walked to the elevator. As they entered the dimly lit suite Judy excused herself and disappeared into the bathroom, while Peter and James got undressed, stripping to their jocks. Peter couldn't help but steal a glance at the large bulge in James' pants, and even felt himself getting aroused. Peter poured three glasses of bourbon and he and James sat on the bed.

Judy reemerged, wearing the hotel's white toweling gown and walked over to James' side of the bed. She then released the belt and dropped the gown to the floor, and James' eyes took in her beauty and sensuality. Here he was, in a hotel room with a married couple, and the guy's wife was now standing naked in front of him. As he looked at her voluptuous breasts and bushy pudenda he felt himself getting hard. It was Judy who leaned down and removed his underwear, thus releasing his cock, which sprang up like a released spring. It reared up majestically, nine inches plus, and Judy gasped in delight. Climbing on the bed she took it in both hands - and there was still some flesh uncovered. She felt the soft, warm skin, and how the muscles underneath were hard and rigid. James reached up and caressed her lovely, round breasts, rubbing the erect nipples with his thumbs - and as he savoured the sensations he felt his erection growing even harder.

But this was to be Judy's night and she decided to take control of the situation. She hovered over James' body like an animal that has trapped its prey. As she moved her breasts wobbled and swayed, the nipples brushing James' tanned, firmly muscled chest. Suddenly she swung around and facing his feet, leaned down and took the knob of his cock in her mouth. It wasn't easy but she felt the spongy glans fill her mouth, her tongue flicking over the eye of his cock and along the shaft.

James looked up at the glorious vision hovering inches above his face - Judy's engorged labia were glistening with the juices of her sexual arousal, her vulva framed by her black pubic hair. James lifted his head and took her entire vulva in his mouth, the thick cunt lips awash with her secretions, before he darted his tongue deep into her wet folds. Above him he felt her respond, sucking vigorously on his cock, as she bobbed her head up and down on his vertical shaft.

Obligingly she lowered her cunt onto his face, as she enjoyed his oral stimulation of her love canal. As they continued administering to each other, Peter was getting hornier and very, very hard. To be so close to his naked wife, who was being eaten by a young, well-hung buck, who in turn was getting and expert head job from his wife, made Peter's cock as hard as granite.

But Judy was obviously after some internal stimulation and reluctantly she lifted her head from James' glistening prick, a trail of her saliva connecting her mouth to his shaft. Equally reluctantly she lifted her sopping cunt off of James' face and again she rotated her body, kneeling astride James' thighs. "Now lets have some of that in me..." she whispered as she reached down and guided James' rod to her pussy. Lowering her body slowly, she rotated his knob over her wet entrance, bobbing up and down a little as the large knob separated her thick cunt lips. James looked down across his body to see his cock moving into the deep bushy cunt of his mature age partner. Judy was hot - so hot that she moved down quickly, taking half of this majestic cock inside her. It was so thick!! She felt it rubbing against her separated labia and vaginal walls, as she accommodated a little more, inch by delicious inch.

Peter moved his body behind Judy so he could now see James' cock disappearing into his lovely wife's vagina, a vagina he had enjoyed and entered thousands of times - and as Judy had her children by caesarean section she was almost as tight as she was in her teenage years.

Judy was now gasping with delight as she felt stuffed more and more by James' cock, which, had she know, was closer to ten than nine inches long. Peter watched, mesmerised by the sight of this huge rod entering his wife. By now she must have had at least eight thick inches inside and with a sudden growl of animal lust she sank onto the last few inches, and then it was gone. Behind her, Peter could see James' scrotum now pressing against the swollen labia of Judy's pussy - the young man's entire ten inches was inside his wife. Judy remained still for a few seconds, savouring the 'full' sensation inside her lower body. With her strong pelvic muscles, she gripped and released James' cock, as one does when emptying one's bladder.

Beneath her, if she was able to see at close quarters, her labia were stretched apart like never before, as they wrapped around the thick, slippery shaft like a woman's mouth around a guy's cock, when she gave him head.

James looked up and saw his newest sexual partner glowing in her lust and sensuality. Judy's eyes were closed, she was biting her lower lip, and she was holding her own breasts, gripping, massaging and rotating them as she strove to increase her pleasure and delight. Low moans were coming from deep in her throat, making both James and Peter aware that Judy was REALLY enjoying this new sensation.

"God", she suddenly cried out, "that feels so good inside me. Oh yes, oh yes, that feels so-o-o-o good..." and she started to ever so slowly moved up and down.

Beneath her James felt his prick grasped by the magnificent cunt muscles of Judy, and as she moved upwards, Peter, still hovering behind her, saw Judy's pussy lips wrapped around the shaft as she moved her body upwards, as they strove to cling to the thick, circumference of James' manhood.

And then Judy started a motion which somewhat surprised Peter - she moved up and down a few inches, before she made a more vigorous movement, almost lifting totally off James' cock, before sinking aggressively onto its entire length. Peter remembered that he had read about this technique - it was designed to enhance the sexual pleasure of both male and female. It could also be used by the male in the missionary or doggie style positions. The male would move in and out in short strokes, before plunging in deeply for the next few strokes. The variation had certainly worked but Peter and Judy - and for them both with other sexual partners they had both had. But is was obviously new to James, who showed his delight. "Oh yes, oh yes, that feels so fucking good...' he blurted out, with no-one offended by his choice of words, as they seemed most apt. Peter's cock was now almost bursting, as he watched - a little enviously - the long, thick and hard cock of this young buck repeatedly piston in and out of his loving wife's cunt, now audibly slurping, as the juices started to flow.

Above her young lover Judy was now gritting her teeth with determination, as she ground and ground her hips down into the thick, muscled shaft of James, who was now enjoying the sight of Judy's large, big-nippled, swaying breasts, as she gyrated on his pole. This woman was obviously being transported to new heights of sexual pleasure - and she was giving as good as she was taking. Sweat started to drip down her glowing body, over her glistening breasts and off her nipples, as she frenetically pushed, shoved and ground her hips into the upwardly thrusting James.

She was a woman who wanted to experience this new sensation in various positions and she suddenly leaned forward and whispered in James' ear, "I want you on top - NOW!!!!!". She rolled to one side, still impaled on James' oversized tool, and she raised her legs so they were now over his shoulders. Taking his weight on his arms, James started pushing his hips aggressively into the groin of Judy.

Peter almost blew his load there and then. He could see his wife was now flat on her back, her legs wide apart, her wobbling breasts shiny with the sweat of her exertions, as she opened her body to the welcome penetrator. She was fucking with an enthusiasm and vigour he had never experienced. Obviously James' ten inch monster was exactly what she needed - and there was little doubt that what how she was behaving indicated she would want more of this in the future...

Judy looked down across her sweat stained dark growth of pubic hair and savoured the view - James' massive hot, hard cock was sliding in and out of her wide open cunt with an ease she never anticipated. One second it was there - all ten inches of it, and she felt momentarily empty - then it sank deep into her wet folds, filling her completely, bringing with it the most wonderful feelings of sexual pleasure, as her clitoris, now hard and erect as it never had been, was rubbed and stimulated by the combined actions of James' thrusting and the lifting and heaving of her own hips upwards to meet him.

"Oh god... oh god ...this feels so-o-o good ... oh yes... oh yes... oh yes... fuck me harder... fuck me ... fuck me... FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Judy was almost screaming now, as she craved to get every last inch of James' cock inside her.

Continuing his seemingly tireless thrusting, James felt as though he was being slowly sucked into her body, and he felt a pull on his cock from her internal muscles. And then he heard it...

Deep from within Judy's throat came a long low moan, almost as though she was humming in a deep bass voice. Her entire body sped up its actions for a few seconds and then as though she was momentarily frozen, her body was suddenly quite still, the muscles of her entire body stiffened and clenched, holding her lover in a tight grip.

"Aaahhh... ooohhh... ohhh... yes... yes... I'm coming... I'm coming..." and with a loud exhalation of breath from her gasping mouth, she started vigorously heaving her hips again, her hands gripping James' buttocks so tightly it almost hurt him. James' body was in an iron vice, and she wrapped her legs around his back like a wrestler, pulling his body into her tighter and tighter.

But James wanted to prolong the action and he slowed his thrusting while under him Judy was still experiencing several follow-on orgasms. Her eyes were wide open and she was staring up at James, her teeth were bared and she appeared to be grinning in delight, as her mature body was brought to peak after peak by this young guy's huge cock.

Peter was also beside himself in his lust, and moving over to James, he whispered in his ear. James nodded and smiled back at Peter. With hardly a change in his stroke, he suddenly slipped out of Judy's pussy, skillfully flipping her over on to her hands and knees, and without even guiding himself, he edged forward and found his knob at Judy's slick entrance.

Judy pushed backwards and James easily slipped into her again, and resumed his shafting. Judy was leaning on her elbows, her rear pointing invitingly at James, and with each thrust her body was jolted forward, her breasts swaying lasciviously under her. Peter saw the opportunity and swiftly moved to the head of the bed, sitting on a pillow, facing both Judy and James. Judy looked up and smiled at Peter, before she grabbed his bursting cock and thrust it into her hungry mouth, commencing a bobbing motion, moving her mouth up and down on his shaft. Peter moaned in delight as he took in the sensations of Judy's mouth, while watching her body shake with pleasure.

Now all present knew that the doggie style position facilitated deeper penetration than any other, and now James was really filling Judy to the absolute limit. Judy was almost weeping in delight, as she felt the firm, thick sword sink into her, the tip of his cock occasionally touching her cervix. She could feel James' scrotum banging against her hairy labia, and again she felt the orgasms start to flow through her, in wave after delicious wave.

"Aaaaiiiyyeeaahhhhhhhhhhh..." screamed Judy, so loud that it must have been able to be heard in the corridor outside the hotel room. "YES! YES! YES!" she cried out, "oh god, I'm coming again ... and again ...oh god, this feels so fucking good...give it to me, GIVE IT TO ME!" she commanded, and James obliged.

And then James moaned loudly, as he hissed, "I'm coming, oh yes, I'm coning... oh, this pussy is too good, too good... yes, yes... here it comes... aaahhhhhh" and with a couple of short thrusts, several enormous bursts of warm, sweet sperm shot out of his cock and flooded her vagina and womb. James could feel it shooting from his cock -- a burst, then another burst, and another, and it kept coming, more and more of his young seed flowing from a young, virile body to the cunt of this mature, welcoming woman -- who was also busy sucking vigorously on her husband's tool.

Seeing James come so hard and feeling Judy's mouth close on him (she was also experiencing more orgasms) he gave a growl and shot his load into his wife's mouth. Judy sucked and swallowed hungrily, still bobbing her head to milk her man of his seed, which flowed from deep in his loins. He came like he had never came before, with ejaculate flowing from him in long, pearly bursts.

Judy had now been given two liberal doses of protein, and she was full - her mouth overflowed and sperm started to dribble down her chin, while her pussy was now white and frothy, from James' contribution. Her damp pubic hair was also stained white with the overflow, her thighs streaked and sticky. The three bodies slowed their actions, before Judy fell panting on to the bed approaching exhaustion, James' manhood still deeply embedded in his lover.

Peter lay back on the mound of pillows, his own body spent after seeing his wife and James in action, and after Judy had drained him of his juices. They lay there satiated and relaxed, regaining their strength. Both Peter and James were stroking the lovely woman who lay between them, feeling her wondrous breasts, and their still erect nipples. Judy in turn was slowly fondling both James and Peter, running her long fingers over their stomachs and letting her fingertips run up and down their cocks.

After a few minutes it was Judy who surprised her two partners. She lifted her head and said in a husky voice, "You better believe I still feel horny ... and a double penetration would go down well...' Upon hearing this, both men smiled at each other, their cocks slowly swelling to erections again, and they moved into position...

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