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JoAnn by Siren99


When I was growing up, a boy named Mike came to live near me, and we became good friends. In a slow, almost innocent way, we also became physically involved with each other. Shortly after I turned 15 (Mike was about 13 at the time), we started having full-blown sex. But that is another story...

Although Mike and I enjoyed each other, we each had our eyes on girls, too. We would often talk about them, even at the end of one of our steamy afternoons together. (ESPECIALLY then! It always seemed like having sex with each other just made us even hornier.) There was a neighborhood girl (her name was Janine) that Mike thought was cute, while I was getting interested in Mike's developing sister, JoAnn. She and Janine were about the same age, and although Janine was probably the prettier of the two -- she had long, dark hair and a pert little nose -- there was something about JoAnn that grabbed me. Maybe it was those big, flirtatious eyes that peered up at you, making you wonder what was on her mind. I found myself thinking about her more and more.

One afternoon, I decided to see if we could each get somewhere with our female fantasies. Mike had ridden over on his bicycle to spend some time at my place. (By this time, we had moved across town, and since I often had the house to myself while my mom worked, it was the ideal place for us to get together.) We had our usual good time, and as we lay side-by-side on my bed afterwards -- both of us covered in well- used vaseline -- I put the question to him. "Mike, do you think you could get Janine and JoAnn to come over with you, next time?"

"I don't know," he replied thoughtfully. "JoAnn already likes you, but Janine hardly knows I exist." (JoAnn used to hang around a lot in the old days, when Mike and I were just playing like ordinary kids. She had even been involved in some of our early "show-and-touch" games, until Mike and I discovered how much we liked it one-on-one.) "Yeah, but the two of them are best friends," I said. "If you can get JoAnn to come over, Janine will follow. Think of the fun we could have!" I was starting to get hard again, just thinking about it, and Mike noticed. "Yeah, we could show them a thing or two," he said, leaning over to rub his own progressing erection against mine. "You mean, like this?" I asked, reaching my arm around to draw our mouths together. I rolled on top of Mike, sliding our slippery dicks into each other's crotches, and we made love one more time, each pretending we were with girls.

A few days later, Mike came through. The three of them pulled up on their bikes, and I let them in. Mike had a sly grin on his face, and I winked at him, knowing we were in for an interesting afternoon!

Neither girl had been to this house before, so I was obliged to give a quick tour. I saved the bedrooms for last (I actually had two rooms to myself), and we all sat and talked for a bit in one of them. After a few minutes, I offered to get everyone a drink, which they eagerly accepted, and I asked JoAnn to help me with them. She gladly came along, leaving Mike and Janine alone for a few minutes. Down in the kitchen, as we poured four sodas, I told JoAnn, "It's good to see you again. I've missed you."

Smiling at me, she said, "You have? Really? 'Cause I've missed you, too." I opened my arms to give her a hug, and she came to me immediately. "I used to see you every day," I went on. "I never realized how much I liked that, until you weren't there anymore." I stroked her hair and gave her a squeeze for emphasis, then pulled back and kissed her lightly on the forehead. She blushed, but she was obviously enjoying the attention. "Let's take these drinks upstairs, then let's see if we can do some catching-up, just you and me," I said, giving her butt a light pat before letting her go.

As we came to the extra bedroom, I told her to wait inside for me. I gave her my drink and delivered the other two to the room where I had left Mike and Janine. They were talking quietly, and Mike had his hand on her knee, slowly stroking it, a little further up each time. Well, good luck, old pal, I thought. It appeared that he and Janine were going to hit it off, after all. In either case, he was on his own, because I had my own plans for the next hour or two!

JoAnn was waiting for me, sitting on the sofa that was the main piece of furniture in that room. I sat next to her, putting an arm around her. She snuggled up to me, and we just sat like that for a few minutes. We chatted quietly about what had been going on in the old neighborhood, which truthfully didn't interest me a whole lot, but it got us talking. Eventually I asked her, "Do you remember those games we used to play, where you took off some of your clothes, and showed us what girls looked like down there?" She blushed deeply, but I gave her a squeeze to show her it was okay, that this was a good memory. "Yeah," she said. "I'm sorry, I was pretty young."

"I'm not sorry," I said. "And you're still pretty, just not as young." This brought another blush and a smile, and I began to stroke her shoulder. "You know what? It would be really special if you'd do that again, just for me."

"But that's embarrassing!" she giggled. "It's one of the nicest memories I have," I told her. "Besides --" and I gave her a sly grin "-- if you show me yours, I'll show you mine." She laughed at that, but she snuggled even closer, and I hugged her.

I pulled out a blanket to cover us, allowing JoAnn to retain whatever modesty she wanted. She seemed grateful for this, as she accepted the idea of what we were doing. Under the blanket, she shyly began to pull down her shorts, then her panties. "Now you," she said, "it's only fair." I did the same thing, and there we were, both naked from the waist down. I took ahold of her hand, intertwining our fingers. "Can I look at you and touch you, the way we did before?" I asked. "Yes, but only under the blanket, for now," she said. "And no tickling!" I promised her I wouldn't try to tickle her, if she'd do the same when it was her turn. Then I slipped under the cover to take my first look at JoAnn's young pussy in several years. She had grown some, of course... she was no longer the little seven-year-old we had gaped at curiously. Her lips had begun to fill out, and there were a few first virginal hairs growing. I began to touch her, first on the thighs to get her accustomed to me, then closer to her crotch. "Even nicer than I remember," I told her, which brought another giggle. I gently spread her knees apart, to get a better look at her inner development. When I touched near her clitoris, she shuddered. "Not used to the nice new feelings, eh?" I asked her. "No!" she said, a little huskily. "Sometimes it feels good like that when I pull on my panties, and I don't know why."

"It's because you were missing me as much as I missed you," I said, and I pressed the palm of my hand against her there. She shuddered again, harder, and moaned softly. As I held her, I slipped a finger down through her moistening lips and slid it partway into her tight, virgin hole, caressing her there to complement her new-found clitoral pleasure.

Eventually, JoAnn demanded her turn. The first thing that startled her was that I had pubic hair... something she had felt was odd about her own body. She was fascinated by it, running her fingers through it over and over. "Will mine get like that?" she asked. "Eventually," I told her. "It'll probably take until you're about 14." When she moved on, finally, she commented with awe in her voice, "You've gotten a lot bigger..." I laughed, realizing she had never seen me with a hard-on before. "Actually, it's just right," I said. "Just right for what?" she asked. "For you," I said. "Touch it... I want to feel your hands on me again." She obliged, exploring me gently but thoroughly, while I basked in the moment.

After a bit I said, "You know, there's something totally new, here, that we're both forgetting. You've been developing up here." I reached over to touch her small breasts. "They're not much yet," she said poutily. "Why not let me be the judge of that?" I said, undoing her blouse. As I finished, she lay back beside me, and I got my first look at her young chest, her perfect little mounds with their beautiful nipples. I began to stroke one of them, which got her moaning softly again. When I leaned over and began to suck the other one, she began to breathe raggedly. She took ahold of my head and pressed me tightly to her chest, obviously wanting more of this. I reached my other hand back down to her crotch, sliding my finger all the way into her hot, wet hole this time, and using the heel of my hand to press against her clit. I drank in the smell and feel of her -- the light sheen of sweat on her body, her wetness in my hand -- and I decided I didn't care how long we took, this was heaven in itself. I wanted JoAnn to reach a full climax, though, so I just kept at her until she finally clamped down hard on my finger, the spasms of her very first orgasm wracking her young body. She gave a little cry of ecstasy, as she hung onto me for dear life.

After she had ridden it out, I told her I had something new I wanted to try. "Did that feel good to you?"

"Oh, yes!" she gasped. "Well, you could make me feel that way, too, if you want. Climb on top of me, and I'll use myself to rub against you. That way, we can both feel good together." By this time, JoAnn was eager to try anything, so she sat up, then swung her leg over me. As the blanket fell away (her self- consciousness gone), she straddled me and carefully lowered herself onto my awaiting dick. Her wet, young pussy lips quickly enfolded me, and the rush of heat was almost more than I could stand. Bracing herself by holding onto my shoulders, she started to slide back and forth on me, quickly pushing both of us into a frenzy. The smell of our combined sweat and her awakening juices was intoxicating, and just then I thought she must be the sexiest creature alive. I reached up with both hands and began squeezing her breasts again, but I suddenly realized I was about to come... and I didn't want to do it all over my stomach! "Come down here to me," I said breathlessly, getting her to lay down on top of me. Suddenly, my aching dick was between JoAnn's legs. Reaching down over her small but shapely ass, I guided myself toward her beckoning young pussy. She was very wet, but she was still only 11, so as quickly as I dared, I started sliding myself into her. JoAnn had immediately figured out what we needed to do, and with her pushing too, I was suddenly all the way into her hot, young body, my dick just bumping into her cervix. JoAnn was too lost in this new level of pleasure to be concerned about any minor discomfort, and we both pumped hard and fast, bringing us both to a climax within seconds.

Afterward, I took JoAnn's chin and gently turned her face toward me. I had to pull her upward an inch or two, to make our lips meet, but then we kissed more tenderly than I've ever kissed anyone. We lay like that for some time, breaking only to promise ourselves this would all happen again, and soon. We would be lovers, from that day forward.

That thought brought me back to Mike, who (unknown to JoAnn) had also been my lover for quite awhile. I suggested we check on him and Janine in the other room, so we tiptoed down the hall to listen. From the sounds coming from that doorway, the two of them were enjoying each other pretty well, just at a slightly slower pace. A little gasp of pleasure from Janine made JoAnn and I both feel like voyeurs, so we tiptoed back to our own room again. We were both only half-naked from our groping and then frantic humping, so we decided to take off the rest of our clothes, cuddle up under the blanket, and see what else we were capable of. Mostly, the rest of the afternoon passed with simple kissing and fondling. (I had a brief stab of regret that, due to our "playing doctor" approach, JoAnn had actually been screwed before she had her first kiss. She turned out to be very good at making out.)

Mike and Janine finally showed their faces, and we went downstairs for another round of sodas. Mike and I quietly and secretly compared notes on how the day went, but we couldn't talk much with the girls there. We arranged to get together on our own the next day, so we could talk in more detail... and maybe bring some new experiences to my bed. It looked as if we now each had two lovers -- one of each sex!

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