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Judge Atland's Stories

Jillian McKenna by Judge Atland

Jillian McKenna

Chapter 1

Jillian studied her wardrobe, trying to decide on whether to wear a mini-skirt or a pair of shorts. Humming to herself, she decided on the skirt. A white one, smooth at the top, tight around her flat tummy for a few inches down to pleats sewn in the fabric in a continuous line around her lush hips.

David loved the pleated short skirts she wore over black, seamed, stockings suspended from a lacy garter-belt.

Glancing to the side, she saw her image captured in the full-length mirror and had to admit to herself, the garter belt and stockings were a sure bet to turn David on.

Crossing the room, she fished in her dresser drawer and drew out a pair of black thong bikini panties. Stooping slightly, she drew them up to snuggle tightly in her crack, outlining the plush thatch of pussy hair she was blessed with.

Opening another dresser drawer, she withdrew a half-cup bra that lifted and separated her succulent breasts, leaving the nipples pertly peeking over the top.

Moving back to her closet, she found and put on a plain black blouse with sleeves. For reasons only he understood, the incongruity of the long sleeves and short skirt was a turn on to David.

With a sigh, she glanced at herself in the mirror to check, and approved of her outfit. Moving back to her dresser, she found a pair of earrings and pressed the posts through the pierced softness of her earlobes and a matching necklace completed her wardrobe.

Humming to herself, she picked up her keys and purse locking the door after her.

A few blocks later as she drove slowly through the residential area she and David lived in, Jillian came to a smooth stop to wait for the light. The first indication that things were amiss was the appearance of a large sedan running the red light after she had received green.

Slamming on her brakes, she swerved to avoid the sedan and saw another sedan almost identical to the first one nosing into her bumper from the opposite direction.

Slamming her car into reverse, Jillian frantically attempted to back up and came to a sudden stop as her rear bumper slammed into yet another black sedan.

Panic set in but she had the presence of mind to pick up her cell phone and dial 911. Hurriedly, she found the electric door lock and locked the doors of her car.

Jillian screamed as her driver's side window vanished in a shower of glass particles as a large hand punched through then grabbed the cell phone and threw it over her car to the side of the road.

Moving to the passenger's seat, Jillian tried to get the door open and after several frantic tries, managed to get the damned lock open and the latch pulled. As she swung her legs out, she felt a man's arms swoop her up and as she started pounding his chest, she felt a jolt to her shoulder then a pin prick as she screamed then lost consciousness.

Chapter 2

Slowly, Jillian's eyes focused in the semi-darkness of a large room. Forms could be seen, but the darkness prevented her from identifying who they were and where she was. Voices murmured in the back ground as she strained to see and then hear.

One of the persons stood up and approached her. Standing a few feet from her; the voice of the figure, asked, "How do you feel Jillian?"

The words were certainly out of place considering the fact she was trussed up like a pig. Responding to the deep male voice she replied, "How do you think I feel? I'm tired, I have one hell of a hangover, and your aftershave is nauseating!"

A deep chuckle floated down to her ears as the figure's hand swiftly slapped her on the side of her head.

A pause then he continued, "Take a page from reality bitch! If I want a smart-ass answer to my questions, I'll hire a comedian! Understand?"

The room swam before her eyes and she knew then she was in more trouble than she could imagine. Shaking her head, she felt a trickle of blood flowing from her left nostril to her lip. Licking the blood, Jillian decided she better do as she was told. Her head felt like bread dough as she struggled to focus.

"I'm sorry!" she sobbed "My head hurts and my hands are numb!"

A chuckle floated down again as the figure turned and called to Mario to get the keys to the cuffs.

Mario came into the room and knelt down to unlock the cuffs. "Deep voice" said, "OK, here's the deal. You do as your told. Don't ask questions and keep your mouth shut, don't mess with me and I'll make your stay with us as pleasurable as I can under the circumstances!"

Jillian answered, "I understand! But why are you doing this. Who are you?"

"Deep voice" said, "Damn it Don't you listen? I said In due time, in due time." Then "Are you hungry? Want something to eat?"

Jillian thought a minute then, "Yes I'm thirsty and I would love some aspirin. I'm not really hungry!"

Another chuckle, then, "Gotta eat. Hey Mario! Bring some sandwiches and a glass of sweet tea and some aspirin for Jillian!"

Mario chirped back, "OK Boss. Gotcha!"

Jillian thought, "How does he know I like sweet tea?" but she was afraid to ask. The whole situation became more bizarre by the moment.

Mario returned with sandwiches, sweet tea, and a bottle of Bayer. Jillian whispered to him as he sat the tray down, "Who are you people? Why am I being held a prisoner here?"

Mario sighed, "Hey Boss!"

Deep Voice answered, "Yeah Mario! What is it?" Mario replied, "She just talked to me! Asking questions!" Deep voice said, "Damn it! OK Smack her, Not too hard. Just rattle her brain cage K?"

Mario didn't use his open hand; He punched her in the side of her head with his fist. Shooting stars arced towards her in the darkness as the room turned and tilted before she went unconscious.

Chapter 3

When Jillian awoke, a spot light shone down in the center of the large room. Before, in the darkness, Jillian was unable to judge the size of the room very well. Now she realized it was very large and several people were sitting in groups around the room.

Suddenly music slowly increased in volume and colored lights flickered in the ceiling. Open-mouthed, Jillian stared as a very beautiful woman went gliding towards the spotlight. Clothed in diaphanous nearly transparent layers of some type of material, the woman reclined on a couch that appeared from nowhere.

Jillian became aware a figure was moving in the darkness towards the spotlight. Entering into the ring of illumination, Jillian gasped as she saw the handsome man with oodles of black hair settle at the woman's feet.

His back was to Jillian but when she saw him mount the couch to lie beside the woman, she was stunned to see him reach under her garment and run his hand up the woman's thigh.

Reaching for the glass of tea, Jillian also picked up the Bayer and shook out 4 tablets. She noticed the ice in the tea was intact and hadn't melted, she must have been unconscious only a few seconds.

The man on the couch began removing the woman's gown one layer at a time until she lay as naked as the day she was born.

The woman spread her legs, giving Jillian a clear view of her pussy and she clearly saw her cunt lips. For some reason, Jillian noticed her own cunt was getting moist.

The man stood and pulling at his costume removed it as it separated from his body. Jillian gasped as the man turned to throw the garment to the darkness.

His cock was as long as her forearm and nearly as large in diameter. Jillian's cunt began pumping nectar in earnest as his hardening cock began rising to become parallel to the floor.

She was flabbergasted, "How in the hell is he going to get that monster in that little woman?" she thought.

The man knelt between the woman's legs and brushed her pussy slit with the head of his cock. Jillian watched in fascination as his nuts; the size of oranges, swung ponderously as he dipped his head to press his tongue against her snatch.

"Deep Voice" yelled, "Hey I told you mutherfuckers no cuntlapping. It makes me sick to my stomach!" The man's face reddened as he hurriedly swiped his lips on the back of his hand and positioned his cockhead at the entrance of her pussy.

"Deep Voice" said, "OK! Better! Watch that shit Mario, I told you and told you I hate that shit!" Mario replied, "Sorry Boss, I didn't know he was gonna do that!"

From out of the darkness, a doubled fist smacked horse cock in the side of the head. "Next time it's a bullet in the brain you fuckin' queer!"

Horse cock shook his head and Jillian noted with no small perverse pleasure that his cock remained hard.

Chapter 4

The scene unfolding before Jillian's eyes fascinated her and made her pussy so wet she thought she was going to cum.

The man had lain down and the woman sat astride him as she positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly she lowered her body as the big cock penetrated her sheath. Nearly half of it was inside her then she began slowly moving up and down.

Jillian noticed Horse Cock's nut sack began drawing tightly up against the base of his cock. Ever so slowly, the big member began disappearing inside the woman as Jillian stared in utter fascination.

Copious amounts of fluid began trickling down the big cock as the woman fucked up and down.

Suddenly after what seemed an awfully long time, the woman shuddered and Jillian plainly understood Horse Cock was cumming.

His Cock jerked and seemed to lift the woman up each time ejaculate shot from his cock head. She continued to shake and tremble as if she were feeling electric shocks.

Soon, the two lovers began withdrawing the monster cock from her snatch and as it popped out, an astonishing flood of cum and pussy juice covered both of them from their knees to their privates.

Jillian's attention was so drawn to the scene before her, she didn't notice at first as a hand snaked its way up under her skirt. She started to reach for the arm and "Deep Voice" said, "uh uh baby! I want to fuck you!"

Jillian lay back and "Deep Voice" loomed over her as she felt his hard cock brush her thigh, reaching under her skirt, he grasped her panties and pulled them apart as he removed them.

His hands grabbed each side of her blouse and ripped it open then fished inside to rip her flimsy bra out of the way.

"Deep Voice" pressed his hard cock against her pussy entrance and Jillian gasped at the size as he plunged inside.

In spite of herself, Jillian came and came hard. The pounding cock in her pussy and the lips attached to her nipples caused her to cum again and again. She had never been fucked so hard in her life.

She moaned and tried to help him thrust inside her and as she did, she felt him clinch his butt cheeks and let loose a flood of hot cum inside her pussy.

He moaned and pressed tightly against her then suddenly withdrew from her clasping quim to stand up and turn to disappear in the darkness.

Jillian lay back in the darkness as his seed ran down to her ass cheeks and realized that she had just been raped. -.

Chapter 5

Every other or night/day or so, a tableau was put on to entertain "Deep Voice" and his guests. Sometimes there would be singers or dancers, but more often than not, sex acts were depicted.

When the sex shown was rape, "Deep Voice" would ravish Jillian 2 or more times, slapping or punching her as she was being raped. On one occasion, the couple performed oral sex and "Deep Voice" didn't complain.

A person whose identity Jillian did not know sucked her clit and forced her to give him a blow job. It was then she realized "Deep Voice" must have been absent.

Yet another time, two women did 69 on the stage and "Deep Voice" didn't complain but he came to her and fucked her so quickly, she didn't get to cum. By now, she had been led to the bathroom and showers to clean up and change clothing several times and was told to douche after "Deep Voice" fucked her.

Wearing a blind fold, Jillian determined that one of the areas she was guided through was a rather large cooking area or kitchen.

Subtly, without fanfare, conversations were going on that Jillian could make out. Business deals, drug deals, and other arrangements were constantly being carried out it seemed to her.

Everything began to change when a 'Special' as Mario called them involving 2 women and a man was staged.

The women performed 69 and the man alternated fucking one or the other of them. In the darkness she made out a figure coming towards her. Running his hand up her thigh to cup her pussy, the man dipped his head to kiss her and thrust his tongue inside her mouth.

The voice said, "Try to relax, no use in wasting this!" it was then she realized it was Mario who was fucking her.

He hissed, "Don't fake cumming. Don't piss me off. I'll fuck you till you cum so relax and enjoy it!"

As her orgasm approached, she felt Mario stiffening and his cock swelled inside her wet sheath. Then as she felt the waves of her orgasm wash over her, Mario rammed his cock inside as deep as he could and loosed his semen inside of her.

His lips brushed her cheek, and he whispered, "Don't worry Mrs. McKenna, You'll get out of this alive."

Immediately, his cock hardened again and he fucked her till she came then Mario told her he was cumming. As his breathing settled, He whispered, "My job is to get you out alive. Don't fuck it up. Stay cool and cooperate."

Little did she realize what cooperating might entail? Had she of known, she may have been terrified, as it was, the sweep of events didn't allow or afford her the time to think about it.

Jillian had lost all sense of time. The darkness and being blindfolded and led when she was allowed to tend to herself managed to manifest itself as disembodiment at times.

There were no windows in the shower area, nothing to indicate where she was. The doors were freshly painted medium gray with no numbers or identification of any kind as far as she could tell and at times she wondered if she was on board a ship. In fact the doors themselves resembled a door or hatch on a ship, but lacked the locking mechanisms she had seen in the movies.

If she were, there was no indication of movement or sensation of accelerating or decelerating.

Chapter 6

In the darkness a figure approached her with the obligatory blindfold swinging beside him. Roughly he drew her up to a standing position and put the blindfold over her eyes.

She grunted and the person hit her with the back of his hand. In a heart stopping tone, the voice warned, "Shut the fuck up bitch!" Angered she started to reply but caught herself in time.

Following obediently as she was led, Jillian began to realize the route they were taking was different. Finally the blindfold was removed and the bright lights were painful to her eyes even through her closed lids.

Quickly closing her eyes, she gradually allowed her vision to adjust to the painful brightness all around her.

Her heart stopped as a pair of hands roughly tore her skirt from her waist. Lined handcuffs were fastened to her wrists that had rings attached. Obediently standing still, she saw a rope being snaked through the rings and with a rush, her arms were jerked up and over her head!

She realized then that she was being hoisted up on her tiptoes and her arms were being spread. Her shoulders winced in pain, as the pressure of being towed up became nearly unbearable.

Toes barely touching the floor, a steel rod with ankle cuffs was attached. Again another rope was snaked through the eyes of the bar and her feet began rising above waist level as she was drawn up.

The pain in her shoulders and hips became unbearable and tears flowed down her cheeks as she sobbed.

She saw what she must look like in her mind as she felt cold steel being inserted in the elastic of her panties and the deadly edged instrument sliced from her waist to her groin as the gossamer material floated to the floor.

Her blouse and bra were likewise cut off and just as she lost feeling her hips and shoulders, agony shot through her thighs as a whip savagely lashed them.

A rod covered with leather began beating a rhythm on the backs of her thighs, moving to her calves. Unable to stop herself, urine began gushing out of her bladder and a shrill female voice cursed and began lashing her stomach and breasts.

A lined hood was drawn over her head, and as the darkness enveloped her, she felt her bowels let go and she shit on the floor below her.

Someone spread her pussy lips and as she tried to pull back, felt the tip of a small object touch her urethra. Suddenly it was plunged inside her and she heard what sounded like water dripping from a faucet inside an enclosed container as her remaining urine was being drained.

Mercifully she passed out. Regaining consciousness moments later, she felt what seemed to be a large feather being lightly passed over her breasts, down to her abdomen, and between her thighs.

In spite of the pain and nausea she felt. Her pussy began reacting to the feel of the feather and nectar began running down to drip from her ass cheeks.

Then a pair of lips fastened themselves to her clit and began flicking it and darting a tongue inside her aching quim.

The feather resumed its ministrations to her breasts then two pairs of lips fastened themselves to her nipples and slowly bit and suckled them.

Suddenly Jillian gasped as she felt someone pushing what felt like large beads on a string inside her pussy. At nearly the same moment, a large cock pressed against her ass hole and with no warning it plunged deep inside her ass.

The cock began stroking in and out of her, the lips on her cunt continues to suck and lick her, her nipples writhed in pleasure as they were sucked and alternately pinched and bit.

Slowly the beginnings of orgasm began to overtake her, her quivering pussy and violated ass began to try to hump back at her tormentors.

As the crescendo of being sucked and pounded in her ass built up to a fever pitch, an orgasm unlike anything she had ever felt began making her groan and shake violently.

The orgasm hit her full force and suddenly the beads were yanked from her pussy. The cock in her ass began to swell and she felt the spasms of the unknown assailants' cock shake her.

She involuntarily started cumming again and drenched the person sucking her clit as her pussy clutched at the beads as they exited.

A face loomed in her own when the hood was removed. A disconnected hand put its forefinger alongside the right side of her jaw and the thumb grasped the other side.

As she stared into the bright light a shadowy figure said, "Ahhh good, she's coming around! Nurse, give her an injection of B12 and see if its time for an injection to make her as comfortable as possible. In the dimness as she struggled to remain awake, she heard David say, "Doctor, that was a terrible accident she was in. How long will she be in traction?"

The Doctor replied, "I'm not really certain Mr. McKenna. But I'm certain she's lucky to be alive. You can be thankful an ambulance with paramedics aboard came up on the scene as soon as they did."

Jillian made out the smiling face of David and as he leaned forward, she felt his lips on her forehead.

"I love you darling! I'm so thankful you're going to be OK! I was afraid I had lost you!"

Jillian wasn't sure if she smiled or not. As the pain killer injection entered her bloodstream, she drifted back into the dream, eager to resume where she had left off.

The end Comments are always welcome, Good bad or indifferent!

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